「胸に残るあの日の「弾丸」」 (Mune ni nokoru ano hi no, Dangan)
“The Magic Bullet I’ll Always Remember”

If there was one thing I learned this week, it’s that Amou is a decent final boss. Well, that and episode-long dialogue is always boring, but eh, cannot have everything. To Busou Shoujo’s credit though the show does know how to slow down at least as it finally answered several questions lurking in the background. It may have been a little tedious getting here, but the results were worth it.

While Amou’s interest in Nomura has been clear for a long time now, we finally learned here why Miss Terminator has such a hard on for the guy: Nomura made her cold dead heart swoon. Easy to see why, when you take an alpha personality and merge it with a “zero f*cks given” attitude, even the most prideful of women tend to get hooked. Last season’s Masamune easily proved the concept, and our boy Nomura only reinforces the idea here. Having no equal and scaring off the brave left Amou desirous, which made Nomura all the more appealing when he boldly and flirtatiously toyed with her. With that in mind it makes some sense why she blew a fuse—and wrecked a good opportunity—when Nomura removed the chick crack and turned attention to the innocent bystander. It’s your standard story of unrequited love gone awry, although Amou intensifies things by literally killing off the competition. Also that set of lungs on her, who the hell needs steel skin when you can just scream the opponent’s face off?

Unfortunately for Amou, however, Nomura won’t prove easy to put down. Ruined Manga of +5 Defense or not, magic bullet man has the full ensemble of support and encouragement. Rin and Mary of course remain the top tier cheerleaders, but it’s Tsukuyo who once again surprisingly steals the show. Thinking Nomura only saved her because he wants to be friends, it would be cringe-worthy as hell if the girl wasn’t so cute while doing it. Seriously Tsukuyo, stop it, my heart can only take so much. At least she balances things out by giving Nomura the criticism he deserves and enough hints to see the fight through. The interesting part in particular will be how Nomura now defeats Amou. Taking up the sword is still a possibility as many have hypothesized, but something else is probably more likely. Tsukuyo’s mention of Nomura already knowing the means implies another magic bullet of some type is in store, especially when noting Nomura supposedly must allow her to hit him in order to land the killing blow. For once there’s no sure outcome here, making the suspense all the more giddy. Could we actually get an interesting final fight? Just have to wait and see.

With one week and one last battle to wage, Busou Shoujo is set to wrap things up nicely. There may be the matter of Tsukuyo’s stamp to also deal with, but after the cutie pie’s remarks this week, I think Nomura already has that one in the bag. After a desperate struggle against the world, Nomura is finally ready to claim his long desired freedom and tackle the real challenge: figuring out who best girl really is. A man’s work is never complete.




  1. The only thing I can figure Tsukuyo was referring to was Amou admitting she and Nomura were friends for a split second. What that actually implies for the plan… I’m not really sure, lol. The madan’s going to come out in some manner or another since it wouldn’t be much of a final battle without the signature technique, but ultimately the solution might just be making Amou’s resolve to kill waver. But, more importantly…

    Who couldn’t love that face?

  2. I realize that some of the things in this episode was the result of slightly sketchy pacing and direction but I still can’t help but giggle at the imaginary prospect that this entire episode pretty much threw a bone at the classic battle shounen trope of Dragon Ball-tier “NOTHING HAPPENS” talk filler. It started with Nomura beginning to fight Amou and it ended that very same way. Hilarious.

    Doubt they intended it that way but it still felt so god damn campy and nostalgic regardless. I love it.

    1. Hah yes, I was debating hard whether to talk about it, but decided other things had more importance. Best part though would be if we find out the whole ~30 minute fight actually occurred over something like ~3 minutes XD

  3. so basically, amou is one, yandere + masochist of sorts in front of nomura and a sadist in front of nomura’s harem. i dont understand why would she go nuts when nomura ignored her in their early days because i mean cmon, just because they are friends (in the past) doesnt mean, nomura should be also tied to “him” (well amou is a disguised as guy in past so him) as well like it should be only “him” and nothing else.

    1. Amou was completely smitten with Nomura, but due to her personality it manifested as extreme possessiveness, a full-blooded yandere to be exact. Her pride took a hit when he declined her offer, and lashed out at the poor guy who was the cause of it. This is “Murder the Hypotenuse”, a classic yandere trope. Another is “If I can’t Have You”, which is basically “kill the guy because he didn’t choose you”, which is exactly why Amou is fighting Nomura– since she can’t “own” him (he hates her guts after all), she’d rather kill him with her own hands.

      Magnus Tancred
      1. What makes it interesting too is that Amou isn’t outwardly yandere. Unless you know the signs she just appears prideful and impulsive, acting how she always has, no loud and continuous proclamations of love. A little like Renai Boukin’s Shikimi, just without the haughty, lascivious flirtation.

      2. My main thought through the later half of the episode was if he actually kisses her in the middle of a battle to the death….that will be the dumbest, corniest, most amazing thing ever.

      1. My main thought through the later half of the episode was if he actually kisses her in the middle of a battle to the death….that will be the dumbest, corniest, most amazing thing ever.

  4. Knew it, his bullets is like the perfect counter to her ability, of course had Tsukuyo used a real sword things might have been different.I generally don’t like Yandere characters but the Empress is just too strong for me not to like! Her little qurik made her endearing especially when I realized she carb loaded the moment she found out Satori slept with “her” man. She needed to put a trifling bitch in her place nothing more nothing less. It was the others that attacked her that she viciously beat down, her beef was not with the other swords. Things just escalated.

    Now what I am most worried and anticipating is if the purple hair girl (I am gonna call it that he a she) will turn up and be yet another powerful contender.

    1. Purple haired is the headmistress and definitely is a girl. I don’t think she’ll get involved though, she stated (through finger pointing) that Amou was Nomura’s job while she cares for Satori and Warabi. Plus it would be beneath her position to get physically involved with student conflict.

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