「聖人の凱旋」 (Seijin no Gaisen)
“The Holy Man Returns Triumphant”

Well then — that escalated quickly.

General Impressions

I’ve realized what this show was missing and ever since it hit me, I’ve completely understood just how much more I enjoy things when it exists. That my friends, is a single unified villain. With two equally unlikable factions going at each other’s throats with the intent of completely destroying the other, it’s been tough to pick someone to side with. Each side has a good share of characters that make you want to root for them, but at the end of the day (at least thus far) it’s been a flat battle between Darnic and Shirou. That is, until today, when Darnic went absolutely insane and did something crazy. Something that we’ll talk about shortly, but in the short term feels like a rather rash move since his character development thus far has completely been about surviving plus doing whatever it takes to attain his goal.

Please do note that I said surviving before doing whatever it takes because I’m not quite sure how his plan to have Vlad absorb his soul works in the grand scheme of things. After re-watching the episode just to make sure I didn’t miss anything painfully obvious, it really feels like Vlad has simply turned into a blood thirsty vampire who could care less about what happens at this point. Now, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but if Darnic was in control of what’s going on would he really be just rampaging around, creating little baby vampires, instead of just using that fancy mist form of his to just slip past his opposition?

Looking past that small detail though, I have to admit that I haven’t had this much fun watching an episode of Apocrypha since we saw Mordred go up against Jack while Shishigou took on Fiore. There was a good amount of fighting, the in-between animation was pretty good and didn’t resort sloppy scribbles in-between each keyframe, and we got to see all the servants team up! God, I still can’t get over just how elated I was to see everyone so rapidly understand that at this point in time Vlad poses a gigantic threat and needs to be stopped. Factions and alliances be damned, I’ll take fighting together for the greater good anytime. That and I was probably way too happy to see Achilles and Chiron fight together.

Before closing the post though, there’s no way I can’t talk a little about Shirou and the rather anti-climatic way he destroyed Vlad. As a Priest who specializes in all things holy, I guess it makes sense that he’d be able to wreck something as evil as an infamous vampire. That said, it felt a little too easy how Vlad went down and I can’t help but think that he’ll reappear when we least expect it.

Overall, I thought this was a great episode. All the world building and character development lead to this point and I couldn’t have asked for a better reward for sticking through it all. And, with Vlad supposedly gone, it looks like we have the big baddie staring straight at us wearing a new fancy red cloak. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully see just how crazy things can get since this episode raised the bar pretty damn high.

Spoiler Notice:

Hi everyone. I loved how intense the conversation got last week, but please use the spoiler tags if you’re going to talk about something that happens later in Apocrypha. If it’s outside of that but still in the Fate universe, I’ll leave it to you to decide if what you’re about to say needs it or not. Please make my life easier since it took a while to tag everything from last week’s post, haha.

P.S. I saw so much hate for Mordred and Ruler last week. I’m sure the story will lead us to why there’s so much animosity for Ruler, but I think we can all agree that Mordred’s helmet and the way it comes on and off is pretty fucking cool. Okay, bye please don’t kill me.


      1. Putting aside horrible animation and retarded looking vampire, they also managed to butcher Darnic’s character in just a couple of minutes. They completely cut out motivation behind his actions though it was written in the novel. The whole thing about prophecy that gave him a fixation over his family’s continuation and his real goal, for what exactly did he heed Akashic records. Not only that, he acted very calm and restrained for the whole time before, like a 100-years old man would actually behave. He didn’t go mad even when the Grail was stolen. But then he suddenly bursted into hysterics and the most stereotypical villain’s laugh. It looked so fucking trite and out of character for him. Like they needed to rush this episode badly and decided to just make him look evil in a single moment, even though before there were no definite ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys here. Maybe all this shit is really a result of their lack of time for this episode. If they need a recap when there is only around 10 episodes left for three volumes, I think they are out of schedule and had no time to properly draw and write a better scrip for this episode.

      2. Hack writing, waste of character potential, butchering Master characters to give Servants more screentime and ability to do shit. Modern Fate in a nutshell.
        The transformation into Dracula could’ve been an insanely good, genuinely emotional moment that resulted in a memorable fight. Instead it was a total flop, both in the anime and the LN.

      1. “But what stands before us is not Lancer of Black, Vlad III. It is the creature known
        and feared throughout the world—a vampire.”
        Vampires called Dead Apostles existed in this world. Some slipped in among
        people and sucked their blood while others remained in isolation without coming
        into contact with anyone, but either way, Dead Apostles possessed their own
        unique concepts and culture and lived quietly in the shadows of the world.
        Right now, the one in front of the gathered Servants wasn’t such a vampire. In
        terms of the concept of mystery, it was only a hundred years old. But the terror of
        it covered the entire world. When people heard the word ‘vampire’, what they
        first thought of wasn’t the Dead Apostles who hide themselves from the rest of
        the world, but the one who had been created using the great hero of Romania,
        Vlad III, as a base—the ‘vampire Dracula’.

      2. @Izanagi

        So, in other words, this “vampire Dracula” is Much Much Much stronger compared to the Night of Wallachia, if I understood your logic correctly.

        on the side note, we know in the real world that Frankenstein is a character from literature, yet is considered “real” in the Type-moon world. Dracula is a “pure fictional” character in the Type moon world, a very “recent” one since the story was made in 1897. So it’s shocking that Vlad gained so much Mystery just from recent fictional rubbish.

      3. It was just Vlad running away the whole time and getting his ass kicked. Made him look like a chump, despite trying to play him up as a threat. Animation was dogshit, as usual. Also the Dracula design looked awful. If he’s actually supposed to be based on the legend of dracula then he’d look like a normal man with sharp teeth and a horrifying presence, not some winged black-skinned monster.

      4. In a sense they were trying to stop him and he was just trying to get to the grail. For what we say i think its safe to assume he would at least have trashed Achilles, Atalanta or Chiron.

        Still the fact that Jeanne didnt think of using any Saint shit on him was retarded.

      5. He punches Karna against a wall. Mistblasts Achilles against the other wall. Atalanta makes him fall with her arrows. He blasts her off with his spears. Chiron kicks him and nails him to a wall. Achilles hits him, he runs away, Karna incinerates him. No effect. Second incineration seems about to be about to damage him but the Shiro shit happens.

