「Pell-Mell Duel」

Princess Principal chooses to give us an old school taste of life, and we see a spirited Chise vigorously embark upon her daily activities. In short, it was heaps of fun! As far as I could tell, the atmosphere and cliques genuinely felt like something out of ‘Boy‘, one of Roald Dahl’s autobiographical novel, truly a testimony to the impressive job done by 3hz. What’s more, I appreciate how the series does not shy away from the bullying culture. Although it’s improved since the Victorian times, it’s still an issue that persists even to this day. Studies have shown that within Europe, UK schools are the worst for bullying, and the children are among the unhappiest in the world.

A Day in the Life of an Albion School Girl

The Duel

I’ve challenged a person in my class to a duel, so I believe I’m qualified to talk of the matter. During secondary school, I was talking with a teacher when a person told me to ‘Shut up’ for no particularly good reason. I immediately rose up from my seat to challenge this upstart chap to a duel. If memory serves me correct, I asked him to ‘1v1 me outside the classroom’, only for my teacher to have me sit back down. Ahhh, good times.

On a much more serious note, those group of guys were a bunch of arrogant and entitled toe-rags. First off, they snuff out the life of a small creature that’s done nothing wrong just to piss off Chise, then go as far as rigging the duel. Considering how she sliced and dodged bullets using her bare blade, I suppose there wasn’t too much as stake. But I’m proud that Chise stood firmly by her code of honour, cleanly beating those smug pricks at their own game in spite of some underhanded methods.

Concluding Thoughts

Truth be told, although I really enjoyed how the episode delved into Chise’s experience as a foreigner in Albion, it touched upon some sensitive issues that made me feel uncomfortable. But that is not to say they should be swept under the rug. Not at all. The correct course of action would be to tackle them head on, because ignorance falls short of what I expect from myself.

I asked my father about racism towards the Oriental denomination within British Society. Much to my surprise, or should I say naïveté, it was still a prevalent issue back in his days. I wouldn’t call this a matter of agenda, so I’d put it down to the contrast in ethnicity and culture, which can be pretty jarring for long-time island dwellers. In spite of the few who are intolerant, one can hope that the vast majority will eventually come to a mutual understanding, as society becomes increasingly multicultural.


  1. Order of Cases covered so far, for those interested in watching the Cases chronologically:
    Ep 1 – Case 13
    Ep 2 – Case 1
    Ep 3 – Case 2
    Ep 4 – Case 9
    Ep 5 – Case 7
    Ep 6 – Case 18
    Ep 7 – Case 16
    Ep 8 – Case 20
    Ep 9 – Case 11
    Ep 10 – Case 22

      1. Presumably a creative choice from the director. Shakes up the format, makes it interesting, and there are some things you could only achieve with a non-chronological order.

        For example, the discrimination we saw against foreigners and commoners this episode is something we can appreciate more, given the backdrop of last episode’s revelation of the distinct class divisions and wealth gap in Albion.

  2. Though this is an alternate universe, having the gun rigged and given the Chise was odd. Dueling etiquette as I understand it is for the witness to check the weapons and offer the choice of which weapon to use to Chise since the guy picked the type of weapon. Of course it was done that way so Chise could wind up using the sling but you would think the girls would have been more suspicious of those thugs. They also should have picked someone who understood dueling better to be the witness. Maybe the fencing girl.

  3. Didn’t really notice bullying when I went to Britain, maybe it starts in secondary school? I think Chise’s problem has more to do with the different culture, and how the lack of internet makes it harder for her to grasp it. Though I can sympathise with her apprehension of the local cuisine. For an island nation, British schools hardly ever give seafood for some reason (at least when I was there). Something that probably really contrasts with Japan.

    Speaking of the episode, what treaty is her master talking about? I think it should have some relation with one of the ones in our world.

    Finally, nice screen shot:
    Didn’t know they drew where the bullet hit. It went to fast when I watched it. Only noticed he got hit on the shoulder when he bled.

    1. Didn’t really notice bullying when I went to Britain, maybe it starts in secondary school?

      It starts from primary school. Can’t really comment on secondary school, because I went to a selective one, but I’ve heard it sticks around from others. Pretty much doesn’t exist at university, if that’s what you were wondering.

      Though I can sympathise with her apprehension of the local cuisine.

      It’s true that our cuisine might be lacking, but I wouldn’t base it off the standard fare they serve in schools. Bangers and Mash, Full English Breakfasts, The Lancashire Hotpot, Sunday Roasts, Beef Wellington, Melton Mowbrey Pies… these are the hallmarks by which I judge it, and it’s honestly not as bad as others make it out to be.

      For an island nation, British schools hardly ever give seafood for some reason

      At secondary school, we had fish and chips on Friday every week. But you’re right in saying that Britain hardly has any seafood considering its status as an island nation.

      Finally, I’m not a particularly huge fan of Wetherspoons and other chain pubs, so I’d recommend visiting a nice gastropub out in the countryside for anyone who wants to have a taste of British cuisine.

      1. You guys did create Shepard’s Pie so I think you can be forgiven some of your other culinary blunders. And, at least you aren’t Samu, otherwise I would have to point out haggis.

      2. @Zaiden
        Maybe it’s not that bad north of Hadrian’s Wall? Could count the instances I saw with one hand, and one of those actually backfired on the bully.

        As for cuisine, it actually works both ways. Having spent most of primary school in Britain, I actually acquired a British palate. Had trouble adapting to the local food once I got back. Though strangely enough, I didn’t have any problems with Japanese food when I went there a few years later. Just noticed that everything was seafood. Was about to say Chise most likely noticed the opposite, but remembered she mostly had vegetables this episode, so never mind…

        And that list of dishes you gave, I hardly recognize them, but I’ll probably know it when I taste it. XD

      3. Racism definitely existed in a large amount in university. My dad, whose Chinese, went to university in Britain, and basically all Chinese students had to travel in groups or risk getting surrounded by a gang of skinheads (essentially white and bald Nazis) who would beat you up or rob you during the early morning or evening.

  4. I really hope this show ends with an announcement for a second season. The earlier episodes seemed like they were setting up for a grand finale (i.e. Princess’s aspirations) and when two of the last three episodes felt more like a slice of life it feels like we’re dwindling the remaining weeks away. Just hoping that PriPri won’t rush toward a conclusion


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