「いまこの時の輝きを -my happiness-」 (Ima Konotoki no Kagayaki wo -my happiness-)
“Shining Right Now -my happiness- “

Looking back after watching this episode, I guess it isn’t all that crazy to think everything would fall into place so perfectly.

General Impressions

With this week’s episode again serving as setup for something big to come, I must say that the revelations throughout the episode were a welcome surprise. Starting with the big one right at the end (beasts are humans), I suppose it shouldn’t be too hard to believe that a failed weapons experiment resulted in mankind’s extinction. And while it remains to be seen how humanity managed to fight back and how the Great Sage and the talking beast head (which I guess is just a human) managed to make the floating cities, it really puts into perspective the thinking and justification of creating “human” weapons to battle monsters that are at least some part human.

To put it simply, you could say this is a prime example of humanity not learning from its mistakes and trying to piece together a solution from the fragments of the problem it originally created in the past. That said, it does look like things are going a bit better up in the skies since it looks like they’ve avoided the whole issue of their “weapons” destroying the ones who created them.

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Besides discovering why everyone in this anime lives on floating islands, the other big thing that happened this week was that snap proposal from Willem. As far as proposals go, I’d go as far as give him a 4 for his execution but an overall 8 for how sincere it was. What I didn’t like about it though, was the way the story implied just how broken of a person Willem is and how amazing it was that he went and actually did it. As a fan of the show I can let it go and just embrace all the details that my mind is filling in for me, but for those on the fence I can already feel their less than enthusiastic feelings about what happened.

In any case, another pretty solid episode that is clearly setting us up for something big. And even though we happen to know that things are about to get real bad, real fast, I can’t wait to see everything that leads to that point and what comes after.

Catch you guys next week!

P.S. I know there’s the whole Lilya / Lilia thing we could talk about, but let’s save that for next week where we’ll hopefully get some concrete answers.

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    1. This episode rises a montain of questions: The Beast were humans but how were they created? Was it a virus or a spell? Maybe a curse? A curse would explain why they target all life even when not threatned; Eboncandle was surprised that Willhelm killed him 500 years ago, saying he just slay a god, that means that was no bluff and Ebon was truly a god! Does that mean that girl Elq is a godddess so all fairies are not souls from children but fragments of that goddess, righ?. Rhantolk translated a book about the corpse of a god being deliver to a temple, that must be Elq? And what really drives my curiosity is what the hell happened to Lilya? She was the most powerful of all the Regal Braves so how did she die? Or is she dormant as willhelm was?. So many questions.

      1. The problem happened about 1500 years ago…..your not going to believe this? A Gundam Seed Battleship more or less crash landed on Regal Quasi Prime, oddly enough it was named the Kusanagi. They were out space exploring and found the Regul Aires too, an experiment in the caverns of Regal Quasi Prime had disasterious results in the hidden underground facillity that was there to intergrate the DNA of the Humans with the Witch-Fairies, Monsters and the Animaloids…..sadly the Monsters rebelled and blasted the facillity to bits and Elk Harksten became leader of the Monsters. The rest is told in the 5-6 Gate World Paradoxes.

        Eric Brian Brewster
    1. Incredible, so Lilya was in love of Willhelm as well, didn´t that one coming. Maybe Willhelm has a thing for strong tragic girls that wield Seniorious. Can´t shake the feeling of how simmilar the two girls are, her feelings of love for Willhelm, they both wield Seniorious and have red hair (partially for Ctholly), I hope is not a case of destiny repeating itself.

  1. Finally got time to watch this Episode
    in this Scene i was expecting some little explosion on the background Ship where Ctholly anger vents outside

    Yes, i like this Episode, it even show us Whilliam’s weak side to one he trust the most. An Warrior of the past found a new Hope, a new Drive to live on for the one he Loves. Good for him that his heart is not from stone

    Also, i begin to realize how is how inside Ctholly’s mind (and someone must be blind do not see the meaning of this Little Girl)

    So, this Little Girl’s mind is also connected with the Dug Weapons and they are the Link. Both sides will lose, the “Warrior” and the “Target”

    Because Ctholly’s mind got “invaded” again at the Earthquake, i suggest this “hydra” Monster in the end, is someone we know

    So there are no Surprises for me, but i give you great credits for the Way

    the Way is the Target!!, and you done a great deal right. I applause you, thank you for your hard and delicate work

    *Bow in Respect*

    1. this:
      and this:
      and this:

      Are really Key Scenes, they have more deeper meaning then it looks right now

      my Speculation:
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Sadly Willem seemed to think so but he simply at the second could not place the face of the monster, I think it was Elk Harksten or one of the other 2 Gods. Exactly I am hoping they can in the WorldEnd Gateway Present Worlds…..while I am using Gundam Seed as my Gods comming to Quasi Regal Prime it seems to fit with everything, even they could not stop the magic they encountered finding the Superfuel to power their ships for more spaceexploration infact they found they had incrediable powers while using the Cold Fusion Gemores.

      Eric Brian Brewster
  2. While the proposal may have been sudden, I really love how Willem and Ctholly’s relationship developed and grew to this point. It wasn’t forced, it felt really genuine. And unfortunately, I rewatched the first minute of the first episode and shed a few tears. Still, even if there is an inevitable end for Ctholly, at the very least she was able to find happiness and love, something that many leprechauns weren’t able to experience :/

      1. Whilliam has to break the cycle of repeat, and perhaps find a way to cure the Beasts. Separate the Biological Weapon out of their human host bodies. But i dunno, perhaps both will not survive that, but then they rest in peace

      2. I think the monsters can be cured if ChtHolly and Willem take over the EndWorld Gateway as it’s guardians, but ChtHolly would not be able to stay on Regul Aires as she did before, she is now an Witch-Fairy Guardian and Judge for the WorldEnd Gateway.

        Eric Brian Brewster
  3. That marriage proposal was beautiful, it was everything that I was expecting and more, instead of falling into despair completely Willhelm chooses to finaly be honest with the one girl he loves above all else. If there are two people that deserve this those are Willhem and Ctholly, theay both have so much stolen from them that they deserve this little ligth, specially Willhem that had so much to live and lost everything and now must face the nightmare of humans being the Beasts, it´s like the univese is having torturing the poor boy.

    1. What if Willem and ChtHolly both got killed but took over Elk Harksten’s WorldEnd Gateway and started to give the Ultimate Weapon Monsters their bodies and souls back, which could be done if they are both Guardian Angel Warlock and Witch Masters of the WorldEnd Gateway?! Would that be a fair end of the series? Though sadly Slimeskin would have to add Willem’s picture to the wall of the honored Military Dead. But they would not be dead and make visits to Regul Aires, Willem and the rest of them would have an new WorldEnd Present Gateway to use to chart their future and they can use those abandoned Gundam Seed Spacecraft to explore space.

      Eric Brian Brewster
  4. I’m a little tired of the “murderous aliens are just misunderstood children” trope. I’ve seen it before (Schlock Mercenary), and I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now. My attitude is “so what? They’re destroying the biosphere in hours, they’ve got to go.”

      1. Liessel while I agree partly that Elk Harksten is partly innocent she is not completely innocent. She betrayed the Witch-Fairy Leprechauns and became the Queen Of The Monsters. Her father Elbon Candle was their Emperor General, Elk Harksten actually birthed those Ultimate Weapon Monsters. Yet she paid a price and to right the wrong she had Willem’s girlfriend execute her because even the monsters rebelled against her control of them in the end. I am not sure if it was ChtHolly that executed Elk or if that was Willem’s girlfriend, there were odd changes to the appearance of the Witch-Fairy’s face.

        Eric Brian Brewster

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