「エンドロールには早すぎる Be desperate and draw something fascinating.」 (Endorouru ni wa hayasugiru)
“Too Early for End Roll Be desperate and draw something fascinating.”

Hmm what’s that quote about insanity everyone and their mother uses, doing the same thing over and expecting a different result? Whether attributed to Einstein or not (hint, it’s not), I think it’s agreeable that Re:Creators has fully embraced the concept. Besides filling in the remainder of Setsuna’s now verified suicide, the focus was—once again—on building up towards that big battle at, well, some later date. I might be a patient lad, but hell Re:Creators would it be so hard to break these moments up better? A little more action here or there, showing instead of telling as you so excellently handled last week? Especially when everything points to even more info dumps once Magane and her plans re-enters the picture.

Before I start tasting too much salt though, what Re:Creators discussed this week was structurally necessary. Confirming Setsuna’s death removes any “gotcha I didn’t actually suicide!” shenanigans, and Meteora—bless her sagely being—verified the idea that permanently codifying creation rewrites is the next story step. Nothing particularly ground breaking, however it is interesting noting both Altair and surprisingly Blitz continue raising more questions than answering them. Altair’s power of instantaneously and permanently adopting fan-made abilities may explain her strength for example, but where does that leave Celestia and co. with their currently ephemeral rewrites? If Altair’s ability is actually co-opting—which begs the question just what Setsuna wrote in her bio—sure it makes sense, but that’s awfully convenient for a creation in this world. Unless Altair isn’t exactly a creation of course. That Altair is Setsuna hypothesis is starting to look very plausible.

As for Blitz, his function continues remaining stubbornly elusive. I could believe he simply wants to change his world (boring, but understandable), but his supposed lies to Alice and his backstory heavily suggests something else is going on. We all know Altair wants to destroy all worlds, fine, but what comes after? Somehow I doubt Blitz would ally with her just for sake of annihilation, even with a dead family; it doesn’t fit with his known personality. No I suspect we still only possess half the picture here, with no hints yet of what the rest could be. World recreation, nihilistic nothingness, euphoric rainbows/butterflies, and Miracle Maid world domination? Who knows. At least the answers should start rolling on in once Magane saunters back for some fun and games. No matter how powerful Altair may be, my bets remain on shark teeth being the big bad and proving too much for even our military princess to handle. Anything else would be an insult to crazy.

Before we get to the climactic revelations, however, first comes preparations. With Souta now properly on board with the program and creators now having a use beyond moral support and fatherly advice, the actual showdown should not be long coming. Another info dump or twelve two are probably in our future, but at least an endpoint is now firmly in sight. Once the nagging problem of Alice is dealt with of course. With our knight’s self-reflection and her seeming discovery of Mamika’s true killer, I have a sneaking suspicion she’s not long for this world. Considering Celestia’s partner just appeared, Alice’s antagonistic role has, quite literally, run out of time.


  1. Then after the team successfully trapped Altair in the gap of the world, the final fight with altair begun. It was a hard fight..mirokuji died,gigas machina destroyed but in the end with the help of alicetaria and meteora, selesia successfully stab Altair’s heart.

    Alicetaria:mamika I’ve avenge you
    Selesia:it’s over..
    Meteora:yeah..it’s over…

    Altair: what’s over??

    Selesia:NANII THE F*CK?!!!

    In a small room, magane wrote the word IMMORTAL.

    Magane:yahhh~ I don’t know my story will become this popular…hm~ hm~ maybe I’m really a genius writer.

  2. It’s like Marvel vs Capcom except with stories! Damn that’s gonna be a wild ride XD. LN cross-overs are always fun (like the Youjo senki X Overlord one) but a free for all from different series in Novel form haven’t a lot of those recently (well outside of Fanfics).

  3. Sota may have played a role in both Setsuna and Mamika’s fate but thankfully, he did save Aliceteria from making the biggest mistake of her life.

    We’re now getting Avengers. Great all they need is a catchphrase.

    Betting that Charon dude is a ninja. “Give me a break man, Naruto’s not even on the damn anime.”

