「one’s first love」

If anyone had any doubts what citrus was about after last episode this one should firmly erase them. Sweet girls love and all its fun are the name of game—complete with the necessary drama and cutesy blushing—but the theme of abuse and psychological mindf*ckery is never far from the surface. Citrus for better or worse is going to dive down far into the rabbit hole, and it cares not what you may think.

The sharp eyed likely noticed Mei’s underlying daddy issues last week, but they were on full display this time around. As evidenced by that sleep talking Mei has some serious problems centering around a lack of father figure and right now is taking them out on Yuzu. Mei has no issue manipulating our gyaru, coming onto her without a moment’s notice and leaving her a confused, emotional wreck. No matter how hot these moments may be (and they can be) make no mistake, this is sexual assault and Yuzu is definitely a victim. Little miss blondie has no experience with actual love, and Mei in some form recognizes it and is willing to take advantage of the fact. She didn’t come onto Yuzu just because of yuri goodness in the bath or bedroom, she saw Yuzu cared for her in some capacity, wanted that caring so clearly missing from her life, and went about acquiring those feelings the only way she knew how. While unclear how far citrus will get in explaining why Mei acts like this and treats love so ruthlessly, you can be sure the reasons (i.e. the missing father) are going to factor in heavily with the inevitable drama going forward.

As Yuzu comically showed however, the drama is already being set up. Impromptu speechmaking and pure forbidden love-induced expulsion? Please my sides can only take so much. Extra brownie points for having old grandpa actually stand there stoically while watching his granddaughter do the kinky with a seemingly lascivious gyaru. It’s all hilarious (at least I think so), but these developments are laying the groundwork for the next stage of Yuzu’s and Mei’s budding relationship. The process of rescinding Yuzu’s expulsion for example offers a great opportunity for a bit of making up (and making out), and it’s highly unlikely Mei will be kept out of her new home for too long—how else are we going to get those passionate kissing scenes without a proper bedroom to have them in? Yuri shenanigans aside, it’s all fairly standard romance development, although as citrus will show soon it’s development which won’t lack for impact. After all the one thing missing from this tale of sisterly bonding is a competitor for Mei’s, erm, unique form of affection, and if citrus continues staying true to the manga, it won’t be long until one appears.

Best check those yuri goggles boys and girls, the fun and games (and problems) here are just getting started.




  1. “A gyaru may sleep in class but never skips school”
    Yuzu certainly has her academic priorities right.

    For some strange reason, I am starting to like her as well and would really want a three-way with her as well. With Mei and Harumi dominating Yuzu.

    Shirai Kuroko would be smiling right now. Damn I miss Arai Satomi’s “ONEE-SAMA~~~”

    My pair of yuri goggles exploded the moment I pressed the play button. So damn lucky that I have not put it on yet.

    Velvet Scarlantina
  2. If you want a guide about how NOT to write a relationship between two women but write one which feeds into the historic harmful stereotypes of gay people, Citrus is your show. Unwanted sexual contact, pseudo-incest, sexual deviancy, ‘predatory’ lesbian, no respect for boundaries, no acknowledgement that any of these things are bad and that this is an extremely unhealthy relationship, it’s got it all!

    Fun fact: Most people who like Citrus are men. Very few lesbians who read manga that I’ve spoken to have positive things to say about Citrus.

      1. If the plot was about improvement and character growth, maybe.

        Anyone who’s read the manga knows none of that happens. It stays disgusting and problematic, it’s not a story about the while situation getting better. I’ve said my piece on it though.

      2. It’s a little of both I think. The series is problematic in how it presents abuse, but there is character growth (if imperfect) over time. Mei for example definitely doesn’t stay the same as Yuzu starts rubbing off on her, and vice versa.

        This may be a series ultimately intended for men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good points for talk and discussion regarding the romance.

      3. It isn’t though, and the “yuri’s actually for guys y’all” is a baseless talking point that needs to die. You want to know who the “most people who like Citrus” are? Japanese women. This is a shoujo series in every way and it caters to the very real female demographic that yuri enjoys in that country. The writer is also a woman who, incidentally, has based it off her real feelings of love for another girl that she experienced during her school days.

        All you’ve done here is speak in ignorance AND belittle the feelings and experiences of other women because they don’t happen to line up with yours.

    1. I somewhat agree. The ambition of this show is to entertain a mainly mail audience. Therefore it is as realistic in portraying a lesbian relationship as Hollywood is in portraying love. IMHO there is nothing wrong with trying to entertain in that way, but you have to keep in mind that if you want to broaden your horizon you better look elsewhere.

  3. The relationship between Yuzu and Mei is still a little dicey, especially with how the progression of the pairing is rooted deeply in Mei’s flaws. Where it feels like much of the pressure Yuzu goes through is how selfish Mei is with both her life decisions and her getting forceful with Yuzu.

    However, I find that what’s made the show worthwhile so far is how Yuzu and Harumi work together to break the system and stir things up at the up-tight academy. Yuzu outright calling out the pervert teacher in a public assembly and Harumi being the greatest friend on were easily my favorite parts of this episode.

  4. Let us imagine how better Citrus would be if their school chairman was the one from Prison School?

    *Chairman Kurihara witnesses the bedroom scene*

    Chairman (to Mei): You grabbed Yuzu’s bra first? I thought loved asses like I did?
    Mei: …but Grandfather…
    Chairman: disappointing. You two are now…(turns to the camera) suspended! XD

  5. Holy wow! Everything is heating up here. The plot, the action, the drama!
    I am all in now.
    I particularly enjoy all these complex relationships and emotions. I guess that’s what makes it feel real.

  6. Harumin best wing(wo)man of the season.
    Glad to see that slimeball teacher out of picture (though he may try to avenge himself…)
    Grandpa needs some serious trash-talk. Yuzu, can you do it?
    I will repeat: Mei despite official facade of strict, well behaved president is deeply troubled – probbaly been treated instrumentlaly by own family since early childhood while abandoned by (probably) only living parent – her father. She treats Yuzu the way she has been treated, but hopefully she will get ebtter.
    Meanwhile I can only admire Yuzu for tackling the problems head-on and with courage. she is actually the one being innocent despite again wannaby gyaru facade…


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