「写輪眼の少年」 (Sharingan no Shounen)
“The Boy with the Sharingan”

Boy, the people behind the series really know how to take my heart and squeeze it in just the right way.

General Impressions

With the story finally picking up and the next arc slowly kicking into gear, I’m so excited to see that some older members of the Naruto cast may get some of the spotlight sent their way. With Naruto already staying on screen for much longer than any of his previous appearances, it almost feels like we’re getting spoiled with Sasuke about to dive into the limelight. Nostalgic feelings aside, let’s dive into it!

As a character, I can honestly say that I haven’t been the biggest fan of Sarada. Between her somewhat cocky attitude and the smarts to back it up, it’s pretty clear that she’s the true embodiment of Sakura with a tiny bit of Sasuke mixed in there. Luckily, I think this week did a fine job at finally giving Sarada’s character the development it needed to break free of the “shadow” that Sakura had inadvertently cast on her. Specifically, I really enjoyed how the story amped up the feelings of neglect and abandonment that Sarada has been dealing with and how compared to everyone in her immediate friend group, she’s the only one dealing with the lack of a father figure. If anything, it’s actually somewhat amazing that it took this long for the story to accentuate these bitter feelings Sarada has been harboring since I think one of the mainstays of this series is children dealing with loss of parents and/or loved ones. Now for the naysayers out there, I can understand being a little disappointed with just how easily things fell into Sarada’s lap. From discovering that her favorite picture was actually a fake to stumbling about Naruto just as he was about to head to Sasuke, I won’t deny that it felt a little too good to be true. However, after experiencing the first arc and some of the slowdowns that occurred as the story tried to create artificial tension, I’d take this over a slow and wasted episode any day.

That said, Sarada and her familial troubles weren’t the only thing that this week’s episode focused on and boy am I excited for what’s coming. Tying into Sarada’s situation quite nicely, it’s actually a little scary when you think about some rogue Uchihas running around out there. Besides the terrifying notion that multiple Sharigans users are out there, I’m really curious where the story is going to go with this. We’ve seen one side of the Uchiha clan, will we see another?

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week since I’ll be covering this show for one more week. See you then!




  1. The thoughts of many after this episode: “Goddammit, Sasuke!” Seriously, even if his defensive attitude against anyone with sharingan in the vicinity is understandable, it’s not as if he has many “father points” to spare.

    On the other hand, Naruto best dad… for a kid who isn’t his own. It was nice to see Naruto not only in all his Hokage glory, but also from the point of view of characters who aren’t Boruto. “No man is a hero to his valet” in his case is “No Hokage is a hero to his son”. But for others? Naruto is the embodiment of ninja coolness!

    Still, Naruto does have a bit of a grudge against his old school days, doesn’t he? All those lies about him being as cool, good student and popular as Sasuke… XD

    1. I think they reuse the old “Wonders” when Naruto was still the Main Actor together with Sasuke and Kakashi

      Perhaps he is some leftover from their previous Life. I an way, the Spirits of their past

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2018.jpg
    One thing I learned, even kids know about the Tailed Beast inside Naruto. So that old rule, where no one is allowed to talk about the 9 tails, got abolished it seems.

    -_- and it seems Naruto is telling a truckload of lies, even as an adult. Naruto claims he was “popular with the girls” and “in the top of his class”? Wow, Naruto, don’t feed the kids lies.

  3. This Arc is heavy but also very good. because some message here of what is happen with Sarada have some truth to it. I saw it on my own niece (this time of “false parents”). But that aside it is a very heavy down turner that Sasuke can not recognize his own Daughter…

    he was really to long away from home

  4. This arc only shows that, not only Sasuke is the worst dad ( Im not even talking about his husband role, since Sakura chose him, but Sarada couldnt choose her parent ) but Sakura is far from being a good mom. Even with all the excuses about being a spy and such, couldnt she at least keep him updated about their child? If he can communicate with Naruto and he can even find Sasuke easily, he is also able to receive letters and such, Sakura never thought about sending him pictures of his daughter and news about her life?
    There’s no excuses for that.

  5. Also, until now, the Children inherited their Parents “Ninja” Skills. But Sakura’s “unlimited strength” was not her own, she learn it from the Previous Hokage, right?. So Sakura skill, was her very balanced Chi molding and quick learning, so give Sarada her mothers “brute strength”, and perhaps even her Medical wonders, is not working. Or Sakura somehow could teach a very young girl all about her “adult” Secrets.. This also counts for all Children, even Boruto..

    So be careful not to fall into this Trap

    1. Most techniques the various families have are not inheritable, but taught. And like the rest of this generation, Sarada has likely gotten a lot of training from her mom (a luxury older generations lacked because their parents were more often on missions).

      Lord Nayrael
      1. Must had been so as you said. because her “Copy skill eye” (like Kakashi) have not been manifested yet. So she had to learn the old fashion way, but if she has the same skill like her Mother, then she was a quick learner

        Remember, not all kids here are like Sasuke when he was young, too 🙂

  6. Would it be too much of a stretch if it was possible to pass on traits via chakra infusion? Didn’t wats his name Obito”lend” his chakra to Kakashi? Imagine parents and kids would or could do for a lot longer.

    1. There was a way that Sasuke’s older brother give him his Ninja Skills with some fingertip only. But this is Naruto’s Universe, focused on Boruto. Do they really want to use these old “forbidden” techniques again?


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