OP Sequence

OP: 「ココロニツボミ」 (Kokoro ni Tsubomi) by eufonius

「さくやこのはな」 (Sakuyakonohana)
“This Flower Blooms”

There’s fuwa-fuwa, and then there’s fuwa-fuwa. This show is part of the latter.

General Impressions

What a fantastic and impressive start to a show that’s designed to just make us feel good. And when I say good, I mean it in a sense that you’re eating a multilayered cake that just gets better with each and every bite. Starting with the icing on top, it should be pretty clear that this is a story about Yuzu as she learns how to live life out in the real world. Picking up a job at an amazing inn and getting to work alongside other foxes, she’s getting an opportunity to learn just what it means to be “one of her own”. Not bad for the first thing that would hit out theoretical tongues, but this is only the beginning. Moving on to the cake itself, you have the five other characters (six if you include Okami) who each have their own unique personalities and quirks. With some foxes looking out for their own good while others are trying their best to make do until the future comes, you have five contrasting characters to help flesh out Yuzu’s coming-of-age experience. Last but not least comes the filling hiding inside that cake, which in this show’s case would be the little life lessons and tidbits that gracefully sneak their way in. Whether they come from outside characters like a playful pharmacist who tries to loosen up the stiff Satsuki or the ever watchful Kiri who seems to have an eye on everything and acts accordingly, its these moments which really tie everything together.

Now if cake isn’t really your thing — it doesn’t matter all that much. Alongside all these fantastic little bits and pieces that make up the various elements of the show, there’s this amazing sense of bonding that comes from Yuzu and Satsuki. Drawing from some of the knowledge I have from previewing this show, let me tell you that if this first episode is anything to judge the show off of, we’re in for one hell of a ride. And while I’d love to dive into more details, let’s just say that there’s a bit of a role reversal with Yuzu utilizing a lot of what she’s learned throughout her time working at Konohana Kitan.

Overall, I thought this first episode was quite good. The art and music captured the lighthearted nature of the source and the story did a great job at bringing everything to life in just the way I pictured it in my head. The seiyuu did a bang up job and the little hints at what’s to come were appreciated from someone who had read a good chunk of the original material. All-in-all, if you’re looking for an easy to watch show that’ll get you feeling great, look no further than Konohana Kitan!



ED Sequence

ED: 「春ウララ、君ト咲キ誇ル」 (Haruurara, Kimi to Sakihokoru) by 此花亭中居の会 (Konohana Kitan Nakai no Kai)



  1. It’s fluffy, kawaii and somekind of heartwarming

    It is not the same drawer like “Did your order was an rabbit?” or other similar animes, but they are on the same Desk

    Episode 1 of 3 passed, there is some kind of warm hidden inside it.. Lets see if the other 2 ones let them bring out the full glory

    Perhaps some old retro Vibes of “Spirit Away” Bathhouse, give this Anime an booster.. But i try to be neutral here

    p.s. when watching the “Head Chef” of the Inn, her hair reminds me now always of Sabber just with Cat Ears and smoking

  2. I love cozy anime like this, and how cute the show is. The dynamic between Satsuki and Yuzu is nice too with Satsuki starting to warm up to Yuzu despite getting on her nerves regularly. The cast is cute, but also start out with enough details to make them interesting.

  3. Ep 02:

    Kawaii- booster confirmed.

    Also.. there was an “Dango” easter egg.. So yes, the same Kawaii you get from “Dango”, you also get it here

    This Show is for Heart and Slow pacing, Slice of Life Fans.. An Oasis of relaxation, like taking a bath in an Hot Spring

    Ep 2 of 3 Passed. I do not need en 3rd Episode. i got hooked

  4. ep 04:

    I admit, i do not get this “doll” tradition, but that aside. This Episode is like sugar.

    But Part A was a bit pushed to cold aside… Oh he got out. Okay lets move on and forget about him…

    Nope. This was handled like an Ice princess.. Very gold and “heartless”..

  5. Ep 05:

    Todays Episode made me realize something. This is more an mix of the “Spirit Away” Bathhouse and Mushashi’s Demon and Gods World. Where the greater part are on the Bathhouse

    But it strong point, is also my weakness. I am not so familiar with the Nippon Ghost and Gods World.

    At first i was thinking, she is weaver of time, destiny or perhaps even of the “life line”. But that she is creating that wonderful piece, come not into my mind

    i am impressed. Nippon’s world of the Demon and Gods can also have that much poetry, also the new “doll” entrance was good. But somehow this time the Episode (for an Western fan point of view) feel like put together with a Knife. Do the current Kids and watchers know of these Oni’s? or are this more an dying breed?

    Anyway, it was again an hearty, colorful (the blue flowers and her red Umbrella) Episode. But Western fans would become lost in this World

  6. Ep 11:

    Thank you, you did not forget about the Doll. Also i bet today Girl and Woman want to touch this powder of the Red Fox, too 🙂

    Also, good “feels” so far. i like it


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