「男の子×女の子」 (Otokonoko × Onnanoko)
“Boys x Girls”

Oh Trigger you never fail to disappoint. A little pulp action mecha goodness, rock soundtrack, and just a little T&A (well, mostly A) for the trouble—what’s not to love? Oh and maybe some more story tidbits, because you know we haven’t been incessantly teased enough already. I’d usually be enraged (with tongue firmly in cheek) with how much nose pulling Franxx is subjecting us to right now, but when you’ve got character banter this great, who’s honestly complaining?

While last week delved a good deal into parasite relationships, this episode arguably completed the task by showing (and patching over) just how ignorant our parasite squad actually is. For all the importance of attachment between boy and girl, both apparently have little understanding of the other side, and have managed to get through life without it largely unimpeded—at least until puberty hit. It’s an ironically perfect place to answer who these kids actually are given last episode’s enquiries, confirming they are human kids in the physical sense and more than willing (including in Kokoro’s case) to consider their sexual sides. As mentioned a while back pair bonds will be critical in Franxx, these kids will only survive with the help of their other halves, and to secure that assistance requires acknowledgement. Boys and girls can never truly empathize with each other given the different plumbing and hormonal balances, but both can bridge the gap enough so the other feels understood and appreciated. Simply learning to see each side has its own wants and needs is a critical first step in growing up, ensuring that when the true struggle begins pistil and stamen both implicitly understand they can rely on the other to complement what they themselves lack. Considering the apparent difficulty in just taking down low level klaxosaurs, such cooperation is not to be underestimated.

The question this raises of course is why these parasites are having to learn this themselves, and we thankfully got an answer for that too, if only in part. Squad 13 is apparently the first group of parasites to hit puberty all at once, and in the best representation of many a mecha leadership before, no one has any bloody idea how to handle the problem. These kids may all be test tube babies, but you’d think the handlers by now would have a clue about dealing with such nagging issues before they spiral out of control. Well, unless they were never meant to reach biological adulthood of course. We have been teased about the inevitability of parasite death for a while now, but the reveal of a previous squad 13 arguably pushes the point home: no matter the circumstances, all parasites die sooner rather than later. Zero Two certainly hints towards it enough after all, and that’s before recalling the ominous remarks of the previously encountered squad. How and when they start dropping like flies is anyone’s guess, but considering Miku’s response to the picture it’s not difficult guessing their method of conception and manipulated genomes likely has something to do with things. There’s a reason that entire floor of the parasite annex was kept off limits after all, and it’s not out of respect for the previous squad.

One way or another all this development hints towards some serious suffering on the horizon for our parasite crew, and it’s going to hit when we all least expect it.


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「Beautiful World」 by XX:me


      1. Its safe to say 02 has had miles of Klaxsaur cock in all of her holes. Probably in their satanic ritual orgies called the Grand Crevasse.

        In fact I’d guess that where Papa really met her. As its pretty obvious APE Royalty attend those ritual orgies

      2. Just a reminder that hair dye exists and Miku’s complete and total freeze reaction seems much more like a PTSD snap than that of someone who merely realized that another team died.

        Sole survivor, “cleaned” and redeployed? Facial structure is definitely very similar to that girl if she were younger when initially deployed.

      3. Nana and Hachi are misusing the word ‘puberty’, it seems that they are as ignorant about its true meaning as the parasites themselves and they’re just using some propaganda definition for it, straight out of the APE manual.

        I found that scene extremely interesting in terms of worldbuilding, it was pretty clear that the parasites are being kept ignorant but I didn’t really expect their adult handlers to be ignorant as well. I wonder how far the propaganda goes through their society since now it seems that it isn’t restricted just to the pilot kids.

      1. -02 becomes the villain half-way through the show
        -Hiro goes full on Simon trying to save her
        -He pilots a super-version of Franxx
        -Last couple of episodes is super hype which is all about love conquers all

        God damn it, please make it happen.

  1. 02 currently has the highest chance of death this cour by a mile.
    The question is who Hiro’s replacement will be.