        He did pretty ok considering his rivals. Also, saying that he was on the run is saying little, you cant fight against 4 servants and not be running. If you stay still they are gonna try to NP nuke your shit.

      1. I imagine a lot of things. For example, Spartacus sounded more epic in the novel, the manga made a MUCH better depiction compared to the anime.

        I do admit, maybe Astolfo’s “intimate” moments with his master is the only thing the animators did correctly, to a degree. But that was mainly it.

        Then there was Jack the Ripper. Jack was supposed to do some really “Good” things by killing all the normal human criminals in the area. But that was left out.

      2. I guess they didn´t want to depicture Jack in any positive light considering she´s a serial killer in a league of her own. Don´t blame tehm anyway, that girl is monster like no other.

  1. – prepare for war for 60 years.
    – prepared a whole organization.
    – don’t bother to get good catalysts and summon a bunch of worthless scum.
    What the fuck? What was his plan? Only Chiron is barely passable.
    Compare it to some 3rd rate backwater magicians from fsn and heroes they got.
    Hell even red faction, despite being mishmash ragtag secured top of the line heroes with only caster looking out of place.

    1. Red team had the Mage Association backing them. If they could just casually give competent someone they probably handed out goodies to everyone. Except that autist that summoned Billy Spear-Shaker.

    2. 1) They actually had a pretty good strategy planned with all of their Servants. Too bad Jack killed her Master and Siegfried sacrificed himself, screwing everything up.
      2) In the Apocrypha timeline, the Fuyuki system became well known and a lot of subcategories of Holy Grail Wars were conducted in the sixty years before the Trifas Great Holy Grail War. Therefore, a lot of catalysts for powerful Heroic Spirits were abused in multiple wars and lost. The Mage Association also has the majority of the good ones left, and despite this the Yggdmillennia still managed to get some good Servants.
      3) Vlad is actually the best choice Darnic could made, given how he forced the war to happen in a Country of hi choice: territorial bonus + personal skills made Vlad the strongest Servant in the war, second only to Karna (who is hax). Also, they had sixty years to prepare themselves: the only ones who could’ve planned against them where those who knew how the Grail Works and how to secure it, and had the same amount of time to plan their offensive. And there were none, except for Shirou, which for Darnic was an unpredictable irregularity

      1. You´re absolutely right Lelo-san, Yggdamillennia had all the advantage they could dream thanks to all the strategies deviced by Darnic, Vlad and Siegfried were triumph card like no other and had the humunculi as living batteries for unlimited uses of Noble Phantasm, against any other opponent they should have won, even if they lost Seigfried they were still on the advantage. But Shirou Amakusa Tokisada i the real problem, he might be insane but he is no fool, no sir, he knows what he wants and how to get it.

      2. if you were paying attention, you’d know these homunculi used as living batteries were liberated by Sieg during battle between the two factions and before the battle on the Hanging Gardens that occurred in this episode, which for black faction and Darnic were an unpredictable irregularity.

      3. Darnny planned everything right – except for all the incompetent masters under his wing. Dude’s a pretty terrible judge of character apparently.

        Only the wheelchair girl looks even remotely competent.

      4. Well, keep in mind that they weren’t even supposed to have this war.
        Darnic plan was start-up the Greater Grail, have his family summon Servants, get them all to kill themselves, ???, profit. He didn’t stock-pile catalysts or stuff because, why bother considering his plan?

        And then he decided to be a goddamn retard by going HAHA FUCK YOU MAGE ASSOCIATION I HAVE THE GREATER GRAIL SEE YOU AT THE ROOT NERDS and everything went to shit to hell for him when the MA managed to activate the backup system.

        That said, he should still have stockpiled on god-tier catalysts after the he went and spread the knowledge of how to make bootleg HGW before they ran out and most importantly not run his mouth until his plan couldn’t be interrupted anymore.

        Either way, Higashide’s gonna Higashide. Nothing here makes sense and never will. It’s all an excuse for a 7vs7 HGW clusterfuck except not really because it’s actually about Sieg fucking the most famous Saint after she tells god to fuck off because all she wants is DRAGON DICK.

      5. There is some.
        Sure, only small parts of Apoc are actually quite good (Karna and Sig squaring off, Atalanta and Achilles’ death, Spartacus’ rampage) but that doesn’t mean it’s pure shit. I found it satisfactory while I was reading it, though it didn’t hold my attention enough for me to continue over the translation hiatus.

    3. Darnic spec’d his Servant lineup for trashing the Enforcers of the Magus Association, and planned to hold a normal HGW with the Yggdmillennia once the MA was annihilated. Vlad was the trump card with absurd specs and spammable AOE attacks, Siegfried was a mobile fortress for facetanking enemy attacks and battering through opposition, Chiron and Astolfo were mobile generals who would coordinate the homunculi and move where needed, Avicebron would make foot soldiers, and Jack and Fran would run roughshod through the enemy lineup, sowing chaos and eliminating enemy commanders.

      Unfortunately, an Enforcer managed to trigger the Grail’s backup mechanism, enabling the MA to summon their own Servants. Double unfortunately, Darnic had no idea Shirou was still alive.

      1. Er….no.

        Darnic let the enforcer succeed on PURPOSE for the sake of the Great HGW.

        The inefficient thing about the Holy Grail is that it requires the energies of 7 servants in order to grant a wish. (Which is why they’re in a battle royale. Also, Servants aren’t aware of the SEVEN part of the requirement….)

      1. Pretty well actually.
        As Archer, he’d be a superior choice in any faction. Both Chiron and Atalanta cannot compare the sheer powerhouse that is Heracles.
        In the Black faction replacing Chiron. He’d be a mana sink, but the mana batteries should be able to maintain him.
        Mordred would only be able to kill him once, maybe twice at most.
        The only real trouble for him would be Karna who could potentially wipe his lives with his EX NP.
        Atalanta could perhaps kill him if she focused her NP on him like with Spartacus.
        He’d be an even stronger match against Achilles than Chiron since Achilles basically cannot touch him. His weapon and STR are below A rank. Only his chariot and his Shield (he has a special way of attacking with it) meet the ranking requirements. The chariot would be easy to overcome without dying, seeing how Avicebron’s Gollem’s tore it down.
        Shakespear can’t touch him, nor could Amakusa. Even as a team.
        Seminaris’ magic could be an issue in the Hanging Gardens but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
        Only Spartacus’ beam NP could kill him. Even then, through Nine Lives, Herc should be able to kill Spartacus before he regens.
        If he was on the Red side replacing Atalanta, things would be even more one-sided. You have two Heroes with invulnerabilities. The only issue is mana. But if Karna is fine…
        Only Siegfried would be able to harm him in regular combat and even then, if he gets killed by Balmung, he still has 11 more lives where he is now much more resistant to the Sword.
        The only opportunity Vlad would have is to pierce Herc with his rank A STR attack and have the stakes appear from his heart since God Hand is limited to his skin.
        Chiron would be able to damage him only if he unleashes his NP which has low power so it can only assure a kill.
        Avicebron can only hope to release Adam on him.
        Astolfo, Jack, and Frankenstein have no way to harm him.
        Jeanne could take out all his lives with La Pucelle, but she dies.

