「love you only」

I’m sure by this stage everyone still enjoying fruits of citrus’ labour (pun slightly intended) is well-versed in the strategy the show is following. Mei and Yuzu get in fight of misunderstandings (stage one), the latest competitor proclaims their undying love to the (anti)heroine of the week (stage two), and through the bonanza of drama we get the inevitable make-up propelling citrus’ pièce de résistance one step further along the path to wholesome yuri love. It’s a tried and true plan, although one wonders just how long the show can continue on the same track before indifference kicks in. Guess it’s a good thing next week is the finale then wouldn’t you say?

As delved into last time the little spat between Mei and Yuzu makes some sense. Yuzu seemingly rejected Mei just as she was ready to open herself up, and both sides for various reasons (Yuzu’s fear of taking advantage of Mei, Mei’s belief of Yuzu never really loving her to begin with) took the moment as verification of internal doubts. Yuzu as we know is desperate to rectify her apparent mistake (i.e. turning Mei’s offer down), but Mei, whether through blunt ignorance or stubbornness refuses to see her blame in the matter. The girl effectively needs continual confirmation of love in order to believe it, she treats every moment as an end all be all with little consideration given to prior events. Yuzu’s help and previous affirmations of love? Obsolete the second they’ve past. Given the actions of Mei’s father her attitude is not entirely her fault, but it’s hard to deny she’s downright aggravating this week, between the cold demeanor and not so subtle swipe at Yuzu by immediately jumping on the Sara bandwagon. Make no mistake, Mei will come back around to Yuzu, but once again, as with Matsuri, it will be poor Yuzu having to do all the work to snatch a girl who very much needs to realize the impact of her own actions. I don’t know about you, but our well-meaning blondie definitely deserves a break.

On the other side of things we have Sara, and with her as well citrus is starting to show its age. Love at first sight is certainly a reasonable excuse, especially for teens proclaiming indifference to biological sex, but combined with Mei’s latest blunt force runaround it feels a little forced. There are arguably better ways for citrus to resolve the need for Mei and Yuzu to finally admit their love than a pipsqueak sequel to the pink hair menace, especially when it involves the usual mental gymnastics, key trope moments there to drag the drama out just that moment longer, and knowledge of exactly how the situation will inevitably turn out. It would potentially be concerning for the show’s longevity, it if wasn’t the last arc of the season and accompanied by some downright hilarious shenanigans on the part of best sister and best mama. Tickle sex torture? Loving embraces? Nerding out to history? Oh yes I’ll take two of each. Even the iffy Sara gets some kudos for the cutesy bathroom brawl. Our pint sized problem child might be evil, but goddammit, she’s a necessary evil—seriously, who could turn down a face like that?

With citrus ready to draw to a close next week, the only question remaining is how Yuzu and Mei will find themselves back in the arms of each other. We have the setup, we’ve got the fight, now all we need is the kiss (and making up). Somehow I imagine that last bit won’t take too long to realize.




  1. oh my…
    between Harumin and Nina we have a supporting mom.sister for both sides
    I almost rolled my eyes when both Yuzu and Sara did their best to encourage and support heir own love rival…
    and good old Himeko is kinda turned into support for Mei x Yuzu ship, from the love charms to unwittingly forcing Mei and Yuzu to get into bed together…
    speaking of the bed scene, I could almost smell the hormones raging in the girls bodies…
    damn it those two for making unnecessary misunderstanding when their bodies are so honest with each other!

    1. Yeah Nina isn’t really the problem here, she’s acting as you’d expect a loyal sister (or best friend) to, the issue is Mei and her stubborn attitude. Guess it cannot be helped though, Nina did try and take charge of matters lol.

  2. I am loving this Melodrama. Yes, Melodrama are not great works and often run similar stunts over and over but if done well they are fun. And this has been fun. I agree the hormones have been raging and too bad this show cannot dip into the erotic fare.


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