    – Naomi who suddenly isn’t dead
    – Totally not Nia from GL
    – The good doctor says fuck it and makes a male single pilot FrankXY

    1. I feel like Goro is set up to die. Personality and role as Hiro’s best friend-wise.
      Other than the MCs, Goro’s death would be the most impactful? At least to Hiro. Or maybe Ichigo, but I doubt they’d get rtid of Ichigo before Goro (maybe at same time but not before).
      He’s also a double digit but higher on the number side (so worse) than Hiro and Ichigo.

    2. Episode 12
      – Hiro and the others find Naomi while trying to escape from the plantation
      – APE used her as a test object.
      – they free her.
      – 02 dies while doing so.
      – Emotional goodbye.
      – Naomi and Hiro are partners now.

      well fuck

    3. Hiro values the P13 squad too much to abandon them in favour of 02 at this point. If 02 runs or betrays Hiro, the automatically plot will force Hiro connects with Ichigo or any other random pistil, or else Hiro will end up getting a Mech for piloting solo in order to stop 02.

  2. The highlight of the episode was definitely the discussion between Hiro and the other boys.

    Hiro: Pistil let us stamens handle all the controls, but their frail bodies are the ones bearing the brunt of each battle.

    Futoshi: Oh, yeah. That must be rough.

    Hiro: Even so, they connect to the FranXX and do their best, placing all their trust in us. Watching her like that really made me think… I want to be stronger and take better care of her.

  3. Women are literal cancer in mecha and are a waste of time, ink, processing power, and effort
    Most mech series would be better if they were completely removed, especially the ones that ostensibly depict itself as ‘realistic’ or at least closer to reality than some.
    Most fantastical mecha series would probably improve also if such measures were undertaken

    1. I whole heartily disagree, but to each their own I guess… Pretty much all the critically acclaimed and popular mecha anime usually have a few females who are more than just TNA.

    2. Yeah, right. I can’t stand mecha with no females. Seems like too much of a sausage fest. It’s also much less realistic. 50% of the world is female but on this one ship we don’t have any?

    3. Quite the contrary, series without female are ‘unrealistic’, mecha or not.
      And it’s kinda romantic when I see a couple dying together inside a mecha…

      Anyway.. a good mecha will need at least 2 crews, just like modern aircraft.
      Whether it’s a pair of boy/girl/man/woman/trans/cat/dog doesn’t matter.

    4. And mech’s are a militarly stupid fantasy. Huge number of moving parts to break, very thin armor, huge targets with too small feet normally to actually support them. I enjoy the shows but you cannot make a realism argument on them.
      For crewing vehicles, females have the advantage of smaller size, greater long-term endurance, and greater flexibility normally. Labor saving devices solve most strength related concerns.

    5. Rigamortis, I somewhat agree with you.

      Lots of anime girls are placed in military / mecha shows simply as drama devices (or for pure fanservice, like Strike Witches), so that the feels created by the chemistry of girl-boy relationships are the sources of hope when all seems to be lost. For this particular series, they added a reason for the girls to be there but it doesn’t take away how “forced” some of the scenes and interactions are. It’s interesting how these 13-15 year olds (?) don’t know anything about attraction and sex. Seems highly unlikely, as usually one does not have any control over bodily sexual awakenings. Some things don’t need to be taught. Sex is one of them, like fear or hunger, because it’s in our lizard brains. There’s no reason for these adolescents to feel embarrassment about sex or the human body because they’ve never had a conservative, religious education that promotes and idolizes virginity. All chars should be at least somewhat like Unit 02.

      Little Tangerine
  4. Dr. FranXX is having a lot of fun here. I mean, can anyone seriously believe that there is a klaxosaur whose main weapon is a goo that dissolves the girls’ spray-on parasite suits? I suppose that it does have some value as a weapon if you think of DxD’s Dress Break attack, but actually can anyone seriously believe that the FranXX would even let this goo in anyway??

    And then there’s the whole “hitting puberty at the same time” thing. Of course they didn’t actually do that, what they’ve done is all realised there is such a thing as puberty at the same time, and that was at least in part engineered by the beach trip. The conflicts arising from that lead to 02 trying to prove she’s a human and then doing a Ripley as she leaps off the roof with inhuman skill. But I think at least this was the first time she’s been trying to fit in a bit more rather than just standing aloof and grabbing her “darling” at every opportunity.

