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OP: 「KISS OF DEATH」by Mika Nakashima x Hyde

「繋がるということ」 (Tsunagaru to Iu Koto)
“What it means to connect”

What’s this, Pancakes covering episode two of big giant anthropomorphic (slightly) robots? You’re damn rights boys and girls. Stilts is out visiting with the family for the next couple of weeks so it falls to me to bear the duty of seeing just what a darling actually is. If this episode is anything to go by, I think I’m liking the definition Franxx has.

If Franxx’s opener wasn’t particularly spectacular, the follow up this week arguably did a great job of showing what to expect going forward. While we still are lacking in important details such as explaining just what a parasite is, who the enemy are/where they come from, and the comments about tainting Zero Two’s blood (not to mention who Papa is), our character cast received some significant attention more or less laying out the relationships going forward. Zorome for example is the quintessential “bully”, the hothead who tries building himself up over everyone else (mostly Hiro) in order to likely hide some serious concern about his own strength—guaranteed he and Hiro will come to a mutual understanding sooner or later. Gorou serves as the mediator, helping smooth over any emotional flare ups and keep everyone on track. And Miku as adorable fan service comedic relief needs little introduction.

The important focus, however, rightfully lay on Ichigo and what will certainly be Franxx’s primary drama generator for a while. If the tart attitude wasn’t evidence enough, this girl will be the main competition to Zero Two for Hiro’s piloting prowess (read: romantic affections). Simply helping Hiro pilot a Franxx? Don’t kid yourself, little miss leader has a thing for Hiro and she’s determined to get him. Really determined. That jealous mindset is why Hiro’s lack of reaction to the kiss hurt her so badly, Ichigo wanted him to feel something, to know she has something on the horned enigma encroaching on her turf. It’s mostly a given Ichigo will lose to Zero Two at this stage considering Hiro and mock battle both, but what happens next is really interesting to consider. Will Ichigo go quietly into the good night and turn her anguish into positive team action? Or will she become something less, well, cooperative? Both are reasonable paths, and with so much unknown about Franxx’s story right now, guaranteed there will be a serious twist (*cough* Kamina) that throws a wrench into any expected development. After all, this is a Trigger show.

While this episode was largely about the main cast, particularly intriguing for me were the few story tidbits featured. Botany for example is likely to be Franxx’s main motif, if those casual mentions of pistil and stamen are anything to go by. As most plant species are capable of self-fertilization, this flavour also offers a visual explanation for the emphasis on connection and taking one’s partner into account: if half the plant (i.e. its reproductive system) fails, there is no future. The entire setup feels a lot like Simoun, where shared mental bonds are needed to even pilot the machines in question, with said bonds often formed through physical intimacy; I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if kissing and romantic relationships turn into a way to realize the true abilities of the parasites’ mecha. One way or another, you can be assured the piloting here is not as simple as connecting over a fine rearward view.

With Hiro’s mock battle ending poorly and Ichigo crushed by the weight of insurmountable competition, it’s truly a question just what to expect next in Franxx. Will Ichigo give up? Will Zorome finally win outright? Will Zero Two learn what proper table manners are? God only knows, but if it doesn’t involve best horned devil girl licking someone else for funsies I’ll be royally outraged. Don’t deny, you know you enjoyed it too.

Random Tidbits

Considering Hiro’s previous partner supposedly still lives, the unanswered elephant in the room is whether Franxx will actually kill off any of its characters later on. I’m personally betting it will, but the show is sure keeping this card annoyingly close to its chest.


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ED: 「トリカゴ」 (Torikago) by XX:me (Kiss Me; キス・ミー)


    1. Hiro is similar to Zero Two. Ichigo was breathing hard and sweating when he seemed fine. 02/Hiro must output high levels of positive/negative energy.
      Both Ichigo/Naomi can’t handle Hiros and the men with 002 can’t handle her energy. It fits the Hiro being a child prodigy during training too, just that none of the partner candidates could reach the same potential.

      1. She was breathing hard because she piloted the Franxx on her own. While numbnuts mcmaincharacter sat there like a failed eva test plug.

        I like a lot of elements in this…. although I find the cockpit arrangement a bit… disappointinly suggestive… is there any reason the guys basically have to pilot their female parasites doggy style.

        so far Hiro… is kinda annoying..

      2. @defunkt_bots If you were actually paying attention to the anime, you’d know that Hiro was piloting the Franxx and he moved the Franxx’s arms before the connection between the pilots was undone, and Ichigo was already breathing hard and sweating even before she started piloting Franxx what has happened AFTER the connection between the pilots was undone.

      3. well Ichigo wasn’t the only pilot sweating from a less than favorable connection. Ikuno was a total mess during the startup. So I imagine that in certain connections the imbalance that puts more stress on an individual here is that the girls were basically compensating for inadequate male co-pilots.

        You know how much Ichigo wanted Hiro to succeed… it’s no wonder they couldn’t connect well.