      2. If Chiron or Atalanta was his opposing Archer, he might wig out because of guilt (killed Chiron, failed to save Hylas from becoming a nymph’s rape slave). Evil Cat could also rile him up by talking shit about Jason

        I can see him being pretty goddamn metal otherwise. Like spending a few episodes whittling a new bow only to toss it to Karna so they can fight Archer to Archer, Class Vessels be damned.

      3. Only Siegfried would be able to harm him in regular combat and even then, if he gets killed by Balmung, he still has 11 more lives

        Shirou’s bootleg copy of Caliburn killed him six times.
        Balmung is gonna take at least half of his lives.

      4. There is no source, that’s headcanon bullshit. The actual explanation according to GO is that it’s conditionally A+ and releases energy equal to Excalibur when in the hands of a true king, but breaks afterwards.

      5. @Past
        it’s from the VN scene.

        “This is Caliburn… the sword from the stone of selection. My sword that was forever lost.
        “That was not your sword. That was only an illusion made by this man.”
        Saber nods quietly.

        “It was an imitation after all. It is a sword that will never exist again.
        But still-”
        Berserker’s chest splits open.
        From the wound made by that light, he crumbles away like sand.

        “That illusion cannot be underestimated. I did not expect it to destroy my body seven-fold with a single blow.”
        He puts no emotion into his dying words.
        The mad warrior follows his role until the very end, and his existence disperses as if fading into the air.

        Scene in question:

        At least I interpreted it that way. The TM wiki also corroborates this.

        Despite being weaker than Excalibur, it is still a very strong sword capable of cutting through God Hand. Once used by Saber and Shirou at the same time, they are able to smash through Berserker’s axe-sword, slash into his body, and release an attack of light similar to Excalibur from the inside that kills him seven times with a single attack.

      6. Well, Caliburn also have this attribute:
        Fate/Grand Order material I – CHARACTER profile: Altria Pendragon (Lily), p.036-043
        Caliburn: Golden Sword of Compelled Victory

        Rank: B (conditionally A+)  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm  Range: 1~30  Maximum Target: –
        Originally a sword for the sake of selecting the king. Its “Anti-Unit” classification does not refer to the enemy, but instead point to the one who shall have ownership over it from now on.
        When the owner turns into a proper, perfected king, its power will become appropriate for a holy sword.
        Although inferior to Excalibur, this holy sword also converts the magic energy of the owner into heat value, releasing it as particles of light.

      7. Doesn’t seems to need to be in hand.
        Its “Anti-Unit” classification does not refer to the enemy, but instead point to the one who shall have ownership over it from now on.

      8. forgetting that Archer Herc has the Nemean Lion pelt

        Karna, Spartacus and Adam would be the only ones capable of damaging him at all. Spartacus is not a threat thanks to GH and the fight against Adam would go exactly like when he killed Antaeus, only Karna would be a challenge.

      9. Adam isn’t countered by NL, it’s outright invincible as long as it’s in Eden, so you have to cause it to not be touching the ground for a brief moment and kill it in one shot in that moment, or else it just recovers and gets stronger.

      10. It’s C~A+, can go from anti-unit to anti-fortress to anti-phantasmal beast, etc. depending on what he needs, is actually his combat style that draws out the ultimate potential of the weapon he wields, also a NP meant to destroy something with immortal/regenerative properties no matter how many times it ressurects and makes your projectile attacks into homing weapons.
        AND that’s only the Nine Lives that he emulates from the NP he liked, meaning it still might have more effects in it’s True form.

        It’s easily one of the most versatile and efficient NP’s in the series

      11. It’s that violence may not be performed in Eden. Conceptually, Adam cannot be attacked. It’s not unlike the tradition protected ploys in Mahoyo. Attacks may as well not exist to him, because violence does not exist within paradise. To harm Adam in any way, he must be removed from Eden’s influence.

      12. Moving someone around doesn’t count as an attack. You can still push Adam. It works a lot like Herc’s God Hand only nothing actually gets through.
        Also, Eden wasn’t at full power during the first few minutes when they attacked. There were still parts of it that were vulnerable. These would disappear if Eden got any stronger.

      1. Pfft. Illya was the crowning jewel of the Einzberns. You’d be lucky to find a magus with even a fraction of her ability.

        Even putting aside how much of mana hog Herakles is, moreso as a Berserker, the vast majority of magi don’t actually have the capacity to restore God Hand’s stock of lives. Once a stock is gone, that’s it.

        Of course, ordinarily, this isn’t that much of an issue. Servants generally only have one life, so having TWELVE lives is pretty much a huge advantage, even if they can’t be restored.

      2. Clarent is inferior to Excalibur and Mordred can’t use its full power because she didn’t earn it.

        Balmung is the ultimate anti-dragon weapon, but it’s not necessarily superior to Excalibur.

    4. Berserker? Actually pretty decent if he had a strong Master like Illya to rein him in.

      Black: Chiron pities his former student and murderer. Achilles really wants to kill him to showcase his supposed superiority. Atalanta is strangely protective of her old comrade and is hesitant to fight him because of his wretched state. Caules’ lacking ability as a mage is a major factor in all his defeats
      Red: Achilles constantly tries to kill him or lead him to certain doom. Atalanta always thwarts these attempts. Amakusa wants him gone because his mana needs are insane. Shakespeare tries to manipulate him using his NP only to turn him into Alcides due to the trauma who then goes on a Predator-esque murder spree against everybody before he is put down

      Better than Spartacus or Frank Jr anyway

      1. only to turn him into Alcides due to the trauma who then goes on a Predator-esque murder spree against everybody before he is put down
        They also had to throw grail mud at him to get him super broken, he wouldn’t be as OP without it.

