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「夢は成功のもと」 (Yume wa seikou no mono to)
“Success Comes From Dreaming”



「歌はヒナにつれヒナは歌につれ」 (Uta wa hina ni tsure hina wa uta ni tsure)
“Songs Change With Hinas, and Hinas Change With Song”

In the past two weeks, I was on holiday in Japan. The trip was certainly fruitful, and I have to thank my colleagues on Random Curiosity for helping to make it possible. In particular Stilts for insisting that I shouldn’t be trying to cover 5 shows while going on holiday to Japan, and Passerby, Pancakes, Choya and Takaii for covering my shows. Cherrie and Enzo too for assisting me when I had questions about food or places to visit with their expert knowledge! The best places I went to eat at were probably came from their suggestions.

tl;dr – Love y’all!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone to help out with Hina Loji, nor could I find the time to do it myself during the trip. Who knew that watching a CGDCT (Cute Girls Do Cute Things) anime in front of my family or could be so difficult? Let’s not even talk about doing it on the airplane or the bullet train. I received a lot of weird looks before giving up for good.

Thankfully the show took a one week break during that time span, meaning my task is less difficult than it could have been. Nevertheless, I fully intend to remedy any harm caused, so it’s time to churn out a solid post combining two week’s worth of content!

Random Thoughts on Episode 8

Quick Recap of Episode 8

Being a crazy cute mad scientist, Mahiro doesn’t fail to charm. We see her being given an opportunity to step up into a role of responsibility – creating and coordinating the play Class S will put on for the school festival.

I suppose I previously couldn’t imagine her being in such a position of authority. Mahiro is such a free spirited individual, who typically goes off and does her own thing while dragging everyone else into her shenanigans. Though she might lack the kind of leadership Yayoi displays, she makes up the lost ground through her sheer enthusiasm regarding Foreigners. It was great to see her toil and take the initiative, eventually pulling through to successfully write a script for a play about friendship between humans and Foreigners.

The Play

Mahiro’s play wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but its value came from symbolising a deeper connection between Foreigners and Humans. That if misunderstandings and prejudice are overcome, peace and prosperity can be attained. I believe this ties in with the current lack of knowledge and frequent misconceptions over Foreigners within Septpia, though I wouldn’t know too much about context since I still haven’t gotten around to watching the original series. Nevertheless, the future sure looks promising.

Admittedly, I was rather tense when Lion slipped up and detranced. I just wish that Lion didn’t use her Trance as a crutch for her terrible acting. She’s typically self-sufficient, and I reckon she could have fostered her own skills with enough persistence. Then again, she’s also the impulsive type who dislikes being bound by rout activities – as we can see with her dislike for homework and practicing her lines for the play. So credit is due where she pulls through and puts in the effort to learn her lines, so as not to drag down her friends. Considering Lion had such an isolated upbringing, in spite of a very loving family, it’s pretty easy to see why she values her friends and foreigners so much. She’s definitely come a long way from looking like a country bumpkin girl who turned up at the footsteps of the academy, and her growth has been rather phenomenal.

Concluding Thoughts

Although it’s a shame Lion didn’t prevail in the Miss Pirari competition, Yuuko is definitely a deserving winner. With the summer festival over, and a scant preview showing what seems to be the academy during winter, I wonder if we’re in for a time skip. To be honest, I have no clue what Hina Loji is trying to achieve even though we are three episodes from the end. Although I wouldn’t mind if it ended up being no more than a load of CGDCT fun, it would be nice to see more meaning coming out of any potential resolutions. Personally, I’m also hoping for more trancing and action. Call it the proverbial cherry on top of the icing.



August 26, 2017 at 12:32 pm
  • August 27, 2017 at 6:25 amAex

    Both episodes were great with cuteness overload and mad scientist hijinx, but I agree about the play. The Trance solution didn’t make sense with all the warnings Lion’s been getting. She should’ve NOT been allowed to Trance as part of her training to strengthen her heart like the teachers want, to overcome the play without relying on Rosa.

  • August 27, 2017 at 6:25 amAex

    And welcome back, Zaiden :P

    • August 27, 2017 at 7:56 amZaiden

      Thanks Aex! :D

      • August 31, 2017 at 5:08 pmLyfe

        I’m a little late saying this, but glad you have a good trip. Did you ever find yourself spending a bit more than expected when looking at anime or videogames, or arcades, whatever, you know, stuff? Lol?

  • August 31, 2017 at 5:10 pmLyfe

    I was a bit dismissive of this show when it started. I’m planning on just binge watching it over a few days fairly soon. I may have an opinion here by the finale.