「道は違えど」 (Michi wa Chigaedo)
“Differing Paths”

This episode surprised me in the most unexpected ways. バカバカシ!

General Impressions

After last week’s bomb episode, I suppose it wasn’t any surprise that the story is finally taking some time to recuperate as it starts to move the story forward. With a majority of the episode revolving around lengthy dialogues between members various members of each faction, I wouldn’t fault you if you said you got a little tired of listening to so much talking. Luckily, I think there were a few stand out moments that helped keep things lively as we waddled our way through the exposition.

The first and probably least important of which was watching Gordes finally show some empathy as a human being. Ever since his introduction, it’s been clear that he’s a bit of a slimeball who highly values prestige. As a Master, he was shown as hotheaded and rash as he not only wasted Command Seals but indirectly lead his Servant toward the path where he sacrificed himself for another. Overall, not the kind of person you’d want around you in general, much less in a all out war with mages battling each other with the aid of Heroic Spirits that have transcended time and space. However, I really appreciated the scene of him toward the end as he got to work healing the Homunculi he “despised”. Besides being a huge shift in character, I loved how such a simple scene managed to humanize Gordes to the point that I was hoping he’d have an opportunity to make up for his past actions. Rag on this show as much as you want, but never did I expect to find myself rooting for a character like Gordes.

Switching gears to a slightly more competent Yggdmillennia member, let’s talk for a little about Caules. As the second in command since Uncle Gordes seems to be a bit busy as he traverses the path of finding himself, it surprises me just how important Caules has become. Supporting Fiore from behind, I appreciate how Caules is become the character who’ll most likely be the one who ends up saving Fiore from her naivety. That said, I think I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Caules due to the way he treated Frankenstein (I know it’s technically Frankenstein’s Monster, but I’m lazy), but it would be nice to see a lighthearted character like his to grow into a tougher person that serves as someone else’s foundation to cling to.

Last but not least, how can I not talk a little about Shishigou and Mordred. As the cutest Master-Servant combo when it comes to their antics, I’ll never give up an opportunity to see them get along with each other. That said, I would have appreciated a slightly longer explanation behind what fuels Shishigou’s desires and why he’s fighting in this Greater Holy Grail War. Luckily, I think it still had just the right amount of impact to make it clear that he’s more than just a simple mercenary.

Jeez, I’m surprised I managed to write so much about an episode that really didn’t do all that much. Before it gets even longer, let’s close things out here. As always, I’ll catch you guys back here next week where we’ll hopefully get to see just what Shirou has planned to “save” mankind. See you then!

P.S. I almost forgot to talk about Sieg — I wonder what actually happens if he uses up all of his Command Seals. Maybe he implodes and permanently becomes Siegfried?

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    1. And put away the thing that make Astolfo attractive in the first place? Hell no, just make him able to be pregnant, but retains the dick. Pregnant traps ana Penile/Anal birth, thats the way.And put away the thing that make Astolfo attractive in the first place? Hell no, just make him able to be pregnant, but retains the dick. Pregnant traps ana Penile/Anal birth, thats the way.

      1. – not liking the ultimate expression of femininity.
        – while retaining the instrument of manliness.
        – but still serving the purpose of procreational love
        What else could you possibly want?

    1. Translation for the Official relationship chart.

      “Trust and mutual dependence.”
      “Willing to help him out whenever he needs” & “Romantic love ♥”
      “Pledge to protect” & “Romantic love ♥.”
      “Sacrifices itself to save the boy.”
      “Jealousy, envy and hatred.”
      Sieg Avicebron
      “Wanting to use him as his Golem’s ‘core’.”
      “Please pardon me.”
      “Obsessive–compulsive disorder.”
      Red and black faction

    1. Nosferatu21 He subbed Ep14 but he was only 10 minutes faster than UTW this time. Maybe he decided to skip this episode, because UTW did it somewhat fast as well.

      @RGaspar No thanks, Apex subs are better.

      1. They knew what a Noble Phantasm was in episode 2 when Fran tested hers.
        Just wait, eventually they’re going to get to a point where they’re not even getting the characters’ names right anymore.

