OP Sequence

OP: 「フィクション」 (Fikushon) by sumika

「成海と宏崇の再会。そして…」 (Narumi to Hirotaka no Saikai. Soshite…)
“Narumi and Hirotaka’s Reunion, And…”

God this show has such a cute opening sequence.

General Impressions

If you didn’t already know, I had high expectations for this show after previewing it for our Spring 2018 Preview. Expectations so high that you could say that I was setting myself up for failure since there’s no possible way an adaptation can perfectly capture the essence of the material it’s drawing from. Luckily, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

From a top down look, you have your typical “romance” comedy here. There’s a main cast of characters, they all have their various reasons for being close (physically) to one another, and they all have some kind of weird trait that makes them a little different than the typical human being. However, there’s more than enough shows like that out there and instead I want to focus on the parts that (at least for me) make me want to shout out to the world that they should watch this show.

First off, our main characters are all older and don’t have to deal with the struggles of being in school or living with parents. As working members of society they have a totally different set of problems to deal with and in-turn worry about different types of things (like interpersonal relationships at work). Second, everyone seems to be a freaking weeb (or Otaku) and it’s great. As someone who can literally see himself in Hirotaka and all my of friends as either Narumi, Tarou, or Hanako, there’s something special when the story of a show feels almost too close to real life. Third and most importantly, I love how the adaptation of this show isn’t changing the pacing of things and got the ball rolling with Hirotaka and Narumi just as quickly as it happened in the manga. Because if there’s one thing that drives me up the walls with romances, it’s that the story will move at an abnormally slow pace or throw some real awkward scenarios at us to prevent the main couple from developing a meaningful relationship. A problem that Wotaku definitely doesn’t have.

So, when you take all those points above and mix them all together, you end up with a show like Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. A show that understands clearly what it’s trying to do and isn’t afraid to utilize its strengths when it comes to understanding and showing the audience exactly what they want. And while it remains to be seen whether or not this show will be able to consistently put out content as good as this first episode, I think today is a clear indication that its totally capable of doing so and can only get better from here.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys later. See you!


ED Sequence

ED: 「キミの隣」 (Kimi no Tonari) by halca


  1. Strangely, I find myself to be in a position between Harumi and Hirotaka. On one hand I am apathetic if I overtly display my otakuness at the work place. On the other hand, my old work place kind of did view it the same way as Harumi’s former colleagues did.

    This week we already have Steins Gate giving us a legal loli. Now Wotaku gives us the “osanajimi finally wins” love story. What’s next?

    Even if I can instantly click with the characters, I have to say that Utaha senpai is cuter than ninja Kato.

    Henrietta Brix
      1. Semi spoiler. You’ll see next episode. Though they do sorta give it away in the OP…

        Just saying, the two of them yelling at each other (Sawashiro and Sugita) is going to be a highlight of the show. Aoi Yuki voicing a cute nerd is another.

    1. What Takaii how could you miss they were dating?
      Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I loved the manga and I’m so glad about this anime adaption. They need more romance, comedy like this where the couples aren’t awkward, blushing high school students but mature adults, mature enough to handle a relationship and be honest about their feelings!

    And Hanako and Tarou are just so adorable together!

    I also loved how some scenes aren’t featured in the manga but somehow connects the dot on what was missing in the manga (How Narumi became Hanako’s friend). As manga reader, sometimes animating exactly how the manga played out could be boring at times, and this was great.

    Looking forward to more of this 🙂 Thanks for blogging.

    1. No problem!

      Will probably pick it up since I can’t not cover a show like this.

      Also your name makes me want to yell it out loud while making the ginga bishonen pose.

  3. Serious discussion time:
    A friend had commented on an FB post I made about the anime that she feels Narumi is extremely unbelievable as a female character. Her main gripe was how she marveled at Hanako’s breasts while being hetero, and treating them as a trait to be admired.
    So, questions:
    1) all commenters – do you feel Narumi is unbelievable as a female character?
    2) female commenters – ditto.
    3) commenters proficient in Japanese everyday culture – is this an inaccurate depiction of a person that is similar to Narumi (otaku preferences notwithstanding)?

    If this is overstepping, I’m perfectly fine having my comment deleted.

    1. As a heterosexual female, I can affirm that I have looked at a girl and marveled over how stacked she is. It’s more observance than anything really, though in general the girl does fawn over her friend in the source, especially when she cosplays

      1. My take on Narumi’s marveling is that she considers herself very feminine and sees Hanako and goes in her head “now, that’s a woman! She’s got everything!”
        And, well, its also established she feels insecure about her own body, so she’s also probably envious.

    2. Hetero female here too, and just yesterday I walked past a woman with huge boobs (weird cos asia??) and stared at her for a little longer than I would usually have. I really almost messaged my group of friends something along the lines of “omg, I walked past a woman with HUGE boobs!” but decided against it cos I was lazy and it doesn’t really matter anyway.

