「恐ろき刃「因幡月夜」」 (Osoroshiki yaiba, Inaba Tsukiyo)
“The Terrifying Blade, Tsukuyo Inaba”

Oh boy, if you thought last week was something, well you certainly had something coming this time around. Instead of a blind—surprise!—Tsukuyo beat down on harem master Nomura, we got to witness the Amou-nator thoroughly tear through five Swords, a couple of cute lackeys, and one sometimes cuddly bear. Just as I think I’ve got a handle of Busou Shoujo, the show comes roaring back to prove how dumb that thought was. Who knew being wrong could be so satisfying.

Although Tsukuyo was not the star of this episode, I found it hilarious how her secondary role is thoroughly intentional. Our little loli hasn’t been repeatedly shown looking on Nomura just because, she’s actually in charge of watching him for transgressions. God help the harem duo when they discover their unemployment. It’s quite intriguing for me because Tsukuyo would definitely be the final boss if it was not for Amou. She is certified stronger than magic bullet man, drinks from the same martial arts waters as him, and has one hell of a smart brain behind those wicked(ly awesome) eyes. Yeah we have received a lot of talk on fighting abilities before, but Tsukuyo is easily on another level when it comes to that. And if it wasn’t enough, the girl only loses her cool not because of clinical insanity or tsundere outbursts, but because she just wants a friend. I think my heart just grew three sizes. If Nomura doesn’t befriend this little cutie pie when all is said and done, I’m through with him. No amount of alpha personality can overcome refusal to protect that smile.

Before we get into denouements, however, the matter of Amou must first be dealt with. I’m actually surprised just how strong the girl is, she has no real weaknesses—that currently we know of—and thanks to some investment in counters, capable of crushing any determined attacked. Quite fitting too how her skin became scaled this week to reinforce the image. Seeing how Nomura ends up beating her will be incredibly interesting, because nothing except Tsukuyo’s initial attack has affected her and we know how the last Nomura-Amou sparring match ended. Some power up for Nomura’s magic bullet is a likely option—particularly given Tsukuyo’s ridiculous knowledge bank and friendship desires—but a part of me secretly hopes it’s from an upset tummy. Drinking the blood of your enemies sounds cool and all, but trust me people, the stomach is not as forgiving to such stunts. Eh my dreams will probably stay fantasy, but at least we can be sure some more backstory is about to be filled in.

With Amou pretty much the last major fight, all that remains for Busou Shoujo is to put the Empress down and get that last stamp. Given Tsukuyo is as level headed as suspected, I imagine her stamp won’t be too difficult a task considering all Nomura has to do is play nice with the little loli. It’s been a long, difficult road acquiring some manly freedom, but at last the goal line is finally in sight. Will Nomura beat Amou? Will Tsukuyo make a friend? Will Rin and Marie finally decide on who is best girl? Stay tuned to find out.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Busou%20Shoujo%20Machiavellism/Busou%20Shoujo%20Machiavellism%20-%2010%20-%2022.jpg

    Headmistress, I guess?

    I was very much not expecting Tsukuyo to be quite that strong (maybe even Amou’s equal, given a better sword) or that adorable. You deserve all the friends, Tsukuyo. She and Nomura being of the same martial arts school is also unexpected, but serves as a good explanation for Tsukuyo being able to decipher the madan. I’m feeling like Tsukuyo could still get back into the fight versus Amou if she got another sword… maybe Rin can loan hers as they both use katanas. It’d be interesting to see Nomura earn the last stamp fighting WITH Tsukuyo, rather than against her.

      1. yeah i am asking that thing too… and also, when amou cut hanasaka’s eyes i was like “woah… am i still watching the same anime?” coz i mean that was way too brutal bro. kinda like a 10x step up in brutality from that satori arc. cant wait to see amou get some beating from nomura.

      2. I think maou has it right, she notably refused to cut Nomura with her first attack after all. It’s not like Satori, Tsukuyo seems to prefer matching force to the threat, and she does not require a strong sword for school-based threats. At least until Amou appeared.

  2. Got shivers down my spine when Amou cut Hanasaka’s eyes, she’s like demon in human form. Can’t wait to see how this is going to end, Maybe Nomura will pick up the sword once again just to beat Amou, considering Tsukuyo’s body can’t use real sharpened sword to fight her.

  3. While for the most part, it’s a fairly silly show, I’m glad to see that they didn’t just go through all of the Swords sequentially (although they did go through them sequentially). Tsukuyo was more interesting and appealing in this light. I found it amusing the way she terrorized Nomura’s roommate as he hid in the bushes. She’s a lot more charming when directly interacting with other characters than when she’s merely pronouncing changes in the weather.

    But now I’m curious as to what Nomura’s relationship will be like with Amou after he — presumably — defeats her. And will he have to take up a sword to do so?

    1. You’re not the only one, I’m enjoying how the show knows when to change things up. Besides Rin and Mary, every Sword fight has mostly been unique and it really helps keep the concept interesting.

      As for Amou, it will probably be like any other rival. Shock, anger, and then grudging admiration before the inevitable training regimen to later upstage him lol.

      1. I don’t recall specifically but that sounds right. But Amou’s development was from being beaten, so perhaps he’s actually just tired of the sword. And maybe he needs to confront his past in order to face the future and complete his harem (and gets his stamps). Can he defeat Amou without going all in?