      2. They’ve gotten way worse.
        At least they used to be people who liked Fate, now they’re a bunch of chinks and redditors who don’t know or care about the franchise and are only doing it because of popular demand.

      3. They’re more concerned with making the show “theirs” than they are with doing it right. It’s the biggest problem with fansubbing right now, and Commie’s the worst about it.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Are you a redditor or a malfag? M8, by this point it’s not “Red VS Black”, it’s “Amakusa VS Siege”. Jeanne cares about Sieg because he’s an asset in the war, Sieg is the Counter Force agent which is being empowered by Counter Force (in live) in order to stop Amakusa and kill him, and she also knows very well

        Show Spoiler ▼

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2015%20-%20Large%2026.jpg
    These two are probably the best pair in terms of compatibility. King Arthur would never agree with the same methods that Mordred’s Master would use.

    Sad we can’t see the name on the grave. I am not shocked since authors wouldn’t bother naming a character that was killed off so easily.

    On the side note, Gordes was the first person I expected to be killed. The fact that he shows redeeming qualities does shock me.

    1. He is a bad texter.
      Why didn’t he believe in Siegfried’s wish?
      He told Gordes that I had a wish, but Gordes didn’t talk. And Gordes was useless in battle.
      He’s funny but bad human.

    1. Outside of Achilles, who is retarded, and Karna, who is as efficient as an American car and can never accomplish anything, the Red team doesn’t have anyone of note either.

      1. Achilles isn’t really likable to begin with. It’s not Fate’s fault.
        He’s basically what would happen if you gave a kid super powers and left them to their own devices for 20 years without adult supervision.

    2. Let’s see

      [b]Shirou:[/b] Wants to save mankind.
      [b]Semiramis:[/b] Wants to witness Shirou’s wish.
      [b]Atalanta:[/b] Wants all children to be loved.
      [b]Achilles:[/b] Wants to live as a hero.
      [b]Shakespeare:[/b] To write a tragic end to this Grail War.
      [b]Karna:[/b] Doesn’t really have one just as long as his Master is safe.
      [b]Sisigou:[/b] Wants to save his family.
      [b]Mordred:[/b] Wants to pull the sword from the stone and prove to her father that she is worthy to be king.

      Literally, yes, his wishes are generic, chiché and stereotypical just as his character stereotypes.

      1. What did you expect?

        Shirou is a generic chunni lunatic villain screaming ”I want to save mankind”.
        Semiramis is a waifu pandering character with big boobs, screaming ”I want chunni lunatic villain’s dick”, she just does what she does because she wants lunatic villain’s dick.
        Shakespeare is a annoying comic relief character.
        ]Mordred is one of those typical edge/genki/yanki/delinquent/sukeban girls with a one track mind and no internal monologuesthat are found in practically every shounen series or ecchi battle harem series, whether as a supporting character into shounen series or as a waifu pandering character into ecchi battle harem series.
        Kairi is a generic stereotypical shounen character with a one track mind, stereotype: shounen big dumb guy.
        Atalanta is a waifu pandering character with cat ears.
        Achilles is a fucking retarded bishounen for fujo pandering.

      2. Yeah, the corrupted Grail was basically like the old Djinn / genie tales where they were demons who, while granting three wishes, usually do so in a way that’s the least beneficial to the wish maker either by taking their words literally and/or fulfilling the wish in a roundabout way while still technically granting it.

        Like in the Wishmaster horror films (fun to watch, IMO), whenever a character who is gravely injured wishes (or someone else wishes) for their suffering to end, the Djinn antagonist simply kills the person since that still technically “ends their suffering”, just not in the way the wish maker wanted him to. (“Hey! I ended her suffering! Maybe you should have been a little more specific!”)

        So if Kiritsugu were to simply wish to “save the world”…well…doesn’t exactly say how and such, does it? lol

    3. Hey Mordred, what are you? A man? A woman? Or neither? Disgusting! Neither you nor the society that created you can be allowed to exist. A single wartime loss created so much scum like you.