      2. All the mud was for was to anchor in the command spells, which would have dissipated on their own after a bit due to Heracles’s extreme willpower.
        That being said, Shakespeare’s mental play would not nearly be enough to make Herc shrug off the coat of the heavens. Bravery A+ would blow through such an illusion. It took three age of gods-tier command spells to begin to undermine his valor, and grail mud to cement it. Herc is a willpower freak.

      3. No it wouldn’t. Nasu likes to give his protagonists underdog status, so Herakles will never have a major, non-antagonist role. At least Gilgamesh can use his bullshit “lol I wasn’t even trying” excuse.

      1. @takaii #rip diarmuid and cu

        well it’s arguable though because in both case they ordered with command seal…so not a suicide i think?

        funnily cu survive until the end on FGO when he become caster, really what is the problem between nasu and spear/lance user? haha.

      2. You know what´s scary? Brynhildr, the Lancer of the Holy Grail War of Fate Prototype Fragments of Blue and Silver is consider the unluckiest Lancer in the entire Nasuverse! Take a minute to let that sink in.

      1. It´s funny you mentio a curse and Karna, he was victim of several curses during his lifetime and after he willingly gave his Armor of the Sun to Indra all the curses acted at the same time and that was the only reason Arjuna had a shot of killing him. You know you´re a badass when it takes a buckload of curses, a god, an huge army and one Avatar of Vishnuu to take you down.

      1. In the anime they changed it and he wasn’t winning at all, he was trying to run at best. I think Higashide kind of regrets that he went too far with Vampire Vlad in the novel to the point it barely made sense there. Here he was going to be defeated by the fire before the Red Masters hijack, what is actually more logical given he was facing top class Servants buffed by Command Spells.

      1. Jeanne should have told Astolfo to get lost instead of protecting him on the battlefield. He could always shift into spirit form like Mordred and the others did. It’s not like Astolfo was actually doing anything to help Sieg other than crying and weeping over him.

      2. If Astolfo converts to spirit form and leaves then his Master doesn’t have to heal him. Besides the homunculi batteries are already escaped in the previous episode. Even if the homonculi were still present Masters are usually able to heal their Servants with their own mana so the mana drain on the homunculi wouldn’t be that great. Astolfo’s Hippogriff is what causes the most mana drain but he rarely uses it. Ruler had no reason to protect Astolfo other than to save him from his own stupidity. Ruler should be an impartial referee and it’s clear that she’s not.

      3. The path’s of mana flow has been transferred to the homunculi. It takes time to switch it back, which they didn’t have in the middle of a battle with a vastly superior opponent.

      4. If you read the LN, you’ll find that mana flow had nothing to do with Astolfo staying in physical form and exposing himself to danger from Spartacus’ NP. He was just being stupid. As an impartial referee, Ruler isn’t supposed to protect Servants from their own stupidity. Also, it takes less mana for a Servant to be in spirit form than in physical form so there’s no reason Astolfo couldn’t have done it.

    1. No, he was ordered to achieve the Greater Grail with a command spell and Ruler acts in defense of the Holy Grail.
      In any case, the ambient TATARI (a sort of magical environmental quality) was spiking due to legend and history blending with so much falsehood and was about to start a Night of Wallachia (a sort of magical weather phenomenon) which would kill everyone in town. Just one of those Nasuverse things.

      1. TATARI doesn’t exist in Fate. Zepia is a good boi who has led Atlas for ages and cooperates with Waver and Chaldea (depending on the universe). He hasn’t despaired and lost his mind here because humanity isn’t fucked no matter what as it is in Tsukihime, that’s basically what WALLACHIA tells Sion in the MB manga when she returns to her own setting. That the formula he discovered isn’t applied to that other world tree at all.

      2. It’s Wallachia, not mentioning TATARI would be a crime.

        TATARI doesn’t exist in this universe. Zepia became a Dead Apostle, but not an Ancestor. He never made a contract with Altrouge (who doesn’t seem to exist in this universe) and never became a phenomenon.

      3. Cause it’s no longer the servant Lancer trying to reach it, just a nameless abomination

        But that’s not true. Actually it was Darnic who wanted to reach it, he just took over Vlad’s body. And there is no rule that masters can’t reach for the Grail. Otherwise she should have stopped Shirou from stealing it.

      4. Darnic is dead. He had simply engraved his own existence on Vlad’s soul. The being that Vlad became has no Master rights and no Servant rights. It is reduced to the quality of an interloper.

      1. the grail should permban her for breaking the rules.

        She tells God to fuck off and then she leaves the throne of heroes to live with Siege in not-Avalon. She can never more be summoned in the Apo timeline.

    1. Its still pretty stupid to deliberately go for him.
      I’d rather get random fossilized cow dung from Greece or India as catalyst.
      He had fucking 60 years to prepare and best he got is a Rad Vlad? Really?

    2. Consodering Vlad gets an insane bonus for being in Rumania I must say was a genious for summoning in the first place. Good old was the equivalent of Gilgamesh of the Black Faction, Karna is the Gilgamesh of the Red Faction but tottally hinest i think Karna could kill Gill with a hand tie to the back while reading the Mahābhārata.

    1. What the fuck happened to Darnic’s VA?
      His performance during the command seal scene sounded like the kind of character voice they’d give to a stereotypical chuuni/otaku. It reminded me of the fat cunt from Danganronpa 1 or the equally fat cunt from Sabagebu.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2002.jpg


    For those who don’t know, no, this isn’t Irisviel. It’s just another homunculus.

    Aside from the fact that the time period is during the Third Holy Grail War (the last one in this universe), before Irisviel was ever created, all the Einzbern Homunculi are based on the same homunculus – Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern – who was the head of the Einzbern family when the Holy Grail War was first founded two hundred years prior.

    “Referred to as the ‘Primeval Justeaze’, all subsequent homunculi of the Einzberns were manufactured to the standard of her make and used her as their model. Within their hearts were contained each previous model, a record of their experiences that can be traced back to her. This allowed all those modeled after her to feel her ‘pain.’ Illyasviel von Einzbern was developed as one that could be considered her ‘latest model’, born from a ‘Justeaze-type homunculus’ and a foreign magus.”

