OVA Episode 04

「逃亡の第四真祖篇 I」 (Tobo no Daiyon Ma So Hen I)
“4th Primogenitor on the Run I”

Episode Summary: As the New Year arrives, Akatsuki’s father Gajou makes an appearance. After hearing nothing from his father or Nagisa after their trip to the mainland, Akatsuki (with the help of Kiriha and Asagi) realize that the two are currently caught in an incident involving a dummy company run by the Lion King Organization. Seeking help from Natsuki to slip away from the island unnoticed, Akatsuki is instead restrained and told he will not be allowed off the island.

Full-Lengths: 05, EXTRA 01, EXTRA 02


OVA Episode 05

「逃亡の第四真祖篇 II」 (Tobo no Daiyon Ma So Hen II)
“4th Primogenitor on the Run II”

NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE. Akatsuki has a FATHER? I mean—OK, he had to have one. I just didn’t think we’d actually get to see him, let alone in any significant way relating to the plot. I figured this would be one of those shows where the parents don’t show up or do much aside from a few cameos, but this is certainly one of those times I’m glad to be wrong. Unfortunately, his arrival also coincides with an operation being run by the Lion King Organization—because there’s no way Akatsuki can go a single day in the new year without getting involved in something—and count me surprised that even Natsuki ends up getting in his way this time.

As it turns out, Akatsuki’s sister holds a fragment of the late Avrora, and with the awakening of a holy relic (and weapon of mass destruction) at hand, the fact that Avrora holds the spell for sealing it made Nagisa a prime target. What results is a chain of events that brings almost everyone out of the woodwork—yay for Kanon!—and it was quite hilarious to see how Kiriha essentially forces herself into the picture as part of a passive aggressive harassment campaign against the Lion King Organization. Along the way, Natsuki shows some of her true skills (and her age-appropriate form) as she tries everything in her power to stop our cast, and there’s certainly no complaints in regards to the amount of action we get this arc—especially with Himeragi’s use of Divine Possession and the awakening of yet another familiar at hand.

All things considered though, this was certainly one of Akatsuki’s greatest feats—in terms of recklessness anyway—and one wonders just what consequences his involvement might cause compared to if he didn’t choose to intervene. After all, a certain someone takes the chance to let Asagi slip past island security, and it’s clear at this point that there’s multiple organizations and angles being played across the board. Of particular note is the tidbit about Asagi’s having absolute protection only when she’s on the island, and it makes you wonder if that might not cause Taishikyoku to have another go. The fact that one of the Lion King’s leaders is getting involved may just delay or prevent Akatsuki from coming to her aid if anything happens, and I’ll be darned if I’m not excited to see how things work out here with the second season’s final arc—even if I’m bummed that Kiriha doesn’t let Akatsuki contact his good old buddy Vatler for help.

Extra: 10

Author’s Notes:

  • Once again, many apologies for not getting this post out faster. Work’s been coming into play a bit more than I expected, so this took a while longer than I thought it would.
  • Looking forward, Episode 6-8 will be blogged simultaneously once all episodes are released and readily available for viewing, meaning a post should/can be expected around the end of June to mid-July.

    1. I have to say that the Lion King organization played its bery badly this time around, using Nagisa this way only garanteed that Kojou will get involved and they forced Yukina´s hand as well. Up until now Yukina was the Kojou´s obeserver and gift as a bride for the Vampire King (not that Yukina knows that), this way they can mantain a good relationship with a Progenitor even when they have no hope of manipulating him but now Yukina has chosen Kojou´s side completely and sure, she has been in love with Kojou since the furst arc so they must have known it was a matter of time before she left the Organization but now they might have made one of 4 most powerful beings of the planet an enemy and lost a talented Sword Shaman in the process, way to go!.

    2. https://randomc.net/image/Strike%20the%20Blood/Strike%20the%20Blood%20II%20-%20OVA%2004%20-%2003.jpg

      Gajou’s 1st appearance is in Vols 7-8 of the LNs. It’s a flashback arc explaining how Kojou met Avrora and became the 4th Progenitor (Plus how part of Avrora ended up with his sister).

      Regarding Asagi’s connection as Cain’s priestess, Vol 7 gives some hints to that.
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