「恋人たち」 (Koibitotachi)

We all need a Motoyama in our life.

General Impressions

Let me take a few minutes here to just word vomit all over the page about how amazing Motoyama is. As someone who the show has clearly labeled an otaku who has no inhibitions about his looks, social status, or standing in life, it’s amazing to see him act so warmly and positively toward Yamane’s situation. Instead of feeling any kind of jealously or ill-will, he goes above and beyond what life calls for in a best friend. If I were in Motoyama’s shoes, I don’t think I would have been able to do even half the job he did. Quickly deciding on a game plan and executing it flawlessly, I was in awe as he changed his course of action as he got a better understanding of the situation. As the metaphorical topping on the cake, I was in nearly in love when Motoyama went and got shoved to the ground to prove that Yamane’s focus was on Kurihara. Too bad Motoyama had to see the two end up failing in the end though.

Switching gears, let’s talk about one of the saddest moments we’ve seen in the entire series involving Kana and Chiaki. As the literal comedic duo who have broken out into spontaneous manzai acts when their feelings of embarrassment hit the ceiling, it was really depressing to see their relationship hit a rocky point. However, as much as I wanted to see them finally have a sweet and romantic moment, I can clearly understand why Kana freaked out the way she did. If it wasn’t already obvious, she was looking for a relaxed moment to really unwind with Chiaki and instead she was given a Chiaki who was amped up on what I can only assume was a Red Bull (Beer?) who then ruined everything by stealing the first kiss she was holding onto so dearly. God, of all the things that Chiaki could have done, why did he have to resort to something as halfassed as drinking to get over his jitters?

Overall, not too bad of a follow up episode after last week’s depressing moments. Hopefully, Chiaki will be able to work things out with Kana before it gets too serious but it looks like things are going to switch back over to Sugawara and Takano next week. In any case, I’ll catch you guys then!




  1. I had to say, I feel bad for the other characters in this series who only appeared momentarily for this Anime namely Patricia (because I saw volume 1 of the manga) who wrestled with Gouda and the other girl who asked him to open the bottle. Too bad this show had to focus on some of the couples so that’s a pity.

    Also, I feel a strong sense of audience participation seeing the reactions of Motoyama on Yamane and the Chiaki couple at the park. I literally reacted the same way haha

    Next episode: Will Takano come to some realisation before this show ends? Please do. They will be best couple imo if they do.

    1. It’s such a weird choice for a couple to exclude, since Patricia (nevermind Keisuke, rip) really is so central to a lot of the inter-couple interactions in the series. It honestly makes me a bit worried for the prospects of future seasons, since some of the later group arcs just don’t work at all without Patricia. While I’d totally be up for a future season doing a Patricia/Keisuke marathon to catch up, I imagine that actually happening is unlikely. XD

      That aside, the structure of this episode made me laugh. Frontloading Motoyama and Gouda heroics to try and offset Chiaki’s stupidity.

      1. I had a feeling what you mentioned about Patricia should be counted as spoilers but whatever not like this Anime is going to cover that anyway haha

        Then again Chiaki just needs to be serious for once that’s what women want or at least that’s what Kana wants I mean she got away with the assumption that she’s dating her BFF for a year because of a joke

  2. Ah it finally happened the falling out of the comedy duo, It is sad but it won’t last forever.
    (side note It was unclear whether he actually did drink or was pretending to be drunk both in anime and manga)
    SO THAT is Patty’s voice, dang i will give it credit, her, Minigawa, Fabulous Senpai and Motoyama they have gotten some really great VA’s that match the character’s personalities well.

    Kamine and Gouda will only get better and better as she goes all on the offensive on him lol.

    Don’t get your hopes up too much about Takano, that is a constant back and forth that hasn’t been resolved yet but just requires a final push.

  3. “God, of all the things that Chiaki could have done, why did he have to resort to something as halfassed as drinking to get over his jitters? ‘

    It is a, sadly, common tool that people resorted in all human history, cultures, sexes and nations to get “courage”. Nervous? Use alcohol or other fabulous drugs to kill the inhibitions that are stopping you from getting what you want. Of course they will also kill your capacity to avoid stupidity but desperate people often forget that part. For reference I hear stories about guys that only approach girls with the aid of alcohol.

    As for why Chiaki resorted to that it was both the desire on getting to the next level but also the fear that if he didn’t he would lose Kana. This pressure has been boiling over for a long time. Not discussing if it was justified or not, only using the situation as a cautionary tale of a situation to be avoided.

  4. Liquid courage, or liquid stupidity. In manga it’s obviously beer, but since they can’t show minor getting drunk in national tv, it became fire(red)bull. Still, better than Nozaki’s getting drunk on juice.

    Also, they skipped the chapter when Kurihara, Yamane and Motoyama went to a movie

  5. Yup, throughout the whole first scene I found myself thinking Motoyama was great too. From the way he casually called himself ugly without being all negative about it (still sad though) to what a selfless bro he was to his friend. The friend that everyone wants but doesn’t deserve! I also love his unfitting speech pattern for a high schooler. I expected his efforts to not work out but it was still “noooooo”-inducing to see the end of that skit.
    Poor Kana though. The whole scene of them trying to do something was kinda difficult to watch since us watchers – and those two – know they have the same goal in mind but just can’t act on it… till the unfortunate end.
    Favourite couple in next week’s preview: I’m looking forward to it.

  6. For some reason Gouda and Kamine are appearing in other couples’ skits. Not complaining, though! Especially when you get reaction comedy gold like when Chiaki and Kana stumbled onto them.

    That foreigner girl who wanted to arm wrestle was pretty cute, I hope she gets her own skit!

    1. These stories are not self contained, each of them except for some go to the same school are friends with one another in some way, (what i really like about that is nearly none of them try to backstab or ruin the relationships of another the more developed pairings actually give advice to some of the newer ones) later on once the introduction is over there are various mini arcs of everyone together doing tests, sports, trips and such.

    2. That’s what will make this story great though, because it’s always two at a time it’s not extending far enough that it has an impact on each other. I think doing this is a good thing because we get to see Chiaki and Kana flinch at another couple kissing for example hehe

  7. I don’t understand how Chiaki can be so shy and embarrassed to not make a move on his girlfriend lol At first, it’d be cute and all but if my boyfriend did that, I would not be happy at all. It’s just so not manly ><
    And I just love Gouda and Kamine couple! Gouda has changed so much from when they first started going out. He is doing so much for her lol and I can relate to Kamine's complains about Gouda too because I said the same things to my boyfriend. It's like you don't want to say those things because it makes you seem like a nagging girlfriend but sometimes you just have to let them know.


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