        He barely moved the thing for longer than 10secs

      4. In the manga they elaborate more on Hiro’s and Naomi’s situation, Hiro seem be quite a good candidate to be a parasite but he failed his compatibility test with Naomi (hinted that Hiro is a special case where Naomi can’t handle Hiro’s talent). Failure candidates is removed from the dome and is sent to a place called “Garden”, because. Naomi said that “Even if I die, I will choose to stay” imply whatever this “Garden” place is pretty bad as they had seem countless children went there and never been hear again. Hiro is able to stay because he had favoritism from the higher ups (hinting again that Hiro is special).

        Also in the manga Kokoro said that “he’s been our leader since we were little”.

        Hiro also gave them all actual names out of their numbers when they were younger.

        Series’s synopsis affirms that Hiro is a prodigy.

    2. Nope, because ”Mecha” was listed as the main genre of this series here in Japan.
      And one of the compulsory rules imposed in order to list Mecha as the main genre in any series it’s that the main protagonist be a pilot.
      Note: Mecha with giant robot was created for people self-insert themselves into pilot main protagonist.

      1. Also, if my memory do not fail me, there was an similar Mecha film in my past (70-80) where an “alien” Female fall to earth in her Mecha and need an female schoolgirl as “energy source” to fight back evil aliens.. It is just that my memory forgot the anime name..

        “Code Geass”
        “Vision of Escaflowne” (This with the White Skydragon.. i think.. my memory)

        okay i stop

      2. Mecha isn’t the main genre from ”Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” and ”Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2”, “Code Geass”. Only Code Geass: Akito the Exiled was listed with the Mecha main genre, because the main character, Akito is a Mech pilot focused on mech action.
        Mecha isn’t the main genre from “Vision of Escaflowne” and the main character of Gunbuster, Noriko is a pilot.

      3. I know, but there was these kind of Pair (male & Female) in a cockpit. in Gunbuster it was 2 females in the Finale “Big Robot”

        So this pairing of male & female in Mecha cockpits are not that special. but i think your right, i do not remember that an Female Pilot has the authority over an male co-pilot.. it was more male (pilot) and Female (co-pilot) or both females.. but never female (pilot) and male one…

      4. 戦え!!イクサー1
        Tatakae!! Iczer-1

        イクサー1(イクサー ワン
        Iczer-1 (Iczer-One)
        声 – 山本百合子
        Voiced by: Yuriko Yamamoto
        main protagonist

        the alien girl (blond girl) is the main protagonist of this series.

      5. @worldwidedepp: “alien” Female fall to earth in her Mecha and need an female schoolgirl as “energy source” to fight back evil aliens

        i believe you’re talking about “rinne no langrage” i think XD

    3. Definitely not

      – 02’s ex-partner had a boy/stamen pilot suit
      – 02’s had a standard girl/pistil pilot suit.
      – Hiro had no pilot suit when he piloted with 02.
      – Mitsuru said: I hear that pistil called Zero two…
      – Hiro recognized the feeling of piloting with Ichigo, when he was on top; the only other time he piloted was with 02

      related pics: https://imgur.com/a/GjG9O

      1. Definitely not

        – 02′s ex-partner had a boy/stamen pilot suit
        – 02′s had a standard girl/pistil pilot suit.
        – Hiro had no pilot suit when he piloted with 02.
        – Mitsuru said: I hear that pistil called Zero two…
        – Hiro recognized the feeling of piloting with Ichigo, when he was on top; the only other time he piloted was with 02

        related pics: https://imgur.com/a/GjG9O

        We still don’t know how many partners had ridden in 02’s ass before Hiro

    4. It’s a running theory by a lot of the viewers on Reddit.

      The sex allegories are pretty blatant. And it’d make sense that Hiro and 02 are meant to be a commentary on gender roles in that regard. IE: Men are expected to be the ones in charge “piloting”, while the women are the ones being “ridden”.

      02, the mutant is the one that actually pilots and Hiro struggles because he tries to force himself to fit the mold society expects of him.

      It lines up with a lot of what has been seen so far. And the advertising itself stands out since Hiro and 02 are often reversed in their positions relative to the other 4 pairs.

      1. and to give this a name…

        an side effect of the “Overdrive” mode.. where the Male is the Key and the Female.. aehm.. yes.. Its like in “Mai Otome”, when they become pregnant the “otome” system destroy itselfs to protect the baby… So older ex-Parasites are no longer “Virgins”

        Now, we have an more better Doujin base.. Use it wisely

        Also they all talk about the Father.. Where is the Mother?

  1. This looks more and more like Pacific Rim all of a sudden…the sync capability looks pretty important right now (for all the pairs actually)…

    …though that didn’t really explain why Hiro can’t actually control a FranXX, and only be able to maintain his synchronization (as seen this week)… Scratch that, what DOES Hiro think of the girls in the group?

