OP Sequence

OP: 「ホシトハナ」 (Hoshi to Hana) by Terui Haruka, Mimori Suzuko, Uchida Yumi, Kurosawa Tomoyo, Nagatsuma Juri

「ひだまり」 (Hidamari)
“A Sunny Place”

A recap of the original season, in under 30 minutes.

This post is going to be short, because what is there to say? It’s a full recap of the original series, which, if you watched the original but it’s been the better part of three years since that viewing, will provide a fairly good recap. If you didn’t watch the original but watched this, holy heck why did you do that!? You probably just ruined all the fun of the original, even more so than Washio Sumi no Shou did (by necessity). It works fine if you remembered liking those characters but are fuzzy on a few details, most specifically when Sonoko showed up, and whether Wasshi/Tougo got her memories back (she did). Oh, and Gin remains dead. No surprises all around.

What it mostly does, though, is leave five episode for Yuusha no Shou proper. Maybe? Presumbly they could still take the full six episode, in which case I’ll still be thinking “Why not use seven for the sequel?”, but if the pacing ends up good, then bygones and all that. What matters is what this means in the context of the sequel, because as a recap it was fine, and probably helpful for viewers of the original run. (Don’t I feel silly for rewatching ep12 right before rewatching the recap. I didn’t know~!)

Oh, and needless to say, if you’ve seen the original season recently or remember everything, no point in this. It doesn’t add anything new, other’n forcing the viewer to connect the dots via Tougo’s lost memories, what Sonoko says (she’s a much larger part of this recap than she was of the series), and how Gin remains dead. All of which you’ll be able to do just fine if you’ve watched recently. See you next week for the (real) first episode of the sequel!

Random thoughts:

  • One new-ish thing I noticed due to this recap: Team Sonoko and Team Fuu fought the same vertex, didn’t they? The vertex don’t redesign themselves, they just throw the same variations at the heroes each time. Which means if they kept some damn institutional knowledge around instead of serving their heroes up as sacrificies, they’d increase their safety 10-fold! Urgh. These kinds of stories really don’t do better with extra explanation. Often it reveals how needlessly cruel and/or stupid the world or characters are. Less is more, in this as well.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Aurora Days」 by Mimori Suzuko


  1. one of my friends said that this won’t be counted as one of the sequel episodes so we might still get 6 more.. which I hope is true cause I was almost “slightly” triggered that they would waste 1 whole episode just for a flashback.

    1. If that’s true—and if six episodes ends up being a good amount, or even if five episodes ends up being right—then all will be forgiven, and I will appreciate this refresher (it’s much more useful after three years than it is mid-season due to production troubles). If not…

      It all depends on how it turns out, as always. I’m with you though.

      1. It is like that. This episode was your typical “.5” episode. Everyone everywhere counted it like that except for, wait for it, Amazon. Yuusha no Sho was announced as a six episode run since the beginning, and this “special” was not part of it.

      1. The more I think about it the more I am concerned, why is the producer adding in recap? If it’s to simply to help new viewers to understand the purpose of Washio Sumi no Shou arc then the audience will soon find out they are watching the story out of sequence after minimal research. Which STILTS it’s like you said *”Holy heck why did you do that!?”*

        But, if the production company is recapping to help the fan base who already understands what had happened; this recap will be like a captain and crew trying to keep the Titanic afloat when it has a huge hole. What I am trying to say is revenue wise I don’t think this prequel is doing very good in sales.


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