「清廉な心」 (Seiren na Kokoro)
“Incorruptible Heart”

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru excels at putting itself in impossible situations. That’s what made the original series stumble on the finish line, maybe—if the final episode of Yuusha no Shou can hit a home run, it will save it all. But how? There’s no good solution, and any solution I can think of would amount to a last-minute deus ex machina. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I hope there is. I just don’t see it, which means the chance of failure is high.

Let’s go over a few options.

They could save Yuuna and save the world. Somehow. I’m cool with the Taisha looking like assholes to the end, they are—even if their job is truly impossible as well, sacrificing all these girls to save the world, they’re still going about it badly. Probably because they’ve been made so callous by what they’ve had to do. But there are only a few hints as to how this might be accomplished. It would jive most with the series’ tone and inclinations, though, so it remains the most likely path, even if it’s the one with the highest likelihood of failure.

The Shinkon could be completed, Yuuna dies, and humanity becomes the people of god, rendering themselves safe from attack by becoming other than human. This would certainly be interesting, though it would deny YuYuYu’s essential idealism in exchange for a world where the assholes of the Taisha were right. Think Evangelion’s Instrumentality, except—well, basically that. Probably no tang, but I can’t promise that. This would be unexpected, but probably the path I least want them to take. They would sacrifice everything, and for what? Doesn’t seem to be worth it. For the writers, that is—from the people’s perspective, the Taisha’s perspective, I get it. I hate them for it, but I get it. Even if I don’t know what decision I would make.

Or they could reject Shinjyu-sama’s plans entirely, and the world could be engulfed in fire. For a series shot through with hope, this would be the ultimate rejection of itself, as its final chips fall upon “Humans are shit,” “Humans are unworthy,” and “Idealism even is the answer is death.” YuYuYu is idealistic, but in a hopeful way, not in a “Give me freedom or give me death!” kind of way. This would perhaps be the most interesting path to take, and the most unexpected, but I don’t know if I would want me magnum opus to end with this kind of message. Humans are irrepressibly optimistic, even in the face of all that life throws at us, much of it of our own making. It would certainly be fascinating to see the flames engulf the world and the screen fade to black, though. That’s for sure.

It’s possible to thread this needle, even if they choose the first option. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica did it in its original run (I still need to watch those movies), with a remarkable turnaround that made perfect sense, even as everything felt so bleak just a moment prior. It’s possible. But it’s hard. It’s damn, damn, damn hard. That’s why most writers don’t attempt it. Pulling it off would be phenomonal, but what a task the writers have set for themselves. I hope they had a plan all along. If they were winging it, I doubt it will work.

This sequel is asking some heavy questions, even more so than the original. What is the worth of humans? Are they worth saving? At what cost? And is it important that they remain human after the fact? These are meaty questions, ones I don’t even know where I’d come down on; every fiber of my body rejects the sacrifice of Yuuna, but absent that, would throwing away their humanity really be that bad? As we real life humans accelerate our modification and augmentation of the human body, we’ll have to ask those questions. Ghost in the Shell is coming faster than many of us realize. Would a spiritual version really be that bad? Or should the whole thing be burned down, because the foundations are too rotten, built as they are upon the corpses of innocent girls.

What does that say of our world, that’s built on the corpses of trillions of beings, human and animal alike?

Heavy stuff. I’ll be interested to see how they answer these questions. And I’ll brace myself for disappointment, because wow, the writers have forced themselves into as much of a corner as Yuuna was. But I’ll hold out hope for a great ending, and for an ending of hope after all this darkness.

Random thoughts:

  • The dialogue in this episode showed a deft hand, from Sensei dodging when Yuuna initially asked if the people would still be human after the Shinkon, to how Yuuna betrays that her entire self-conception is wrapped up in being a hero, to her spouting the clauses mindlessly because she’s cornered, she’s not thinking anymore, she’s given up. Because she just wants to end it. I was on the edge of my seat.
  • I wonder if the curse was there to force Yuuna into this…
  • Needless to say, Shinjyu-sama is an asshole of a god. Like the ancient Greek/Norse/etc gods that toyed with humanity for shits and giggles, only here Shinjyu-sama has the entire world by the balls. What a sadistic asshole.

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  1. For those who skip opening there are slight change in opening this episode. Before it only shown NoWaYu the Christian era Hero mural but now it also including WaSuYu mural and YuYuYu mural like shown here.