      1. But in Macross he protects both Smiles, and here he is only capable to “fly” with 02… or he learns from 02 to compensate/suppress his “Big House” Negative Waves to match Ichigo.. Like in Kill la Kill this Sisters. But then if he succeed to match with Ichigo’s power levels.. is he still going 100% power? or he is just talking an “smoother language”?
        Reminder: Its the Girl on the Left, that has to use her strong Willpower and to wear this Suit, also the Suit also helps here out… (you must know how Kill la Kill works to understand this Picture and background)

    1. So far it looks like compatibility is only half the answer. Hiro may synchronize with Ichigo, but he seems dead set on believing he cannot pilot a Franxx without maybe Zero Two’s help. Since Franxx piloting requires both crew members to be involved, anytime one drops out there’s only so much the other can do to make up for it. Basically Hiro gave up and Ichigo couldn’t overcome that lack of desire/belief.

      Crew relationships and how crew members both see each other are going to be very important here.

  2. I was wrong. This isn’t robots powered by dry humping. This is robots powered by ACTUAL fucking. And I am not complaining.

    Trigger you maniacs.

    Also 02 continues to be the best girl.

  3. So, a heteronormative Simoun – is this the low birthrate thing again, one wonders?

    Seriously, though, Darling is definitely my favourite show so far this season. Yes, the flower thing is definitely a big part of the scenario. Mistilteinn means mistletoe, which is a parasitic plant, so that’s presumably where the parasite thing comes from. Given that this is drawing heavily on Evangelion (one reviewer even claimed it was a shot-for-shot remake, though I’m not so sure about that), maybe the FranXX really are armoured plants and not mechas and they need the parasites’ male and female sexual forces to make them move.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx/Darling%20in%20the%20Franxx%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2035.jpg
      The Female Pilots are capable to move the Mecha on their Own. But i think the Male is there to share the “Mind stress” like in the US Movie “Pacific Rim” (There 1 Pilot can drive it, too but under the same “Stress”)

      I bet 002 are stronger, because she is more “Boyish” and have perhaps more Stamina. But even here she needs an co-pilot to “bloom into an Big Flower”

      As i thought, the Mechas are the extension of the Female pilots, where the Male have the support role

      But seriously…(Japan!!! :))
      And Perfect Butt shaped cockpit. To get use the male to calm down his erection and focus on the job? 🙂
      Lucky for the Pilots, that there is no “Overdrive”…. (aehm..) Like in “Ghostbusters” some male Key was looking for an female Keyhole..(enough Mind sex)

      The Designer of this Cockpit, loves to rides heavy street race Motorbikes.. Look closely how the female rides the “Bike”..i do not mind, in Knights&Magic there where also “Motorbike” alike Cockpits, there you can use your full body to hold this “Human leg” Mecha on his feet

      Perhaps the stress comes from there. To move and hold balance on this thing

      Also.. where there is an Father, there most be also an Mother…

      Speculation TIME!!! ON:
      Evangelion.. i can hear your screams of your Angels…

      Last Episode she attack this Monster and penetrate some kind of Ball, right?
      This Ball has the same shape as their own Cockpit… Perhaps this “Monsters” are from other Human Colonies under the Surface or Lifeform, that need also the Magma Energy to survive. So they are fighting back. And the original “Franxx” comes from them, just the Human here succeed in control this with this kind of Cockpit (There is my Evangelion reference)

      Also perhaps the Pilots must be still Virgin to have the Mecha move on, and the Negative and Positive Energy are the “feelings”/attractions to each other.. Well in the end they show us many “Dolphins!” (Fate series *insider*)(also this “Virgin” comes from Simoun)

      Since there are no real Skin contact here the anime stay save… until we get an visual proof how 002 let the Male(Rider) controls her(Horse)… Perhaps with direct contact on her Butt… So they take away this “save” controls

      Its like the “mystery” with… do it with protection or raw…

      Well, i am bending to much outside my window.. but i think the most “sexual” parts plays in the Mind of the fan, like in “Eromanga sensei”.. As long they not overstep the “visual proof” border (an Kissing do not count) its all “Green”

      reminder.. this tight Female Pilot suit skin, is some kind of Latex.. an 2nd skin.. so touching this Latex, is like touching Raw…(for future episodes.. we have 22 to go)

      and yes. i am older then 24+. So i am allow to write this stuff 🙂

      1. For someone who proclaims to be older than 24, your observations about this show are amazingly childish “But seriously… (Japan!!! :))” “I’m an adult! I can say the word condom!”

        I find it weird that you still maintain such a presence here without having picked up much english skills in about five years I’ve seen you here. Wouldn’t it be more productive to go to forums in your native tongue where conversation can flow without difficulty in comprehension? Out of curiosity and not sarcasm, do you have an avid following for anime where you live?

