「War & Princess」

Moonlight Chivalry

Amidst the levitate ships soaring through the skies, asserting military dominance over conquered lands, a less conspicuous ship takes off . That’s right, Kid and Eleonora are the newest pairing on the block, and I’m just glad that we didn’t go down the route where Ernesti builds a harem.

I understand that the Princess’ indecisive antics may have annoyed a couple of people, myself included. However, taking a step back, it’s not hard to see that Eleonora is afflicted by survivor’s guilt. Of course, some people might still not comprehend what I’m saying, but I reckon it’s one of those things you need to experience to fully understand anyway. When your beloved father sacrifices himself in vain and your people are dying everywhere, it must really hurt to be so powerless, carrying the burden all by yourself.

And this is where Kid steps in, the paragon knight arriving to save his Princess from being locked away in a tower. It’s like one of those corny stories from a fairy tale, yet it doesn’t fail to be heartwarming and magical, with the accompanying background music really enhancing the gentle and delicate atmosphere in the scene. Then when she’s still depressed even after being rescued, Kid successfully takes her out and cheers her up. They had a terrifically cute date around the Silhouette Knight hangar and the market square! Given the non-existent progress we’re getting on all other romantic fronts, I’m pretty pleased to welcome this change of pace.

War on the Western Front

Turns out Zaloudek had their evil Ernesti equivalent running around being an eccentric goofball. Frankly, I’m really impressed that he could keep up with a reincarnated person possessing the knowledge of science and advanced technology from another universe.

Who knew a bit of tinkering could change the Kuschperchan Silhouette Knights from getting stomped by the Tyrantos, to forcing them into strategically retreating? This is where the importance of tactics shine. Whilst highly impractical in straight up combat, Ernesti’s modifications make the newly improved Kuschperchan mechs perfect for taking advantage of the existing defensive wall. They possess extraordinary long-range offensive AND defensive capabilities, turning the attempted frontal assault into a complete failure. Simply put, Zaloudek could not hope to dent the Kuschperschan mechs, yet received huge damage in return.

When you cannot win through brute force, covert operations are the next alternative, so the Zaloudek Empire turn to the Copper Fang Knights. Though she died a pitiful death, their leader Kerhilt had it coming ever since she dared to tangle with Ernesti. The ulterior motive of being restored to the status of nobility paints a much more sympathetic story, but ultimately, she paid the price for her crimes. That’ll serve as a deterrent, teaching other people not to steal Ernesti’s creations!

Concluding Thoughts

Ikaruga’s demonic grace was a sight to behold as usual, but something they left out was the fact Ernesti broke off his assault on the airship to prioritise the safety of his comrades, who were coming under fire. Mecha technology may be his passion, and I know we only have three episodes left, but I kind of wish they showed how much he values his friends. There were other alterations that were made, but other than the sequence in which Kerhilt died by Earlcumber’s blade, I feel they were inconsequential to warrant any particular mention.

It seems like the new designs drafted by Ernesti are intended to deal with the problem of the airships, which should help in swinging the war to Fremevilla’s favour. Their upgraded Kaldatoah models are already superior to the Tyrantos, and though they are a much smaller nation than Zaloudek, I fully expect them to ultimately prevail in this conflict.



  1. Careful, do not use Sci-Fi Weapons in an Land with Magic.. I mean, can Ernsti explain the Blueprints to their Builders? It is no use, if they do not get the idea behind these Blueprints… or ernesti has to make the first one, and then the Builders copycat his moves.. Like Mc Donalds kitchen workers…

    But.. then i am the dark mood party pooper again..

    it is also important to explain all Blueprints Ernesti comes with at last to his own Team

      1. Also Ernsti’s original Host Life was an Fan of Laser or Energy Weapons only on the Mechas.. No Ballistic Guns?

        Okay it make sense, because there is only Mana aka Energy to use

      2. Hum I’m guessing the wide spread availability of magic has completely stunted the growth of gunpowder and related tech. The idea of ballistic weaponry has yet to advance past the catapult and balista. Now I’m expecting Ernie to jump them to a magic powered missle haha. I mean the foundation of the jet engine is already there!
        I did like the contrast of Ernie’s jet thruster based flight with the Empire’s magic levitation based method. Ernie has the edge in speed and power but that much energy just can’t be maintained for long with magic based energy.

