「再会」 (Saikai)

Zero definitely offers no rest for the weary as we jump straight from the fire pan and into the fire. Rescuing Albus and finding that damn grimoire? Child’s play next to grand plans of wiping out magic completely and finally—finally!—reuniting Zero with her plush, warm, cliff scaling body pillow. Obvious hints of Fullmetal Alchemist aside, it’s pretty impressive how in these latter stages Zero refuses to stick to one plot point and instead offer up a variety of possibilities. The show may only have one confirmed season, but my split cour senses are a tingling.

While Albus may remain a shallow and contentious character, it’s hard denying the tragedy of his her circumstances. No sooner rescued from immolating flames before being rounded back up and placed on death row. It would be sad if it wasn’t so humorously ironic, but then Albus was always a tragic character since day one. The intriguing bit for me, however, lies with Him’s role in the matter. Not only did the guy predict exactly where Albus would be, but he also correctly guessed Albus’ grandiose plan and already took measures to preempt it. There’s no denying now Him is the big baddie of this show, he has some serious magical power and very likely retains possession of Zero’s grimoire. Yeah the book’s whereabouts keep changing, but the circumstances this week call that into question. This makes me incredibly curious how Albus’ “trial” goes, because besides the inevitable argument over magic distribution—if the “judges” even allow it—we may actually see the guy in person for once. Immense power or not, even Him requires a personal touch now and then to keep his Sorcerer subordinates in line, particularly our increasingly important blondie.

Him’s ever growing role, however, brings up the matter of Thirteen. Our state sorcerer has absolute victory on the mind with that goal of total witch annihilation, but I’m increasingly suspecting he and Him are in some sort of league with one another. If Him is strong enough to spread magic, slaughter a cave full of powerful witch researchers, and keep close watch over all his subordinates, you would think he could prove a match for Thirteen. It begs the question why Him has never bothered eliminating—or at least trying to eliminate—the man killing his off his men, particularly when Thirteen’s lackeys are nowhere near his level. Thirteen definitely isn’t Him considering he doesn’t have the grimoire—I think—but I would not be surprised if both have some sort of common objective in mind. Using Albus to unite all witches is easily one possibility, although how Thirteen and Him both benefit from it is unclear. At least this idea would explain why Zero and Thirteen were originally spared, it’s not all that farfetched thinking Zero’s life was part of Thirteen’s bargain for assisting Him with his plan. I honestly don’t know what to expect on this front, but I will be shocked if we get the complete answer before this season is over.

Before we get to season finales though, first is the small matter of a Zero-mercenary reunion. It has been a long, tearful time coming, but at last it looks like the inevitable is here. Sure it might be between some iron bars, but I doubt this pair will let some puny physical barrier keep them apart too long. Apologies, forgiveness, and more than a bit of Thirteen bashing, stay tuned boys and girls, next week we get emotional.




  1. Holdem and Mercenary teasing each other while working together is really enjoyable.

    I’m still not sure if Thirteen and Him are different people or not. Both kinda make sense. But if Thirteen is Him, then we still don’t know his final goal and why he stages this great play of state vs. witches.
    But as far as I can tell Thirteens Plan seems to work quite well. He manipulated Albus to give her speech at the stake and now all those witches are neatly gathered in one place. So it should be easy to wipe them all out or steal all their magic, whatever it is that he has planed for them.

    And Him seems kinda paranoid, using bloodpacts to ensure his safety. But with him murdering everyone that stands in his way I kinda understand. I bet those red stones the sorcerers of zero have to wear are surveillance devices. Would explain how he knew what Albus was trying to do.
    But what is his goal? Spread Magic as much as he can, no matter the cost or chaos it causes?

    1. I think they are different people, it would be harder making sense of some of Thirteen’s actions if Thirteen and Him were the same. Like Thirteen’s strong desire to find the grimoire (he wouldn’t push so hard if he already had it) or explaining the cave massacre. IMO makes more sense for Thirteen and Him to simply be working together, if they actually are.

      Interesting noting the red stones too, that could probably explain Him’s clairvoyance. That or the blood pact does a little more than simply preventing Him from being attacked.

  2. I can see, why Zero survived. Because “Him” thinking she keeps this “magic Book” alive and feed it with Power, so that the Book born more Magicians

    Also, if the Book somehow lose its Magic Power, Zero, Thirteen and perhaps “him” are then the only ones capable of doing Magic? All Magic born from the “Book” vanish?

  3. I am so afraid for Zero’s safety. The mercenary more than anyone else is more likely to get some fatal injuries, so she may die at any time. I don’t have any faith in 13, but I do trust him enough to keep her safe.

    1. I have a sneaking suspicion the mercenary will get Zero to recant her protective “charm” once they’re reunited for that reason. It’s easier for Zero to assist by using magic than taking on physical damage, plus it could serve as a sign of reinvigorated trust between the two.

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