        I hope one day that people would quit the subtle racism that comes with summing up a story’s wilder elements as only a result of having originated from Japan. Not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing to be blunt and open about another culture’s weirdness, that’s just part of acceptance in the long run not to be reserved about your remarks, but I think working towards the future in this new year, less emphasis and variants of the “WTF Japan” meme would do good for cross cultural interaction and not mocking their creative direction.

      2. Yo do not see an Joke even if its bite you.. You do just react to my present comment here, but all on Randomc knows my true self, and that this was an Joke. So go judge me an other day

        and no, RandomC is where i like to be. I admit i came from Animesuki forums. But this here became my “portal worldwide” to talk about Anime and Manga..

      3. Language comprehension has nothing to do with racism.

        It’s not racist to question if they think things could be more efficient if the parties you’re speaking with can understand you clearly, as langauge itself has nothing do do with the race of the speaker. I was merely asking if there was an avid fanbase where he was from as an alternative. For all you know, me and Depp could be of the same nationality.

    2. No the first ep was not a one-to-one shot of eva’s first ep but there is a shot of Hiro in ep 1 performing his aptitude evaluation as a parasite that is a 1:1 scene of shinji doing his synchro test with eva 01. So yea, the superficial eva influences are there

    3. Oh damn I missed the mistletoe reference, good catch!
      Considering how anthropomorphic these mecha are I also think it’s unlikely they are true mecha as we know them. The need for intimate pairing and synchronicity, the title of parasite, and utter lack of explanation surrounding a power core (one of the first things typically revealed in these shows) suggests there’s something very sinister lying at the core of this story. Very likely could be armoured plants at this point.

    1. What she said was “heta-kusou”

      It basically literally translates into a rude form of “unskilled” or “clumsy”. “You’re terrible” is an OK enough translation, but the “you” is a bit misleading since it leads some people to think she’s directing the slight at the guy.

      I really don’t think she meant it for him though. It was entirely directed at herself, with her blaming herself for their terrible cockpit performance.

  4. Nobody mentions Nerv? It’s not even inspiration as this point, their organization is just their show version of it.

    I like the show but really… I could be fine with another setup in their robots

      1. Well, i am curious who is their Mother.. perhaps we have here nearly an “Nerv/Eve/Eva/Evangelion” match… They found an big Cave while making the Holes for the Magma source and found the “prototype” of the 000 in the OP…

        Well, lets see how much they want to revive “Evangelion” base story

      2. Definitely not

        – 02’s ex-partner had a boy/stamen pilot suit
        – 02’s had a standard girl/pistil pilot suit.
        – Hiro had no pilot suit when he piloted with 02.
        – Mitsuru said: I hear that pistil called Zero two…
        – Hiro recognized the feeling of piloting with Ichigo, when he was on top; the only other time he piloted was with 02.

        related pics: https://imgur.com/a/GjG9O

      3. Definitely not

        – 02′s ex-partner had a boy/stamen pilot suit
        – 02′s had a standard girl/pistil pilot suit.
        – Hiro had no pilot suit when he piloted with 02.
        – Mitsuru said: I hear that pistil called Zero two…
        – Hiro recognized the feeling of piloting with Ichigo, when he was on top; the only other time he piloted was with 02

        related pics: https://imgur.com/a/GjG9O

        We still don’t know how many partners had ridden in 02’s ass before Hiro.

  5. After some deep thougt i came to the conclusion that the Secret Energy that powers this Mechas and perhaps also the Enemy… resolves around the energy “Power of creation”

    Creation is about giving life.. and that is why it circle around this sexiness stuff

    1. Funny thing is, despite the minor crushes that are evident, the parasytes seem to have been raised in an asexual way. None of them even knew what kissing was. Don’t think any of the male pilots even bat an eye at the strange cockpit setup.

      1. Probably not, although it’s telling when Ichigo seemed to have an inkling of what a kiss was before she locked lips with Hiro. Wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of the parasites are doing their own personal studying on the side 😛

    1. It’s not clear what they mean by tainting, it could be reducing Zero Two’s power, or it could be corrupting it and making it uncontrollable. Given the mock battle the leadership seems to be testing Hiro’s compatibility with Zero Two, which is likely why they allowed him and Ichigo to pair up briefly. I don’t think Hiro would render Ichigo useless, but on the off hand chance better her than the horned weapon.

  6. What do the pilots actualyl do to choose where the robots goes? I get that they synchronize their minds and body fluids or whatever, but I wonder if it’s like a collective decision where the robot goes.

    1. As is my understanding, they both kind of do it together, but the pilot is the one who decides what to do. That’s why he’s behind her: to thrust into the right direction.

      1. So instead of being forced into their mother’s womb casually losing their sanity they get to fuck a robot who is also a cute girl. Japan is slowly re learning how the birds and bees work!

      2. I think it’s this too, the pilot steers the mecha, but the girl must understand (and agree) with his intentions in order to actually move it. This is why Zorome couldn’t finish off Hiro and Ichigo, Miku disagreed with the action and thus broke/weakened their control connection.

