「㐧伍刻」 (Dai Go Kokku)
“The Fifth Moment”

With our fifth episode out, we look into Majima’s past as her experiences explain why she’s there and what she hopes to get out of trapping herself in Stasis. With Episode 5, her motivations are expanded to a greater extent as her family’s disappearance in Stasis leads her to think Juri might be the key to freeing her parents from their fate as Holders before they over-exert themselves and fade away. Sadly for Majima, they appeared far too early as they arrived to kill off the latest member of Sagawa’s crew to tempt fate and try to kill a Stalled person. If that isn’t enough an issue for her, Sagawa catching on to Majima’s family being the among recent batch of Heralds places her mission in jeopardy. It’s telling that rather than continuing to keep her distance, this episode had her start becoming up-front to Juri about requesting her assistance. With Majima’s own motives at the forefront of this episode, it does provide intrigue in the idea of multiple agents acting as outside factors in the series’ main conflict between the Yukawa family and Sagawa.

The newest player in the game is Sako, one of the goons hired by Sagawa to track down the Yukawa family. Because he’s been working with Majima, he has slowly become aligned with Majima’s objectives. As a result, he’s painting a huge target on himself once Sagawa starts to catch on that he’s become more invested in helping Majima out than sharing the True Love Society’s goals. Sako could potentially become a new unexpected ally towards the Yukawa’s as he finds himself in a much better place understanding the world from Majima’s point-of-view than the lack of direction that came with Sagawa and the cult’s guidance. He seems to have a general idea that Sagawa is catching onto him and Majima, and that his time is beginning to wane as a trusted member of Sagawa’s entourage, so it’s looking like he would be willing to stick his neck out further to help Majima get her family back.

On the Yukawa’s side of the conflict, their reunion with Takafumi wasn’t exactly the most pleasant way for them to have found him, He had spent a good portion of his time in captivity resenting Jii-san as he would have liked to have used the Stone to reverse his family’s misfortunes as opposed to his father’s method of keeping it secret. Jii-san also takes it roughly when Takafumi directs the blame on him for Makoto and Tsubasa’s kidnapping. Takafumi’s insistence to be left aside also makes it seem like he could be a liability to Juri and Jii-san if he decides to work within the best interests of Sagawa at some point now that he’s back with our main party. The tension is built up even further by the end of the episode as Tsubasa gets stabbed by the cultist that tailed them back to their house. The preview hints that Tsubasa will gain a new, troubling ability and Majima will catch up to Jii-san, so it’ll be a matter of time before much of the events that have happened up til now reach their boiling point.


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  1. Is her name “Majima” or “Mishima”? Couple of your episode write-ups use “Majima” and a couple of them use “Mishima”. Think it’s “Majima”.

    Regarding Sako, I felt that scene of his with Sagawa (right before he joins Majima in the room) set him up as Sagawa’s inside man with Majima to gain insight on whatever she is planning and what other knowledge she might not be sharing. Like he’s pretending their goals are aligned to gain more of her trust. We don’t know what else might have been said in that Sako-Sagawa conversation since it conveniently cut away to Majima sitting alone in that room. Would be nice if he’s legitimately helping her with no hidden agenda, but my gut tells me he’s going to screw her over at some point. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out!

    1. I goofed up. I keep mixing up Majima and Mishima, but her name is Majima. My vidja game consumption keeps mixing them up with P5/Tekken Mishima’s and Yakuza’s Majima that it doesn’t channel it to the correct name. Majima is her real name, and I edited the post to make the correction. Thank you for catching on!

      It will be interesting to see how Sako’s storyline plays out because he has potential to either backstab Majima or help her split from him to free her family. There is the worrying factor of him being close enough to both of them that it’d be believable that he’d be either collaborating with Sagawa to undermine Majima’s goals and risking his status in the cult’s team was a ruse planned by Sagawa himself, or if Sako is going off of his own gut feeling to follow Majima through on her goals while trying to keep Sagawa distracted.

  2. When he asked to have sex with her so casually it was so priceless XD, especially the fact they added sound effects and Sako’s reaction. This show sure has good use of humor XD. So far none of it seems like a forced gag and is more natural.

    1. It was funny to see how they took that dude’s off-the-cuff sex proposition and made it a joke purely off of how astounded Majima was at the audacity of the guy. It does remind me of one of the other comedic scenes where Juri and Jii-san are trying to use the teleportation powers in the playground. They’re funny moments, but they never feel shoe-horned in like they must be there to add variety.

  3. This show is to predictable, and when the storyline needs an other stone or thugs, they are just there, out of nowhere

    i bet
    This one will steal the stone or do other harm things, just because he is now frustrated. But what we saw was just eating his belly full and the other geek uncle is not much better

    Nope, in this Show to many things go “predictable” south and thats no fun for me. i let it drop

    Have fun if you are watching. i reach my end of the line

    1. I don’t think the geek uncle is as petty as the dad because the experience is making him step up and protect Makoto. The dad could do something potentially harmful, but the geek uncle is more of a wild-card because he just got stabbed, and his new powers could either protect his family or be uncontrollable to the point of being counter-intuitive.

  4. I wonder why Majima doesn’t show any hatred towards Juri’s family. While her own family’s tragedy was an accident, there wouldn’t be such an accident had Juri’s grandpa not cast the spell in the first place.

    The suffocated
    1. I figured based on her initial allegiance with Sagawa that she aligned with him because of the resentment she has towards the role the Yukawa’s played in her family tragedy. At the moment though, it seems that she gravitated more towards the idea of having her help her than make them accountable.

    2. Because as a kid Juri “saved” her with forcing her out of the Stasis. so she avoid the same fate like the others to turn into dust.. And the geek uncle was nearly same. but he found an goal, to protect this little boy

  5. I think that Sako has a thing for Majima. If you look at him, he’s been protective of Majima and even respects her. I wouldn’t mind a Sako x Majima pairing. It’s an unusual pairing, that’s why I like it even more.

  6. So the writer decided to add a history between Juri and this Stasis. Although I am not struggling to swallow this information. This is however very cliche, just so happens that helpless Juri wasn’t helpless at all. And she is giving those scrubs what they deserve ‘one, two heave, ho’.


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