      1. Just stop and think about it for a second. If Miku showed up in a situation like the one in this series, the sheer amount of widely-recognized fan material featuring her would basically give her a virtually unlimited array of superpowers and abilities.

        Plus, it CAN’T be a coincidence that Altair is a slender twintailed girl made for an unofficial music video who exploded in popularity.

  4. I am betting the new character is coming from the Light Novel, not the anime like Selesia, this will force Selesia to face the world that has been created for her, and I bet she will not be happy one bit.

    1. This episode just proved that multiple medias do not equal into multiple Universes. Instead, the Creations that appear are from the most popular media, usually the Anime, and they can be upgraded by popular spin-offs and doujins. Otherwise, Altair could not use ALL of those abilities.

      Though it is possible that LN version appears instead of an Anime one: if there is a huge plot twist, so huge it spread even amongst non-readers, the related character would be partially from LN.

      Lord Nayrael
      1. I saw Altair being more of the fact that she has no story to ground her and she was made as a fanvid first and has since become a character that people just go wild producing stuff for. My guess is that they want to make a story because if the creators can create a popular story with Altair as a character that would instantly frame her in a specific way to the majority of the public consciousness and stop her from gaining powers from all the fanvids.

    2. I’m personally betting on him being from the anime for simplicity, unless the LN has a game changing twist drawing in the audience as Nayrael mentions. Makes more sense to use the guy as a direct, same world foil to Celestia than as a basic enemy.

  5. The tragic irony I see, is the source of Altair’s power (fanmade works) would have saved Setsuna. She probably wouldn’t have killed herself if she saw those works. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    1. Or they put up vids and works weakening Altair.
      Like if they put a vid showing Altair as hilariously incompetent and incontinent, and the fans accept it, then she’s screwed.

    2. Taking them down probably would have little effect, the ability is already learned and ingrained in the collective conscious. Preventing Altair acquiring more abilities yes, but not reducing her power. Or just handing her the dunce cap as zztop points out 😛

    3. Won’t work, if anything the fans will get angry and make more vids.

      That would have work if Altair can’t choose her powers. I believe she would just ignore those parts.

  6. If you cant win it her by force, then just win her by heart! If getting all physical fails, then its time to get emotional.

    Soon Selestia will have to choose between:
    Daddy-san or…

    I really hope Alice will come over to Meteora camp soon, after what happen (if shes feeling guilty for hitting her or for Souta’s sake). Even with the Project Cage thinggy, they oughtta add their numbers againsting Altair’s new troop.

    Onion Warrior
    1. Having Selesia´s partner enter the stage on Altair´s side is the worst possible outcome for the good guys so far, I don´t think she can bring herself to harm him if worst come to worst.

  7. Some Redditors theorized that as official Creations, Celestia and co. have ephemeral rewrites because they are constrained by public conception of their characters as per their official works.
    Assuming the number of people whose conception of the Creations are firmly fixed by canon utterly drowns out those that accept derivative fan-depictions of them, those derivatives do not get to influence the Creations and imbue them with new powers.

    In Altair’s case, she doesn’t seem to have come with any canon lore or abilities that create a fixed conception of her in people’s minds. So when other fanartists make works depicting her with all kinds of powers, the important thing is that all these fans believe she has all those powers.
    Thus there exists a small but significant number of fanartists who provide this collective public conception that Altair has all types of abilities, and thus she gets them. This collective drowns out the minority who knows she has no original powers, since there’s no canon lore available to contradict her powers.

    It’s a very meta way of looking at original fan creations. If one releases a fandesign unto the world with a blank slate for backstory, does that mean outside fan derivatives will shape and fill in said blank slate?

    1. I can see that actually, it would explain a lot regarding her powers, and most importantly why they seem limited to a handful of abilities. I was thinking along the lines of any fan-made PV/art would imbue her with new powers, which leads to Altair being damn near invincible as everyone has a say. If there are only a few devoted and popular fans filling in Altair’s character, it’s more believable.

    2. I like that explanation. It not only explains why Altair is so overpowered, but also why the other characters aren’t the same: as popular creations, there should be a lot of doujinshi, fanfiction and other fanwork about them.