    As for what would happen next Show Spoiler ▼

    Also there are no new episode next week because of New Year show so we need to wait another week for conclusion.

  2. So far i’ve really enjoyed (suffered?) this last season, i like how all the previous seasons piled up till this point, now the real problem is how the f*ck they will end this…
    Is not like the japanese have a good record in that regard (I’m looking at you, Bones) but i really hope the writers know what are they doing.

  3. Knowing the extended canon makes the amnesty’s continual “we tried to fix this and then wound up making it 100 times worse! Tee hee!!” even MORE *looks into the camera*-worthy; “let’s go beat them up” becoming Fuu’s go-to solution is starting to get really endearing actually. (For curious folks who don’t have any intention of reading/looking into the Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de aru novels, Show Spoiler ▼

    There’s been so much emphasis on how Yuuna’s curse is tied to the apocalyptic state of the outside world that I was wondering a little if there wasn’t a loophole there Show Spoiler ▼

    but who even knows at this point. Either way I’m very interested in how Studio Gokumi is going to get the girls out of this one.

    1. Yours and NeoAnkara’s comments actually worry me, because if they’re depending on us knowing information from NoWaYu, they’ve already screwed up. Not that they can’t integrate it without alienating anime-only viewers, but it’s more difficult, and there’s only one episode left. Since the only people who seem to have an inkling of how they might get out of this are those who have read NoWaYu—well. Like I said, worried.

      1. YuYuYu is a multimedia project from the start. So I wouldn’t call it screwing up. Unless you also want to claim Danganronpa 3 requiring you to play Danganronpa 2 was Kodaka and Lerche screwing up

      2. OK, so it’s a multi-media project, but each individual medium still has to be able to stand on its own and deliver some kind of satisfying finish. Yes, maybe the total experience won’t be as rich and satisfying as it would be for people who’ve read the book AND played the game AND watched the movie AND eaten the Happy Meal, but in my view this is an additional responsibility that creators of multi-media franchises have to take on.

      3. What Angelus said.

        I’ll give you a comparable example. The Marvel cinematic universe. Marvel is extremely careful to make it so that no one ever needs to see any of the other movies in order to enjoy a particular one. Yes, you’ll get more out of Captain America: Civil War if you saw Ant-Man, but Ant-Man works perfectly well within the context of the movie without any prior knowledge. Likewise, yes the opening of Spider-Man: Homecoming is even cooler if you’ve seen Captain America: Civil War, but they give a new viewer enough information to get what’s going on (and enjoy it!) without it. Prior knowledge gives the viewer added bonuses, extra flavor, or fun call backs, but it’s never required. Each movie can stand on its own and is good one its own (except for Thor: The Dark World, but it was still mediocre on its own merits).

        The rules of multi-media franchises, cinematic universes, and all of that have changed markedly in recent years, because it’s entirely reasonable to assume a certain baseline of knowledge about a property that wouldn’t have been reasonable before google and wikipedia and imdb. I’m totally cool with that, really.

        What isn’t okay is for a story to be unable to stand on its own without viewers taking in every scrap of material. This applies to true sequels/prequels, by the way, not to continuations of the same story—so if someone complains that they can’t jump into Shokugeki no Souma on the third season, maybe get bent, because that’s one long story with artificial production stops. But the YuYuYu series is an original story, two prequels, and a sequel, so while some knowledge of the prequels might be reasonable, if the ultimate answer to the current crisis lies in some minutiae contained in NoWaYu and nowhere else, they have screwed up. Full stop.

        Marvel doesn’t even require knowledge beyond topline info like, “Doctor Strange is a magic guy” or “Spider-man is a character that exists” or “There are a lot of crazy magic stones in these stories,” stuff that anyone could get by reading one-word premises of the various movies—and they’re producing an unnervingly high percentage of the most popular movies of the past decade. They can count on a lot more cultural knowledge than YuYuYu.

        Reminder: Yuusha no Shou has not made this mistake yet. The only inkling of NoWaYu that’s come up so far is the bird (which worked just fine without that knowledge) and the screencap that NeoAnkara included above. So they’re still fine as of now! But if they have to pull on that minutiae to save themselves, they’ll have messed up. The rules have changed, but not that much. That’s like saying you need to read the Silmarillion to enjoy Lord of the Rings. You don’t even need to have read The Hobbit to do that.

