OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「ロケットビート[」 (Roketto Bitto) by 安野希世乃 (Yasuno Kiyono)

「さくらとただいま苺鈴」 (Sakura to Tadaima Meirin)
“Sakura and Welcome Back Meiling”

Hey look at that — a new opening and ending sequence!

General Impressions

With one-cour over and another beginning, I must say that I was rather impressed with how the story handled itself this week. Instead of tossing us straight into another clear card capture, we instead got hit with a wave of nostalgia as Meiling graced our screens with her surprise return. A return that I honestly never thought we needed, but was very appreciative to receive. And while it remains to be seen whether or not we’ll see her dawn that awesome battle outfit of hers, I must admit that it’s nice to see someone who’s not afraid to poke fun at Sakura’s feelings for Syaoran as well as able to help push Sakura in the right direction.

Hopping over to Touya and Yukito for a second, boy wouldn’t it be great if we got to see Touya do some cool magical things? As Sakura’s older brother who knows almost exactly what’s going on but is staying silent about it all, I can’t help but think about how cool it would be for him to swoop in and save the day when the time calls for it. And while it might be a pipedream since this is Cardcaptor Sakura after all, maybe dreams like that can come true when you think about the implications of the story devoting an entire moment for revealing Touya’s possible recovery.

Switching gears back to our two main girls this week, I can’t wait to see what card is playing around with Sakura. I have an idea of what card might be messing around, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week before we get any concrete details. Before ending the post though, can we take a second to talk about just how shady Kaito has been? With the story not even trying to hide it anymore, I can’t wait to find out just what he has in store for Sakura and Akiho.

In any case, see you guys next week!



ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「リワインド」 (Riwaindo) by 鈴木みのり (Suzuki Minori)



  1. I find it weird that when Yue transforms, the magic circle is Sakura’s star one instead of the new dream one. Does that mean that the dream power doesn’t belong to Sakura like when she used the Crow cards in the first arc?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. And why can Yue transform so easily and Kero can’t? And why can’t Yue “sense” Kaito’s power like Syaoran?
      Maybe I am going nuts with Clamp, but if Akiho isn’t more like Yue’s role? It is clear that she is being used somehow by Kaito, and both Sakura and Eriol have 1 animal character and 1 human form as guardians. Perhaps Akiho isn’t human at all and she doesn’t know….
      The next card is the one used to make stories real? That one that had the book form? Cause they took 3 episodes talking about plays and theater’s stuff…

  2. Touya gave up all his magic power so that Yue/Yukito would not disappear as there was romantic feelings between the two. I don’t think it would be right for him to recover and “save the day” as that was one of the few meaningful sacrifices in a mindlessly fluffy series. I would like to see him come clean and be more supportive instead of secretive, though.

    I love seeing Meiling, she is a welcome distraction. I’ve really tried to get into this series but there is something missing from the atmosphere of the original. As others have said, the cards give up no fight, no one is concerned that their “personalities” disappear (this is more in line with the original manga, the anime emphasized them being ‘unique’), and it feels like everyone is permanently high in this anime. The original was feel-good, but this is…. uncanny valley? Anyway, I don’t really like the idea of a second magical girl or the fact that Sakura is losing control of the cards again. If she has such strong latent magical abilities, then maybe she should become a magician in her own right like Clow Reed was and stop losing control of her Pokemon.

    Ugh, I hope this series turns it around. At this point, the slice-of-life is more interesting than the magic and overarching story. Evil butler and stuffed animal. Pshhh. Seen it, no thanks.

    1. i think akiho book is what couse all those clear cards events since as we seen at the end meiling had cat ears and tail at the very same time akiho been reading this section of the book

  3. and the story continues… what’s with all the people noticeably keeping some major secret? this clear card arc keeps on becoming thicker. anyway, i cant remember S1-S2 very well, and it will be a pain to rewatch all of it, but did one of those seasons, explained how the clow cards(book?)ended up in the kinomoto household library?

    1. I don’t remember the book’s placement ever being explained in the anime. I’m pretty sure the manga also doesn’t explicitly state why but there is a character background reveal in the manga but not in the anime that let’s one infer why it was there.

      1. It wasn’t because about her fathers work? He is always about escavation sites and works with history facts and stuff…
        Read the manga and watch the anime, is what I say ti those who are angry with the series. Not the case with this reply, though. The new manga, special chapter 21-22 are pretty good in my opinion.

  4. Not to offend anyone here, as a Chinese American I couldn’t understand a word Mei Ling said at two different scenes in episode 13. Now I am not trying to bash Yukana who played Mei Ling, she is one of my favorite seiyuu. I just wish they had chosen someone less popular to play those scenes; like Aya Hirano, no one remembers her.


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