      3. Hey Worldwidedepp! Ernie might have the laser, but if you inspect the conventional anti-aircraft designs he came up with closely, they seem to hint towards a long range projectile.

        So I don’t think it will be a case where everyone will be firing mah lasers and whatnot. Rather, they’ll have an unrefined weapon that does the job on a low budget.

      4. @Zaiden

        Jupp, in some case he will invent some sort of Gauss Cannon, with a Speer spike. I remember an other Anime, with some “Thin can” Robot AI, and an Waterworld. There they had also one Gauss Cannon and it was way bigger.. But ok. It’s Anime magic, and i go with it.

  2. Shahir
      1. Nope…they’re cousin, I’m sure they already mention this few episodes back. Eleonora mother, Martina is Ermy’s aunt and he said it himself when he just got back to the kingdom that he spent some time training at Kuperchska beforehand under Martina’s guidance.

        Beside…it’s not strange for royals in these kind of setting to have marriage among cousins/among their kins anyway.

  3. Guessing the Mecha mana bolt default is explosive as used by the staffs, and Ernesti mechs have more of a combi setting where he can cycle thru different effects depending on what the demon beast/enemy mech is weak against. The charged lion mech blast is like wave motion in that its slow but good for removing whatever is in front of you 🙂

  4. Kerhilt’s death at this point in the story follows the original webnovel’s sequence of events. Vol 4 of the LN was rewritten so she escaped; the author shifted her fight with Edgar to Vol 5 of the LN.

    The webnovel also confirms the Edgar x Helvi ship in its notes. It’s hardly mentioned in the LN version, but the anime’s hinted at this again (Dietrich’s snarky comment at their compatability).

    1. Slightly disappointed with this eps adaptation.

      Also wasn’t Horatio supposed to be a rogue elf/Alv? As I recall he escaped from his home nation because he wanted to pitch his Ether Elevator idea to a nation with the resources to construct it.

      Also Eru should have mauled the airship more before having to disengaged because the carriage came under attack from Kerhilt’s Copper Fang Phantom SKs that were shadowing the them from a distance.

      Although on the good point Finally getting Vidos drawn was a nice (always imagined it to be like a Barrel type Ball from gundam with arms XD)

      1. For Eleanora and Isadora, I liked the anime’s design of their dresses and accessories (gloves, leg-level skirt split) compared to the (IMO) plainer look of the LN.

        Sorry, should’ve explained it in more detail. 😛

  5. Magnus Tancred
    1. What if he was also reincarnated from our world? :O

      Can’t believe I didn’t even consider that! It’s plausible, but I would actually feel quite disappointed. That said, I’m looking for an isekai that does a good job of having the protagonist encounter a fellow soul who was also reincarnated from the same universe.

    1. yea seriously, was like…. just get a move on you stupid spoiled brat… stalling the guy trying to save you like chances of you getting him killed is way higher than leaving with him

    1. You do have to appreciate through that Mr. Mad Scientist was able to get huge things to fly without having to acquire Battalion-class Demon Monsters, whereas Ernestine had to get those to power his comparatively small mecha.

    2. What if this Guy found out like the Behemoths work? These Gigantic Monster need their Gems to keep their Body mobile? For not get crushed on their own Body wight, right? So what if these Air Ships are 2 Way “Magic”?

      1 Way Magic to keep them afloat like the support Magic of the Behemoths
      2 I do believe i heard something about Wind magic to move them in the Air

      In someway, an Steampunk Hot air ballon Ship, with Magic propellers (Wind magic)

  6. I’m not that surprises that the evil-Eru can keep up. Ernesti may have knowledge from another world, but his biggest contribution is willingness to discard common sense. (Horse-shaped machines, braiding crystal tissues) Craftsmen in this world are clearly quite skilled, just burdened by tradition. So all it takes is another dreamer and ta-dah!

