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「さくらと時計とかくれんぼ」 (Sakura to Tokei to Kakurenbo)
“Sakura and The Clock and Hide and Seek”

Finally — a tiny shred of evidence that’s slowly guiding us toward our eventual payout for all of this build up.

General Impressions

Before leaping into the main point I want to cover this week, let me just say that from a slice-of-life perspective, this week’s episode was pretty damn good. Between the show bringing back some old locations that we’ve seen before to Sakura going above and beyond and asking Syaoran on an actual date, there was actually a lot going on when you take a second to appreciate it (at least compared to what we normally get).

However, if you were to ask anyone to pick what was the most important thing about this episode, it’d have to be Sakura and Tomoyo getting the opportunity to enter Akiho’s home. As the commenters will already know, I’ve been extremely wary of Akiho and her sudden appearance. The timing of her introduction as well as her overall demeanor did something much more than just rub me the wrong way and with the introduction of her just as fishy butler Yuna D. Kaito, you’d have to be pretty out of it to not notice all the red flags. But unlike our typical episode, the story wasn’t being subtle this week and we got to see a mysterious looking book that just so happens to have the same types of clocks we’ve seen in Sakura’s dreams. Toss in a rather interesting title for the book that plays off on a title that involves a young girl that ends up in tons of trouble as she tries to navigate through a whimsical world and it makes you wonder just where things are planning on heading.

If I were to throw my hat in to the guessing ring though, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we ended up seeing some kind of situation where Akiho ends up being a normal person that gets wrapped up in some magically influenced situation. Assuming she has no idea about magic and is just your typical human being, it doesn’t sound too farfetched to think someone near her is pulling the strings as we get closer and closer to Sakura figuring out what’s going on.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week where it looks like Syaoran is going to FINALLY get an opportunity to do something more than just flash some cool hand signs and summon his weapon of choice. As an added bonus, maybe he’ll finally let it slip just what him and Eriol have been hiding from Sakura.

See you then!



February 26, 2018 at 12:53 am