      On the other hand, it’s again an example of how fanon has to come to fill the holes of Re:Creators, which keeps being too talkative about some matters and so vague and quick about others. Like, again, the same plot hole from episode 3: why doesn’t this Selesia remember anything from the last book?

  8. The moment Aliceteria’s creator mentioned “uchikiri” (discontinuation), I thought of how Magane had screwed herself over. Due to the author’s death, the series she is from would be discontinued (if it hadn’t already) and as a result the readers would start trying to forget about the series (to keep from feeling bitter about not knowing what would’ve happened next). It might take a long while (couple of months), but Magane’s existence could weaken to the point where she can easily be wiped out from this world.

  9. Consider: what if the series itself is THE cage, the ultimate crossover story created to trap Altair. And we by watching nad hyping are helping save the world…
    so meta

    1. Then I would feel that I have participated in acknowledging the story to empower the characters to win!

      Somehow I’m thinking of a MCU, DCEU, Transformers, Dark Universe, Harry Potter, whatever crossover possibilities lol!

      Ok, Re:CREATORS reminding me of the Namco X Capcom games.

  10. The plan to create a big series crossover to give everyone a boost and allow them to trap Altair is interesting. As a fan, I would be hyped if suddenly video game, anime, manga and LN companies started working together for something like this. But there’s an issue that they all seem to take for granted: how do you include Altair in all of this?

    Imagine the headlines: “big companies band together to appropriate character created by bullied teenage girl who killed herself”. If done badly, the outrage could be horrible and Altair would just need a vindicative fan making a popular Ultimate Showdonw of Ultimate Destiny that parodies and criticizes those companies’ efforts to have the edge she needs to destroy the cage.

    It can be done well too, mind you. Don’t make it look as if they are appropriating Altair to copyright a popular fan character, nor use the cage to humilliate a fanwork. Instead, make it look as if they are honoring Setsuna, a posthumous tribute made by companies who “suddenly and spontaneously” agreed that “it was a shame that such a promising young artist died so soon” and decided to “showcase her work with 100% respect” in a huge crossover event. That could work, I think.

  11. In the comments of the previous episode, I said that Aliceteria had lost hope in saving her people/world when she thought about what it meant that her world was a story (deterministic universe).

    However, Aliceteria’s creator admitted that he doesn’t plan out his stories but instead allows the character(s) he imagined/created to freely act whatever way seems natural. That it was up to what Aliceteria (the main character and thus most important story component) decides to do (within the story) that would determine whether she succeeds or fails. This changes Aliceteria’s perspective a bit so that she can see that her story was not just something constructed with the sole intent to manipulate an audience.

  12. This is really getting interesting.
    Creating a crossover story to save the world.
    I get that slice-of-life working story vibe like NEW GAME cross with saving the world.

    2 or 3 more characters?
    Possibly joining Altair to balance out the roster?
    Will Magane choose a side?

    From the OP, Selestia’s partner was quite prominent and he showed up.
    Theres the back view of Kanoya’s crush(?) but I doubt she fights.
    Another prominent view of characters is when Magane walks on a big advert of her story.
    Not sure what powers they could have but they look like detectives to me.
    Or will they introduce another story?

  13. This episode left bit of a bad taste. Felt like they were stretching the dialogue just to wrap the 1st season up and take a quick break. I’ve counted at least 3 times in the same conversation where they had to state how powerful Altair is with the support she has and how they needed to have a more stronger story and following.

  14. Pancakes, it’s probably weird of me for saying this but I think the recap episode 13 this week is worth an article. It has a somewhat new content in it. What we got is actually a decent tongue-in-cheek episode with some new animation and a bit of more details thrown in. You don’t need to write about it as much as the standard episodic review but it’s worth a conversation IMO. The episode is just fun and amusing that way.

  15. It sucks that the latest episode was only a recap ep.
    Can’t wait until next weeks!

    At least it introduced some new details and (somewhat) new content.
    Free anime and manga, as well as reviews,and a friendly community can be found here


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