「はじめての黒ギャル」(Hajimete no kuro gyaru)
“My First Spray-On Gal”

The Good

Even with a third wheel trying to bring down the house, Yame and Junichi had a relatively nice date. We got to see them have some silly fun and most importantly, Yame’s cute pout can be considered a bonus too!

Towards the end of the episode, Kashii finally demonstrates shades of her true colour. I’m sure many people suspected she couldn’t have been the goodie two shoes she initially appeared to be, but it still adds some nuance to what would otherwise have been a standard dynamic.

The Bad

A quick disclaimer. They are really pushing the lolicon jokes, which I don’t really recall being in the manga. Otherwise, I’m generally fine with the humour that Junichi’s friends offer. Otherwise, the focus of this week was Ranko, following her faux love letter to Junichi. From previous episodes, we could tell that she was Yame’s friend. But little did we know that her personal reasons for interfering with the relationship were because she herself had feelings for Yame since childhood. Her solution? Trying to rape and traumatise Junichi.

Despite my affection for the manga, I always struggled with the reverse rape scenarios like the one we got this episode. I suppose it’s almost to be expected, where Junichi’s goal of losing his virginity to Yame is constantly put under threat. However, I think there are better ways of going about it. For example, a series like B Gata H Kei handles the topic of first times pretty well and should serve as a model to emulate in some respects. There are actually already a few similarities here and there but the aspect I refer to is how the situations tend to be lighthearted, without feeling the need to go down a troublesome rabbit hole.

Concluding Thoughts

If I’m complaining so much, what makes Hajimete no Gal worth sticking around? First off, Yame is simply an incredible character. Sure, maybe there aren’t many positive things to say about Junichi as of now, but she’s really sticking to her guns in being sincere and caring towards him. Before people quickly judge her for the events of this episode, there will be an explanation for everything soon enough, assuming that it does not end up being cut out.

Also, Junichi is slowly improving. Sticking up for Yame against two delinquents was no small task for someone with the kind of social issues and anxieties he has. When it came to being faithful to Yame, I would say he stayed true when it mattered. Getting overpowered by a girl like Ranko may be laughable, but bear in mind that she singlehandedly beat up the two aforementioned delinquents.

Sadly, I won’t pick up this series as I’m already covering five shows. Not to mention by visit to glorious Nippon sometime in August for two weeks. However, fret not. There’s a chance this series may be picked up by another member of the RandomC staff, ready to take on the challenges of documenting Junichi’s trials and tribulations.

End Card


  1. I think the series despite its ecchi premise wants to flesh out certain things regarding fanservice. It wants to explain why these select few wants to flaunt their bodies around.

    Yukana wants to do this as she wants to have friends the easy way. However when Junichi appeared, Yukana realized she was having her first taste of a real friend.

    Ranko’s heavy exposure of her body emphasizes her lesbian nature towards Yukana. Since she and Yukana are both women, she is able to express herself even more using that tactic.

    G Koh
  2. https://randomc.net/image/Hajimete%20no%20Gal/Hajimete%20no%20Gal%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2012.jpg

    You know, I actually have new found respect and liking to Yame from this episode. She’s actually both pure and kind hearted and from the previous episode, respects herself that much not to be swept up by prevailing emotions

    I think I called it early on in ep 1 that she’s more than meets the eye. For one her garter belt and stockings and also her snake hair ornaments.

    Definitely continuing with Guilty Pleasures on Wednesday.

    P.S. I realise that the site’s banner has been Louise from Zero no Tsukaima for like since Omni’s time. Maybe it’s time for a change? To reflect how RC has grown since Omni’s days?

    Velvet Scarlantina
    1. “I think I called it early on in ep 1 that she’s more than meets the eye. For one her garter belt and stockings and also her snake hair ornaments.”

      Hmmm… Tsukasa Ayatsuji (Amagami) 2.0? That said, I’d love to see Yui Kashii’s backstory with Junichi (and why she’s interested[?] in him).

    2. Velvet Scarlantina. I adore Yame too. She’s great! About the banner, not that I was writing for RC at the time but I do remember that the banner was this for quite a while. While I’m all for new banners and whatnot, I’m sadly the wrong person to ask though. Will try passing the message on though!

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Hajimete%20no%20Gal/Hajimete%20no%20Gal%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2005.jpg
    Freaking called it that discount Ikumi Ranko would use Ato-ko Shirogane’s tactics, but trying to seduce Junichi because she’s actually lesbian for Yukana? Honestly got blindsided by that. (Her being close to Yukana should have clued me in.)

    Also, Ranko’s attempted rape on Junichi reminded me of a similar scene with Anna Nishikonomiya and Tanukichi Okuma in Shimoneta, though that was a wee bit darker in tone. (Damn double standard…)

    OT: Visiting Japan in August? Have fun, and don’t forget to bring back some pics of your trip!

  4. The show does a good job at subverting the expectations that are placed on the character’s stereotypes. Where even though Junichi matches alot of the milquetoast protagonist conventions, he had enough self-control to reject being seduced in favor of his current girlfriend. He might’ve not had the power to stand up entirely to the creepy dudes, but you can tell he has been putting more effort into making the relationship work despite it starting out as a dare. The series lets him be perverted, yet keeps him grounded enough to give him a conscience.

    I was already a fan of Ranko because of her looks, but I like how she turned out as a character with a bunch of surprises. She comes off initially like your standard doujin gal who is more forward than Yukana, but she can still beat the crap out of the creepy dudes and isn’t interested at all in getting with Junichi despite coming onto him. However, I wasn’t expecting Ranko to be jealous because she wanted Yukana first. That was an interesting twist, but I can understand why she’s pissed. This meek pervert shows up out of nowhere and wins your unrequited love’s crush. From Ranko’s POV, it seems wholly unearned for Junichi to get so close to this girl that Ranko’s been fighting tooth and nail to try and get with. Still, it gives the cast a lot to work with to be more complicated than the tropes linked to them. It makes Ranko’s pain sympathetic, and gives Junichi the chance to show people that his love isn’t shallow.

    On a side note, I shat bricks when I found out that Junichi’s glasses friend is the same VA as Mikado from Durarara and Shun from Kimi to Boku. That’s some range to get his voice that deep.

    1. And from what I’ve read others (who have read the source material), Junichi actually develops bit by bit OUT of those stereotypical perversions (both of his own character and towards various females) as the story goes on.

      I actually prefer something like that over the “pervert with a heart of gold” type; one who is basically allowed to be perverted as much as they want, but seen as “okay” just because they’re also “nice guys” at other times, which kinda sends a bad message when you think about it – you can be a creep who stares at breasts or tries to look up women’s skirts and whatnot just as long as you do something nice to “balance it out” and then it’s all okay.

  5. The seduction power of Ranko was real. In my high school years, I would be able to empathize with Junichi’s inability or lack of resolve to stand by Yame 100% and shove Ranko off. At my current age, I found his actions annoying and keep telling him to man up. I’m very impress with the realness on how this situation unfolded. And thank Suzimiya, that Yume didn’t overreact but instead warned Junichi of Ranko’s forceful personality.

    Aquarian DragonSlayer

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