「迅雨」 (Jinu)
“Heavy Rain”

Well, that escalated quickly.

General Impressions

Man, after last week’s suddenly depressing ending, I was afraid that something big was going to hit us this week. And after watching this week’s episode, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can deny that we were hit with some pretty big things.

Starting in chronological order of big revelations, who would have thought that we’d see Kondou drop such a dark and scary line while talking to Tachibana? Looking back at it, I remember trying to fight an internal urge to scream at Tachibana (an imaginary character) to stop pushing Kondou’s button about the book thing. Like, even though we (the audience) knew that she had no idea what kind of landmine she was dancing around, it was pretty painful to see her try her best to strike up a conversation with the person she had such strong feelings for even though it was literally the worst thing she could have done at that point in time. And honestly, can you really blame Tachibana for what happened? Seeing how Kondou has been trying his best to keep himself “separated” from the situation, it’s not too surprising to thing that Tachibana would leap on the opportunity to learn more about the person she cherishes.

All of which lead to a rather depressing latter half where we had to watch Tachibana deal with her thoughts about whether or not she had just pushed out someone who she really wants in her life. However, as we all saw, it looks like enough persistence and a little bit of luck, things can work out and boy did things turn out well for Tachibana. Something that, based on what happened earlier in the episode, came as a surprise since I thought we were at the turning point where Kondou might have made an exit out of Tachibana’s field of view.

Overall , a kind of crazy episode that leaves us in such a strong position for whatever is going to happen throughout the latter half of this series. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a strong showing from both sides since it looks like things are about to get a lot more serious. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week! See you then!

P.S. I forgot about it while I was originally writing but two random thoughts came to mind while watching this episode. The first being that this show has a lot of strangely erotic moments and the second being maybe Kase isn’t as bad of a guy as I originally thought he might have been.


      1. Short of ditching your phone and PC and locking yourself in a room, I can’t see how you can avoid the possibility of being spoiled. But really this is another one of those stories that’s about the journey rather than the destination, so I don’t think it would worry me anyway if I found out how it ended.

  1. Thought Kodo would lose his head at that blackout scene, but the 28 year age gap is far too great, he snaps back to his usual self.

    Make them a year younger; Akira 16, Kodo 44-yikes, make them two years younger; Akira 15, Kodo 43-someone call the cops since there is a sexual opportunist on the lose taking advantage of a teenager’s innocence, naiveté

    how come is “17” and “45” no different?

    Best episode of the series.

    Mrs. Jones
  2. https://randomc.net/image/Koi%20wa%20Ameagari%20no%20You%20ni/Koi%20wa%20Ameagari%20no%20You%20ni%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2028.jpg
    Kondou is old enough to marry AKira’s mother. Wonder what happen to the father? I dont think they ever mention anything about him at all. If hes already dead or divorced, i wont be suprisded at all if Akira has some daddy-issue and thats the reason why shes attracted to Kondou.

    Anyways, KoiAme is fuckin bold playing with our emotions this week. I mean, danggg…
    That instrumental Ref:rain, when the violin comes in right when Kondou hugged her, whispering his inner monologues, boy i just simply swept away in the current losing all my senses dunno where to focus: the gorgeous visuals, the poetic phrases, the music, or my adreanaline rushing throughout my systems. Though i was so scared for Akira’s safety (and even Kondou’s in this regards lol), i cannot deny how enthralled i was in that brief moment. I remember screaming in my head saying DONT YOU DARE HUG HER KONDOU OR IM CALLING THE POLICE!!!, but im glad he managed to adult himself knowing whats good for Akira. Phew! *wiping heavy sweats

    But still, Akira is freaking gorgeous to a point where it drives me sexually confused every week. Idk if she “came” and sweat by simply imagining her sexy fantasy with the Tenchou or its just the feverish heat; but this girl outta be careful with what she wished for. Man shes so dangerous XD im so enchanted with this week’s episode, and im sorry Violet Evergarden cannot even compare to this masterpiece! (cmon KyoAni!)

    Side note: funny how some animes have different age range for their highschoolers. Like LoveLive’s 17yrold is the 3rd year student, while in K-ON its 18 for 3rd year. So if Akira is 17 and is a 2nd yr, she can be with Kondou legally when shes in her 3rd yr then. Hmm…

    onion warrior
    1. Side note: funny how some animes have different age range for their highschoolers.

      Isn’t that just down to when their birthdays are? I thought that first year is 15-16, second is 16-17 and third is 17-18.

      1. IDK…in my country we just simply divide the year according to how old you are in that year, not according to birthday. Like, if i were to turn 18 this December, im still consider as 18 this year and i’d be in my third year and not 17.

        onion warrior
  3. I know this is a love story about two people with a wide age gap, but I feel terrified for Kondou here. If this is in real life (and with all of that metoo shit) he can be easily accused by this girl of sexual harassment, especially if things didn’t go her way. The more she insists herself to Kondou, the more I find her annoying, she’s overdoing it. I think she has serious daddy issues. Someone should give her a slap in the face. There is nothing wrong with falling in love with an older person, but it should be done in the right time. If she’s in her 20’s it would be a lot different. I’m glad that Kondou is strong enough to resist temptation and manage to stay reasonably sane.

    1. You say this is a love story, but I’m becoming less sure of that as the series goes on. Of course Tachibana, as you rightly point out, has serious daddy issues, but these have simply led to an infatuation with a man presumably around her father’s age rather than a true, deep love that knows to respect the object of affection. And Kondou doesn’t really see her as an adolescent girl, he sees her now almost as representing adolescence itself, which led at first to a nostalgic reverie but now seems to be leading to more morbid thoughts as he considers how he thought his life would go when he was young.

      So my view right now is that it’s a story about adolescence, with Tachibana very much in her adolescence and so acting as a catalyst for making Kondou reconsider his life in the light of how he acted during his own adolescence.

    2. Someone needs to give her mother a slap in the face first. Her household is a mess.

      Letting your daughter roam about a man old enough to be her father – and who happens to be her employer – without checking in on things is simply criminal neglect. And that puts aside the fact that she’s not been teaching or setting an example for her daughter. It’s bad enough that she’s not with her husband, though this kind of reckless behavior is a good plot point as to why she’s alone as a single mother – either because she chose her mate poorly or because she was a bad wife (IRL, it’s often both).

  4. I like the fact that this series shows some realistic feelings here. I know nowadays, there’s sexual harassment everywhere in the media, but this show just genuinely showed two people with a big age gap and their feelings for another.
    I sometimes doubt whether Akira has true feelings for Kondou or if it’s just some fantasy she has and the feeling she has is just a childish feeling.. Overall though, I’m really liking how this show display emotions and cannot complain about the BGM at all. I can’t wait to find out how the ending goes.


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