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Kokkoku – 09

「㐧玖刻」 (Dai Kyuu Koku)
“The Ninth Moment”

Or rather, the mutiny that Shiomi just pulled gave the Yukawa’s the information on Sagawa’s goal to see where the future ends. When its laid out in front of us, it is somewhat silly how many people had to die and how much trouble was caused just for Sagawa to freeze himself in the present to experience all of the world’s history from the beginning until the very last galaxy ceases to exist. To become an omnipotent observer is a dangerous tool to have, but he caused a world of problems for himself and others to go the lengths he did to try to get rid of the Yukawa family AND see what the future looked like. Juri shared this same sentiment by getting infuriated that he was going to kill her entire family just to see what happens in the distant future, and although straight up telling him that he can do whatever he wants wouldn’t guarantee their safety, it sounds like an option that might’ve worked before he could grow T-1000 sword-hands.

On the topic of Juri, she ended up locking herself into Stasis by destroying the Master Stone to Jii-san’s horror in this episode. Whether she’d be able to eject herself over time or someone else would gain that power isn’t looking like a sensible option, so Juri might be the only person that doesn’t make it back to the real world. Juri is taking it in stride as she is more gung-ho about confronting Sagawa and getting everyone out, but there is underlying layer of sadness to the possibility that she sacrificed her own freedom to let everyone else go.

It’s a feeling of sadness that would only get deeper once you realize that she’d be freeing Takafumi, who takes any opportunity he can to negate any of his good traits by being entirely unpleasant. He’s proved himself to show concern for Makoto as he wants to treat him, ultimately wants the family to prosper, and put himself on the line to distract the newly formed holder Tobino. However, he goes out of his way to undermine his family’s escape plans by taking Makoto away from the department store, going out of his way to try to take matters into his own hands, doesn’t hesitate on focusing on his mission to use the stone for monetary gain, and recently, tricked Makoto into letting him take credit for his new powers. Makoto being able to control the holders will definitely come to good use, and could potentially save the family, but the further Takafumi tries to pretend he has this power, the more of an obstacle it will be to get any semblance of truth out of him when he is intentionally withholding his intentions from everyone. How Makoto’s powers and Takafumi’s honesty will influence the Yukawa’s fight against Sagawa should come into play once the tenth moment comes around.


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March 4, 2018 at 12:02 pm
  • March 4, 2018 at 1:15 pmrenasayers

    I no longer understand Sagawa Junji, that’s to say if I ever understood this man. Sagawa wants to be an overseer for a halted world, This character want’s to play god and the only place to do so is in an area where there aren’t BIGGER authorities. Sagawa is nothing more than a loser.

    I feel sorry for Juri, it’s one incident after another there is still Makoto and his saftey is still her number one issue. This time the boy has those halo eyes too. (I’m not calling these organs byakugan, that would mean anyone with these eyes have a thick plot armor.) Now the writers are adding in Gramps as an issue, a character who has been more than dependable in the circumstances laid out. While I am on the topic of dangerous positions. I am very surprised Yukawa Takafumi for someone who’s been at the presence of Sagawa as a “Guest” has never encountered serious trouble or been endangered this is very frustrating. If it wasn’t for Juri I would have no respect for Yukawa senior #2 vs very little care for the man.



    • March 4, 2018 at 3:07 pmShio

      This character want’s to play god and the only place to do so is in an area where there aren’t BIGGER authorities. Sagawa is nothing more than a loser.

      Well they all are playing with god-like powers currently.
      Sagawa only wants to see the future and as it seems nothing more. That is a pretty nice goal.

      • March 5, 2018 at 3:07 pmRenaSayers

        There is a fine difference between Segawa and Juri, Juri is trying to leave this halted world with her family intact. The only future she cares for is the normal one. Segawa—is a lunatic going through mutation…

  • March 4, 2018 at 10:12 pmPanino Manino

    I don’t think Juri will remain trapped on Stasis. At the beginning she complained about how she has to sacrifice herself for her useless family, so I don’t think she will be sacrificed in the end, and I suspect that her scum father will be the one with the power to save them all.

    • March 5, 2018 at 3:10 pmRenaSayers

      Juri’s duffous father has the biggest plot armor. I know every character has to have a thought process for character development but I honestly think this man fails at life.