「亜陣ちゃんの夏真澄」 (Demi-Chan no Natsuyasumi)
“Demi-Chan’s Summer Vacation”

Well that was an unexpected surprise! Also, did you know Yuki-onna’s don’t get brain freezes?

General Impressions

For a surprise and unexpected OVA like episode, I gotta say that episode 13 of Demi-Chan was pretty freaking awesome. Not only did we get a rare opportunity to dive back into a world that I thought was closed off for good, but we got every single thing that made the series so fun jammed into a single episode. Something that I thought was plausible, but never thought possible.

Starting off with the obvious, god was it nice to see Satou-sensei or what? As the resident succubus who has a raging crush on Takahashi-sensei, I loved how we got a (imaginary) taste of what things could be like if she could overcome her shy nature and just hook up with the guy. They already look super cute doing regular, everyday things together and I think if we’re talking about the most logical pairing, who wouldn’t get behind SatouxTakahashi? And sure, even though we had our typical “Satou-sensei ends up doing strange things to avoid abusing her powers“, I loved how she still mustered the courage to get some direct contact in with Takahashi-sensei.

Moving on to our main trio, I never realized how much I missed Hikari, Machi, and Yuuki until I realized just how empty my life was without them. The three are such a great group of friends that manage to hit every good point on the character spectrum that it’s almost amazing I didn’t notice this earlier. Specifically in this episode though, it was cool to see Yuuki get some time to actually show off just how freaking cool she is. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite envious whenever I see someone skilled at “carnival” type games (I’m a pro at UFOcatchers because of this unfortunate aliment) and watching Yuuki put that cocky water balloon stall guy in his place felt so good. Don’t get me wrong though, there were a ton of fantastic Hikari moments (I think we hit the full range of her facial expressions) as well as a handful of cute Machi scenes but I think I’ve already talked more than enough about those during the show’s original fun.

What was a little unexpected though was getting to see all the side characters make a meaningful appearance. Between Himari hanging out with Shizuka and Atsumi and Yusuke still trying to make a move on anyone, it was refreshing to know that the story cares enough about its side characters to bring them back for a bonus episode.

Overall, a great episode for a great show that deserves a lot more episodes than it currently has. While it remains to be seen whether or not our screens will be graced with a second season of Demi-chan, things like this help keep the dream alive. Oh that and the introduction of a new Demi who is completely invisible helped too.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys later once the shows for Summer start rolling out. See you then!


        1. Wrong! Her hero costume consists of only a pair of boots and gloves. And, she actually took them off in the 1st season tag team battle. She’s buck naked at that time. During the villains attack too (based on Todoroki’s statement about him not noticing her at all even though the girl said she was close to him then).

  1. Moving on to our main trio, I never realized how much I missed Hikari, Machi, and Yuuki until I realized just how empty my life was without them.

    Especially Hikari-chan on that. Damn, had I not know about Hondo Kaede again but from a game I’m playing now (she is a new character) and the recent Demi-chan event posted on Twitter and her blog I wouldn’t have remembered before this episode. After this episode? I’ll start watching from episode 1 again if you don’t mind *sob*

    Also, is the invisible Demi-chan a thing in the original story?? Or did they just make a Machi v2?

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Demi-chan%20wa%20Kataritai/Demi-chan%20wa%20Kataritai%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    As soon as Takahashi-sensei invited Satou-sensei to the summer festival, I was all, “Deeto! Deeto!” (Date! Date!) like Date A Live‘s Kotori (and her crew on the Fraxinus).

    Dat “KAJIKAJIKAJI” face… Man, I can’t believe how much I missed Hikari’s bright personality. (Though Yuki and Machi still shone just as well.)

    So…she’s wearing nothing at all? (Nothing at all… Nothing at all… Nothing at all…)

    Gah! Stupid sexy-cute invisible girl! (Is her name given in the manga, or is this an anime-original thing?) I wouldn’t be surprised if that “ghost” in the forest behind the shrine was actually her, though.

    And speaking of which, those Japanese jump scare “ghost videos” honestly give me conniptions (fits of panic, in this case). Especially the ones where the camera pans to a person in an apparently empty space, pans to another area to initially see a ghost, and the camera pans back quick to the other person in panic–only to see the same ghost is already beside him/her! (*shivers*) I guess they like that type of scare in their shows.

  3. At this point, it’s almost certain that Takahashi x Satou is gonna be canon IMO, which couldn’t be any better. That woman deserves it <3

    An invisible girl… that'll surely have some interesting topics of its own. Looking forward to it if there is ever a second season, which just there has to be after this episode. I like the the subtle hint towards her life as an invisible girl that, when Takahashi imagined how she would look like, her looks seemed like they weren't being taken care of the same as how every girl takes care of her looks. I mean, why would she? She's invisible. No one is ever going to judge her on her looks. I bet that would be a good entry point of her interview with Takahashi.

    1. That’s just the impression of the butt on the chair, not a shadow. The indentation causes the color change. You can try to use your hand to press against a foam chair to achieve the same effect

    2. Similar effect was in Star Trek TNG. Where Jordi and some other crew member had an Teleport accident while beaming outside some Romulan ship, thec could see the others, but for the others they where invisible (outside their world).. but then these 2 should fall through the floor or walls to be correctly…

      i do not remember the episode name, sorry

  4. A nice episode, i am not mad if they could bring out more, or perhaps an 2nd season. But do we have enough Manga source for them? or should the Anime Director and Manga-ka work together to create content? But then the Manga-ka lose the momentum of his own work…

    an devil circle

  5. Romance is one of the sub-genre of this series, but I just don’t see it. All I see is just your ordinary anime crush. Who is he going to end up with in the end? One of his students?

  6. Isn’t it weird that Himari’s friends were those same two that went to the pool with the demis in episode 12?

    There’s a lot more friend overlap between Himari and Hikari than I thought there would be.


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