「天の声」 (Ten no Koe)
“Heaven’s Voice”

Compared to what we’ve seen previously, I think this episode was actually pretty darn good.

General Impressions

With the story finally on track and moving in a singular direction, it’s refreshing to know that we hopefully won’t get thrown around back and forth between the two factions as the story attempts to build the story up. I mean, at the most basic level I can appreciate how Apocrypha is trying to create a story between two warring factions that each have their own dirty little secrets, but the way it’s been going at it feels like it’s trying to throw too much at us at one time. That said, this week’s episode finally felt cohesive enough that I could really start wrapping my head around what’s going on. Sure, it might have helped that I kind of figured out through the comments that Sieg and Ruler are actually the ones we should be keeping our eyes on, but I think even without figuring that out I would have been able to discern that from what happened this week.

Besides me ranting about the story’s pace, let me dive into some of the cool stuff that happened this week. First off, even though Siegfried may be gone, I’m glad we still got to see Astolfo live up to the promises he made. From protecting Sieg all the way to the end to standing up to the entire Black Faction as they were looking at him with some pretty murderous eyes, it’s a damn shame that we probably won’t get to see much more of him until later in the series. As someone who doesn’t seem to really care about what’s going on, it was like breathing in a breath of fresh air whenever Astolfo graced the screen. If anything, I think what I enjoyed the most was just how well he managed to aggravate everyone who he didn’t particularly care for (especially his master).

Moving on from Astolfo, it’s nice to see Ruler get some proper screen time. As the titular (I think) character for Apocrypha, I still think it’s a little odd that it took five episodes to really integrate her into the story. That said, there’s no denying that she played her role magnificently. Between progressing the story to the next major arc to foreshadowing a tragic end to Sieg should things stay true, I loved how we got to see her struggle as she tried to figure out just what the best path for Sieg would be.

Besides that, there really wasn’t much else to talk about this week. With the story advancing to the next big plot point which seems to involve both factions and a famous murderer who may or may not have existed, I’m hoping that the show as a whole stabilizes quickly so that we can really start diving deep into the crazy story that’s waiting for us. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week — see you then!

P.S. Please be careful and avoid posting spoilers in the comments. I realize that there’s a good number of readers who know what’s going to happen, but please utilize the spoiler tags if you want to dive into the juicy secrets. Thanks 🙂


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2020.jpg

    Best loli spotted!


    And as usual, Astolfo remains the best girl of the series. That self sacrifice just because he wanted to do the right thing was best girl material through and trough


    on the other hand, I cant help but sigh in disappointment in Apocrypha’s portrayal of Jeanne. True to Japanese wish fulfillment sentiments, there’s already signs of Jeanne falling in love with the dragon cock.

    1. I’m uncertain if you were joking or not. If not let me point out a truth to you and the others before y’all realize it too late: Astolfo is a DUDE/MAN/MALE/BOY. In other words, “IT’S A TRAP!”

      It’s ok, let it soak in.

      1. As a fan of the Fate series, I know that Astolfo is indeed Male.

        However, just like the famed Hideyoshi of the Baka To Test series, Astolfo transcendence gender.

        His desire to help Dragon Cock simply out of good will and the willingness to stay by his side through thick and thin is a big plus to Astolfo’s best girl score.

        If you add in the fact that Astolfo is down right pretty to look at and has a generally likable personality, I say Astolfo is the Best Girl of the series regardless of those things between his legs.

      2. @Ginobi47 It’s as if the author realized how intimate he made Sieg and Astolfo originally and is replacing it with Jeanne since the relationship was pretty underdeveloped for the end game. Jeanne spent an inordinate amount of time being jealous of their closeness

    2. @Ginobi47 It’s as if the author realized how intimate he made Sieg and Astolfo originally and is replacing it with Jeanne since the relationship was pretty underdeveloped for the end game. Jeanne spent an inordinate amount of time being jealous of their closeness.

  2. I quite liked the Assassin of Black scene. The way it cut between servant and master, trading dialogue, having no faces. It felt creepy, and that’s a good way to present a serial killer.

    Honestly, all of the Black faction servants except Assassin and Caster don’t seem like very bad people, in contrast to the Black masters who all seem pretty shady except Caules.

    Mellow Yellow
  3. I seen the episode and I understand a lot regarding the Servants. While they were used as mere extensions of the mages, the Servants have their own goals and beliefs. Its because of this why the Command Seals were put in place.

    I think Jeanne’s relationship with Sieg serves more of a motherly role. Since she has the most experience and the only one that is non hostile, she was perfect for Sieg.


    G Koh
    1. thus pandering towards the LN protagonist begins. Trying to draw parallel to FSN-Shirou is outright insulting because Shirou was a well written and complex character, at least, while Sieg is….that guy Siegfried was plot-device’d to save.

      Also Jeanne is not Saber. Stop trying to make her into Discount-Saber, Higashide. She is better character than this and deserves better than this.

      Can we just skip to relevant fights please?

    2. To be completely honest, It was Siegfried who fited the roll of tragic hero with no regard for his desires, just like Shirou and Archer in the Original Fate Stay Night. Sieg has more in common with child Shirou just when Kiritsugu saved him for the fire, completely empty without any knowledge of why he was alive and he should do with his life, I really this trait because Sieg can become anything from this point on.

      Jeanne shares many similarities with Artoria besides her looks (even Gile de Ras was convince Artoria was Jeanne in Fate Zero!), specially how both girl sacrifice everything for their nations but the people around them were a buch of ungrateful bastards and ended worse than hell itself. The key diference is that Jeanne does not resent the end result but Artoria had to come to terms with it in the canon ending of the original FSN.

      1. Errr…..

        The funniest part is that Siegfried technically was one of the most interesting and strongest servants due to lore. And he is wasted because LN-MC-Kun has to be relevant.

