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OP: 「Distance」 by 村川梨衣 (Murakawa Rie)

「超能力勝負はこうやんだよ!」 (Chounouryoku Shoubu wa Kou Yandayo!)
“This Is How You Have a ESP Battle!”

I also hate it when I put my super important inter-dimensional traveling pod in the wash.

General Impressions

Boy, we’re only on episode two and I have absolutely no idea what is going on. If anything, I must hand it to Hinamatsuri for pulling off the slice-of-life, magical girl, yakuza/ikura life so damn well. Anyways, let’s dive into one of two very distinct halves of this week’s episode.

Starting with Anzu’s introduction, it was a little surprising to see someone with Hina-like powers show up so quickly. Seeing how there’s another dimension that has girls who are full of world-destroying ESP powers, it’s kind of amazing that they haven’t tried to come to our dimension until now. Logical warmongering questions aside, it was actually kind of nice to see Anzu have such a different personality from Hina. As someone who at the bare minimum can read the situation as well as knows how to survive (even if that means stealing), it makes you wonder just how different this show could have been if Anzu was the one who mysteriously fell into Nitta’s life. Anyways, here’s to hoping that we’ll be able to see more of her antics since the opening makes it looks like she’s going to have a pretty rough (but hilarious to us) time.

Changing our point of view to the other girl of the day, never in a thousand years did I expect to fall in love with Hitmoi’s character as fast as I did. Introduced to us as the straight man who was there to help reign in Hina’s eccentric personality, I figured she’d be relegated to a boring life of being in Hina’s shadow and popping out every now and then when things got too damn crazy. BUT LO AND BEHOLD I think I’ve found my favorite character after Nitta. Because as much as I like Hina (Anzu is alright too), how can I not swoon over a girl who ends up becoming a skilled bartender because she wanted to help a friend find out why her dad was trying to avoid her!? But the awesome train doesn’t stop there — her reactions to everything post Nitta showing up was just absolute gold. With a stone cold face that could rival One Punch Man’s Saitama’s, I don’t think I’ve genuinely laughed that hard for so long during a single episode.

All in all, I think this second episode came real close to the brilliance of the first. Depending on what you’re looking for that statement may ring true, but I think for everyone who watched there’s no denying that this episode was hands down great.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys later where we’ll get to see either Hina and Nitta out on the streets or maybe watch Anzu get herself out of the streets. See you then!


  1. It’s kind of amazing that everyone is just like, ‘Oh, Nitta is bringing his kid around now,’ including the bartender he’s sweet on. Because yeah, Nitta has clearly settled into the dad role.

    Kind of a shitty dad that takes his kid to cabaret clubs, but his dad level is still through the roof.

  2. I like comedy that has a subtle setup like this series has.
    Take the “pod.” I didn’t think anything of seeing it in the
    washing machine, but later when she tried to use it, I died
    laughing with seeing the connection.

    And Hitmoi’s character was so funny. And the Hina-Anzu battle
    where Hine has to be “encouraged” with promises of her favorite
    food… Honestly, I can’t think of a single sour moment in this

    Hope the series continues exactly like this!

  3. A champagne tower with martini glasses instead of coupes? Classic Shouwa style, apparently! Not that it matters, though, a champagne tower of any sort would be a shocking way to treat Dom Perignon.


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