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OP: 「SHINY DAYS」 by Asaka

「ふじさんとカレーめん」 (Fuji-san to Kare-man)
“Mount Fuji and Curry Noodles”

Yuru Camp is starting the season off beautifully with how immersed it is with the natural habitat around Mt. Fuji. They could have just created a half-hearted slice-of-life with cute girls doing cute things, but the production and writing behind this series delve into why the characters would be passionate about hiking. I have said on numerous occasions that the most important component to an anime about hobbies is justifying why they love doing what they do. With Yuru Camp, all you have to do is take a look at THIS to get your answer. The artwork is downright gorgeous! They don’t cut corners with any of the scenery, and make it feel like it’s worth it to go out hiking and feel the fresh air. Just don’t do it while there’s a winter storm outside.

The earthy tones of the wilderness are further complimented with the cute and colorful panache that the character designs have to them. The cute aesthetic that Rin and Nadeshiko have do well to compliment the scenery as their patchwork coats, unique hair styles, and multi-gradient eyes look sleek and polished in a way that looks as impressive as the forests. The little moments when they slip into chibi, expressive facial animations was also very cute as it matches the character art and offers a humorous approach to the hiking excursions of Yuru Camp.

What does the comfortable slice-of-life justice story-wise is how nice it is to follow Rin and Nadeshiko as they are both interesting characters with Rin’s sensible yet vigilant demeanor bounces off well with Nadeshiko’s spontaneity and pep. As we follow Rin for a majority of the episode, she carries the episode with ease as her perspective introduces the useful information the anime provides about camping. If you ever wanted to know how to start a camp-fire, you’re in luck! Need to build a tent? Yuru Camp‘s got you covered!

There’s also a good promise of the group expanding as Rin’s friend Ena and her cute doggo are looking to join the fray alongside the camping club girls, Chiaki and Aoi, who could use more members. I’d also like to learn more about Nadeshiko’s sister Sakura, since she’s got a good head on her shoulders for picking up Nadeshiko, and seems to have a large amount of kiwi on-hand. And with how charming and fun Yuru Camp is starting out, I can’t wait to see them build on how this group of friends will come together and enjoy the great outdoors!



  1. I enjoyed this a lot. It fills that “Long Riders/Yama no Susume” role for me, in terms of the “Author teaches me a lot about a hobby I had no clue about, and wasn’t sure if I would ever want to take up.”

    I agree with Rin that campfires are annoying, and I don’t like the smoke getting in my clothes, and in my nose. It’s that smoke stink that won’t go away for a few days. That was a nice touch.

    I also liked that Nadeshiko slept outside for a few hours and didn’t get sick, setting the anime trope world on its head.

    Looking forward to next week.

    1. Smoke can be very invasive once it’s on your clothes. As someone with a fire pit to burn wood, I’m one of those strange people that like the smell of the wooden smoke scent that’s left behind. It can be annoying though with how long it’s left behind.

      I thought that the tears streaming down Nadeshiko’s face were snot via a cold, but it is a relief it wasn’t. She looked warm enough in the amount of layers that she was wearing that it would take some time before she got a runny nose from the cold.

  2. “The artwork is downright gorgeous!”
    That’s a photograph!

    Don’t know why I watched this episode, but whatever.
    I liked because it started with Rin, her calm way pleases me. But Nadeshiko… just another annoying anime girl.
    It’s very well done, the animation really has high quality, but one Nadeshiko is enough for me, two Nadeshiko will make me drop this one, after all I didn’t plan to watch this one. It’s no Non Non Biyori, unfortunately.

    1. One detail I liked about the ramen scene was that it showed Nadeshiko burning her mouth when she ate it too fast before it cooled down. Usually, food in anime is ready to eat at once, but I’ve had too many experiences burning my mouth on coffee and tea as soon as its finished that I’m like “Nope, it’s way too easy to burn your mouth on all this hot food!”

      It was cute to see how excited she was about having some ramen. Ready-made curry ramen’s pretty great too. Probably one of my favorite instant noodle varieties I’ve had other than one I’ve had for kitsune udon.

  3. Another great title, though I have my doubts about pine cones being able to take a spark easily. I don’t remember how many pine cones I’ve lit on fire and none of which lit up quickly. (I live in the boonies)

    LOL! I was waiting for a Gakuen Gurashi moment where we see the real reason why the girls are camping. I/E the world plunged into an apocalyptic scenario and the girls have to camp because the major metropolitan areas are filled with Zombies and other dangers.

  4. I love this anime so much alreaady!
    I read the manga waaaaaaaay a while ago but didn’t dream it would become an anime!
    Hooray for brilliant producers! < – -or whom ever it is who decided to bring this to animation!
    And I love Nadeshiko the most – so there!
    Onwards to episode two!!!


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