OP Sequence

OP: 「カラーズぱわーにおまかせろ!」 (Karaazu Pawaa ni Omakasero!) by カラーズ☆スラッシュ (Karaazu☆Surasshu)

「カラーズ」 (Karaazu)

While it might have started off a bit slow, I think Mitsuboshi Colors will find its pace soon.

General Impressions

Coming into Mitsuboshi Colors with rather high expectations, I have to say I was still feeling pretty good by the end of the episode. Sure, there were a few things that may have bothered me or I wished SILVER LINK did a wee bit differently, but I think that what we were given was a good indication of what a show like this can be once it gets its feet off the ground.

Diving straight into the meat of things, let’s talk about the show’s story or rather the show’s concept. You have three girls — Yui, Kotoha, and Sacchan — who together make up a group called Colors who spend their days trying to maintain the peace around their small town. As with any show that involves a group of friends trying to protect their town, it’s inevitable that they’ll end up in some quirky situations as they tackle whatever trouble is thrown their way. Be it trying to capture a (literal) cat burglar or trying to crack the code to a safe that’s been “accidentally” locked, it’s actually quite surprising how varied the tasks ended up being during this first episode.

However, I think the real charm of this show ends up coming from the characters who support Colors. Seeing how I know a little bit about what’s to come since I intro-ed this one for the Winter Preview, I can honestly say that the interactions between Saitou and Daigorou (The oji-san) translated quite well from paper to our desktop screens. With the former providing a nice (albeit snarky) older brother figure for Colors and the latter just being this cool adult with a bunch of gadgets and gizmos, they gave us a fun glimpse at what’s to come in terms of who and how our girls are going to find their tasks.

Overall, I think this first episode was pretty alright. Compared to the manga I think there was some moments that felt a little slow with their comedic timing not really hitting at the right time, but I think any issues like that were overshadowed by the show as a whole. For me, moments like Kotoha acting a little sadistic or realizing that Daigorou had setup a day of fun with a prize for our girls made everything along the way worth watching.

Anyways, be sure to give this one a shot if you’re looking to fill that slice-of-life gap that’s just waiting to be filled!

P.S. I’m really hoping we get a moment where Kotoha says “Game Clear!” and ends up being wrong. Oh god, I could probably die happy if that happens.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ミラクルカラーズ☆本日も異常ナシ!」 (Mirakuru Karaazu☆Honjitsu mo Ijou Nashi) by ()


  1. Man that was fantastic.

    It perfectly captured that fun adventurous time in a child’s life when they’re completely obnoxious but also absolutely adorable. I’m a bit biased since throughout the years I’ve been made to take care of multiple nephews and nieces but this might be my favorite premiere of the season so far. They’re just the little bundles of joy that I needed to bring color, pun absolutely intended, to my dreary life.

    The OP and ED are also fantastic. The OP especially.

  2. – Welcome into an new Moe world

    – But, do not set you expectations to high. These are Kids you know. it will be Slice of life of little Kids and their adventures

    – but beware of the sugar

  3. Ah, that was an enjoyable first episode. It captured everything I love about slice of life shows, with quirky and energetic main characters, as well as the side characters who are entertaining to watch. This one is definitely on my radar.


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