「チューニング」 (Chuuningu)

You know that feeling you feel right before something big happens? That’s this week’s episode in a nutshell.

General Impressions

I can’t even begin to describe just how much I want Sugawara and Takano to end up together. Ever since their awkward introduction where Sugawara ended up (literally) falling on his face after a subtle rejection from Takano, every episode that passes has been killing me as it feels like the story is making a conscious effort to draw things out for as long as humanly possible. That said, it feels like our diligence is about to pay off since it feels like all the cards have been finally played. With Sugawara actually able to get his emotions out into words (albeit to the wrong person) and Takano finally entertaining the thought that her feelings for Sugawara may be something more than a fever, I can’t wait to see what happens when the two end up alone with each other. Hopefully they won’t wimp out since it would be adding insult to injury if they didn’t at least acknowledge each other’s feelings.

On the flipside of things, I’m genuinely afraid for our favorite manzai couple. With Chiaki acting way too rationally and Kana pushing things a little too far, it’d be awfully depressing to see them not get back together over Chiaki pulling one really stupid move. But what makes things ever worse is probably just how much effort Chiaki put in trying to fix his mistake only for a water damaged phone to make things turn sour. It’s a damn shame we’ll have to wait until at least next week before we get an answer!

Last but not least, let’s talk about Kaji and the random burst of emotion that came out of nowhere during her scene. As a fellow delinquent who could also feel the stares of others crawl up my neck, I can only imagine just how tough things were for Kaji as she tried her best to make up for lost time. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I nearly let some rouge tears leave my eyes as I watched her lose all that courage she built up moments before getting tripped up by dropping her eraser. Luckily there are some amazingly sweet people in this anime and just like Kaji I couldn’t believe just how much a single act of kindness could mean so much.

Boy, what a great episode. With the story really kicking things into gear with the final episode around the corner, I can’t wait to see just what happens. With a ton of characters still waiting for some kind of ending, I’m excited to see what’ll happen to the rest of the characters we spent a whole season getting to know. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where I’m going to keep a tissue box within arms reach.




  1. I really enjoy green haired girl, simply for the way she speaks. And her helping Ryouko only made it much better. I hope we get to see her more! even if it’s already 11 episodes in.
    I really felt terrible when Ryouko dropped her eraser and went through that breakdown. I’m not a delinquent myself, but feeling inferior to everyone else and not wanting to catch anyone’s attention or show that I care (or don’t care) is a familiar feeling to me. I don’t know how stupid it seems to normal people, but it’s a really terrible, crippling feeling for sure. I almost did cry there too, but lucky for the new girl to the rescue! (who is she?! I don’t remember her)
    I was also surprised, pleasantly so, to see dating master and student council pres talk to each other. They both seem the type to overwhelm the other party they talk to, but they actually interacted pretty normally and seem to be friendly. Loved it and would like to see more of that.
    Now I wanna hear some Takaii delinquent stories…
    A little sad that Sugawara and Takano didn’t get to talk – I was looking forward to it since last week. But they’re cute so I forgive them. I’M CHEERING FOR YOU GUYS.

    1. The green haired girl: Shibasaki Erika has her own chapters in the manga she is president of the tea club and is involved in the light music club where she has a crush on their president but goes about it pretty weirdly lol

      1. Does she appear early on in the manga with the anime just leaving her out? I plan to read the manga when this is done airing, so I’m wondering if I should read from the start in case they leave out lots of things…

    2. A lot of characters are skipped over or left to be small cameos in the anime, which means that certain chapters of even the couples that made it into the anime are skipped over as well. Definitely read from the beginning because all the characters tend to crossover and interact with each other, and some are really important to the couples that are already established here, like Patty and Alice.

      That said, I’m not expecting much next week if it really is the finale. Show Spoiler ▼

    3. you should just read from beginning all of it since yea they do skip over lots of other characters and other situations with the characters you have seen in the anime, plus it is all drop dead hilarious

      however the green haired girl has some weird stuff to her how she goes about her crush lol

  2. Seriously if I don’t see Sugawara and Takano get together next week I’m going to riot haha

    Also, Takaii you not talking about the Takase couple? I’d like them to be a pair tbh I just hope it’s not about pencil leads and erasers though. Their “ulterior motives” better come back to haunt them next episode lol

  3. So here we go.

    The Test two parter in the manga was more of a climax since a handful of chapters focusing on various characters and couplings preparing for it, when it arrived it felt like we had been building to it, And we get VAs for three characters who are focused on manga, the teacher who is involved in a student teacher romance plot (one sided since he is dense)
    I think that orange haired girl is the big eater who has a crush on someone who teases her for it in special ways, they recently become a couple in the manga
    And the green haired girl is another story entirely as her plot involves the light music club and the tea ceremony club which is pretty fun but a little insane.
    AH yes and something else was skipped a chapter where Love Master and SmoothPres had a convo showing that they know eachother and are friends.

    1. Orange haired girl is Sano Kyouko, Erika’s best friend from tea ceremony club. She’s my favorite secondary character, I wish the author make a story out of her.

      The big-eater girl is a 2nd year if I remember correctly

  4. I love how progressively each silo-ed story characters start to interact with each other.

    With the amount of characters/couples in this, it could generate stories with the type of interactivity (not necessarily confusion galore, but how one action could affect multiple couples) that Gamers has.


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