    Finally, the taped-off rooms. Even if the powers that be had assumed that respect for authority would be enough to stop the rooms being entered, wouldn’t they at least have cleared them out, rather than left the belongings of the (presumably dead) former residents? So was it intended that the current squad would find them at some point? Is this how all parasites come to realise that they are going to die, or is this another part of Dr. FranXX’s scheming?

    So yes, the same old two questions raised for every question answered schtick. Bring on the next episode!

    1. All the cast look way past puberty age wise. Yes, some reach puberty later but they physically look younger. But this is a subject that seams often distorted upward in age as the taboo makes people want to put puberty older. The average age of 12 in the Roman Empire and Shakesphere having Juliet’s mother complained her daughter should have been married and pregnant at 12 give a better idea that puberty for girls hits at 12 or before on average. I can quote more. But the idea still works in the story and that the enforced lack of knowledge and the group’s treatment before reaching the test group would have suppressed most sexual thoughts till free in the test squad to think on them or be tempted to act on them.
      This would fit the test squad idea in that all were released from whatever sexual inhibition system was used normally and thus all broke free from the conditioning as a group instead of the system failing with a few at a time.

      1. puberty for girls hits at 12 or before on average

        It does these days in Western countries, but even 100 or so years ago puberty was more likely to occur around 16. Although if you go back far enough, maybe 12th century or before, then it was around 14 on average.

      2. Well, perhaps “her secret” is the real cause of the problem. But i wonder is the writer would stay this problem forever. it is impossible for me to see an female-female solution. Or we get something like in NGE where Shinji got together with Asuka in her cockpit and then Sync together to give Asukas Mecha an power boost.. (the one where Asuka jumps around the Ships and even Air Carrier)

        That an possible solution i see.. But not an permanently one.. only for one episode/boss

  5. I liked how in the episode where boys and girls were initially cast as being “against” one another, Hiro treats himself and 02 as a single unit, a team.

    It kind of echoes episode 5, in that while most everybody is hiding shit from one another Hiro and 02 speak frankly and honestly to each other.

    1. To be fair the antagonism fits for the moment, the only reason the parasites even interact is their forced pairing, so outside of the cockpit they’ll revert to the usual state (i.e. childish bickering). I like how the show is showing them slowly grow into a functional unit though, every episode like this brings them closer together and makes them realize they are more similar than originally let on.

  6. Disappointing episode that feels like a filler one with almost no relevant content, yeah sometimes was funny but honestly, this is not helping the series at all, especially with all the hype that was built on previous ones.

      1. there’s definitely relevant content in this episode and i think some of them land….but some of the execution of this episode’s themes leaves a lot to be desired

      2. The potential is there and previous episodes showed some of that with the developments, the mystery behind the Franxx and the kids, the fights and other details. The problem is that these 2 episodes toned down all those elements in order to slap a “daily life of the kids” content, the previous episode was interesting and managed to be quite good in terms of character development but the current one was completely filler except for the last part. These relaxed episodes are quite common on long series like this one but all happened right after a bunch of amazing episodes that ended on feeling wrong. IMO the next episodes should be back on track, mainly because it could help the series a lot considering that the last 2 episodes managed to throw DarliFra into the low rankings this season.

      3. I think any problems with this episode or the last will be better known once we have the rest of Franxx to compare with. Personally I liked what we got this week because it helped flesh out the personalities of a lot of the cast and showed just how far they have to go before even resembling a proper team. Focusing on this too long will breed problems (like what happened with Re:Creators), but I imagine next episode will bring us back to the actual story.

    1. It bore more focus as a character-centric story rather than a plot one. Last episode and this one has 3 focuses
      -inspire character interactions. – Drop tidbits of plot details. -fanservice, obviously. Even in relatively light hearted series like this, breather episodes are still required

    2. The past two episode definitely could have had better execution. I feel like they made it too slow and characters seemed flat the last few episodes.