    I’ve been resigned to the idea that the anime is less a coherent show and more of a visual advertisement for the light novels, and they make changes accordingly, but this episode had one SMALL change which REALLY irritates me.

    The re-appearance of SUPER HORSE from Rurouni Kenshin, the horse that can outrun machines.

    In the light novel, when escaping, Martina and co. rode on the carriages towed by Cid and Ady. Here, they’re riding on a regular carriage, towed by regular horses, which can apparently keep pace with GIANT MECHA centaurs.

    1. To be fair, it was Ernesti’s horse-shaped/centaur mecha that I would expect to kill off the Pony Express livestock. Obviously Silhouette Knights did not normally move at 60 mph, but probably at a slower 10 or 15 mph, which many thoroughbred breeds can keep up with. The convoy is moving at the slowest pace of those present – the covered wagons. Even Ernesti’s designs are not made for long-term travel, other than the centaur mecha.

  7. “The ulterior motive of being restored to the status of nobility paints a much more sympathetic story, but ultimately, she paid the price for her crimes.” – This is the disadvantage of the anime’s current pace. If they’re going fast, might as well just make the villains one-dimensional, instead of leaving bits and pieces of underdeveloped character background.

  8. Who knew a bit of tinkering could change the Kuschperchan Silhouette Knights from getting stomped by the Tyrantos, to forcing them into strategically retreating?

    This is what the Israelis did before they began making their own tanks. Surplus WW2 Shermans? Upgun them to 90 and 105mm. Ex-British Centurions? Upgun to 105mm, install reactive armor, and upgrade the engine. Same with captured enemy tanks.

    Magnus Tancred
      1. Happy to help.

        Upgrading the Kuschperchan Silhouette Knights is a practical move, since they only need to manufacture the upgrade parts, rather than build entirely new mecha from scratch.

        It’s a common practice in wartime– when you have a surplus of still-working machines withdrawn from the front lines because they’re obsolete, the best course of action is to modify them to serve other roles. In Knight’s and Magic, they traded mobility for armor and long-rage firepower because the speed isn’t as necessary in a fortress defense role.

        IRL, the Panzer 38(t) was obsolete by early 1942, but was mechanically reliable, so it was rebuilt into tank destroyers like the Marder III and the Hetzer, carrying a much bigger gun than the original tank had. In Girls und Panzer, Ooarai also upgraded their 38(t) into a Hetzer later in the series. 😀

        The British did something similar with their Valentine infantry tank, by putting their best anti-tank gun (76.2mm 17 pounder) on it and calling it the Archer. 😀

        Magnus Tancred
  9. Back to Topic : Sci-Fi Weapons

    We are about to enter Electromagnetic Weapons… I do hope they do not lost their Eyes, that they are in an fantasy world…

    Do they even know the secrets of Magnetism? And here Ernesti just snap with his finger and bring them these Secrets..

    Sure unknown technology are like magic to strangers..

    Sure Lightning Magic can work.. But you know…

    1. How these Long Range Weapons (we know) work?

      Its like an Magican Rod, right? on the tip of an Staff there is an Gem that cancel the Mana into Magic? Like Fire and so on…

      But to build up these charging Weapons? Do they also know the secrets to bend these Gems they need for these Rods, into the shapes they need? Are there workers (Diamond cutter) like the ones that create the artificial muscles for the Mecha?

      Careful for not overshooting it, dear production team

  10. Spiritual knights. the unknown kingdom is killing: Don’t pray, don’t eat and don’t drink wine.
    We must paint food for the king and queen! Our next battle is given by Merlin!
    Let us baptize our fortresses! Let us bring the blood of christ! The king knows who is Judas amongst us.
    Only holiness can serve us!Excalibur is in the journey of the princess.She needs us.
    The battle in the world today is not ancient.Let us listen to the gods again.And also pray for the wounded knights

  11. Other kingdoms are in training for a harvest of the fields. The beast is not yet hear! The laws of the great power hearts is
    not Israels master! Protect your wives knights! Call powers! If David’s throne falls, there will be a retribution!

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