  3. I’m going to take this moment to appreciate how THICC Chiron is. I mean not the fact that his upper body is stacked, but damn! Look at those legs of his. He’s rocking his thigh-game. Noticed it in his fight with Mordred along with the fact that he’s always kicking people XD. Besides Vlad this is like the second time he’s kicked Achilles. I guess being part horse translates well down there.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2018.jpg
    I’l never understand how retarded magi can be to look down and disrespect heroic spirits. Like how Gordes was like “wtf, how dare my heroic spirit servant do something heroic like saving a homunculus, this is just baffling!”
    Like how do they not get the idea that of course a Servant will be a good and honorable type, you dont get into the throne of heroes by being an evil prick barring a few exceptions.

    1. Magi are very self-centered people who tend to believe that the world revolves around them. It’s only natural considering that the “ideal” magus lives what’s basically a wholly self-centered lifestyle where everyone and everything is just a tool to further their own research.

      The few decent Magi are the ones who fail to live up to this “ideal”.

      1. Hell, just look at Tokiomi in Fate/Zero – giving up Sakura to someone like Zouken just because Rin had the greater magical aptitude and so was chosen to be the next head of the Tohsaka when she grew up.

        Or Kariya, who was essentially disowned from the Matou because he wasn’t interested in that life, IIRC; only coming back to participate in order to save Sakura.

    2. You know, I almost forgot these guys even existed. Why the fuck are the Masters in this so goddamn boring? Are the ones in Strange Fate or Fragments at least interesting enough to not be completely overshadowed by their Servants?

      1. he likes Roman and Mashu and feels bad about Roman dying.
        he’s determined.
        And then there’s whatever wacky dialogue option that has no real impact the writers occasionally coming up with, which is by no means caratherization. Just accept it, 99% of what FGO MC “is” is left blank for the player to fill in.

        They’re the exact same trash. Gudako has a better design for sure, but they’re equally bland.

      2. Well Shishigou Kairi and Fiore are very interesting for me, Shirou Amakusa does not count because he is a Servant. Darnic is so insane that he is easy to predict to a certain degree so he does not count either.

  5. Takaii, if it could help you, I’ll point out some info from past episodes and the LN itself (no spoiler, only parts already adapted):

    The Yggdmillennia clan is fated to disappear, since their blood is not pure and won’t be able to generate good magi in the future generations.
    The fall of his family was prophesied to Darnic, and he despaired and became obsessed with a way to reach the Root (like pretty much most of other magi) and restore his clan.

    Now, his plan with Vlad: he just needed to overcame everyone and reach the Grail, at that point he could’ve been able to tap into its powers. The problem is that, at that point, by fusing with the vampire and mixing both their personalities and wishes, also adding the Command Spells, they got crazy: Darnic wish to “restore his family”, in other words “continue the bloodline”, got twisted by his madness and the vampiric instincts, so that it basically became “endlessly multiply and spread his kin”. His decades of obsession and the loss of himself left only a crazy monster, not Vlad not Darnic and not even Dracula, whose only goal was to reproduce and spread across the world (the novel points out that at this point it’s not even a Servant anymore, hence why Shirou calls him “nameless vampire”).

    Some details were said in previous episodes, but if I was making the anime I would’ve definetly cut the opening for this episode to add some more dialogue from the LN.
    For example, in the LN Darnic is a bit more specific about what he’s doing: “But, but. I can engrave into it. I can engrave, my thoughts of a hundred years… my tenacity for the Holy Grail… I am no longer either Darnic or Vlad III! I am just a monster that only seeks the Holy Grail, and I don’t care about being one…!”

    But, more importantly, what he says facing the others shouldn’t have been cut (and would’ve taken just ten seconds more or so), because it makes extremely clear how he’s twisting his own wish: “…Now then, return my Holy Grail. I must grant my clan’s dearest wish with that Greater Grail. Yes, in order to grant my longstanding desire, I must infinitely and inexhaustibly survive. I must increase my bloodline. I must gather talent, effort and a nurturing environment and give birth to those who will follow after me. So, give back the Greater Grail… give it back, give it back, give it back, give it baaaaaaaaaaaack!!”

    1. It’s not an excuse tho. He really believes that he will save humanity and has no “true” wish beside that and he’s not selfish. What he says is really what he believes, and he believes he’s doing this for mankind, no lies involved.

      Kiritsugu had the same wish to “save the world”, didn’t he? And he killed a lot of people to reach that goal. Why wasn’t he considered a delusional villain that wanted to “hide his true wish”?

      And besides, Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @Lelo
        He’s just another psycho trying to twist mankind into what he want’s it to be because he’s decided he’s right.

        Kiritsugu tried this because it was the only option he had left that didn’t involve throwing in the towel and admitting all he’d managed to do was bath in the blood of collateral damage and build a mountain of corpses. He went for the grail because if he didn’t then he’d be admitting he was never anything but another psychopath slowly but surely making the world worse.

        Good intentions DO NOT absolve someone of any wrongdoing they commit in the name of that intention. You can argue if it was worth it yes but it does not undo the crimes a person has commited.

      2. @lynlynsays

        I absolutely didn’t want to imply that his good intentions justify his deeds, and I’m sorry if it seemed that way.
        What I meant is that imho he can’t just be called a “delusional villain hiding his true wish”, that’s just hating him too much for what he is and what he’s doing. Now, he is an antagonist for sure, and we could very well call him delusional, but we understand how he became delusional and that he really knows how to grant his wish.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        In short, I just replyed to Juno016 because I felt he was too harsh on Shirou for no reason, also saying something that seemed incorrect (and a bit spoiler-ish) to me. Maybe I’m just a fanboy (I’d lie if I said that I hate Amakusa, in fact I really like him) and I wasted everyone’s time, I don’t know.

      3. To me the worst monster of all the Nasuverse will always be Kiritsugu Emiya, he talked big about being a hero but the second things got tough he gave up and made the world an even crappier place to live, he was a monster that had the delusion he was human. The only 2 things he did right was saving Shirou and bringing Ilya into the world, everyone else asociated with was corrupted and/or ended up dead miseribly.

      4. @Lelo
        He wants to decide the future and the fate of the human race without their knowledge or permission, thus removing free will and preventing the people can to do whatever they want to do with their own fate/future/life.
        but you’ve got the nerves to tell us that he’s not selfish.