      Meh, until next saturday~

  7. I love me some Zero Two and Ichigo, but Miku’s numerous faces and reactions are just so kawaii! Especially love her death stares… like when Zerome dared to crossed the line…

    1. in ep 7 02 is insicure because 02 loves Hiro.. she want that Hiro follow her, beacuse she in love him for her is a new way.. she attacked ichigo in agressive mode beacuse is insicure.

    2. Miku is glorious, and the best part is how she and Zorome are damn near a perfect match for each other. I’m just waiting for one to admit they’re in love with the other, the ensuing embarrassment and yammering will be hilarious.

  8. I wonder when these “White Uniform Guy” will made an impact on the Story, perhaps they are for the “2nd season” aka Episode 12+. Because in the OP there are still hidden some secrets. But i hold it back, my speculations

    1. Also.. someone did not make the count 🙂
      (3 BHs in the Air, and nr 4 BH on him)
      (there are one BH left behind)
      Let alone the BH are more then 5.. But the Team are 5 Pairs, and Zerotwo did not took out her BH right? 🙂

      1. Only western fans actually take these forced comedy scenes between Hiro and Zero Two seriously. Even anime fans see these forced comedy scenes between Hiro and 02 as nothing but Tu Love-Ru moments.

      2. Also, i gre up with Japan/Nippon Anime. So my heart are 79% Nippon Anime, 12% Western Anime (mostly French ones) and the other left are Movies from West, and “beat an up” Movies like Jackie Chen (also his humor)and others
        Also the 79% Nippon Anime is mostly “Ghibli Studios” ones and some of their export Anime in the West

        So, i have an Nippon Anime Heart.. an i fallen in love long ago with them.. “Future Boy Conan”

    2. ok, an teasing of my Speculation. In the OP the “White Uniform Guy” Squad is showing for some frames. he is in the center, but these ones on his right.. and the 3 on the back.. reminds me of someones

  9. I have this feeling that for the next few episodes or so will be like Blue lagoon. Where they explore their puberty, sexuality and sexual

    For one, I see several changes to the pairing.

    Kokoro really has her eyes on Mitsuru. Despite him acting like a dick and high and mighty, I’m starting to like him alongside Goro. I’m guessing that Kokoro would “cheat” on her partner and move towards Mitsuru since it is implying that Kokoro wants someone who is strong and possibly high handed. One that will not hesitate to reign the partner in if need to. Kokoro might secretly be a closet M.

    “I taste a secret” – 02

    And what would that secret be? Ikuno being a fujoushi or a lesbian or both? PhenomSage seems to believe that Ikuno to be a lesbian. If that was true… Than…

    If Ikuno x Ichigo, Mitsuru x Kokoro, does that mean we can potentially see Goro x Futoshi and a threeway among Hiro x 02 x Ichigo?

    02 as panty thief is extremely derpy… That derpy face… Pure gold man.

    Henrietta Brix
    1. Yes, people seem to mistake partnerships with relationships. Just like skaters or competitive dancers, your partner in no way has to be your lover. I think most would not want the US Team’s skating brother and sister pair to be romantic. You can be gay and dance or skate with the opposite sex and just like brother-sister pairs you can perform acting and make it look romantic when its nothing of the sort.

    2. – NTR will lead to death.
      – pegfags get BTFO
      – You must be loyal and work together with your mate to succeed.
      – normalfags get BTFO
      – Arranged marriages can be necessary sometimes.
      – Pistils_handle_all_the_controls_fags get BTFO
      – Females are necessary for society to work, but need the strong hands of males to be controlled properly.
      – Gender Bender get BTFO
      – Gays not allowed
      – Futafags get BTFO
      – headcanon/fanwank/fanfiction are instantly denied.

      Thank you based Abe-Sama for making this work.

    1. I enjoyed it, but with it came the realization that Darling is a show targeted at a much younger audience in comparison to Evangelion.
      In spite of the sexual innuendo and theme, the show how have the violence, the sincerity, the blood, the crudeness and the overall adult approach of Evangelion.

  10. What strange liquid.
    Affects only the female suits.
    Sneaky cleaver of the Klaxosaurs.
    They know the insides of their opponents very well and their behaviour…
    Just coincidence?

