「後継者と転校生」 (Koukei-sha to tenkouse)
“The Successor and the Transfer Student”

Four weeks in and you know what MSS has been missing? More suffering? Ok, besides everyone’s favourite magical girl pastime. Cute little mascot that inevitably ruins the lives of all our cutie pie participants? Oh now we’re talking. No magical girl show would be complete without the ridiculous stuffed bringer of doom, and MSS has finally filled in that missing piece with the lovable (in the way only a mother can) and distinctively human Nana and some more story tidbits that further this mystery tale of Armageddon fast approaching. It was mostly a buildup week for the events to come later, but whatever MSS has planned, well, it’s going to be crazy.

As was expected from the teaser at the end of last week, Sarina (with that glorious tooth of cuteness) is our new magical girl, although not in the way most likely expected. It seems Rina’s phallic stick-driven appetite for all form of magical powers wasn’t entirely about making a home away from the coming storm; if Nana is to be believed, the website administration has a use for all those tools they’re handing out like candy and initially chose Rina as the ideal collection agent. With Sarina now selected to complete the task though, this reveal raises some interesting questions (once again) as to the real purpose of these magical girls. If assumingly none are meant to keep their magical sticks, why even hand them out in the first place? Are they to gather energy or some other resource metric the administration needs? Is it a way to eliminate through mass free for all candidates capable of stopping the Tempest? Or is it simply just to watch the world burn? All are viable options at this stage, although given the proclivity of magical girl series to go for energy collection über alles (Kyuubey says hi), I’m firmly betting on the first option. Considering magical girls here lose a portion of their lives through every use of their power, I wouldn’t be surprised if that life force is what the site administration is after. Not like it would be the first time sacrifices powered some hair-brained scheme.

How this all gets revealed too is likely going to come down to Sarina and the newly minted (but no less crazy) transfer student Nijimi. Our blue haired schizophrenic’s immediate role is easy to guess—i.e. killing off the only currently useful source of Tempest knowledge—but Sarina is the real wild card. Yeah she’s out for blood against Aya and Tsuyuno (which means magical girl bloodshed before too long), but after taking care of revenge? That’s where things get interesting. Given Sarina has apparently learned something important about the Tempest, it’s likely she’ll become the new point girl for dissecting the whole magical girl operation, especially after confronting the givers of the scar. You know, because evil speeches in the middle of fighting never get old. Whether Sarina will actually kill off Aya or Tsuyuno is up in the air, although considering Tsuyuno is looking a little worse for wear, I wouldn’t be surprised if our fake Homura does kick the bucket before too long. Got to keep that suffering train rolling somehow after all, particularly with Aya starting to enjoy herself for once—to the chagrin of one loving brother.

One way or another, you can bet the cutie breaking fun and games here haven’t even hit full stride.




  1. I wonder if Site’s story will end up becoming as convoluted as Magical Girl Apocalypse’s.

    IIRC Apocalypse had a LOT of things happening in its later half – from magical zombie apocalypse to a tangled conspiracy of witches, demons, time travel, world-bending magic and evil parties trying to take control of said magic.

      1. When it comes to scars, they always seem to be either…

        A.) Very thin and/or small (sometimes over-exaggeratedly so, lol) and actually add a dose of extra sexiness to the character. (Like the ones on the cheek, across the bridge of the nose, or across the eye, usually vertically, and such)


        B.) Over-exaggerated to various degrees compared to the injury that made it in order to emphasize “ugliness”.

  2. While I don’t support anything Sarina does to Aya currently and of course the girl and her friends took things 0-to-100 off the bat and need to get over themselves….and while Aya’s shyness most likely stems from being overly abused by her brother even back then and not having friends…..good god Aya. You seriously couldn’t have said thank you? Like the fact that Sarina started to bully you means that you never did say thank you once. Not saying she deserves anything that happened to her in the slightest. But frankly it was annoying watching how pitiful Aya was. Plus back then Sarina was actually trying to help her, but needed to get over the fact that not every good deed comes with a reward. So at least I can say Sarina has a….plausible reason for straight up despising Aya. Though I’m surprised Aya didn’t bother to make amends back then because she currently knows the reason why Sarina treats her like shit.

    This would have been avoided if Sarina actually attempted to spend time with Aya back then and to get to know her, finding out why she’s so shy, instead of just randomly interjecting her charity onto her and getting triggered when she gets no recognition over it. Oh well, edgy-japanese high school girls have to be edgy.

    1. This would have been avoided if Sarina actually attempted to spend time with Aya back then and to get to know her, finding out why she’s so shy, instead of just randomly interjecting her charity onto her and getting triggered when she gets no recognition over it.

      You hit the nail here. The fault lies entirely on Sarina. She was acting like a “good Samaritan” only because she was annoyed with Aya’s shyness. Sarina never gave a damn about Aya personally, and that’s why she gets so mad at someone whose only fault is not being socially aware enough to understand Sarina’s real motivation.

      You see this clearly when Aya talks about the whole thing, and still blames herself for not being able to thank Sarina. Like, girl, she would have bullied you anyway. It was never about being grateful.

    2. @Kamui
      Agreed, Aya certainly caused problems by being unable (or refusing) to politely engage socially, but Sarina was out to get her from the start. For me it seemed like Sarina was looking for another lackey, but when Aya didn’t try and make nice, Sarina grew annoyed and tagged along with her “friends” when they chose to make Aya pay for that rejection. It’s insecure behaviour pointing to a girl unable to live without the validation of others, which makes Sarina really sad compared to some of the other characters we’ve seen here so far.

    3. As someone who went through depression, anxiety (which I take medication for the former two now), and bullying in school, I actually know how hard it is to interact with people even on such a small scale as not saying “thank you”. To people like that, it can be VERY hard and so much easier to just stay clamped up, but add on daily physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by her brother and neglectful parents, and it would be made even harder for someone like Aya.

      People just would not know, much less understand, unless they went through it, or something similar, themselves. It might differ from person to person too, so while some may be able to dig up the strength to push themselves to overcome, a lot can’t.

      What irks me is how people choose to put all the blame on Aya, as if Sarina was truly trying to be nice when it was made EXTREMELY obvious that Sarina is NOT that kind of person.


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