      4. You can take Yuusha no Shou as what it is though with only anime knowledge. It just that what happen in the past AKA NoWaYu will make you take different perspective of the series since NoWaYu is the foundation of the current system.

        NoWaYu is important if you want to look at the whole picture but does not make it essential for knowing to do so if you want to be anime only.

      5. Reminder: Yuusha no Shou has not made this mistake yet. The only inkling of NoWaYu that’s come up so far . . .

        I know. Read the last paragraph of my previous comment. I specifically argued that Yuusha no Shou hasn’t made this mistake yet, because it hasn’t. I just worry, and was explaining why it would be a mistake if they made it, and why it being a multi-media franchise isn’t a good excuse.

      6. Mmm, I think it’s still a little too early to say definitively that Studio Gokumi has already screwed up? So far knowledge of NoWaYu and KuMeYu is only giving us a little more worldbuilding/general setting info to theorize with; the main plot of YuYuYu The Anime is still something an anime-only viewer can enjoy. Even if my wild NoWaYu-related theory turns out to be right, there’s still foreshadowing in the anime’s opening that an anime-only viewer can notice, since Show Spoiler ▼

        Plus I’m very prepared to be 100% off-base with said wild theory! :p

        But that said, it IS unfortunate that the light novels are less accessible to a global audience than the anime is; even if they get licensed, books can take a LOT longer to translate than an anime script and therefore take longer to become available to non-Japanese speakers… It’s frustrating, but it feels like this is just an occupational hazard of not being part of the target audience :’) Even the first season of YuYuYu was set up to garner interest in the WaSuYu novel (which finished serialization and was published during the TV series’ run) with the way that Tougou’s backstory was never explained in detail in the anime…

        I err on the side of “let’s wait for Gokumi to finish telling the story first”, but hey, that’s just my own opinion, so :”’)

      7. *points to my last two comments* I agree that it’s too early to say they’ve screwed up. As I’ve said. They’ve only already screwed up if they’ve made a decision that I have no way of knowing whether they’ve made or not.

  4. @Angelus.
    Not really. Again, Danganronpa.3 makes absolutely no sense if you don’t play 2 before (and I’d say the first game as well, because the first adaptation was a total rushjob). It’s only on the west were these kind of criticisms are common for multimedia stuff. And the primary audience here is the japanese, as it is with a great majority of anime.

    1. I think it’s more fair in Danganronpa’s case, because most fans knew going in that they skipped adapting one of the games, so they’d either need to catch it in game form or risk being confused. That some fans still ran afoul of this decision goes to show that it was probably a mistake on some level, but it might have been the best the production committee could (or was willing to) do.

      Either way, making that known ahead of time is better than getting to the last episode of a sequel and suddenly requiring knowledge that was contained in a prequel in another form of media. Which is something Yuusha no Shou hasn’t even done for either the original YuYuYu nor WaSuYu so far.

      Like I said above, so far Yuusha no Shou is doing this right. I just worry, because the task in front of them appears so daunting.

  5. I’m personally hoping for them to link back to NoWaYu, not directly by suddenly bringing stuff from there in, but rather, parallels.
    A simple one would be Yuuna’s fate, whether she would end up like the previous Yuuna(And end up creating another Yuuna in future), I feel that its a very important issue.

    Anyway, this episode got me thinking, Yuuna is messed up in the first place.
    Yuuna being all about self-sacrifice when it comes to being a hero, that’s something that is normally hidden, we don’t usually see that aspect even though it was there(Yuuna presumably saying that she doesn’t care about what happens to herself when saving Tougou, Yuuna saying that the Yuushabu would still do the job even if they knew about the effects of Sange in the beginning, etc).
    With the curse pushing her to her mental limits with the pain and threat of death, her arguably messed up ideals on what a hero does is revealed to her friends, as she rambles on, trying to rationalise that her decision to sacrifice herself is right, and even wrongly uses the club’s 5 tenets for that.
    And yet, it’s a reasonable conclusion she got to if you think about it.

    To Yuuna, she had nothing to lose. She was gonna die eventually thanks to the curse even if Shinju wasn’t dying, and Shinju was dying. The choice to sacrifice herself, who was dying anyway, to keep Shinju alive so everyone stays alive is quite reasonable.

