「2chの人たち」 (nichan no hito tachi)
“People of 2 chan”

I don’t know what impresses me more, the number of serious themes Inuyashiki managed to shove into a single episode, or the spastic fit 4chan must be experiencing right about now. Truthfully this show has amazed me since its inception, but with the turning point reached this episode it has truly started to utilize its subtle complexity and abandon most pretenses of simple black and white. We might have our villain and the hero opposing him, but Inuyashiki is determined to muddy those waters something fierce.

As firmly expected, Hiro ran from the police instead of allowing himself to be captured, a response in line with his personality. The kid may be a sociopath, but until now he’s largely been operating in a safe space devoid of consequences. No one knew who (or what) he was, no one ever confronted him, and his powers seemed to give him the world—combine that with the teenage conception of “nothing bad could ever happen” and it’s chaos incarnate. No wonder Hiro ran first and considered the consequences second, he has never learned any differently. The issue with such impulsive action though is the effect on Hiro’s mother, who I imagine few will think deserved any of what happened to her. This unfortunate turn is just one example of the ubiquitous debate popping up whenever a (mass) murder occurs: to what extent are the parents responsible for the child? Should they bear all responsibility due to their rearing, or is the child solely to blame? Law enshrines several legal ages for this reason (ex. the age of majority), but the court of public opinion as well shown cares little for such technicalities. If the pitchfork crowd cannot find the intended target, they procure a scapegoat, and that very often (and wrongly) is the suspect’s parents.

While Hiro undoubtedly brought this fate down upon himself, it does not excuse the actions of the pitchfork crowd. Inuyashiki deserves some kudos for featuring this aspect, it’s not often any show is willing to give a nod to 2/4chan culture, let alone critically. These communities have done plenty of good (particularly identifying animal abusers), but Inuyashiki shows how rapidly and how permanently their quintessential tools of doxing and mass media can ruin someone’s life. Give an eager sleuth 20 minutes and an internet connection and he’ll find out more about you than you knew possible and post it on more sites than you knew existed. Inuyashiki may be playing up the example (and Hiro’s victimhood) out a little too heavily considering previous episodes, but it does not take away from the impact such people and communities are shown to have on notable events. As Inuyashiki indicates, blame is not easy to assign when hundreds—if not thousands—of people can spontaneously influence how an event plays out or the fate of specific actors. No one Hiro killed this week deserved to die, but they sure as hell did not deserve getting off scot-free either. There is no easy answer to this conundrum, but showing that the villain isn’t always obvious is a good first step to properly plumbing the depths. No matter how Inuyashiki ends, it’s already got a place in my heart for the questions it tackles.

Considering Hiro’s “awakening”, however, I imagine the next big shift will be with Ichiro. Our lovable grandpa may be saving lives and providing choice comic relief, but that showdown with Hiro is looming and we need a reason for him to actively pursue the kid. I’m not saying Inuyashiki family murder is in the cards anytime soon, but I’m hard pressed to think of a more obvious target. Doubly so if eldest daughter wound up posting naughty things about Hiro. There’s a surprising number of ways left for Inuyashiki’s story to unfold and I honestly have no idea which one is more likely. Who knew Thursdays would wind up being my favourite day this season.


  1. I would completely understand how he killed everyone through a monitor/phone screen if he was an esper, but he’s just an advanced machine, i watched a lot of sci-fi but i got absolutely no clue how can an advanced alien cyborg kill people using condensed air across the city.

    1. Honestly the only thing I could think up was electricity. There was never really any explanation except by those cops in the previous episode, but even they really didn’t know. He’s able to hack instantly into 2chan’s servers and change the username, and I bet he can somehow overload the electronics or steal the power from them and compress the energy into some kinda invisible electrical bullet.

      1. But this bullet must go through 1.) Skin 2.) Bone 3.) Brain 4.) Bone and 5.) Skin again

        So there must be some sort of Energy or Heat or an Ballistic Bullet even if it “vaporize” after its use like some sort of Ice

        Also, he need to “Beam” point A and Point B… an Display is only one way…. or do he Hack their Cameras on the Laptop and Mobile?…

        I mean with “Why need explanation? We can use Alien Tech!”… i mean also to stay in the Sci-Fi World, but this here break the Frontier with full glory

    2. I’m not sure either. The only thing which makes sense is a wormhole or some other form of space-time distortion, because there’s no bloody way to reconcile it with basic electromagnetism, but that answer leaves a lot to be desired. Kind of annoying we likely won’t get an answer either lol.

    3. Highly doubt he is using “condensed air” in any of his attacks, it is most certainly an electromagnetic weapon or EM bullet, which would partially explain how he uses the monitors to kill people, most monitors (even modern LCD) still emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which he probably manipulates and focuses in an instant to recreate his electromagnetic bullet, although sending that much energy through the computers/mobiles and their screens should probably fry them in the process.