    In the end that Klaxosaur is pretty powerful.
    Makes me think theres someone making them like the monster of the week in early Power Rangers.

    Its like the P13 kids are specimens kept in a controlled environment.
    Replicated environment of those humans abandoned.
    Past records, would assume the experiment is run on other plantations too?
    If the manga didn’t say this is Earth then I would have say this is some alien planet and somehow the inhabitants on this planet got hold of some human “Noah’s Ark” capsule and started to make humans from the DNA, construct stuff from culture/historical data, then observe the built humans.

    I wonder if theres anyone above the Seven Sages?

    The “something is off” feeling keeps bugging me as I watch each episode.
    Don’t let the Seven Sages know…?
    Dr Franxx personal project.

    Invisible caretakers?
    Convienient plot device?

    One has pills and one has a book.
    Is it bad to bring the book back?
    Will Kokoro feel Mitsuru have a hold on her?

    This is like without PCs, smartphones, game consoles and the Internet.
    You play among yourselves.

    So many wash basins, too many!

    Like other children?
    So the stoic kids of P26 is the norm?

    Built to die?
    Reminds me of the voice drama of Nier Automata musical.

    Is it the gender or the suits that dictate the role?
    The other way wasn’t shown so… or was it accounted for in some literature?

    The other rooms have that drawer door thing too, feels like a prison thing but the kids freely move around and that drawer door is seen being used.

    The 2 sealed rooms in level one is intriguing.
    Ok, she opened a room.
    Why don’t the invisible caretakers clean the room?
    Sentimental value?

    Just being assigned and former team, those eluded me as my thoughts went deep 😛

    1. the only ones that can help you are the admins here. they can delete the posting, but not blocking or anything. Because there is no Login needed to comment here

      So, if you really want this do disappear, try contact an Admin. But there are someones that want to see the World burn

    2. Emailed them, link to that comment included, shortly after seeing it, and NO ONE has responded, and I see the reply is still up! >: I demand to have this blog require logins and account to comment!!

  11. The male and female power is different is something that can only happen after puberty starts as before that little girls and boys are identical except in lower sexual part. Actually separating the sexes for sports has no point till puberty as both are equally strong and agile. And the Dr seems to want more sexuality probably because that will increase the units power levels. But this is a society that seems to suppress all knowledge of sex.

    Guys girls bodies are not fragile they actually are very tough. It good that the guys are noticing the girls have the more important role of being the robot and the piot more an observer and threat indicator than a controller. Sort of like the old sexist idea that the male was superior in dancing as the male leads when the woman is actually the one dancing backward and often in heals.

    Love the mysteries and how so often what something looks like is not what is in this story. Tropes assumed to please males are used to point out something else and increase the mystery. The show draws folks in think the males dominate in the robot only to find out it was more an equal partnership and if any the woman is more important and more in control. Also the trick of a sexual imagery that both sexes are not aware of and a society that suppresses that knowledge.

    1. @RedRocket Are you retarded, delusional feministard? Why it is hard for delusional feministards to accept reality?

      ”The stamen has the initiative when it comes to handling, so consider whether the Pistil, who’s connected to the Franxx, can keep up”
      ”The trust between partners has a direct influence on the handling”.

      The Pistil executes the low-level “execution” part of things like managing the robot’s body and systems while the Stamen executes the high-level part of things like decision making.

      The stamen has the initiative but the pistil is there to support him in terms of execution. When their sync is high the FranXX seems to feel light (the pistil is supporting well) and blinding fast (see Strelizia’s deflection in episodes 4 and 6), but when sync is low it feels heavy, so the pistil is not helping with the execution of what the stamen wants to do (see Delphinium’s stagnation in episodes 3, 4 and 6 and Strelizia in episode 3). If Stamen wants to do something against the wishes of the Pistil it leads to a desynchronization and the movement hangs (see Argentea in episode 2).

      Further simplifying the definition.
      The Stamen is the pilot which is in control over the robot and Pistil is the Mech.

    2. @RedRocket
      Jesus Christ! What the fuck did i just read?
      So far it’s obvious that you’re pulling things out of your ass. Also, it’s obvious you also suffer from a serious mental illness and you need to go to an asylum away from people and life.