  2. After seeing this episode, I really hope all the remaining Yggdmillenia (ex-)masters survive. Even that バカバカシ guy. I was waiting for his doom throughout the series too. There’s a bit of inevitability for the servants, but for masters it could go anywhere. Funny how a couple of episodes actually shifted my opinion of the guy. Still not entirely positive though. XD

    Even though there was hardly any action, I found this episode to be quite intriguing.

    1. Yggdmillennia are less a single family and more an entire group of magi in their own organisation, so they have multiple crests that different members have. Somebody like Darnic will only have his own crest and will pass it on, but because they draw in many smaller families, they have more crests than just one.

      The Edelfelts are referred to as doing the same in the El-Melloi Case Files, stealing bits of crests wherever they can and adding them to their own crest (it doesn’t even matter if they can’t use the magic, which they usually can’t this way, they just take it and stick it in the crest for posterity so they can have it). For this, they are referred to as the “hyenas” of the magical world, and are also looked at with disdain by some families.

      Which makes the fact that Rin’s grandfather fucked an Edelfelt and cocked up their two-heirs-two-crests power (by the Edelfelt he fucked becoming a Tohsaka and taking the crest with him) hilariously fucking funny.

      Kunisaki Shugo
  3. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2015%20-%20Large%2004.jpg

    Yep, Mordred wants in and is definitely jelly, but BEST GIRL doesn’t want to share more than she already has to with Jeanne, lol.


    Well, Sieg? Do you want another girl?

    All Sieg needs to do is get Fiore, and turn Atalanta and Semiramis, and everything will be complete! XD

  4. I love how Shishigo and Fiore can nonchalantly shake hands and get along for their alliance.

    Shishigo: So uh, remember how I almost killed you by running you over with a car? No hard feelings right?

  5. I have a question but all replies need to be in spoiler tags
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. ”Strong and thick dragon dick” is a cannon meme used in Japon for Jeanne.
      This is the version translated. https://imgur.com/a/q64aW
      because: Show Spoiler ▼

      Sieg Show Spoiler ▼

    1. In addition to the TONS of plot armor, plot convenience, random asspull powerups, and plot holes in the episodes 6 and 10, in episode 13 She just ignores the asfalto, and then you tell me she somehow flies the car over to the floating gardens like it’s harry potter just in time to get Jeanne out of trouble as shit? And while doing so turns on her whole alliance as well as the one she was supposed to be fighting on the drop of a hat.

      1. @amHalfDemonInuyasha
        You must stop using the [UTW] subtitles, because [UTW] subtitles are arefull of numerous grave mistakes.
        You must use APEX subtitles because APEX subtitles are better and much more faithfuls to original source as possible.

  6. [b][Eng Sub] Fate/Apocrypha Episode 16 Preview[/b] http://fate-apocrypha.com/story/
    [b]16. Jack the Ripper[/b]
    The time to infiltrate into the Aerial Garden is approaching. But Sieg collapses with a sudden pain in the situation.
    Sieg fighting as having Siegfried possessed his body, Chiron tells him the price for the miracle.
    A report does not let him heal the damage. The hidden Jack the Ripper started moving and horrific acts of assaulting mages again.
    Fiore takes the matter seriously and suggests Jeanne d’Arc, the Ruler, to put her down.

    Buster Blader
  7. Fate is interesting because of the mages and the HGW, the magic families and how outsiders interact with it all. This is why HF is so good, it’s the story where Servants fit their role as tools the most. But the Servants themselves are also really interesting when done right, it’s just that they were run to the ground with generic ones, making stories for the Heroes instead of Heroes for the stories.

    F/GO took the world in a very retarded direction, I really dislike it and wish it went back to the magic.

    They have more Servants than they know what to do with, and the stories they appear in are more often than not subpar. People play them for the characters and memes. Even in the “good” parts of FGO, some characters feel like they were hamfisted because they hadn’t appeared in previous orders or because they’re new. But of course, they won’t stop the milking machine, and they’ll just keep pumping out those shitty characters instead of letting Nasu write a full proper story from beggining to end.


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