  7. ‘You’re awful’ – okay, thats it. I dont like her anymore. Don’t blame the guy, bc he can’t pilot with you. She had her expectations, and when he couldnt meet them, then she blames him. Jealousy is not pretty. I really like theory that Hiro was the one who took ‘female’ role – it would be so interesting, but I doubt it, because otaku fans want to see Zero 2 in that position ;/ and as we could see fanservice is one of main points in this show. Also opening is too bland for me, I dont like the song nor visuals, hoped for better one.

    1. Well perhaps both had worked together, so both forces negate themselves out. But we still do not know the truth, only 002 knows it.. and looks like she want to tease the boy and the others with it, as long he do not remember.. but seems like his body remembers the sensation

      Well, give the anime more time.. perhaps we get to this point..

      in the end, the females can move the mechas alone.. but under some costs.. i bet even 002 has her limits

      1. remember ep 01 opening… and red skin girl with two horns, bleeding “blue blood”.. but our 002 have red blood on her.. is it her own blood or more of the guy?.. it’s secret so far

    2. I’m really curious if Zero Two’s Franxx even has the same piloting setup as the other ones. From the quick view we got last episode it seems like there’s only one piloting chair, which barring any combat transformation suggests a more intimate positioning of both crew during operation.

    3. Definitely not.

      – 02’s ex-partner had a boy/stamen pilot suit
      – 02’s had a standard girl/pistil pilot suit.
      – Hiro had no pilot suit when he piloted with 02.
      – Mitsuru said: I hear that pistil called Zero two…
      – Hiro recognized the feeling of piloting with Ichigo, when he was on top; the only other time he piloted was with 02

      related pics: https://imgur.com/a/GjG9O

    4. The subtitles everyone relies on are off as usual.
      She says hetare, which means spineless, and it has the modern nuance of describing males that don’t take the initiative in relationships, which is apt in this situation. Please don’t jump the gun in hating her character just yet, especially because of a poor translation.

  8. One thing that makes me curious: maybe I’m overthinking things, but I wonder if the face of the mecha changes based on the female piloting it, or if the mechs are custom-built based on the female pilot. Thinking either because the faces of the mechs strongly resemble their female pilots.

    1. i think sadly the Mechas are bounded to their female pilot. Perhaps they can swap the males, but not the females.. They are the Body to some extend.. or we get an situation like in Kill la Kill

      But then we should talk about the right time

    2. They might actually, Zero Two’s mecha for example completely changes form depending on whether she’s piloting it alone or with another person. Wouldn’t be a stretch to assume each machine has a malleable phenotype.

    3. Makes me wonder how deep is the connection between the pilots and their FRANXXs, they use a synchronitation technology reminisent of Evangelion and we all know what happens when an Eva Unit is damaged and the synchro rate of the pilot is high enough…

  9. Okay wow. A LOT of things to say here.

    I expected us to get to know more of the expansive cast this episode, and by did we get exactly that! To the point where everyone’s name, code, and franxx name were all spelled out to us in the first 11 minutes in on-screen text. Which is a disadvantage for anyone like me who cannot read Japanese because I now have to goddamn look at 3 points of the screen simultaneously in seconds. This is 24 episodes right? Why rush through these introductions? Do you just wanna rush to the fights? How are you going to spend the other 22 episodes? I hope they put most of these characters in the spotlight for a lot of them, because they’re so colorful and entertaining to watch. Especially the tike who bullies Hiro out of jealousy, and the two or so girls with great asses. 😛

    I think they’re trying to do what Gurren Lagann did: write a coming-of-age mech teen show with stupidly clear sexual themes, only more serious and without the power of Awesome controlling anyone’s power. Which is kind of underwhelming considering GL DID it already, and with so much flair that any further imitation could be considered derivative. I mean his this ep is basically “Guy Experiences Doggy-Style Deficiency And His Manliness If Scorned For It”.

    Ichigo also kinda annoys me. She clearly has a crush on Hiro but what did she do to compete with 002?? Has she made any advances? She seems just as withdrawn as him. Also… what is it about Hiro that attracts you to him other than looks?? He’s a bland character, we know nothing about him! Maybe he just has to focus while they’re in sync in the tests, as he SCREWS it in REAL TIGHT.

    How are the kids given codes? What is the system they use to assign them numbers?

    I really like the ED that depicts them in more realistic settings.

  10. I really enjoyed your write-up. I feel like Stilts is perhaps a bad choice for this series as they couldn’t seem to withhold their political soapbox the last post they made on it. I feel like you were much more fair to the show and more enjoyable to read.

    Lots of interesting things in this world setup. I like the characters, but I gotta say, I’m loving the world and can’t wait to see more about what is actually going on.