      Note: Pistils let us stamens handle all the controls , but their frail bodies are the ones bearing the brunt (damages) of each battle.

      It’s really sad, but I have no hesitation in saying that Darling in the Franxx definitely it doesn’t have a Mecha fanbase, just as Aldnoah.Zero (thanks to Slaine fans) didn’t have three years ago.

    3. Ehh in actuality males and females physically differ even before hitting puberty. They are comparatively minor yes, but boys already possess noticeable differences in strength and mental focus owing from dissimilar hormonal balances. This is part of the reason you hear stories about boys being unable to sit still in class or talk of a supposed ADHD/Aspergers epidemic, prepubescent boys on average desire more physical exertion and rough housing than girls. All puberty does is enhance these underlying foundations.

    4. @RedRocket
      You must also blindly believe that Hiro is training hard and practicing attacking moves with a stick that looks like Strelitzia’s spear in a training bot to be able to execute these movements in your mother’s pussy. http://i.4cdn.org/a/1519540806643.webm

      I’m sorry, but I really hate people that cannot cope with the defeat and truth. But worst of it all is that they still get the nerve to post a random shit as a childish justification for your own inability to deal with the defeat and truth.

      People like you disgust me. Jeez, so much negativity. Get a life!

    5. I think these “Bonds” where Puberty plays also an import role, can be compared with “Ar Tolenico” Mind dive events. The deeper the trust the better their Pair Power and Sync. You remember the NGE Episode where Shinji and Asuka needs to fight, move in Sync? If the male and female become “soul buddies” then the FranXX evolves.. Perhapt then the Pairs become all “ZeroTwo” light and can also do the Beastmode Overdrive…

      If this would be an “standard Mecha anime” then even an “Combine” of all Franxx into an SuperfranXX Mecha would be possible.. But this would be to “out of character” even if Gurran Lagan had this stuff

      1. Imagine:

        You all know surly about Yin and Yang?

        Ying and Yang are mostly drawn as an Circle where 50% Ying and 50% Yang is its body

        So, the Circle is the FranXX Mecha, when the Female Pilot are at their max Piloting skill and the Male can support her with his own 50% Piloting skill (Remember they are doing some kind of Mind dive with external controls) the FranXX can surpass “Mach 1” Power. What happen when the Male Pilot can produce more “power” and the female reduce her “power” to hit the 100%? Will the FranXX transform more to its male pilot counterpart? or will the “overdrive” power of the Male activate the “Beastmode” instincts of the FranXX?

        How dou you like this kind of “trigger”?

        Of course this only works, if the production team want to add an Beastmode (overdrive)

      2. @Worldwidedepp and @RedRocket
        The Pistil functions more like the operating system for a computer, they provide the user interface which in turn is responsible for actually utilizing the computer’s constituent hardware.

        The Stamen interfaces with the Pistil, the Pistil interfaces with the Franxx. Is this really so hard?

      3. I’d say the pistil’s more like the ECU, Takes care of keeping the engine and other systems running, but won’t actually do anything without the driver’s input.

    6. The inside monitors are only for the stamen, while the images and actual feed of from the mech’s body goes directly to the pistil’s brain.

      The male brain is better “wired” from right lobe to left lobe and vice versa, in the females the wiring goes from front to back.

      The higher functions, like decision making and handle all the controls are tasked to the stamen. The low-level functions, like managing the robot’s body and systems (flight, propulsion, balance and strength) are channeled through the pistil.

    7. RedRocket & Worldwidedepp
      How are people missing the point of the series so hard, women are beasts who need a strong hand and smart mind to control them in order for them to be useful. Hiro is a stronger hand and smarter mind than the other stamens that had ridden 02s ass before, so of course 02 is going to mindlessly wander over to him.

    8. @RedRocket



      Can’t you understand that? or are you just joking?

      The Stamen is the pilot which is in control over the robot. Strelizia’s jumps are a good example, Hiro decides where and when, 02 distributes the power, and makes sure things work as they should. That’s the reason why it’s important for pilot to be compatible.