        He wants to shove their personal shit/wish over the human race without their knowledge or permission.
        but you’ve got the nerves to tell us that he’s not selfish.

        He wants to save only the ”human race”, but it doesn’t care about other other living beings like homunculi, animals and plants.
        but you’ve got the nerves to tell us that he’s not selfish.

        the man has the free will in order to determine their own destiny as they wish and without external interference.

        As humans, we’re going to make mistakes. It’s what makes us human, and most of the time, the most effective way of learning is from a mistake.

        Losers will always choose the easiest option. But the truth is there’s only one thing you can’t go without if you want to succeed in any area of life, and that’s hard work.

        Isaiah 45:7 – God made evil as a part of His creation: “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things”.

    2. save the human race

      Its just a bait used by Higashide as a disguise to hide the Amakusa’s true wish until the volume 5.
      He doesn’t care ‘about anything anything but his meaningless, pointless perfectionism.

      I can’t wait to see the volume 5 animated.

      1. IIRC, he wants to “save” humanity by basically eliminating human agency, despite the fact that this would alter one of the fundamental qualities of humanity with unforeseen (and likely negative) outcomes. Humans that do not have free will or the capacity for evil are not human, but something else.

        I assume you guys have read Lord of the Rings. Do you remember the exchange between Gandalf and Saruman when Saruman reveals that he is now Saruman of Many Colors? Gandalf tells Saruman that he thought Saruman was better as Saruman the White. Saruman’s reply is that just as how he’s become far greater than he once was and that white is just an absence of color and serves as a foundation for the application of color. Gandalf’s reply is just “yes, in which case it is no longer white.” It’s a situation kind of like that.

      2. He wants to use Heavens Feel on everyone like Zouken and the Einzberns wanted. Everyone becomes immortal walking souls without any real need for anything so they stagnate. Actually that’s the real point of the Grail War. The going to the root and the wish granting thing was a double-layered rusecruise.

      3. So, he wants to make automatons? Or what? Because, as far as I know, that’s just what the Einzberns are. Did he get the idea from working with them, or from having an Einzbern master who he liked die on him in the 3rd HGW or something? I would think that spending an extended amount of time around the Einzberns would creep a human out, rather than making them think “let’s make more of these!”

      4. It’s a bit more complex because what Amakusa wants is directly said to be something that humanity will achieve on the future by sheer human advancement. One of the points used is that making a shortcut is not good because the travel to such state is what actually matters, doing it the easy way would cheapen it.

      1. Kiritsugu Emiya looks sane compare to this guy!. After reading a little about this Amakusa guy I get why he insist on this foolishness, he was a puppet in his first life and the Fuyuki Holy Grail War was a dissater that he was powerless to stop even when he had all the power of a Ruler so of course he has lost faith humanity but this is still wrong; without free will we little more than puppets made of flesh.

  6. “I’m sure the story will lead us to why there’s so much animosity for Ruler,”

    Nope not really. People just being salty because their favorite characters are not the main character.

    1. What the fuck are you talking about, mr secondary-kun?
      Sorry to burst your bubble, but his favourite waifu also isn’t the main character.
      Sometimes the truth is painful, mr secondary-kun.

      1. Don’t compare something like this to the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. The thing that makes Ancestors strong isn’t their stats, but their bizarre abilities.
        Under ordinary circumstances, for instance, TATARI is completely unkillable. He’s defeated in Melty Blood thanks to a loophole and the presence of a True Ancestor. You can’t defeat him with just power

    1. Absolutely everything. George would be more proficient in his role as he’s a grown man compared to Jeanne’s late teenager. He wrecks his horse on his way into the Greater Grail to chase Amakusa. Makes a bemused comment when Sieg goes full Fafnir to save the day.

      All that remains of him in the end is a collection of his photographs that he took during the War. The Clock Tower is either to rifle through them for intel, for clues as to where Sieg went and what exactly went down. Instead, they’re all SoL photos of the Masters and Servants in states of relaxation, doing ordinary banal things and enjoying themselves. Just pictures of them as people. The Association deems the photos worthless and tosses them into the garbage, they’re not even worth destroying in their eyes. Flat rescues them and after a lot of begging, Waver agrees to store the album in his study.

      The credits of Fate/Apoc is basically a slideshow of the album’s contents. Towards the end, George makes a monologue about peace, love, salvation, damnation, and heroism. “Isn’t that right, Sieg?”

    2. Saint George was supposed to be in Apo but was removed for the sake of Jeanne. But, precisely because Sieg needed to have a waifu as love interest in order to satisfy the wish of Otaku, since his servant would be a man.

      1. Ramses and Gilgamesh are of the few heroes that have a shot of killing him, yeah, he´s that OP!. Ramses deserves special mention considering his Noble Phantasm are absolutely insane, they can be describe as what happens when you put a Super Star Destroyer, the Death Star and that insane magic that creates monster from Arifureta together.

      1. That’s pretty much the balance that top class heroes get.
        Lower class heroes can spam their NPs and abilities willy nilly; top class heroes are generally stronger in most ways, but they can’t spam at all due to huge uptake in prana.
        In that sense they have some equality.

    1. Why didn’t Jeanne use any of her Holy abilities that we know she can use to one shot Vlad like Shiro did.

      There is literally no reason for her not to use it. She’s usually dumb and useless.

      Why didn’t any of the servants use their NPs, there are a lot of problems with the fight

      Also NPs do not take that long, as an example Phoebus Catastrophe was used pretty fucking quickly and could have done some good damage.

    2. Why didn’t any of the servants use their NPs

      You saw what happened whenever they came close to landing a decent attack; Darnicula turned into mist and dodged it. That doesn’t change just because the attack is a Noble Phantasm. If Karna had used an NP, it probably would’ve worked out because fire, but everyone else would also be dead because Karna’s NPs aren’t exactly precision weapons meant for enclosed spaces.

      As for Jeanne, I dunno. She doesn’t have a skill for Sacraments like Shirou does, so maybe her capacity for exorcism isn’t as strong as his is, and thus wouldn’t be sufficient for exorcising a well-known monster like Dracula. After all, she isn’t able to eliminate the curses on Siegfried in the Orleans chapter of Fate/Grand Order by herself, so she has a limit to the intensity of the evil that she can eliminate.