    1. Thanks for liking it! Always glad when someone finds a use for my ramblings 😛

      Frankly I just write about what catches my eye, and Franxx has quite a bit right now which is proving interesting to discuss and comment on. I just hope the backstory to this world can match what is likely to be some seriously entertaining character conflicts going forward.

    2. I too am getting annoyed at certain reviewer’s attitudes towards some series. “Oh no, this anime is doing anime things, and that’s problematic”. Either watch the series knowing what it is, or realize that it’s not for you and move on.

      Same reason I get annoyed at ANN reviews. Like, have they not been watching anime for the past 30nyears or something?

    3. Yeah the feministic part threw me off. I read that far into the review before I decided to check the show out so I went in expecting some hefty mistreatment of female characters but but apart from the ass grab I really could not relate to things he took issue with.

      1. Additional note and disclaimer: of course I think feminism in its core is good (as I think most sensible people would agree with) but the past years it seems that many media are really pushing a certain agenda by looking to get offended by a lot of things that have been normal for years in gaming, anime or other pop culture.

        From an outsider perspective, I can somewhat understand why a foreign (both literally and figuratively) type of media such as anime can look strange but when the advocating comes from within this community such as notably in the case of Kotaku (and apparently ANN too, though I don’t read their stuff much) and now here too that just makes me scratch my head.

      2. I agree. With the groping thing by that scientist, its not like the show said “Look at this groping, see how awesome sexual assault is”. That was to show us how f-ed up that society is. Especially since no one even bats an eye at it. Not ever fantasy society has to be some perfect idealized utopia. If we know anything from past Trigger series, there will be something really messed up somewhere.

  11. Wow, can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many comments for a new anime on RandomC. As a long time reader, and somewhat reluctant commenter, I enjoy reading other peoples comments. Hopefully this pace keeps up!

  12. Honestly, I don’t really know what to do with the show, but I’ll continue it simply for the plot’s sake.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Hiro and Ichigo might actually be brother and sister and not even know it?

    1. Given that their numbers are close to each other, this is a possibility. Apparently, the lower the number, the stronger the pilot status. If 002 is like, you know, Zero Two, I wonder what kind of guy is/was 001.

    2. Well, they all talk about “father”.. Perhaps they are all Half-siblings… or this father was the semen provider and they used some artificial ovum. So they are all made in an Test tube facility

  13. I can almost hear the feminazis whining about how this show “humiliates girls by reducing them to mere objects for men to use” while “exalting the patriarchy” yadda yadda yadda.

    1. Seems like a male-dominated society with sexual harassment and the female in the subordinate role. But the show is new and the society seems sick in other ways so I have no problem with showing those problems as just part of the package.
      Using the term Feminazi though often pegs one as a Chauvinist maybe even a Mysoginst so I would avoid using that term quickly. I have had my own battles with the puritanical Feminist that you were referring to as well just don’t assume us who like our sexy and harem are automatically the extremist Feminist when we point out male dominating female things in a story.

      Never got the Feminazi term. The extremist Feminist is left wing were Communists are and the Nazi were right-wing hardcore Chauvinists believing women belonged in the home having babies. The Nazi name by the way an early propaganda name, socialism was very popular at the time but the Nazi party was supported by the rich and big business and were the enemies of the communists.

  14. Now that is what i call a COCMPIT. Lolz.
    Plus would ypu look at that heads up display.
    If this was in an srw game i would be aflame with the fires of youth each time i ride this mecha. Them ass down take is ….yeah

  15. Episode 2 did a solid job at establishing the mechanics behind the Franxx, and feels like a revamp of Diebuster paired with the Freudian metaphors of TTGL’s mecha. It’s compelling to see how much of the Franxx’s power relies on both pilots being in synch with one another, although it wasn’t until this episode when I saw the layout of the cockpit and I was like “oh…..oooooooooh…that’s what that’s supposed to be…”. The metaphors alone make this a very amusing show to follow given the battle in the last half outlining Hiro’s “performance anxiety” and Ichigo’s last line. It did alot to assuage any of the worries I had within the first episode

    Zero Two continues to act as a charismatic magnet that makes up for the plainish feel that Hiro has. I’m surprised how Goro started out pretty understanding and supportive of Hiro despite her partner Ichigo’s insistence on being paired with him. Only time will tell what he’d think about the kiss though after the camera panned back to him. Tamura definitely has the obnoxious rival act going for him, but I was caught off guard by his voice at first, and assumed he was a tomboy girl when he was first introduced.

    At first I was unsure what to think of Ichigo trying to create conflict with a love triangle, but I think that experiencing Hiro’s lack of reaction towards being paired up with her should make it interesting to see what she does from here. Hearing Naomi is still around makes me curious about how she’ll be reintroduced into the story, and how she’ll react about Zero Two.

