OP1.03 Sequence

OP: 「全力☆Summer!」 Zenryoku☆Summer! by Angela

「老後も安心!アホガール」 (Rougo mo anshin! Aho Gaaru)
“Security in Senior Citizenship! Aho Girl!”

Continuing the trend of seeing one member of the cast after another be driven insane by Yoshiko, Episode 3 marks where we see the intentions and influence that Yoshiko’s mom, Yoshie, has on her daughter. Although she’s not as big of a fool, Yoshie is all too crafty about getting her daughter and Akuru together by any means necessary, regardless of whether it’s had an effect on Yoshiko becoming what she is today. One thing in the first section of the episode that makes me think Yoshie had a hand in making her daughter the baka of all bakas was when she directly tried to convince Yoshiko to be insecure of how much cuter Sayaka is. While she’s unable to pit her against her friend, she taps into Yoshiko’s impulses by having her join in on trying to reveal Sayaka’s panties. With Yoshie coaching her daughter on how to seduce Akuru or when to be weary of the innocent girls like Sayaka, I’d imagine she’s sent enough mixed signals about the meaning of life to get her to completely disregard studying and education in favor of playing around.

And then there’s the last skit where Yoshiko took notes on what Yoshie does for her husband at night, and applied them on Akuru to cheer him up. It’s interesting how, as funny as the show is, I’m curious as to what role Yoshie played in it when she’s taken her ideas of love and affection from her mother. While we’re all sucked into Yoshiko’s world, there’s reason to believe that Yoshie intentionally or unintentionally became the puppetmaster behind her escape from reality through her tutelage.

Outside of the Yoshie business, the episode shows how Sayaka plays a great foil for Yoshiko’s antics. When Yoshiko takes Sayaka on a grueling three hour sprint to thank a Japanese banana farmer for his services, Sayaka continues to goes along with everything out of politeness. Even as she horrifically watches Yoshino spend all of her drink money on a regional doll family, she’s still willing to find the banana farmer with her. For every braindead move Yoshino makes, Sayaka finds herself unwillingly wrapped up in her poor decisions since she’s too nice to give her a walloping. Instead of the boke/tsukkomi role that comes from Akuru’s deadpan or furious reaction to Yoshino, Sayaka contrasts this with being the poor soul who finds herself stuck in messy situations because of her crazy friends. The banana farmer section best exemplifies how this dynamic does a great job at giving Sayaka some spotlight.

Along with Sayaka’s traveling misfortune, this episode had a lot of moments that made me laugh out loud. The shamelessness in Yoshie admitting where she gets her shrewd tactics and handcuffing techniques from was a riot, as was Akuru regaining his desire to kill Yoshiko thanks to her unbridled sex appeal, and Yoshiko taming a massive dog. Personally, I couldn’t stop laughing when Ruri caught Akuru in a compromising position as he was trying to grab the key in Yoshiko’s skirt. It’s in the show’s funnier moments that make Aho Girl memorable in it’s wide embrace of how silly Yoshiko is, and her master plan of dragging all of her friends along for the ride.



    1. Wonder what Ragyo Kiryuin kind of boss battle they’ll make if Mother Gothel is the antagonist of the Tangled world?

      I’ve been looking forward to seeing how they pull off the Big Hero 6 world since they unveiled how close to the movies the Toy Story characters look with their game models.

      1. What I found especially amusing is that while she is probably the worst student ever in any show, for this stuff, she took notes, studied and was able to execute.

    1. Thinking about it, it would be seen as more unnerving if it was a bishounen boy rubbing his flat chest on a studious, handcuffed girl while bragging about his six-pack abs. With Yoshiko, I’d say the reason it’s not as alarming is because of that double standard, but also that Yoshiko is too dense to understand why her mom cheers her dad up like that. Where her understanding of human sexuality begins and ends with wanting to be seen as desirable to Akuru, but not much else.

    1. SYD was like the Cirque du Soleil for sex jokes, so it’s hard to top alot of what that show was able to cook up when it came down to those jokes (Shimoneta got close though), but Aho Girl makes up for it more in emphasizing how boneheaded Yoshiko is.

      1. Danshi Koukousei…Now that was a great show. It has one of my favorite ED sequences ever with the cast getting too excited fighting each other during a class play.

    1. It’s quite the accomplishment for the show. For all the times Yoshiko is seductive, scantily clad, or flashing her panties, her personality shines through enough so that the show’s fanservice is more of a prop for Yoshiko to use to deliver the next joke, and isn’t intended on being a feast for the viewers.

    1. Lifting up her skirt with his teeth while he’s wearing handcuffs does look like it’d be just as hard to explain.

      Yeah, the tone of the show pokes fun at Yoshie’s bad behavior, but on a more serious level, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Yoshiko’s stupidity was somewhat influenced by her mom.

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Aho%20Girl/Aho%20Girl%20-%20OP1.03%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    That Public Morals girl is still thirsty… XD And apparently, so is Yoshiko’s mom! (Poor Sayaka, though. On the bright side, perhaps there will be more fanart of her–hopefully wearing the memetically famous “cat lingerie.”)

    “I wanna dance (GO!)
    I wanna dance (GO!)
    I wanna dance (GO! GO! GO! GO!)”
    [Eurobeat intensifies]

    (Off-topic: Was supposed to be marathoning Eromanga-sensei, switched to Initial D instead after hearing those Eurobeat tunes again via the countless Initial D-related memes on YouTube.)

    I’ll admit I lost my sh*t laughing during this episode, so Aho Girl passes the “three-episode test”. As long as the next episode’s comedy tops this one (and the next one, and the next one…), then we’re good.

    1. Glad that Public Morals girl could get the OP section to help set the tone for the extreme thirst this episode.

      I think this was the first episode where I found myself laughing out loud. It was during the Sayaka skit, Ruri showing up around the end, and Yoshiko wrestling a massive dog where I realized the show was a keeper.

  2. I’m pretty sure Yoshiko and Sayaka ran more than three hours, because the location of the farmer will take three hours BY TRAIN, and Yoshiko just skip the station like it was nothing and drag Sayaka with her. Sayaka’s patience already transcend humanity for me. She could’ve leave her after Yoshiko spent her money for that doll lol.

    1. That makes it even crazier. A three hour train ride on foot would be more than 24 hours. Sayaka’s patience and legs truly have transcended humanity to be able to endure Yoshiko’s poor decision-making skills AND wasting the money that could’ve gone towards keeping them alive on dolls.

    1. They’ve fallen under hard times since Yoshiko took all of Sorachi-sensei’s bananas.

      The dog reminded me of Mr. Tadakichi from Azumanga, but I can definitely see Sadaharu in there.


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