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OP: 「アイマイモコ」 (Aimaimoko) by 水瀬いのり (Minase Inori)

「告白」 (Kokuhaku)

I don’t use this phrase a lot, but I think this show has the potential to by my personal AOTY.

General Impressions

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hit play, but boy everything that came after was freaking amazing. Never have I thought that we could have a school life type of show based off of a 4-koma that would get my heart racing as quickly as this one did. Tossing aside typical tropes and painfully slow romantic moments in favor of rapid confessions all with their own unique draw was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. With four unique couples that tackled the entire range of the romantic spectrum, there was something for just about anyone. Like the bad girl who is actually a super innocent shoujo? How about the girl who bullies you, but only because they really like you? What about the super shy girl who, when push comes to shove, just unleashes their feelings? (Mind you, there are also male equivalents to all of these too!) But as if that wasn’t enough, the show managed to sprinkle in bits of humor that could make even the solemnest of people giggle.

On the topic of humor, I have to talk a little about Akagi Masafumi. Out of all the characters, I think his scene with Ryouko was my absolute favorite because of just how backwards and amazing it was. What I thought was going to be a typical “bad” girl interaction with someone who looked timid quickly turned into the exact opposite where I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud. There’s something that could be said about a character that’s confident in themself, but never did I ever picture Masafumi as someone who would openly talk about playing around with his sexuality. The look on his face when he had to tell Ryouko that he not only understood what it meant to not be homosexual but knew what a real kiss was had me laughing so hard that I ended up rewinding that scene a good four or five times. That said, don’t take that as a blanket statement saying that the other couples weren’t as good. The other three all had their own cute moments that worked just as well and probably could work better for other people depending on what they’re trying to get out of the show.

Overall, I think Tsurezure Children did a fabulous job with their first episode. With its superb focus on the characters and their interactions, I think the show was able to overcome any shortcomings (like its somewhat sloppy art and animation). That said, it remains to be seen whether or not this type of material can hold up through an entire season. Luckily, based off what we’ve seen, I think there’s more than enough stuff that could happen to help keep this show going strong.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get more of the same. See you then!




  1. I hope in future episode their will focus on 1 couple at least or 2 couples at most. When i saw this first episode it fell kinda jump around on many places without any real story. It feel like 4 short story on 4 different confession.

  2. Here with you Takaii (if you’re blogging this) because this might just be my AOTY too.

    I mean, this show is winning whatever romance shows I watch last season already (sorry Tsuki ga Kirei). And there is more? Didn’t know a 4-koma adaptation can be this good, honestly. And for overall production this one hits all the nails: the cast (at least for the ladies), the theme songs (I swear this is the first time I’m listening to Ogura Yui) (I miss Tamura Yukari already), the simple stories thus far… I mean, I cried along with Sasahara too.

    And from what I see in the opening animation and next episode preview, this show is going to get better. I’m so going to enjoy this hehe

  3. Felt kinda sad, at first, since it is 12 minute anime instead of 24. But since it stay true to the source material (which is 4-koma manga), I’m glad that it is 12 minute. Even this episode has 4 difference story from 4 different couple. 24 minute is enough for 8 different stories, which I think is too much (unless the directors decide to focus on selected couple)

  4. This show wasn’t on my radar at first but after hearing it was only 12 minutes long I decided to check it out and I’m glad I did. Of the bunch my favorite couple has to be the second one because of just how different the Class Rep is from what you usually expect. While Class Reps are usually either super shy or super serious this one is neither and it’s refreshing. Seeing her bounce off her boyfriend (?) is fun and I look forward to more episodes with them.

  5. Tsurezure’s only juuuuust getting started, trust me. Many of the best characters and pairs are yet to come, and yes I say that relative to episode 1’s high bar.


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