「氷結の武神」 (Hyouketsu no Bushin)
“The Freezing God”

What is this, the week of kinky sexual shenanigans? First Franxx goes all out in the art of deep thrusting and now we have Overlord exploring the frontier of interspecies bestiality. Well, necrophilia technically, we are discussing skeletons after all. Weeks of lizardmen were made up for with some choice reaction faces provided by best girls and Shalltear’s punishment revealed in all its spicy glory. Personally I’m not sure at all how being a living chair is remotely alluring, but if the punishment can set off Albedo it must be doing something right. What can I say, I like my girls lively.

As expected from last time the end of the lizardman was determined with relatively little fanfare. Cocytus came, he saw, and he conquered with barely an arm lifted. Not as visually exciting as say the previous fight, but it did reveal a lot regarding how Cocytus has grown in just a few short days. From rigid, unthinking machine to an honour bound warrior truly living up to the name. Our ice throwing insect(oid) gave the lizardmen every opportunity to beat him, he faced them alone, mostly attacked via counters, and deliberately restrained his power output. Cocytus wanted the lizardman to force him into giving more, and while they never could, the courage showed by the Shasha brothers was enough to encourage Cocytus into reconsidering their personal futures. It was arguably inevitable considering the talk of independence last episode, but this bit was still honestly surprising. Just recently Cocytus was afraid to even voice his opinion, but now he pre-emptively came out with a desire to Ainz and was so convinced of the boss skeleton would like it so much he brought Crusch before the call was made. Whatever Ainz was specifically looking for in his lesson to Cocytus he definitely got it back and then some, as his most bullheaded of floor guardians can like Demiurge now think in broader terms. Still not up to the level of sticking human skulls on chairs and conveniently ignoring them of course, but we’ll get there eventually.

Arguably the more important part of this development, however, is what it indicates going forward. Overlord has always focused on the relations between Ainz Ooal Gown and the surrounding world, but now Ainz literally has another people pledging allegiance to him personally. Even with OP as hell powers ensuring those lizardmen stay loyal to him is no easy feat, which is why so much attention was paid to Crusch’s collaboration and Zaruyus’ resurrection. Cocytus may be of a different mind now, but having Crusch keep her masters informed ensures any necessary punishment is pinpoint rather than blanket—easier keeping the peace and solidifying trust if you don’t kill innocents. Doubly effective too is how Zaruyus will keep Crusch on the straight and narrow by ensuring she doesn’t falter in her duties. Loyalty spell or not (and that lie will eventually be found out), Zaruyus owes his life to Ainz and will protect him out of that strong sense of honour Cocytus initially liked so much. It’s a robust control system with multiple checks and balances, and one which would be incredibly easy to implement for different people if successful. The lizardmen may not have been turned into undead as originally planned, but they have still proven their experimental worth. All that talk of world domination? It just took one big step towards realization.

Only thing left is to figure out in the meantime is who’s best fit to enlighten little Aura and Mare on the inner workings of baby making. Yeah, good luck figuring that one out.


  1. So many priceless skeleton reaction face this episode.
    Ainz’ “Ugh I’m so done with this” face after the accidental peeping is my favorite with his cringing away from Shalltear’s excitement a close second

      1. “Disgusting!” “We should punish them!” “Mortals, honestly.”
        “Well, I have heard that on the last day before battle, such things may be expected.”
        “Yes of course!” “All hail Ainz-sama!” “I should study this for later.”

  2. I really disliked Zaruyus’s voice after being resurrected, it sounded really forced and annoying, they should have asked him to whisper or something instead of doing the dying old man’s voice

    1. They tried to stay true to the source material where Zaruyus fumbled about with his words. He is suppose to be on the brink of fainting and I think MadHouse did a great job adapting the conclusion for this arc.

      1. Well honestly i think he did a sub-par job of it, reading source material and using your imagination for character voices vs VA doing halfassed job makes a huge difference, his normal voice for the character is great on other hand.

  3. The main character wasn’t supposed to a nice normal Japanese person? So how he decided to kill dozens of innocent creatures like that? I would understand it if have been slowing becoming an evil person since last season, but nope… Just out of the blue: “hey, I gotta a ideia, let’s a bunch of those Lizardmen because reasons. I mean, we are super powerful and we could just go there, show our power and they would have to obey us, but… Nah, let’s just kill them”.

    Drunk plot writters.

    1. Except he has been becoming more heartless since last season. Or actually, during last season. He mentions it outright at the very beginning how seeing people dying in pools of their own blood didn’t freak him out at all, and he only saves Carne Village because he feels like it’s something Touch Me would’ve wanted him to do, not because he cared in the slightest.

      He isn’t evil, just a cold-hearted undead. He cares about the Guardians because they are part of Nazarick in a literal sense(and they might as well be his cousins’ kids that he watched grow up), plus he can warm up to people like we saw when Ninya’s brutal death pissed him off, but everything else is “gain vs. loss” to Ainz now. If you’re useful you’re fine, carry on, but if you’re in the way or you’re unimportant and more useful as more undead troops or being part of an experiment, then you’re screwed.

    2. Suzuki Satoru wasn’t completely a nice, normal person – he had several psychological problems that resulted in him completely immersing himself in the DMMO-RPG of YGGDRASIL. There as Momonga he and his guild slaughtered thousands of online and NPC opponents in typical self centered RPG fashion. What is unclear to me is that now that he is Ainz has he made the emotional connection to the fact that he is playing with real lives and not just in a follow-on DMMO-RPG?