        Apo is literally about LN-MC-Kun.

        Well you are right that it is not like FSN because Shirou actually let other characters get their spotlights and development and allowed them to exist in the story and Shirou actually HAD a personality and character beyond being ln protagonist unlike LN-MC-Kun.

        If you are expecting Apo to be like Zero and focus on multiple parties, then that is absolutely NOT what Apo is.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2032.jpg

    Looks like Red masters are a bunch of normal people Kotomine picked up from the streets, so he could control them.


    I start to understand, why everyone is so eager to sacrifice for Sieg: His circumstances is for them as symbol of the possibility to revolt against fate.

    1. They could have, but just like with every Fate series, Command Seals are EXTREMELY important and aren’t things to just use frivolously, especially since you only normally have three. We see Siegfried’s master get scolded for wasting two of his three (one to order Siegfried to use his Noble Phantasm, then another to stop him), or in the normal Fate/stay night timeline, Rin wasting one in anger in ordering Archer to obey her.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Astolfo’s master offered to use a Command Seal, but was told not to because of their importance.

      1. Yeah , extremely important to the level of using one just to prevent seigfred from using his noble phantasm for the sole reason of ( maybe ) not revealing his identity knowing that a command seal was already issued to make him use it which would mean losing 2 seals
        but when it comes to ending a very important inconvenience that may endanger the operation considering that the enemy servants were RIGHT THERE and you don’t know actually how far they have gotten and what more astolfo is willing to do to protect him AND the fact that there is a ruler class in the area capable of interfering
        I FREAKIN LOVED Fate/Zero tho

      2. Not to mention of course that the first servant to get to them is Seigfried , because why not ? think about it , it had to be him so it makes perfect sense that it was him there at that very specific moment

      3. I realized that many people don’t actually know how things operate in Apocrypha.
        Just like who and what influences, motivates and takes all these events to happen in Apocrypha.

        I’ll explain to you about the ”Counter Force”, which is one of the most important and crucial plot points of the story. It’s therefore extremely important that you to know and understand this subject very well, because it’s of the utmost importance so that you can be able to fully enjoy the series.

        The Counter Force is a part of the system Counter Guardians are from. The Counter Force goes into action whenever a person becomes an actual and sufficiently serious threatto the humanity and safety of the world.

        The Counter Force quickly take appropriate action to address the situation, first, she chooses a person to stop this threatto, then she begins to empower him through actions and events of a premeditated and determined nature. In other words, the Counter Force has the power to alter, create, modify, and generate events around the person she chose to stop this threatto and empower him by means of these events.

        Most events happening in Fate/Apocrypha and especially with Sieg (The main character) are there mostly motivated by the Counter Force.

        After gaining Siegfried’s heart, he has special black Command Seals which appeared on the back of Sieg’s left hand known as Dead Count Shapeshifter: Dragon Revelation Command Spells (竜告令呪, Ryū Tsuge-reiju).


        The Counter Force is using Sieg to stop Shirou Kotoni, which was considered an actual and sufficiently serious threatto the humanity and safety of the world when the holy grail war started.
        The Counter Force has the power to alter, create, modify, and generate events around Sieg in order to empower him and make him more powerful, thus obtaining a greater guarantee of success.
        That’s why everything is bending over backward for him. That’s why everything happens revolves around him and around you. That’s why he meets and affects people all around you and the areas he visit.

  5. Didn’t say a single lie during this scene and accepted his fate with no regrets.
    Finding a favourite Rider is getting tough. I tip my hat to almost all of them so far.

    Found some real surprises this episode. Never new that girl in the first episode wasn’t Jeanne. I guess braided hair is Jeanne, while loose is Leticia? Also the fact that the lady with Assassin wasn’t actually her summoner. Wonder why he didn’t summon with the other four.

    Finally, got to wonder about Siegfried’s heart. Is that the same situation with Archer’s arm? No spoilers please, especially if they’ll explain that later.

      1. “Archer’s arm”? It’s from Sakura’s route, “Heaven’s Feel”. Show Spoiler ▼

        Magnus Tancred
  6. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    Sort of wanted to see a nice kiss. Come on Astolfo, you’re supposed to be a “ladies’ man,” calm your angry master down with a kiss.

    I’m sort of a sucker when it comes to the cute Mother and child theme. Sadly, if I learn from most anime/manga that involves death, from my experience I have a BAD feeling that a tragic and brutal death will occur like most Mother and child characters. Up to date, I have yet to see an anime/manga that has a happy ending for a mother and child theme characters.

  7. Let’s commence with the highlights again:

    Suwabe is voicing the dragon!? Yay, this show still has the GAR component.
    MC-kun gets command seals.

    I feel jealous with MC-kun ’cause he was protected by a waifu and a best seasonal trap.

    Astolfo tells MC-kun to keep on living and such. His master is pissed at how he still doesn’t give a fuck.

    Astolfo is being punished in the basement. Also, knowing the internet, Inb4 “penetration” joke in every discussion thread of this episode.

    Ok, it’s official, Jeanne can see far into the future. Is this new to the anime?

    MC-kun finally gets his name: Sieg.

    “Our Assassin Master was killed and no specific terrorist organization Mage’s Association has claimed responsibility.”

    If the Assassin duo wasn’t terrifying, i’d say they make a cute mother and daughter.

    MC-kun’s motivation towards his fellow homunculi starts to form?

    Jeanne tries to do the MC-kun smiles, the smile was broken.

    If i were them, I’d listen to the nice priest who only has their best interest in mind. Those Command Spells look tacky anyway and the color red would look bad if they were to wear green.

    I liked this episode better than the last. We got a bit more characterization for MC-kun and Jeanne and a prologue to a future relationship. 8/10 for me.


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