      2. In the episode that I watched Nomura says: “It’s not like I can (use a sword) it’s more like I could.”
        Adding that to our blind loli explanation (You can only fight sword users barehanded because you have both the speed and the knowledge needed to understand their moves) I would put forward the idea that Nomura has all the theory of sword fighting in his brain but he can’t do it seriously because of both injuries and lack of practice.
        I’am expecting some kind of power up to his magical bullet technique, probably due to Tsukuyo’s advice.

  4. This whole Amou thing feels like it came out of left field. She(he) all of a sudden decides she wants to defeat the 5 Swords. The very idea of the story playing this out completely serious makes it seem ridiculous in a bad way(other 5 Sword battles were ridiculous in their own ways as well, but there was always a ‘comedic” factor at play, unlike here). The way the loli just decided to protect Nono and Ume felt ‘random'(remind me if they had previous interaction in this story to support the ‘friend’ question; I sure don’t remember it =01). I have no idea why Amou would get so heated at Nomura either(afair, they only met once when Nomura got badly defeated by her), but I supposed they will save that explanation for next episode.

    1. AFAIK the whole thing started when Satori gave the picture to Amou. Since Amou apparently likes and/or desires Nomura–it’s been hinted previously–Satori’s actions enraged her and got her moving. From there Warabi got involved to probably stop Satori from dying, and the rest is relatively straightforward. It definitely could have been staged better, but there’s at least an explanation for it.

      As for Tsukuyo the friendship aspect only popped up here, but I largely chalk the surprise of it up to rushing much like with Satori’s backstory. Probably a consequence of the show trying to get to the Amou-Nomura fight in time.

  5. The one thing I thought was just too OTT was Amou slashing Warabi’s eyelids. The show has been rather silly (in a good way) so that seemed just too sadistic. At first I thought she’d been blinded.

    I’d also like to get the official explanation why Tsukuyo’s sword wasn’t a real steel sword. She is just a middle schooler so maybe a real sword would be too heavy or, up to this point, the threat is such that she hasn’t needed to actually use it. Then again, maybe it’s “you can’t have a real sword until you get to high school”.

    1. IMHO the show had very dark / serious undertones from the very start. Remember Nomura was tortured by Rin and Marry after he somewhat befriended them. And the show always stated that Nomura had been killed if he had lost one fight so far.

    2. @Bear: As Enan84 notes, the show does have its dark undertones, though some credit because the silly “fun” stuff doesn’t seem too jarring overall. Still, you had that one guy get the crap beat out of him and crucified. Then there was the comment about some prior Warabinpics (? Some event) where they had guys run with torches strapped to their backs while the girls tried to throw gasoline on them. Didn’t see it, but it’s pretty damn brutal. Anyway, like you I thought Warabi was permanently blinded so while the eyelid cutting is still cruel, much better than the alternative.

      As for the sword, that’s kind of sort of been explained… I think. My take on it is that the swords are metal, but cheap, mass-produced reproductions without a serious edge. Not nearly as strong/well constructed as a proper, well made sword. I do think there’s a bit of a a cheat going on though. The swords cut/don’t cut at times depending upon plot requirements, and while not well made, they still are potentially lethal weapons. Just not against the Empress’ “forged” body.

    3. Amou’s slashing of the eyelids is probably so jarring because it occurred without the comedic tones present during the torture scene. The whole “buri buri” chanting for example made the whipping chuckle worthy, similar to the chibi scenes during the Warabimpics and the (over)use of the verbal tics. Here though it was just Amou viciously killing things.

  6. Caught up on this one. Enjoying the series, but to me Ep. 10 was rushed. Definite pick-up in pace compared to previous episodes. Tsukuyo is a cooler character than I anticipated. As Pancakes notes, the fact she’s from the same school as Nomura and she’s stronger than he definitely adds to her character. But still, too rushed. :< Tsukuyo deserves a 2-3 episodes like the other swords got IMO. Problem of course is not enough episodes for that. :/ Shame there isn't a way to give more flexibility with anime seasons. I liked the pace of the show so far, and I think 2 more episodes this season would work our just right. Oh well.

    Also agree with Pancakes that some credit is due for show being a bit unpredictable. It was pretty by-the-book (no pun/manga reference intended) up until the last couple episodes. We knew that the Empress would make her move, but probably not until Nomura defeated Tsukuyo per SOP. Can't say I anticipated things working out as they have.

    Again agree with Pancakes on some other points like Amou's skin shown as scaled (or something) to visually represent how it's "forged". The "auto-counters" was a nice detail as well.

    Only thing I worry about going forward is how Nomura defeats the Empress. He got his ass kicked before, and there hasn't been anything I've seen suggesting he's developed his skills further since he's been in school. Tsukuyo's got him beat, and the Amou took out Tsukuyo quickly (though not without taking some damage herself). So… how? Yeah, no doubt magic bullet, but I hope it done well enough so it doesn't feel like ass-pull.

  7. Damn this show is good, wasn’t even expecting much to begin with! Amou and Nomura is totally gonna have aggressive hate sex with one another! Calling it.

    Anyway on a serious note, I think Amou was actually defeated by Nomura, I think she got hit by one of his magic bullet and that alsp put her down for the count and she was brought into this school to be guarded by the five sword. If you recall the flashback scene always have him laying his hand on her like he usuually do for the magic bullets.

    While her skin is hard as iron, the inside is probably soft so his attack doesnt’ hit the outer part but your internal organs.

    1. That’s actually an interesting idea, it could be correct too considering what we’ve learned from this week’s episode. Damn now I sort of want that to be what happened lol.

      And you’re correct on the attack too. If you ever seen those demonstrations of concussions it would be something similar. The exterior stays rigid while the interior scrambles about.

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