      1. Regarding actual human lives or not-real people stuck inside a follow up game
        He understands very clearly that it’s a new world with actual people hell even the NPCs are people…but it’s all the same to him.

        The very first thing he lost is his HUMAN empathy…he could still respect or took a liking a few individual but he’s utterly and completely unable to empathize with them as fellow human ….because he’s well, no longer one anymore. The few remaining traces of humanity in him is reserved solely for the legacy of Ainz Ooal Gown, meaning the children of his friends(custom NPCs), other residents of Nazarick or people under protection of that name.

      2. and about Suzuki Satoru…yeah dude has issues even before becoming an undead Overlord ^^;
        Even with his guildmates, his ONLY friends mind you, he was paranoid as hell always second guessing their intentions and thinking the worst things they could possibly do. Not to mention an almost crippling low self-esteem.

        At least he’s well-adjusted enough to mostly only keep it in his mind and he’s actually genuinely cares a lot for them despite all that and greatly treasures his time with them. Plus his paranoia translates into his playstyle giving him somewhat of an edge in pvp despite his roleplay build, dude is almost as crazy prepared as Batman.

    3. You should consider going back and re-watching s01, there was mentions very early that he felt that he was talking on parts of his character’s undead nature, this seems to becoming more and more of his personality as time progress. But he’s still reacting somewhat human to some things (like how the throne was made of human bones) so he’s not completely gone.

      1. This basically, Ainz started losing his humanity the moment he became “trapped” in his avatar. I remember his sex drive was one of the first things he lost, and he soon noticed at times how he was growing less empathetic towards others. He still retains his humanity for the most part, but his new body and his experience is starting to (in a sense) fray the edges of his soul.

    4. No, he was never a good person, in the first season he killed and tortured humans, just watch again. about the lizadman, in the last episode of the first season they say they intend to make a zombie army, but the human potential is limited, so they decide to attack the lizard. all your criticisms can be answered by watching again last season.

      1. Yeah. but it doesn’t help that Nigel and the Sunlight scripture were absolute douches. It also wasn’t shown, but Iguva was planning to backstab Momon and steal credit for “killing” Shalltear after they exhausted each other in the LN.

        Things do turn really dark in Vol. 7 though, if they ever make a season 3, it’ll be interesting how they’ll animate that.

  4. I have to say that the “chair” scene didn’t do much for me in the manga beyond getting an uncomfortable laugh, but this time around… wow. One thing an anime should always try to do is to use the fact that the audience is actually hearing the characters’ voices now to add impact, and the series as a whole has been great at that, but Shalltear’s desperate moans and Albedo’s seething teeth gnashing? That scene really nailed it all over the place. Had to get some water before my inner sadist fully awoke!

    1. The next arc, “the Men in the Kingdom” arc is the first Overlord story arc to span two volumes (and only seven episodes for it? Bah!). It lays the groundwork and introduces characters that will be significant in their own ways in many subsequent volumes. Hence why I was so eager to get to it. As episode 1 of S2 might imply, the Princess, Climb, Gazef, Brain and Sebastian are all major players in this arc. We also get introduced to even more adventurers.

  5. I was pretty surprised what Madhouse could get away with when the participants are lizardmen. It was pretty sweet with the hand holding and the tail entwining and stuff, but yikes. I don’t think you’d get nearly that far if it were a human dude and his girl, with the moving and the moaning and all.

    1. It’s more along the lines of physical numbness (ie like walking up half drunk). In D&D terms its the XP loss from raise dead/ressu spells and in older MMOs.

      This is wasn’t shown in S1 but Khajit’s main motivation for becoming a lich was in order to gain immortality so that he could research a resurrection spell which doesn’t require XP loss to rez his mother who died of a stroke when he was younger.

      Because the current Yggdrasil based rez spells will turn normal people (dead person)to ashes if they can’t pay the XP cost.

  6. Pancakes, the chair part is a bit weird to explain.
    Not sure if it was explained in S1, but Shalltear likes to bone skeletons. Think it is described as loving the undead here but the LN also mentioned the skeleton part but okay. As you also know, they all love to be of help to Ainz and since Shalltear likes the perverted stuff with undead and skeletons you should be able to add 1+1 up right?

    1. Oh no Shalltear’s (and Albedo’s) obsession with papa bones I know about (and get a kick out of), I just don’t know how someone could get off actually being sat on. Bondage and rough sex sure, but some of the other SM stuff is just lost on me lol.

      1. Well Shalltear was originally designed to be Peroroncino’s Fap Outlet XD. the LN side story shows she has a lot of outfits to the point she wonders why she has such a variety of clothes.

      2. The LN mentioned in a side-story that Shalltear is made in such a way that being used in any way by Ainz outside of battle has a chance to arouse her thanks to the settings Peroroncino gave her.
        Never paid it much attention as albedo is much worse at times Show Spoiler ▼


  7. Does Ainz really have to worry about explaining the birds and the bees to Aura and Marle? You’d think it’s something they know about since their creator is an eroge voice actress.

    1. Now now, she’s only a slut if she sleeps around. ‘Sexually demanding” of good ol’ “Freaky” fit better. I’d say “Crazy”, but that pretty much covers all the women of Nazarick…


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