「白雨」 (Hakuu)
“Sudden Shower”

This week’s episode had my spinning thinking about all the things that could happen.

General Impressions

After last week’s amazing episode that really put into perspective just what kind of relationship Akira and Kondou have together, this week’s did a damn good job at following up and giving us just the right amount of alone time with the two. And no, I don’t mean alone time in some kind of erotic sense. Alone time in the sense that they were able to just spend time with one another and really get a handle on each other as a person.

That said, if there was someone who the show was focusing on, I think we can all agree that Kondou was the man of the hour. With more and more of his back story slowly being revealed, it’s clear that as a middle aged man, he definitely has some regrets for not being able to do the things he wanted to do. Whether those feelings stem from jealously, pride, or just plain old fear, I thought it was absolutely amazing how we got to see Kondou side step all of that in favor of possibly giving it one more go at trying to achieve the dreams he had all but given up.

If I can take a second here to dive into real talk, Kondou’s experiences this week hit me on a whole different level than your typical episode. Seeing myself in him during his flashbacks, I spent most of the episode wondering if I was going to end up like him. Can you imagine waking up one day and having a tough time looking back at the way you’ve handled things in your life? As the mistakes piled on and one bad decision after another leads you down a path that you ultimately might be unable to handle? Honestly it’s a thought that scared the pants off of me especially when I considered that I’m not the spry spring chicken I used to be.

Except, as if the story could tell that this was all getting a little too real, we got to see Kondou face his fears head on. Even if it was during an inner monologue, watching him drop the analogy of a safe bird’s nest never seeing the sun made it feel as if we were watching him be reborn into that younger self of his. A self that will hopefully be able to bring back that passion and spark from his earlier days.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in week after week everyone! Things might have got a little crazy there, but I think the great thing about this show is that there are so many ways of interpreting what happens that everyone watching can hopefully get something out of it. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!


  1. “KyoAni finds a- ops”.

    This anime hit that territory that “it’s so good that I can’t watch anymore of it”.
    Was not the first time in KoiAme, but damn, how this story hits hard.

    And by the way… it’s confirmed now that the anime is just a rushed summary of the core relationship. There’s so much more that they had to cut, so much more developments, characters. If you like what you see here don’t miss the manga.

  2. Not sure how this will wrap up, but after this episode, I’m tossing my two sesterces into the Tiber.

    I adore this show: almost rock-solid writing, pleasing animation, lovely soundtrack. It also resonates with me on two very personal levels. One bittersweet, one angry.

    1. About 4 yrs ago, at an animecon, I met & hit it off, big, with a super girl. But, text & talking, in a few months after, we realized that the we’d not sufficient interests to bridge 17 yrs to 48 yrs. That friendship died. I see that in this anime.

    2. So. You’re a middle-aged man with stories to tell. [grips the edge of desk to not scream] I understand this is Japanese anime & their culture is very, very different… but for God’s sake! I’d never written anything but memos until I was 47; now, I’ve three visual novels, three trad novels, a children’s book… the world is different! Does the mangaka not know about CreateSpace? Weblogs? Samizdat, for God’s sake?!

    I give lectures at schools and cons about this stuff! This is the 21st Century! If you’ve a story, publish it!

    [I apologize for my rant; middle-aged man killing his stories hit too close to home]

    1. My homie Masami, is that you?!

      Kondo is really old fashioned, and he wants to specifically write “belles-lettres”, high literature. But maybe he should adapt, and someone could introduce to him the modern ways available to publish his writings.

  3. Mean while on the news:

    “Pennsylvania [45 year old] man and [16 year old] teen found in Mexico almost 2 weeks after they went missing”


    Yup, this is what happens really in real life. I have been hoping that Kodo would at least take a firm stance on Akira regarding their relationship. Instead, they have been using the statement “we are friends” as an excuse to spend time together. It looks to me Kodo has been manipulating Akira and making false hopes for her that something intimate will come out from their relationship.

      1. I don’t work for the CNN. It just happens to come up to my feed. If you think this is fake news or B.S. that’s your choice.

        “that your news is not really what always happens in ‘real life'”

        Perhaps, but do you have supporting evidence? or is it just your assumption? And if they are, are they socially acceptable that it does not have to involve laws regarding consent and predatory manipulation of the young?

        I would say that the statement “we are friends” is a complete farce.

        Akira wants to have an intimate relationship with Kodo. She wants more than being friends with him, wouldn’t you agree? Kodo know this. By spending more time with Akira, he is “leading her on”, indirectly making her think that their “friendship” will develop into something intimate. Which is by the way, manipulative, predatory, and despicable.