      1. As for Jeanne, I dunno. She doesn’t have a skill for Sacraments like Shirou does, so maybe her capacity for exorcism isn’t as strong as his is.

        Wrong. She uses them to exorcise Jack later on in Apocrypha, as well as using her Saint skill to make a holy shroud that gives Sieg autohealing. She’s got no problem using shit like that.

        She isn’t able to eliminate the curses on Siegfried in the Orleans chapter of Fate/Grand Order by herself, so she has a limit to the intensity of the evil that she can eliminate.

        They needed Georgios to cure Siegfried in Orleans, since Jeanne was operated at severely reduced powerlevels at the time.
        Which is not at all relevant to the fact that it proves Jeanne’s fully willing to use Baptismal Sacraments when she wants to, considering she’s not reduced at all in Apocrypha.

    3. It’s one of those fights that if you look at it without thinking is actually really cool, but the second you do start thinking about it becomes really dumb. There’s no reason that Jeanne couldn’t have used her Sacraments on Vlad, which Shirou demonstrates is basically a one-shot even for a shitty saint like him, besides the fact that if she did use them then he would have no big feat to hype him up.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2033.jpg

    Fate/ Apocrypha is crap and i’m butthurt. Predictable from the beginning, it is bland and boring. They made Vlad cool but gave him a shit wish, and then they ruined him and made him weak. That albino poo in loo standing up to romania’s greatest hero in a 1v1? As a romanian it pisses me off.
    And how ridiculous is the being of Kotomine Shirou, it’s just as retarded as it sounds. A yugioh style fusion of kotomine and shirou.

    Who the fuck are the yggdmilenna guys? None of them are romanian or even have romanian names. There’s sighisoara, a sterotypical tourist destination in romania built by germans and Vlad Tepes, and so it somehow takes place in romania.

    1. Did you even bother to watch?
      There wasn’t any information that the clan was Romanian in the first place. They positioned themselves in Trifas mainly because Darnic wants to give Lancer of Black his homeland advantage. They also mentioned that the clan took other declining magus clans in strengthen their status.
      Karna , that “albino poo”, is the son of the sun god in Indian mythology. Basically he’s a demigod, and the only person that could beat him straight on is Gilgamesh. There’s no way Vlad can beat him without his homeland buff or using his Legend of Dracula.
      Amakusa Shiro Tokisada (Shiro Kotomine) was a real life leader who lead Japanese Roman Catholics against the shogunate in the 1600s.
      Sigh, when I don’t understand something, at least I go back to see if they did say anything about the things I want to know first before complaining.

      1. The fact that Karna’s delusional fandom overhyped this bastard son of low-caste to no end is absolutely sickening. The ONE & only strongest Servant ever is KING ARTHUR, with three EX-Rank Noble Phantasms (Excalibur (Proto), Rhongomyniad & Avalon) that promise instant victories on any Holy Grail Wars and can even destroy galaxies & the entire universe in mere minutes while also granted impregnable protection from all harm, NONE can scratch Britain’s greatest king ever via any means. Gilgamesh & Ozymandias are, of course, top-notch Servants as well with their various Noble Phantasms, but even with Ea & Ramesseum Tentyris combined they still can’t touch Arthur at all even if the planet is destroyed in the process.

        The special treatment of Karna in the end made Arjuna looked like he’s severely nerfed and acted like a regular archer who fires regular fire arrows when Gandiva & Pashupata should easily be game-ending astras that can one-shot almost every Servant minus Arthur. Karna’s Vasavi Shakti is an E-Rank Noble Phantasm that can only be used once and never killed ANY of its targets, it’s only listed as EX-Rank by Nasu because he received death threats from the Karna fandom; additionally he had the privilege of being overhyped just because he’s white-skinned compared to Arjuna who’s black-skinned despite the latter being the protagonist of his epic & achieved massive feats due to the blessing from the Hindu deities (especially Krishna), blatant racism at its best.

        Once Fate/Apocrypha draws near to the end, everyone will finally see how overrated this emo edgelord is. WORST Servant ever.

    2. The only reason why this Shirou looks like a younger version of Archer is to trick the readers into reading Apocrypha.
      There’s no fucking reason why he need to look like Archer, this is one of the most shitty plot twists I’ve ever seen.

    1. Darnic Vlad is angry that he’s been forced to use an NP that he hates with all of his being but he can’t do shit about it. On top of that, he’s driven toward achieving Darnic’s goal. Berserker Vlad is summoned with that NP active, but it’s not as powerful as when he activates it himself (or at least it seems like it). He’d usually kill anyone who summons him as a Berserker, but he’s more understanding if it’s an accident.

      1. He’s like a makeshift DAA, due to his infamy throughout the world. Although calling him makeshift, his abilities aren’t really below other DAA supposedly, in fact he might rank fairly high due to the fame of Dracula being huge.
        An average DAA is supposed to be about on par with a knight class servant, yet he was fighting a few servants.

  8. I have a feeling that some people are misunderstanding something.
    Joan is a ruler, but she’s not a priest who can kill undead like Shiro Kotomine who came from the church. She can’t do anything to Vlad if he isn’t classified as a servant anymore. And yes, her abilities are all defensive stuff. If you’re not satisfied, then Show Spoiler ▼

    A Ruler class servant is there to monitor and control the holy grail war. They are not there to win the war for themselves. They have high magic resistance and the ability to see the name of other servants, that’s pretty much it.

    1. She’s not a priest who can kill undead like Shiro Kotomine who came from the church. She can’t do anything to Vlad if he isn’t classified as a servant anymore.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Takaii Edit: Spoiler tag h e l l o

      1. Is it possible that Jeanne didn’t use her powers because she’s acting cautiously?

        Like right now, most of the Servants are still alive, and she needs to be able to act as an administrator and/or defend herself.

        So while she COULD use her abilities, why reveal her cards when the Red team has already demonstrated themselves to be hostile to her? Instead, she can just have them fight for her.

        Whereas (I’m assuming) much later, there are fewer active servants, fewer potential enemies?

      2. Blue, Nah. It’s one of those fights that if you look at it without thinking is actually really cool, but the second you do start thinking about it becomes really dumb. There’s no reason that Jeanne couldn’t have used her Sacraments on Vlad, which Shirou demonstrates is basically a one-shot even for a shitty saint like him, besides the fact that if she did use them then he would have no big feat to hype him up.

