「どうか、忘れないで -evidence of existance-」 (Douka, Wasurenaide -evidence of existance-)
“Please Don’t Forget -evidence of existance-“

Even though we knew exactly where the story was going, I can’t believe how emotionally taxing this episode was.

General Impressions

As much as I want to criticize the show for its pacing and how it uses Willem and the rest of our characters, I’ll give it to the writers for getting me so emotionally invested that I could throw all my little complaints out the window if they’d just give Ctholly a happy ending. Thinking back to episode one and just how carefree things felt, it’s amazing to even think about just how much things have changed. We’re at a literal breaking point where everything is falling apart and there looks like there’s no happy ending in sight. Willem is probably on the verge of completely losing it, the remaining fairies are pushing themselves way too hard (Neph is true best girl), and every single non-beast in the area is at risk of getting brutally murdered. All of which would be tough to deal with individually, but feel nearly insurmountable when they all hit us at once. Which all things considered isn’t a bad thing, especially when you consider that we’re one episode away from the finale. So if anything, good job to you SukaSuka! You’ve taken the story and spun it into something that’s literally eating away at me as I wait for next week’s episode to air.

On a random side note, let me quickly talk about First-Grade Technical Officer Purple Guy and how much I loved him this week. As a throw away character that was introduced to us simply as comedic relief in the form of an inept higher-up, I found myself surprised just how excited I was to see him pull his weight when the situation called for it. Instead of flailing around in fear, I loved how he told a subordinate that ship repairs was something he could do in his sleep and then actually started to work on the damn ship. With supplies running low there was just something inspiring watching him use his bare hands and some elbow grease to get the thing running. And even if there are some haters out there who would tie his actions to the mere fact he wanted to save his life, you have to hand it to him for being brace in the face of danger and not turning into a quivering mess like so many other inept higher ups we see in other shows.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what happens next week when Ctholly (or Elq?) get to work doing whatever they have to do. I’ll catch you guys next week where I’ll have a box of tissues ready.

P.S. I don’t really have the energy to talk about the parallels of the beasts and how you could compare it to the fickleness of human society as well as their crazy ability to kill one another. But, for only spending a few minutes on it, Elq’s introduction and subsequent conversation with Ctholly was quite interesting.




  1. Glad to see some answers finally. I thought Eboncandles situation in particular was rather interesting- in a way he was on the “good” side if you want to call it that. Our hero, by stopping Eboncandle, may have unknowingly doomed the world along with the redhead who “killed” Elq. You cant expect them not to fight back against a god that’s trying to kill them all, but its harsh nonetheless since their victory still resulted in the end of humanity and the death of most life on the planet that couldn’t live on the islands. That said, it explains why Eboncandle is expending energy to raise the islands; his mission was to stop humanity from destroying the world and by extension that would seemingly include protecting everyone else that isn’t human.

    That means if I’m interpreting correctly that Elq taking over Ctholly is a really, really good thing for the world as a whole even though it obviously sucks for the main characters. Elq continuing her attempt to kill off humanity would mean the end of the beasts, and a much safer world as a result.

    One major question though: why did it take so long for a leprechaun to house Elqs soul? Obviously the leprechauns are a recent thing being Eboncandles way of getting Elq back into the world and possibly the old mans method of atonement, but who is chosen for reincarnation via leprechaun? Are they just grabbing random souls and stuffing them in bodies and hoping they got the right one for seemingly decades now?

    1. because most fairy meet their end before reaching kutori’s stage …
      in a way, this kind of end is available because of williem.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Elq’s soul who was killed by Lillia that love Willem cause Elq to dream to be someone like Lillia, making Ctholly, leprechaun that turns out to love Willem as well. Allowing Ctholly to see Willem’s past and Lillia’s feeling for him.
    I don’t know what to expect next week, will Ctholly die and taken over by Elq? Or Ctholly die and Elq die with her? But somehow I just have this hope that Elq can just merge with Ctholly and let Ctholly be the conscious mind while Elq resides in her subconsciousness.

    I don’t want to believe that Elq’s reincarnation is planned, because it means that Sage may have created the beasts intentionally from humans to wipe humanity, just to hope for a chance that Elq reincarnates and kill the beasts. That’s just crazy and I hope it’s not true. But damn it makes sense why he said he don’t want Willem to hate him more than he is now if that’s true.

    1. Elq’s reincarnation definitely wasn’t planned.

      First because they’re way to liberal with the girls lives for them to be THAT important. It seems like the mental degradation would be something they’d aim for to find out if they’d caught the right soul but it seems to instead be a rarer phenomenon and more often a girl dies by opening the fairy gate before even reaching that point.

      Second if they were on the lookout for Elq and suddenly one of their leprechauns started growing red hair their reaction wouldn’t be to send her straight back home and then let her go off on more dangerous missions.

    2. raxar, I think there is more to the story in SukaSuka……6 WorldEndGates each has one Paradox Gate Timeline for each ending of the World of the Animaloids, what is William Kumesh? Hummmm lets try a higher form of Witch-Fairy, lets try an Quasi Regal Prime Warlock Brave Dragon Prince! That is what he truely is, you see after he defeated ChtHolly in her first training battle with him and she saw he sprouted Dragon Wings she was laying on the ground and asked him, “William who are you?!!?” she really was confused but later when she sat naked in the cave and touched the Immortal Ice Stones I think she saw whom he was and what really happened 1500 years ago when a group of Space Explorers from Earth Terra came to the main First World of Regal Prime. This simply is an amazing anime which is greater than it’s Manga Novel. In my Opinion should be made into a full lenght Reallife CGI 2 1/2hr movie by Hollywood and strictly stay by the Anime.

      Eric Brian Brewster
  3. So what have we here:

    Are these Leprechauns only born to be an vessel filled with these Gods mental shards?
    Then why do they “fine tune” them, because in her moment of death, this little female goddess soul merged with the Sword. As if some little Sword DNA got mixed with her Shards Soul vessels

    But, is this Goddess not an Human then? *Jack pot*?

  4. Can’t tell if this is going to be a tragedy or get a fairytale ending. Sadly, can’t really have my hopes up with Ctholly getting a happy ending, especially considering what we saw in the first episode. I can hope she gets a good ending though. And miracles do happen.

    What’s going on here? Couldn’t be Elq, perhaps the third god? We never really got to see what happens when a Leprechaun expires.

    I actually expected the First-Grade Technical Officer to bite the dust. After seeing what he tried to do, I’d be real sad if he does. Regardless of what his motivations are, gotta respect the guy for doing the right thing in that dire situation.


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