「妹と妖精の島」 (Imouto to Yousei no Shima)
“Younger Sister and The Fairy Island”

“Sorry, but I love Emily”

Yamada Elf Daisensei

Okay, as much as I want to love Muramasa and to an extent Sagiri, I think this episode solidified my stance on who the best girl of the series is. With those amazing elf ears and a personality that could wash away just about anyone, Yamada EMILY stole my heart with her performance this week. And while it’s a shame that she wasn’t able to persuade Masamune to look at her the way he looks at Sagiri, that isn’t going to stop me from highlighting all the things I loved.

That said, a list of all the things that are great about Emily probably wouldn’t be all that fun to read (especially for the non-Emily fans) so let me try to give a somewhat levelheaded analysis of Emily’s grand master plan to try and wrap Masamune around her finger. Which, when you look at it in the grand scheme of things, probably went far better than Emily ever imagined it would. She got plenty of alone time with Masamune, her older brother Chris accidentally somewhat managed to plant the idea of the two being a thing, and by the end of things she managed to have a serious talk with her crush that ended with her giving something special to him and only him. Objectively speaking, I don’t think things could have went any better even if Emily had planned it.

Which kind of sucks because even with so many things going well, it’s tough to say whether or not it had any impact on Masamune (Actually, things probably only went as well as they did because the plot already knew it wouldn’t have an effect on Masamune). His silence at the end of the episode as the two were on the bridge didn’t leave a great taste in my mouth and the episode cutting to the modified ending sequence before he could have responded felt even worse.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good episode and a great return to form compared to some of the previous episodes we’ve seen. With a clear cut goal in mind and the story hitting all the points one after another, I don’t think we could have asked for more in a single episode. Sure, the non-Emily fans may have been clamoring for more Muramasa or Sagiri but I’m sure we’ll be getting more of the two in the coming episodes. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get to hear Masamune call out to Emily using her real name. See you then!


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「adrenaline!!!」 by TrySail

End Card


    1. What’s frustrating is that even if they DO end up dating, Imouto would win anyway without lifting a finger because that’s what the whole point of the story was :/

      At the very least, they should have Imouto work for it unlike the sister who really isn’t all that cute

      1. @takaii:

        Hello. Random question that I’m not sure where to ask so I’ll ask it here.

        I know Divine left RC a long time ago, and I believe Stilts currently runs it? I e-mailed stilts at his randomC e-mail, but I’m also not sure if he’s still around or not. I don’t see him on RandomC as often anymore. Who should I contact if I need to reach RandomC for something?

      2. Divine is still around, sort of. You just need to sacrifice enough tsunderes to garner his attention.

        You can shoot it to me at takaii at randomc dot net and depending what it is I can usually get it to whoever it needs to get to.

        If anything I outrank Stilts (but not in height. he’s too tall).

    1. There’s actually an Oreimo H-doujin where Kyou-chan takes the Harem route, each day of the week = dedicated to a single girl and on Sundays he does it with everyone. Welp. Masamune should do the same. XD

      1. Mind sharing the title of that H-doujin?

        (*Wears monocle*) For “research” purposes, of course… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Also, I wonder how many Subaru X Rem fans got triggered there?

  1. How did I get on Team Emily so quickly? Her and Masamune had such good chemistry in the earlier episodes, but now, it feels painful for Emily to be so determined to win Masamune’s affection when I know the author has been trying to get him with Sagiri all this time.

  2. Loved how they had her setup the bit about how the fence creaks if you try and peak/climb it and then used it to tip off her listening in to Chris/Muramasa’s conversation.

  3. Damn it! Elf spec and personality was too high that it’s feel like a joke just to compare her with sagiri. I hope masamune clearly reject elf confession rather than accept her then dump her later for sagiri(just like kuroneko got)

  4. Why do best girls never win? It’s as if light novel authors do this on purpose to incite readers and get people to continue to watch/read to find out who wins at the end, for some small glimmer of hope that they’re favorite makes the cut :/

      1. Ah Rakudai Kishi, was definitely a dark horse of the season. A somewhat generic premise that was made enjoyable because of badass MC and best girl that actually wins! We need more shows like these for sure. (in the meantime, I’m going to pray MC realizes who best girl is in Eromanga-sensei and chooses Emily).

  5. Emily proves she’s the best. Cute, fun, wife material. Sagiri is cute but that’s it, but Emily has more with good chemistry with Masamune.

    Unfortunately, many of us know Sagiri will be with Masamune because of the author.

    I miss the dick-loving girl.

  6. And again, Masamune will reject Elf just like how Kyousuke rejected Kuroneko. Maybe author really in love with imouto (blood relative or no blood relative).

    If only he didn’t fall in love with another girl, he will definitely love Elf. But again, I wanna punch Masamune like I want to punch Kyousuke.

    1. Correct… So all we can do is hope for a vita game of eromanga like oreimo where we can get alternate endings for each girl including senju muramasa… Because for sure, it will be XSagiri specially that they are not blood related.

  7. Well sorry Sagiri… Imma jump ship with MasamuneXEmily(Elf Yamada) even if it is bound to sink anyway somewhere in the future just like Oreimo`s KyousukeXKuroneko.

  8. Loved idea poster on another board had. The last episode Masamune meets Kuroneko falls madly in love and stays with her. They are in the same universe after all.

    But for me it Elf all the way. He should be with another writer, not an artist. Regret that her nudity thing has not come up again. Hope author remembers that if you bring it as a habit up your expected to have nudity occur fairly often. Here I was thinking Emily would say on the beach when away from the house I’d really rather be nude or get Masamune to look away for a second and actually be nude.

    Bit surprised Elf did not snag the coat when Masamune offered it to Muramasa to keep the tease going. Or go way better go over whisper in Muramasa’s ear you really going to let him only look and me in my bikini when you look almost as good in yours?

  9. Besides Elf being all-around awesome, I believe that main reason I’m so on board this ship is that the rest of the challengers has little or dubious chemistry. While being the main girl, there was hardly any buildup for her being in love with the MC (which was hinted right in the first episode, when it was the first time she saw her brother in a year). The fact that she only communicated with stomps for a year stretches the suspension of disbelief even more. Muramasa saying she loved him within two meetings or so made me facepalm, but somehow I can accept it better when the subject is not the advertised “main girl”. Surprisingly, I find even Megumin has built a better chemistry with Masamune and she’s not one the girls competing for his affection (at least not yet, which makes it more believable).
    Thinking back to Oreimo, despite Kirino’s unlikable personality, she built a far better rapport with Kyosuke than the two-step siblings here. I think one of my main peeves is that nobody is addressing the elephant in the room: how on earth did Sagiri ended up with such a deep phobia that doesn’t even allow her hardly any direct human contact? How can a functional relationship be possible at all by sweeping all the psychological damage under a rug? If this show really wants me to root for Sagiri, it’s gonna have to start addressing this, and soon.

    1. Yeah, it’s a similar issue I have with Ako in Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? – the fact that such an obvious psychological issue isn’t (or is barely) addressed before the issue is all but dropped or even ends up becoming more glorified simply because it makes the “main” girl appear more cute and moe (despite already being physically cute) despite it killing any suspension of disbelief along with the “it’s just an anime, not real life” excuse.


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