「白銀のグリズリー -子の心親知らず-」 (Shirogane no gurizurii – konokokorooyashirazu –)
“The Silver Grizzly -There is No Love Like a Child’s-”

Hina Loji from Luck & Logic continues with another entertaining episode. This time featuring Lion’s unnamed father, who comes to visit her all the way from their home country, making an over the top entry onto school premises where he almost gets shot down by anti-aerial defence units. While the doting parent trope is nothing new, I greatly enjoyed this particular instance as we were treated to hilarious and unexpected moments of action.

Lion’s Father

I was curious about the reason why Lion wanted to run away from home. If my father rode a missile into school, carrying a bouquet of flowers, doting upon me 24/7, I’d be pretty embarrassed too. Nevertheless, you cannot dislike him. He was a really awesome character, and made me laugh a whole lot this episode with his soppy antics and wide array of emotions. But there’s no denying that there were problems, in what could easily be described as ‘clingy’ and ‘overbearing’.

Seeing an exasperated Lion tearing up in fits of embarrassment was really too cute, though I did feel bad for her. Only there isn’t much to feel bad about at the end of the day, her father is still a kind and caring man. Hence we should laugh at her predicament, and take it in a merry way. One moment that stood out to me was when Lion refused to eat the homemade lunch her father brought her, which you could see clearly hurt his feelings. Now, I understand that Lion was pretty fed up with her father, but that’s no way to go about brushing off a kind and caring parent. Fortunately, she makes up with him at the end. Cheery smiles all around!

Adventure in the Mountains

There were too many good moments in this episode. First off, Mahiro trancing was a heavenly gift. For a crazy girl giving off the mad scientist, her Logicalist powers fit her perfectly, and dare I say she looked pretty damn fine too. Through sheer embarrassment, Lion’s Logicalist powers go out of control during combat training, and the girls are sent flying to a secluded, snowy mountain range. And we’re given another incredible moment, this time with Nina cuddling a clueless bear cub. Isn’t that so fuwa fuwa?

Of course, Mama Bear isn’t too pleased, and we have a chase on our hands. Following an avalanche, Lion’s father comes to save the day, having trekked all the way to the snowy mountains to save his dearest daughter. For someone named the Silver Grizzly, he sure showed up by knocking out Mama Bear with a single uppercut to the jaw. The reconciliation between Lion and her father was touching, particularly with the context where he chose to spare Mama Bear, after recognising that she too was similarly roused by the need to protect her own offspring. To me, it showed that Lion’s father isn’t just a man of rash impulses, and is capable of exercising wisdom and empathy befitting of a ruler. Too bad he can’t read the mood, and gets denied entry into the all girls dormitory.

Concluding Thoughts

At this point, I’ll just admit that I’m totally charmed by Hina Loji: From Luck and Logic. It’s stupidly fun in a silly way, and never fails to put a smile on my face. Though I cannot make any guarantees yet, it’s highly possible that I will be covering this show for the long term. That will depend on what the other shows this season are like, but for now it’s definitely looking good!



    1. I believe I did say somewhere in my post for the previous episodes, that I’ve never watched the original Luck & Logic. So I can’t really give an answer on that one, until I get around to watching the original Luck & Logic.

      1. My bad, so is this your weekly show pick now? I think I remember stilts saying newer staff members can only cover 2-3 shows right once picked? Can’t remember the exact number without looking way back on an earlier topic..

  1. What`s with Lion`s transformation? It seems she doesnt have a complete control over it since her personality changes sometimes and when it happens it is quite “catastrophic”. May be its associated with that statement of the teacher during that flashback scene where she said if Lion doesnt learn how to control her power she will one day cause a catastrophe? Hmmm Interesting….

    1. Could also be due to how young she was(only 2), like instead of the usual partnership Rosa comes out dominant because Lion was still too young to have a real identity. Last episode the teacher noticed that even Lion’s speech pattern changes when she transforms. I don’t think Rosa’s bad(yet), but this definitely feels like something they’ll keep exploring.

      1. which makes it more interesting… who is rosa? what is her alignment? is she good news or bad news? why is lion is shown to lose control over her body when she “trance” with rosa? we are still in episode 3 and lots of question are already popping out. will surely watch this for sure.

    2. I think it has been noted in ep.1 when she tried to call Rosa for the first time, when they tranced Rosa’s personality overshadow Lion’s. Makes sense if she still can’t control it in ep.3.

      1. well if she cant totally control herself once she trance with rosa for the next episodes, then i think we can easily predict some of the future plots, perhaps even the climax. “out of control” cute final villain anyone?

  2. I’ll at least definitely keep coming back if you’ve got the time for this show, Zaiden. It’s ridiculously cute, and actually pretty interesting with enough going on for there to be stuff to talk about each week.

    1. Hey Aex. I watch at least one CGDCT show a season, so it’s certain I won’t stop watching Hina Loji from Luck & Logic anytime soon! Depends on how many shows I reckon I can keep up with per season. Doesn’t bode well, since I’m already falling behind on the season introductions XP

  3. Not really a fan of Lion’s father, but the episode is still fun overall, a bit puzzled as to why Nina suddenly have fever, but after I googled it, it looks like sudden temperature change can trigger fever.
    Btw, anyone know the character(Lion and classmate)’s age range? 12-15 or 15-18? We know they’re first year in the academy but when I check the official website there’s nothing regarding their age/school level.


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