      2. I know someone, who married his high school student. I think there is a 18 year gap. They’ve been married for six years now and has, at least, one kid. This example is a smaller gap than the story, but it’s plausible.

      3. @McL Please, don’t start “fanficing”.
        I can redirect that question to you, what evidence you have that this could be the case? With Akira and Kondo?
        That people elope, yes, that’s something that happens in “real life”. But people of any age elope, not just old man with young woman. Is a thing that happens, yes, but don’t assume the absolute worst of everyone and every fictional character. Pay more attention to what you’re watching here, because in case you didn’t noticed this episode gave evidence that Akira expect other things from Kondo besides just wanting to have sex with him.
        Episode 10 and still insisting on defaming KoiAme.

      4. By spending more time with Akira, he is “leading her on”, indirectly making her think that their “friendship” will develop into something intimate.

        What a poor view you have of women. Poor little things, mustn’t let them anywhere near a man just in case they totally think he’s up for it when all he’s actually done is to be civil.

      5. @Panino Manino

        Intimacy means much more than just sex. But ok, I will use the word “romantically” over “intimacy” instead.

        The evidence is all over the past three episodes. Both Kondou and Akira are using the statement, “we are friends” as an excuse so that they can interact with each other without awkwardness. Problem is that Kondou knows that Akira wants more than just being friends. Why do you think there was even awkwardness between them to start with? she is romantically interested in him. By spending time with her, he is giving her the impression that their relationship could develop into something more than just being friends.

        I don’t think Kondou is romantically interested in Akira-I will not rule it out though, however it is shown that Kondou is spending time with Akira because he wants to experience “youth” again, he wants to feel young again, back in an age in his life where he has options. Nothing is wrong with this until we think about why Akira wants his company, and that is because she is romantically interested in him. By spending time with Akira, Kodo is giving her the false impression that something she wants will come out of their relationship. This is why I see Kondou’s actions-even if done inexplicitly, as manipulative and predatory. Especially by the fact that he knows that both of them will be socially shunned if their current relationship is ever revealed as he states in episode three. Akira’s best friend is repulsed by it, how do you think Akira’s mother would react?

        Also, have you ever wondered why Kondou regrets not having pursued his passion of writing, why he is divorced, and why he never gets promoted from being a manager? Because of this same attitude! He meanders around not taking the bull by it’s horns and making a firm decision.

        Finally, I am only making an observation of the characters, not destructively criticizing the show. On the contrary, I like this show. I think it is a good topic for the discourse of relationships.


        “What a poor view you have of women. Poor little things”

        Have you forgotten that Akira is 17 years old and Kondo is 45? Even if they switch genders, the issue will still be the same.

    1. I don’t think you can go tossing around loaded terms like “predatory” and “manipulative” that imply conscious, aware agency while still pushing the idea that Kondou is half-assed and not acting with full consideration. At best it’s hyperbole that muddles your argument, and at worst it doesn’t make sense at all.

      Either Kondou knows exactly what he’s doing in which case you can call him out for being a predator and manipulator, or, he’s just another meandering soul bumbling through life.

      1. “This is why I see Kondou’s actions-even if done inexplicitly, as manipulative and predatory.”

        You might have missed the word “inexplicitly” in my response. Manipulation and predatory behaviour need no “conscoius, aware agency” as you say. It can be done even without the perpetrator knowing what he/she is doing is wrong.

  4. I think the story about the swallow that Kondo tells Akira sheds light on the overall story. Akira is very headstrong and can be very focused. It’s part of what made her a great runner, but after her injury that focus was put on Kondo after he treated her kindly. Kondo is probably a very talented writer and just as focused, maybe even more so, as Akira. Natsume Sōseki’s And Then (sore kara) is the book Akira is trying to read and when something like this is mentioned in a story there’s a reason. For me, I think it’s more for Kondo, but the bit from Wikipedia entry for the book that stood out is:

    Daisuke (the protagonist) does not have much attachment to traditional Japanese society since his education has given him the knowledge that the world is too vast to be confined to the boundaries delineated by tradition. Furthermore, he cannot form any connection to modern society which views education merely as the prelude to success in a bureaucratic order.

    Daisuke is disconnected from both tradition and modernity. Akira and Kondo are disconnected as well. Akira from the track club and Haruka. Kondo from his family and writing. When you hide from the rain you’ve probably hid in a place that has no light. I’m guessing we’ll see both reconnect these people/things that were so important in their past to keep them pushing into the future.

    Keep Refrigerated

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