  12. Kokoro and Mitsuru feels like they keep raising a death flag here and there

    Miku’s voice is really lovely…I’m hoping for her and Zorome to survive till the end same with our protagonist ofc

    1. I really hope Kokoro survives just for her cuteness, but given the maternal-laced focus on her I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a prime candidate for early death. She’s too innocent for this world.

      1. Kokoro is the fortress type, right? i think she will survive. But with an price we still do not know yet. Perhaps (if there would be children) she will raise the kid alone, or vice versa

    2. Well, Hiro is not going to die. Mikazuki’s death is a very recent occurrence. there is a minimum period of at least five between the death of each Mecha MC.

      Mika – 2017
      Haruto – 2013
      Lelouch – 2008

  13. They all entered puberty at the same time? Really? They are going to try and tell us that this group were the female half have proportions most adult women don’t have.

  14. Zero two reminds me of Eureka from Eureka Seven. She maybe created by klaxsaurs to biologically resemble humans and then found by Papa. I think the parasites are created by combining genes from previous parasites. Dr. Franxx must have played a little with current squad’s genes. Miku might have been triggered by the resemblance with the previous squad.

      1. @iron2000 Yes, Miku is like Asuka, a ”tsundere”, kek.

        @Worldwidedepp There is no a Rei yet in this show. Rei is a Kuudere without facial expressions, while Kokoro is a Deredere with facial expressions.

  15. Is this show supposed to feel like a 2012-2015 YA novel?

    – “high potential” teenage characters.
    – Oppressive adult ruling structure.
    – Relationship drama.
    – Two characters of the opposite sex fight over the MC.

  16. So when are we gonna see an actually vulnerable 02?
    Only time she seemed to lose it was when she got pissed at Ichigo.
    I want to see 02 having to lay her deep problems out and maybe even crying a bit so Hiro can help her.
    Hiro’s grown so much as a character, but 02 really hasn’t changed much besides being a bit more friendly to the others.

    1. that the arc now. Keep patience, do not rush things. Then if the future “enemy” of Squad 13 would be these White Uniform Knights, then Zerotwo is the only experience fighter they have to grow stronger, to have an change to fight back. Until now, Squad 13 are an bunch of Newbies/Greenhorns that would die in an slaughter fest. So Zerotwo needs Squad 13 to open herself, and Squad 13 needs Zerotwo..

      Win-win and patience my friend. We still have 16 Episodes to go. Okay, but they should also not drag this to long. Perhaps Squad 13 want to show Zerotwo how they grown, and ask her to stand down or watch when they fight an serious enemy. So in the end Zerotwo even applaud to them (and that would boost their moral)

      1. if i am allowed to compare it with Claymore manga:

        “Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 1)”
        “Kiri saku mono tachi (I)” (斬り裂く者たち(I))

        Part 1-3

        This kind of fight, because after this fight. They become the Team we loved and accept Miria as their Captain. even if lately Galatea joins them. Miria is still their Captain

      2. Talking about dragging, I hope they will pace it well and avoid a rushed ending.
        Or an open ending.

        Maybe they will release 2 compilation recap movies then a “true final episode” movie.

  17. Is Japan’s population growth rate really declining that bad that they have to shove it into cartoons that people need to have sex? I’m willing to help Japan with that problem

  18. I understand that 02 attracts MAL, Animesuki, newfags, reddit, normalfags, feministards, SJWs, niggers and degenerates but could you onifags at least try to reign in your retardness? It’s embarrassing.

    Randall Miyashiro
  19. Why i am “fighting” for this kind of Bonds?

    If you are fighting for Life and death, and your next sortie could be your last out there, you should go this deeper. You only life once


    If you just do it for the Job, and there is no Life and Death situation, then this kind of Bond would just “steal” the other partner. But Love can fall everywhere. And there are “protections” for that

    1. correstion:
      – you should go this deeper

      – they can go this deeper. You must take into account the Respect for each other, first. Without respect and trust, it’s just forced and rape

  20. No Klaxosaur fight this episode, but if you ask me, the girls presented far more of a threat to the boys’ physical and mental well-being than any monster ever could.


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