    Its a lot like say, the old people in Japan who volunteered to go to Fukushima to fix the reactors, they are old, they got nothing to lose even if they get cancer, they are probably gonna die in a decade or so anyway, better for them to take the risk than to let the young who has a bright long future ahead of them do it and risk having their lives turned upside down when complications from the radiation exposure happens. I guess its a very japanese mindset at work here.

    1. You’re right that Yuuna is warped in the first place. She’s the kind of person who puts next to no emphasis on her own safety and happiness, and sacrifices everything, constantly, for others—which is not a centered place to operate from. She has a dangerous, albeit useful to others (especially if they’re unscrupulous), personality. Her desperation is bringing it all to the fore.

      There is logic to her current predicament, at least. I get why she’s doing it, just like those old people who went to fix the Fukushima reactors, or soldiers, policemen, and firefighters who risk their lives for others all the time. What is wrong is the complete lack of value Yuuna places on her own life. A good firefighter takes care of themselves, not only so they can better do their job, but so it’s all worth doing. Yuuna has little self-preservation, little self-worth outside of how she can be of use to others. She’s a very tragic soul.

  6. YuYuYu is idealistic but it is also very rooted in Takahiro’s history otaku side. It often gives these girls thematics of old samurai generals, and perhaps one of the oddest things it does, is to show how incredibly angry people get when you make a soldier out of anything that isn’t already accepted to be a soldier. (If this was a series about 14 y/o boys throw into a fight, would the reaction be the same?)

    I particularly love how my group of friends have felt far more comfortable playing with the idea of QB being justifiable than the Taisha being justifiable. Perhaps because QB was so outlandish, while the world of Yuki Yuna is far more morally gray, and most importantly, relatable. The heavenly gods are still out there, on a quest to end mankind that is only stopped by the Shinju-sama. You might think the Taisha are assholes for sacrificing little girls, but whether you want it or not, even more little girls will die terrible deaths if the world is allowed to end, including the ones that would be sacrificed. Hell, this time the Taisha isn’t even forcing anyone into anything, Yuuna was given the option to not go on with the plan and even told to talk with her friends about it. YuYuYu might be idealistic, but it doesn’t shy away from accepting there are times where the best possible solution is out of your hands.

    1. Yuuna wasn’t given any option. When she asked for some time to think about it Aki started to guilt-trip her to make her accept right away. Don’t forget Yuuna’s just a 13 yo girl. If you don’t even give her time to think, you’re not really giving her any choice.

      Also, even if Taisha is doing all this to save the world, that doesn’t automatically justify what they’re doing. There’s a point when you have to ask yourself whether saving humanity is worth it if you have to kill your own children to do so. Heck, what if the gods are trying to kill humanity because they knew the humans are monsters who don’t hesitate to kill their own kids to save their butts. If that’s the case, then the more Taisha tries to save the world, the more they’re dooming it. Their way of thinking is flawed to begin with.

      And Yuuna makes no sense either. She talks about sacrificing herself to make her friends happy, only there’s no way her friends will ever be happy knowing she had to die for their sake. Besides, she’s giving up without putting up a fight. She has to stop pretending she’s a hero when she’s just a kid. She has to stop pretending she’s fine with dying for their sake when what she really wants is to live with them.

      1. No, definitely. Yuuna should think about things in a deeper way. But let us address a few things.

        “who don’t hesitate to kill your own children” First and foremost, we have had Sonoko’s mother and Aki sensei saying if they could take their place, they would. Then there was Tougou’s adoptive mother crying on screen and Yuuna’s parents not being happy either. People keep talking as if its just a bunch of adults trying to save themselves, but its the entire world, including countless more children.
        “What if the heavenly gods…” Nope, nope nope. If the series did this and tried to give the gods of heaven a moral side, it would be the most stupid thing ever. The heavenly gods have had no qualms about killing children before, the very first vertex victims we see in NoWaYu were innocent girls the same age as Wakaba.
        “And Yuuna makes no sense either. She talks about sacrificing herself to make her friends happy, only there’s no way her friends will ever be happy knowing she had to die for their sake.” She has two choices right now, die or die for something. Her friends won’t be happy either way. Its messed up.

        “Yuuna wasn’t given any option. When she asked for some time to think about it Aki started to guilt-trip her” The thing is, there is nothing in Aki’s speech that is a lie. The Shinju is dying. Humanity will go extinct. They are absolutely out of time. Same goes for what she said to the other girls later. You can assume those are lies, but there is nothing in the series that points towards it at the moment, which makes it a headcanon.