    3. Heterosexual Guy here with both Heterosexual Female Friends and Homosexual Female Friends.

      I don’t think their orientation makes any difference — they’re all to some extent interested in other girl’s chests (not always in a sexual way either — just kind of like “oh wow” or “dang”).

    4. Um, bi-the way and Asian, i have some lesbian friends here…from what i know and knowing from my friends, its common for women to stare and observe other women’s boobs BUT for us here we dont make it obvious. You know what i mean? Bc for my L friends its more of a sexual attraction and they dont wanna make the girl(and themselves) uncomfortable esp when they are a closet. While my sister on the other hand is straight and does this with her straigt female friends openly; maybe because they dont feel sexually affected by this and its just comparing between sizes or being judgy.

      So yea, i think Narumi is somehow pretty realistic in her own way.

      Onion Warrior
    5. I’m male and I have a female pregnant work colleague talks about her boobs, and even asked other female work colleague who is a mother about tips with breast feeding. All while I’m trying to do some work next to them. She has no shame.

      So really whoever it is who thinks Narumi is unrealistic has never met an adult woman.

    6. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I’m not about to try and change her mind, since I doubt I can, be it’s nice knowing that I’m not seeing things that only I am actually seeing.

  4. Apparently Narumi, Hirotaka and Koyanagi are based on the mangaka’s friends from trade school.

    All of them are Hirotaka fans.

    Kabakura may have been modeled on her dad though.

    She nervously notes at Vol 1’s end:
    “I’m seriously worrying over when to tell my parents I have a book being published…with the content being what it is I really don’t want to tell them.”

    Parents likely the socially conservative type…

  5. I am so satisfied with this first ep! Hirotaka is so handsome and I loved how they had their colors on the opening and ending. The best start of relationship ever!

  6. There are a lot of scifi/fantasy animes in this quarter. This “grown-up” version of highschool romance kind of stands out from the crowd. The characters, especially Narumi, are likeable. It should be fun to watch.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Wotaku%20ni%20Koi%20wa%20Muzukashii/Wotaku%20ni%20Koi%20wa%20Muzukashii%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    Mmmm…that SaeKano reference! (Even though I’m still “Team Utaha”…)

    With Fall 2017’s Netojuu no Susume leaving a void (as well as fallout from the director turning out to be an anti-Semite–amongst other things…hooboy…) Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii has come just in time to fill that niche for a romcom anime with working-age characters. And it’s an office romcom that deals with how hard it is for working otaku to find romance!

    The first episode spends its time well in establishing the dramatis personae, from closet fujoshi Narumi, to game otaku Hirotaka, to former crossplayer Hanako. I’m intrigued if Hirotaka’s superior Tarou is also a closet otaku as well, or simply someone who’s open with the various otaku subcultures.

    Well, color me pleasantly surprised. I’m looking forward to see how the lives of these four (and the show as a whole) goes.

    1. I loved the Saekano reference too, but especially Megumi! Stupid manga ended at the same point as the anime. I was hoping to see the rest of the story sooner than later. Now, I’m just patiently waiting for the movie.

  8. Kono anime kanpeki da!!! I won’t need anything else, it feels just like the manga and that’s saikou!!! DEFINITELY watching till the end!!! YEEEAAAYYYY!!!!! *\( ^ O ^ )/*

    Speaking of which, gotta catch up with the manga, it’s been an orbital cycle since…

    Nishizawa Mihashi
    1. Also those opening and ending sequences, real nice and creative. ~Mi raik~ Doesn’t hurt one bit that the songs accompanying those sequences are real nice too~~~ Kantoku-san doumo arigatou gozaimasu! ( ; _ ; )

      Nishizawa Mihashi
  9. Ahh…im the same age as Narumi yet shes getting a better love life than i do T,T i want a guy like Hirotaka </3

    Damn this series is good! I freakin enjoyed everything esp the OP! Oh my romcom adult world!

    Wotakoi vs Tada-kun??? XD

    Onion Warrior
  10. HalfDemonInuyasha
  11. Absolutely loved this show and how everyone Narumi is coming across is secretly an otaku just like her. Curious about how this relationship will develop given that it’s starting off as a friends with benefits if the benefits were helping eachother beat phone games in the same apartment. So far, I want to learn about Hanako and how she balances out her work life from her hobbies.

    1. One thing I really wasn’t sure about researching the show was whether or not Hirotaka and Narumi were in some kind of janky relationship (it sure as hell doesn’t do a good job at describing things early on).

      That said, I think all the questions you have will be clearly answered by episode three if things keep moving at this pace.

      Maybe they actually do things in a real awkward way on purpose..

  12. I thought this was charming and funny. Narumi in particular is an entertaining character. That said, I’m resigned to this show being just another circle-jerk when it comes to otaku culture.


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