    1. You could inflict “Mind Trauma” like an epileptic shock or other wired things, also this could work in the “Ghost in the Shell” universe like an Brain Hack.. but…

      Why i even try to write it out?.. It’s really an Joke now.. i feel sad for the Sci-Fi.. Alien technology that bend Time and Space.. where the Old Men has an “reactor cool down” this boy can play God without side effects…

      Your overshoot it.. really big

    2. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

      i think it fine they were vaporize an rebuilt in nano seconds, the aliens had a debate on how it would destroy earth if they left the tech they use to rebuild them an did it anyway since they their in a hurry an left.

      yet were surprise not that he can shoot a bullet from his finger with no real trigger or ammo but from a screen is beyond belief?

      one of my favorite analogy i like to use is, “if we went to the 1600’s and said, one day 100+ people will be flying around the world in a giant metal box. they would call you mad an say it’s impossible an beyond belief. tell that same thing to kids now an they say what are you stupid? that’s a plane…

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how Ichiro deals with Hiro since they
    should be evenly matched technology-wise. But, Ichiro is still
    behind the learning curve a bit with his technology (e.g., not
    realizing that he can incorporate the phone). So, I really wonder
    how Ichiro “defeats” Hiro — or maybe he doesn’t…

    Terrible shame about his mother, especially sine he just cured
    her of terminal cancer. Did he “bang” his father?

    Good series so far.

    1. Considering how the show is defining Ichiro and Hiro, I’m wondering if the end will be both simply destroying each other. They can each effectively wipe out the Earth with minimal effort, I’m hard pressed imagining how one kills the other without serious collateral damage.

      As for the father I don’t think he “banged” him. Hiro clearly loves his father as shown repeatedly, I think he showed up and killed the media staff to try and prevent them from hounding his father into suicide much like with his mother.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Inuyashiki/Inuyashiki%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2013.jpg

    I do not know, but the Airplanes have some sort of Forward radar, and i bet they picked something up on their Instruments. But i bet it was to fast and they also move to fast to “find” him in the Sky at night.. “What was that crossed our flightpath? Did not the Air Collision Alert run wild for an split seconds?… There is definitely something out there, our Radar picked something up.. But its to small to see!”

    Just Role Playing Gaming into the Pilots seats.. How would you react if something like this happen to you?

    We have entering the World of Gantz and others similar Animes… the Anchor with the real world got lost (well for me… As you can see)

    Sorry, last post here. i needed to let go some steam

    1. also, if i would “invent” his Flying ability. i would use some sort of Anti-G Force. Yes more based on Magnetism or like Chamber from Gargantia with an artificial Gravity sphere

      also, if i would search for someone, why hacking Cameras or other Video tools. Why not use the Eyes of Humans like the Cameras? As if you can look through all of them. Like some sort of hypnotism. Voila, we have some sort of Biology hacking

  4. I feel sorry for Hiro´s mother and his father as well, she end uo crushed by the guilt of bringing a monster into the world, not knowing where he went wrong with his son, and the father will end with the same guilt plus the stigma it will hang over his family forever.

    On the other hand, I feel nothing for Hiro, he might be sad becuase of the dead of her mother but let´s be clear here: Hiro killed his mother. No matter if she commited suiced, that little monster destroy one of the few people that actually gave shit about him.

    1. It’s really to the strength of this show that it can humanize Hiro while never once forgetting what he has done. I honestly feel bad for what happened to Hiro’s mother and can empathize with his agony, but as you mentioned he brought it upon himself, he never once thought his actions would have consequences. In a way it’s karmic judgement for the numerous wrongs he has committed.

    1. I love how this show is tackling these questions, it gives us the fantasy a lot of want, yet shows how realizing such things can ruin the lives of many around us. Just as internet trolls often never understand the hurt they do, so to can targeting them often further the cycle of sadness and hate. It’s a really good way of showing how complex such matters can be.

    2. Internet Trolls hides in the mass of Anonymity. They feel save. But if you go there and take their Anonymity Mask off then you can find them. Perhaps he found them through their Mobile GPS or other alike..

  5. Its dealing with bullying.
    Bullying of Homeless elderly and weak students.
    Bullying by media and internet.

    march comes in like a lion is dealing with bullying as well.

    People get angry and respond with fight or flight.
    Resulting in depression or outward display of anger.

    Its a problem in Japan and the rest of the world.
    One cause of Neets and Vege males is depression .

    A result of anger s gang behaviour and becoming a bully themselves.

    These two anime are deeper than immediately appear.

    I also see a marriage flag with Rei and Hina,
    IKts like hes proposing’.

    I like Inu.. also as revenge porn.

  6. Muh stalker boogeyman, meh!
    Takaii has been provoking and irritating the people for some time. People’s patience have their limits, and since nobody is a superman, then it became more than obvious that people would start to get stressed and they would end up revolting against him. Takaii is only receiving what he sought.


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