        Aki herself seems partial to when the girls say they will find a solution themselves. The Taisha has cooperated with Sonoko and given all the information she asked. The Taisha has not taken away the girl’s power even when they are rebellious. And in KuMeYu, Aki outright teased the MC with finding another solution if the current one is not of their liking. The problem is that so far another solution has not appeared.

      2. Yuuna just believes that as a hero she HAS to sacrifice herself.
        1 convincing explanation is that Yuuna has very low self-esteem and doesn’t value herself. She would willingly throw herself into flames if it meant that someone would be saved(As she had already done this season).
        After all, she joined the volunteer club, the one club that does things selflessly.
        She also cried that she wasn’t a good friend when she couldn’t transform to stop Tougou in season 1, that alone is a kind of weird thing if you think about it. And of course, Yuuna being perfectly fine with losing her body functions with Sange if it meant that the people are safe.
        Put that mindset with a curse that threatens to kill her painfully(Pushing her to her limits) and the fact that Shinju is dying, its pretty clear why she would go for the self-sacrifice, even if she is reluctant to do so.

        As for the Taisha, they are really mostly unable to help the girls. The solutions they have all involves sacrifice, what can they do? When the cast told the Taisha to sacrifice themselves, the answer was “I would if I could”.
        The circumstances simply demands the specific sacrifices, and if they want humanity to survive, they have no choice. The Taisha themselves are not happy about this choice they are making, they had to steel their hearts and throw sacrifices at the gods to keep everyone alive. If they could, they would have threw themselves at the gods, but no, Shinju demands specific people. What can they do, when the Sange from the Mankai system crippled the heroes but rendered them immortal? They could only watch and take care of the crippled hero.
        In fact, I’d argue that the Taisha themselves had at least partially given up at some point. They had went to Yuuna and asked her to make the decision. They put the world on her palm and asked her if she wanted to save it. This implies that they were ready to let everyone die if she refuses.

      3. we have had Sonoko’s mother and Aki sensei saying if they could take their place, they would.

        The parents belong to the Taisha but they aren’t the ones calling the shots.

        The heavenly gods have had no qualms about killing children before, the very first vertex victims we see in NoWaYu were innocent girls the same age as Wakaba.

        Even the christian god almost gave up on humanity once and tried to kill everyone. Maybe the heavenly gods deemed humanity too corrupted to live. It’s not a stretch.

        She has two choices right now, die or die for something.

        No. She just convinced herself she only has two choices. There’s still another choice which is to not give up on herself and try to find another option with her friends.

        Aki herself seems partial to when the girls say they will find a solution themselves.

        But she doesn’t give them a chance. She convinced herself that trying anything else is pointless and won’t take any risks. This is the problem with Taisha, they never takes risks. That’s why they’re doomed to fail in the long run.

        In any case, I don’t think Yuuna will sacrifice herself. The preview already gives it away that she wants to live. She’s most likely gonna join her friends and fight the gods. If they beat them the fire will most likely go out and Yuuna’s curse will disappear. I’d say this is the moment to stop running away and make a stand.

      4. They won’t beat the gods because S2 will likely not be the last season of this series. Also because that would completely shit on the whole point of NoWaYu (the best part of this series) and this S2 showing the finale of S1 wasn’t as sweet as it seemed.

        >No. She just convinced herself she only has two choices. There’s still another choice which is to not give up on herself and try to find another option with her friends. But she doesn’t give them a chance. She convinced herself that trying anything else is pointless and won’t take any risks. This is the problem with Taisha, they never takes risks. That’s why they’re doomed to fail in the long run.

        If there is a house burning down, you either send someone in there and risk their lives to save who is inside or you let everyone inside burn. There isn’t time to listen to someone who arrives saying “oh why can’t we find a way to save the people inside without sending anyone in there” if that person doesn’t already have a solution ready.
        Sonoko has been told by the Taisha about the situation with Yuuki a whole two weeks before the diary reveal and she did nothing. If they want another solution, they need to find one. So far all we have is an ending world and two solutions: save it or die with it.

  7. They won’t beat the gods because S2 will likely not be the last season of this series.

    I don’t know if they will beat them but I do know they’re gonna try and at least manage to convince them not destroy the world right now and remove Yuuna’s curse. At the end of the first season Shinju was impressed by Yuuna’s courage and gave back the sange offerings. Maybe now Yuuna will manage to impress the heavenly gods too. It depends on whether Yuuna makes stand or gives up, and I betting on the former.