    1. My guts telling me, that the role of the male is also some kind of Turbocharger…instant of Fuel or Hot Air, they use “Ecchiness”

      That would explain that the Female Pilot can move the Mecha alone, but under heavy stress.. With the “Turbocharger” they can even Jump around like Ballerinas

      1. So 002 is their best “raw Horsepower” Female in the House, but with the compatible “Turbocharger” that can withstand her strong/high RPM’s, they can “pierce the Heavens”

        Seems like until know her previous Turbo-chans did not stand the heat….

      2. That also explain why he is not compatible with the other Girls anymore… He need some sort of “Base High RPM” to work

        Something like to keep the Engine constant over 6000 RPM’s that only 002 are capable.. That explain the exhaustion of the other females.. He demand to high RPM

        p.s. think of this RPM’s like Motorbike ones, with Turbocharger, because of the Cockpit

        Hope to help you out with some Mind Pictures (again)

  16. Very funky robots with some suggesting high heals. I love robot shows even though almost all designs make no sense combat wise and the large ones almost always have way too small of feet to actually support that much weight without punching into the ground. So the fact that these robots are a bit sillier than normal, not a problem.

    Other flaws of robots, way to thin armor, lots of easy to hit and disable joints, very maintenance demanding functioning and I could go on and on.

    1. Just wait, there are many “class” of this Robots.. and there is also one “Tank”

      Well, you could also say that about our own Human body.. And we do not sink into the ground or make Holes…

  17. Looks like during the adult meeting, they were discussing about Zero Two and Hiro. How he was a rare sample who doesn’t seem to have any signs of physical aging. If you look at Zero Two’s previous partner. He had somewhat grey hair. I’m wondering if her abilities causes her partner to age as well as injure them.

  18. I feel sorry for some of the people commenting here, they’re like little kids with their lollipops being taken away from them.
    Shitting on the main protagonist with meme buzzwords like “Beta”, “numbnuts” and “self-insert”. If you want to add information, just share it. You don’t have to shit on the show or the characters, especially when you didn’t even bother to spend a bit of your time to read the synopsis or research a little about show before watching it.

    Well, let’s lay down all the evidence first before jumping to hasty conclusions and meme buzzwords like “Beta”, “numbnuts” and “self-insert”, OK!

    They have a dream. One day, they want to fly in the sky. Even if they know that the sky is blocked by glass.

    In the distant future, the people moved to a city they built on the devastated earth, called Plantation. One residence facility they have built there is called Mistilteinn, also called “bird cage”. The children live there without knowing the outside world or what “the wide, free sky” is. They are only taught how to fight. The enemy is a giant mysterious creature called Kyouryuu. To face this enemy they haven’t seen yet, the children ride robots called Franxx. They believe their existence is proved by riding them.

    There is a boy who is called a prodigy. Code number 016. His name is Hiro. But now he is falling. He isn’t needed. If he can’t ride a Franxx, it’s as if he isn’t there at all. One day, a mysterious girl called Zero Two appears before Hiro. Two horns are growing on her forehead. “I found him, my Darling.”

    Hiro is like a caged bird who knows nothing about the outside world or what “the wide, free sky” is. He was only taught how to fight. So it’s pretty obvious that Hiro is like a child who knows nothing of relationships/love and stuff. It had nothing to do with being “Beta” , “numbnuts” “dense”, and “self-insert”, as he NEVER experience those stuff.

    1. It’s normal behaviour to mock weak, underdeveloped or broken characters in internet fourms, specially if they are indecisive or don’t know how to move around women because a lot of readers tend to project themselves.They also love these type of 4chan meme buzzwords. The recently closed batoto comment sections were an example of this.

      The most recent case I remember was a manga where the mc broke with his girlfriend and he rented a fake girlfriend to show off to friends and family. He is the typical goody two-shoes desperate to lose his virginity and the story goes around how things get entangled more and more because of his lies and indecision. There were only 6 chapters translated out of 25-30 and the “I am so macho and I would be the perfect gentleman in his case” festival was in the comments was insane. Like how here people are judging things when we have only seen the fucking second episode.

      Nothing you can do about that, it’s idiocy at its finest. Just don’t tilt and secure your spine against all the cringe force it will be subjected to.

    2. No need to feel sorry for me, I’m fine. On the other hand, you seem to deeply misunderstand why people call Hiro “Beta” and “self-insert”. See the show itself portraits him as indecisive. Maybe your right and it’s not his fault for being inexperienced, but that makes him not less indecisive. He is even called spineless in-universe. So at least what the show wants to portrait and what it portraits match.
      Now we have the cockpits, which put the boys in a dominant position. Compare that with the relationship dynamic of Zero Two and Hiro, where Zero Two is clearly the more dominant part. It doesn’t match. And of cause this gives rise to speculation what really happened in the cockpit e.g. were the roles inverted. This is part of the mystery the story wants to build.
      If you are triggered by words like Beta or self-insert, you may not want to think in terms of dominance about human relations. Fine with me, you can omit this part of the story, but stop forcing this point of view on me.

