「命がけの恋」 (Inochigake no koi)
“Risky Love”

You know, for all the cliché tropes and stereotypical actions at times, KtU can certainly break the mold. Sitting here five episodes in we have several solidified relationships, a few key misunderstandings out in the open, and every character having a choice which will impact the entire cast. We may have lacked in some provocative physicality and impassioned confessions, but this week firmly set up KtU’s break point. From here on out it’s drama season.

Out of all the developments this week, the key element was Ririna. Besides Ririna finding something to like in Neji, Yuusuke calling her matchmaking out finally sets up arguably the most important decision in KtU going forward: does Ririna relinquish Neji to Misaki, or make an honest play for him herself? Ririna’s choice will define the show because it will determine how the rest of KtU unfolds. Normally I’d bet on the usual waffling around and the finding of any excuse not to make a play (see just about any other romance series), but Ririna’s mindset does not suggest such a copout. The girl is surprisingly decisive and willing to make decisions, even when lacking information. No matter the prisoner’s dilemma she may now be in—Misaki friendship or Neji marriage—she will lean towards one of the choices and act on it. Considering the serious societal consequences for breaking a pairing though, I personally anticipate Ririna choosing Neji for herself in the end. It may take her some time, especially with her feelings still brewing under the surface, but this girl will not let Neji lose his dream because of her.

On the other hand we have Misaki, who unlike Ririna plays a relatively minor role. Sure, Misaki clearly wants Neji and has her own troubles (as hinted last time) with indulging in her own desires, but unlike Ririna, she’s largely reactionary at the moment. Misaki believes Ririna doesn’t love Neji like she does, which lets her remain content in the zone of noncommittal love. Ririna’s eventual choice will force a response from Misaki and dictate how she acts, particularly in regards to her friendship with Ririna and what options Neji is ultimately presented with. Couple this too with the misunderstandings flying about and this inevitability quickly becomes wickedly entertaining. Neji’s firm belief Yuusuke likes Misaki for example puts him on a timer (in his mind) regarding Misaki. Either he nails her down (not that way), or Yuusuke could sweep her away. Likewise Misaki’s infatuation with Neji pressures Yuusuke into getting his feelings off his chest before the inevitable transpires, which he shockingly just about did. And then we have both Yuusuke and Misaki knowing of (or at least hinting of knowing) each other’s feelings for Neji—a potent weapon for both to use if they feel the battle of hearts isn’t going in their favour. There are a surprising number of drama options here, and only time will tell what path is taken.

Before getting to the tasty catfights though, first comes Ririna and inducing those butterflies. No better method than some sex lessons I tell you, particularly when one gets off on cradling while the other loses it at the sight of some fine C cup specimens. Stay tuned boys and girls, it’s time for some condom-infused, embarrassment-ridden, bureaucratic coerced fan service. God I love this show.



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  1. Yuusuke’s higher-than-thou attitude is really pissing me off.

    And this meddling of people’s relationships… Like, holy hell. Btw, can you sue the government if you declare that the match has taken away many years of your life as well as mental, physical, and emotional health? And obviously – also for the discrimination for those not in relationships? Because suing’s definitely the first thing I’ll be doing.

    1. I’d imagine if such a law were to pass you’d have clauses specifically forbidding taking legal action. I’m not familiar enough with the Japanese constitution to know if that’d be legal… but even then, it’s not like constitutions are as ironclad as they can appear, or unchangeable. They are laws like any others after all.

    2. His attitude is annoying, but for me it makes sense if his goal is to try and either win Neji himself (unlikely) or act as his personal gatekeeper (i.e. determine which girl is allowed to have him). Yuusuke for whatever reason detests Misaki (besides her crush), and his pretentious talk with Ririna was probably designed to scare her into the right mindset. Of course he could always just be an ass too lol.

      By the sounds of it there’s no specific law, with societal pressure largely keeping the edifice together instead. There’s likely some mechanism to prevent “frivolous” lawsuits, but beyond that, I think the social stigma of rejecting a “perfect” match is enough to keep people together. Definitely a Japanese thing though, we are much more individualistic when it comes to these matters.

  2. Last week we had a discussion about the wider consequences of a nation that ‘forced’ their citizens to get married, so it’s nice to see that this was expanded on and is a lot less totalitarian than the shows premise initially lead on. Obviously there are some stigma (as seen by schools using it as a form of weeding out potential candidates) but it’s not the type of “marry this person or you’re going to jail or worse”.

    It makes the government meddling into marriages a lot more believable in my mind since the government isn’t literally putting a gun to anyone’s head. Still, undoubtedly after 2 generations of such a system and such a normalizing of it I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be when it comes up meeting new people.

    1. Agreed, I’m really enjoying the angle taken here. There’s still some concerns regarding how well the concept works and how easily people accept it (let alone how current genomics/epigenomics could even allow for making perfect such matches), but it’s more believable now. The school weeding of rejections example is pretty much the current university selection model regarding volunteering/extracurricular activities, just more invasive.

  3. Life is like falling down or tumble upon something and having the right person to pick you up.
    Liliana wouldnt wanna spread her legs for Nejima but this girl will! Heck she’s even unbutton her shirt for him XD…Misaki and Yuusuke def done it already. Ahh, masochists.

    Ehem…jokes aside. Next episode is gonna be so lewddd. Whats wrong with this anime XD

    Onion Warrior

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