  9. Damn it, Darnic. You waited patiently for more than 60 years, and you had to lose your cool right near the end.
    When Berserker had a tough time with an unknown mage (thus most likely a master), he really should’ve put more effort on recon. Might figure out it was someone he knows, or someone that could be dangerous to vampires. Also should’ve known that ruler was around, he almost died right there at the hands of the other servants.

    Maybe the pressure finally got to him.

    Anyway, I take it Fiore’s in charge of the clan now?
    First time hearing any of the Yggdmillennia use a title of sorts.

  10. I guess Noble Phantasms are based on legends and people’s actual belief of those legends rather than the truth. Vlad doesnt like how history labeled him as a vampire but his NP powers are Dracula transformation regardless.

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2026.jpg
    Strange. Karna is a “Son of the SUN God” so I expected maybe Karna would have given Dracula a painful sun bathing that would instantly kill him. oh well

    I wanted to see more of this hot woman.

    I am bothered with how nearly ALL of the Red Servants said they never met their Master. I didn’t understand how that worked since Servants, when they are summoned, the first thing they see would naturally be their Master. Well, if I had to guess, like Rin maybe most of the Red Servants landed on the roof.

    1. Hack writing, waste of character potential, butchering Master characters to give Servants more screentime and ability to do shit. Modern Fate in a nutshell.
      The transformation into Dracula could’ve been an insanely good, genuinely emotional moment that resulted in a memorable fight. Instead it was a total flop, both in the anime and the LN.

    2. I’m still sore over how they did the Mordred V Sieg thing. No mention of Balmung’s different shaped beam making it lose out to CBA, no mention of Sieg struggling because it was his first time fighting as Siegfried, no mention that Mordred was fucked if he’d managed a third transformation.

  12. Before closing the post though, there’s no way I can’t talk a little about Shirou and the rather anti-climatic way he destroyed Vlad. As a Priest who specializes in all things holy, I guess it makes sense that he’d be able to wreck something as evil as an infamous vampire.

    That was epic! If you’ve read Tsukihime, we’re first introduced to Executors as agents of the Church who take out vampires and friends. Tsukihime is 100% vampires, seeing “Kotomine” fulfill an Executor’s role using those blades was awesome. It felt like a fantastic, perfect, but still unexpected solution.

    1. That was literally Meh, lame. As I have already mentioned before, it’s one of those fights that if you look at it without thinking is actually really cool, but the second you do start thinking about it becomes really dumb. There’s no reason that Jeanne couldn’t have used her Sacraments on Vlad, which Shirou demonstrates is basically a one-shot even for a shitty saint like him, besides the fact that if she did use them then he would have no big feat to hype him up.

      1. Actually it has a very contrived reason. Basically Amakusa has super strong sacraments that work on Vampire Vlad that Jeanne doesn’t have because of his NP. Basically Jeanne exorcism would not be enough.

        It’s silly, but it’s explained at least.

      2. The narration straight up says that it became a contest of faith as soon as Shirou touched Vlad, not of strength. Jeanne has Baptismal Sacraments too, and she just didn’t use them for some reason.

      1. Yeah, but that was in the end of the 4th Volume, before then she does literally nothing, and after that she just kills herself and thats it, she is almost completely pointless when not slobbering over Sieg’s dick.

    1. Real jeanne was a sassy brit hating whore-shamer. Apocrypha would have been better if Martha or George were ruler instead. They would have punched vlad to death. Martha would also have been a better main love interest to the protagonist Sieg than Jeanne.

      1. Just wondering, if Jeanne really is the main love interest to the protagonist in the anime, since Astolfo has much more chemistry, screentime and romantic development with the MC than Jeanne at this point. Thus far, the SiegxAstofo ship received a lot more attention/construction/development than the SiegxJeanne ship in the anime too.

    1. Adam provides a huge threat for the short time that is activated, but it does get taken out very quickly (as it had to be, every hour that it existed it would become twice as powerful, until it becomes an unstoppable giant and its influence stretched across the continent), so it’s kind of a flash in the pan. Solomon goes with it.

    2. Avicebron fuses with Adam, which then has to be fought by Sieg, Mordred, Chiron. IIRC Chiron and Jeanne trip it up so it’s no longer touching the ground for a brief moment, and Sieg and Mordred double swordbeam it to death. It achieves exactly nothing.

    1. No, Dead Apostles are magical creatures that aren’t actual vampires. Dracula Vlad is Vlad influenced by the various beliefs concerning vampires that originated from the legends written about him, basically a traditional vampire.

    2. After seeing the ep I went through the wiki and found there’s a whole other world and lore about vampires in this universe, pretty neat, do I have to play tsukihime to learn more about them?

  13. I think Dracula was so powerful because hes the bases for the modern vampire myths. All the heroic spirits are basically based on myths, even the ones that are historically real have powers that are incredible fantastical. A Heroic Spirit is more powered by the myths about them in the world then anything real.

  14. I’ve been wondering but why would a historical figure like Amakusa Shirou Tokisada often portrayed as “evil” in many media? (example: Samurai Showdown franchise)
    Is it because of his religion belief (Catholic vs the majority Shinto), and the rebellion he did in the past?

    1. New OP sounds a lot better than the first.

      Fate/Apocrypha Episode 13 Preview & 2nd Cour PV

      Part I
      Part II
      English version translated by MyBUSHIDO from MAL

      The Second Cour Key Visual


      New OP & ED for the 2nd Cour

      OP: “ASH” by LiSA
      ED: “KOE” by ASCA

      1. Sieg becomes his master in the next episode.

        its basically like the threesome from Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works with Shirou, Saber (Arturia) and Rin.

        1 homunculus like MC – 1 Saint like main heroine – 1 trap like the MC’s servant.

        most fantastic threesome ever

  15. Idk I’m confused with this series.
    – Mordred is lesbian couple’s female son.
    – Frankenstein’s master is a closet weaboo.
    – That monkey’s arm is so bakemonogatari.
    – Jack the ripper’s androgynous moefication is totally off.
    – Dr Octopus from Spiderman is here, as a sweet girl. she should be dancing in some idol anime. must have been retired because of those legs.
    – Hate it how each of battles are so anticlimactic so far.

  16. @Takaii:
    You missed a spoiler above. See where I commented.
    It’s incredible how certain users are acting like this is their personal playground, and freely discuss anything they want not caring one bit how not everybody already knows about the story.


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