      1. It’s a buzzword.

        People can really use it for anything. It’s very popular when there are shut-in characters, often even though every single other aspect of them is totally unrelatable to most “otakus”.

        Imagine a character has 1000 personality traits. Now 1 out of those 1000 is “being a hikikomori or NEET”, while the other 999 are traits that usually do not apply to the “normal otaku”. And guess what, even though the character does not match the “normal otaku” for more than 0,1%, they still call them “self-insert characters”.

        A popular example that comes to mind is Sora from No Game No Life. He is often called a “self-insert character”, but honestly, I doubt there many people who could REALLY emphasize with such a character, whose life is mostly focused on one person (Shiro) and aside from that has a rather nihilistic perspective on life not to mention the fact that he is a genius… But wait! He is a hikikomori, so he must TOTALLY be a self-insert character!

        And… who the hell would call Tatsuya a self-insert character? That’s really going beyond my suspension of disbelief, unless in that case “self-insert character” means “this is a character whose hardships I don’t want to carry, but whose positive experiences I want to experience!”, but if there is really someone who uses that definition… well some things are better left unsaid.

        Really, “self-insert character” and “wish-fulfillment stories” are buzzwords that are used far too much lately, escpacially against Web Novels, as if people want to show off their “maturity” that they don’t read such “wish fulfillment stories with self-insert characters for the typical Otaku”. I fear those phrases may become the new “Dues Ex Machina”.

  19. While I highly disagree with the cockpit design (it looks freaking weird, yo), has anyone noticed this design inconsistency on the show’s character page? It appears that they’ve always made it a point to represent males with the color blue, and females with the color red. This kind of… gendered order (it does sound kinda f*cked up) has been a central theme of the show so far: Pistil and Stamen. HOWEVER, for Hiro + 02’s character profile, it is FLIPPED. From the color of their names to their position on the page:


    It’s even like this on their character art cutouts:


    1. This is due to the fact that Hiro is the main protagonist of the series.

      The Japanese get into the habit of always putting the main protagonist of the series on the central position or on your left on the promotional Materials and the official arts, as well as the first character that appears on your left on the series official website.

    2. @Chunmeista
      Did you actually pay Attention to the show’s character page?

      click “KEY VISUAL CHANCHE”

      Hiro is wearing a standard boy/stamen pilot suit, and 02 is wearing a standard girl/pistil pilot suit with the control panel helmet.

      In addition to what has been said by the Azathrael, this is a website made by Aniplex, the MC is always the first character that appears on your left on a website made by Aniplex.

  20. The opening…

    Code 000?
    What are Franxx?
    Most probably derived from those dinosaurs?

    Where is Code 001?
    Another powerful proto Franxx?

    The 5 pretty boys and 3 masked long hair…
    Zero Two uses ‘boku’ but we did see her naked and the long hair have no horns…

    Calling the children ‘parasites’ sounds bad.
    The flower terminology in the Franxx names and pilots have that hope of reproduction to me.
    And the world seem to have a diminished population.
    Continuing with the flower terminology, the children seem to be bred in a ‘Garden’.
    Then the “Plantation”.

    At first in the last episode I thought Ichigo was Hiro’s partner.
    How did they first meet?
    Just what is their relationship?
    Ok, everyone came from the Garden (the orphanage?).

    I wonder how are the boy and girl paired?
    Are they interchangeable?
    Naomi said she regret having Hiro as a partner, couldn’t they swap someone and test again?
    Or are parasites engineered as a pair?

    Got a scenario in my head.
    Zero Two goes berserk.
    Hiro and Ichigo pair in a new Fraxx to battle 002.

    Papa and gang are like the Seele folks, lol.
    Lamarck Club 😛

    Plantations “kiss” to share energy?
    Zero Two kisses Hiro, same technology? lol

    Is Hiro special too? Special specimen…tainting Zero Two.

    Now that I think about it I see the Eureka Seven in this too.

    The numbering system, double-digit elites..
    The series has a very detailed world bible holding it up.

    Ok…the cockpit system is very original.
    The girl seem to provide the soul and the boy dominates and controls.

    Bone? 3rd Nursey Lab..

    Goro is so accommodating, but I keep wanting to see his face twisted with jealousy.
    Goro is so nice.

    Zerome is 666, if a double-digit is elite then a large triple-digit is low tier?
    Thats why he is so offensive? Maybe he actually trains hard too.
    And has a sob underdog story of sorts, not want to be looked down on.

    Entering the mind of the girl, interesting system.
    So the girl is like the AI in Arbalest?
    The failed kiss…so awkward, lol!

    Or those dinosaurs are the result of some human experiment?

    Looks like Ichigo will not be with Hiro, the rejection.
    Hiro needs Zero Two. Got me thinking about Kaibutsu Oujo.

    The series is still mysterious, the world situation and history are still not explained.
    So interesting…


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