    If there is a house burning down, you either send someone in there and risk their lives to save who is inside or you let everyone inside burn.

    The thing is Taisha already decided that sending someone in is pointless. They’re not gonna take the risk. They never do and that’s why after 300 years they’re still doing the same shit. It’s up to Yuuna and the girls now.

    1. The only thing I would say is this:

      When a firefighter goes into a burning house, even if the odds are stacked mightily against them, we’re more okay with the risk if the chance of death isn’t 100%. If there’s a chance they’ll make it out okay. With Yuuna here, if she goes along with this plan, there is a 0% chance she’ll survive.

      Humans will do crazy things, bet on the one in a million chance, if there’s a shot of everything turning out all right. If there’s hope. There’s little hope in this plan. So it feels foul, even if it might be the best choice available to them. Maybe.

      1. No, there’s a 0% chance of Yuuna’s survival if she gives up on herself and goes ahead with the sacrifice. If she makes a stand and fights the gods instead there’s a chance she’ll manage to find a way to survive. Not a big chance, but not 0%.

        More importantly, making stand requires more courage which goes in line with the themes of the show. They’re always keep saying that being a hero is all about courage and this is the time to prove it. Yuuna’s in pain so giving herself in sacrifice is an easy way out for her. Plus she gets to save everyone. But that’s not heroic. A hero bears the pain and fights on. That’s the only real hope there is.

      2. Courage may seem like something Yuuna has, but I’m not surprised if Yuuna has none of it.
        Courage and suicidally throwing yourself at the enemy in hopes that something will work out are separated by a fine line. And knowing Yuuna and how much self-worth she has, she could very well just be throwing herself at the Vertex until things work out.

  8. The Taisha’s point of view is very spelled out, give one life up to save the masses or leave nobody behind and watch the world burn. This is an age old question and I’m sure the use of children was added to this scenario at some point. Now Taisha getting this much push back from the heroes reminds me of major issues on Cruises. In the past when a ship has been critically damaged the procedure would be to get women and children off the boat ASAP. As time passed this logic updated and found that families would refuses to leave their spouse and children behind in the face of danger slowing the staff’s ability to save lives to a huge crawl. The new method became more efficient to get one’s entire family off the boat vs women and children first for fear of losing each other and creating a huge stink about it. Now I would assume Taisha being well established organization would understand this and won’t stand in the hero’s way of trying to save a valued member of their troop while protecting Mankind at the same time. Furthermore the girls are reaching out to the Taisha for answers when this group left them high and dry more than one occasion (If you don’t believe me go and rewatch Washio Sumi no Shou.) The Taisha are clearly out of their league and have been for a very long time.


    Lord o Mighty, who is often mentioned as of late, it’s very convenient how it should be one lone little girl (Yuuna’s getting married to God) that decides the fate of Mankind when it took no less than seven girls (Gin being dead…) to protect the world and keep people safe. Which brings me to another noticeable convenience, this delicate balance for mankind God keeping the flames from turning the world asunder that is to say Humans have been on a brink of total annihilation for a while and the girls are just now realizing it. So what does this mean, to me it means the heroes are not important at all the rest of the world are important, the girls are just lives Taisha can use to make sure another generation continues to live out their meaningless lives. The Heroes are ignored by the God, and the Taisha who are unwilling to change their ways; Taisha who thinks sending out children to fight their battles constantly would fix the problem.

    Lastly, God requiring to marry a prepubescent girl to save the world, sound to me like this Deity is looking into some young ass better check for porn mags under his bed.


  9. I see a lot of “cringy” comments around here lately, but for me as long as this show is fine, i had absolutely no complaints for it…


    As that Boxer’s wife Said: You know how strong (the curse) is…YOU CAN’T WIN!!!


    Now how on earth are going to…deal with this…Somebody bring this guy right now!!

  10. Why do some of the girls have to have Yuri feelings towards each other especially when those feelings are never acknowledged or bought up in the first place. Why can’t Togo or Karin just love Yuna as a friend? Why do they have to have those feelings anyway? It would be a cool twist if it showed the girls having secret boyfriends at the end but that’s not gonna happen because the show’s based off a light novel and most ln authors are otaku who ironically think male characters are scum just because.

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