「英雄さまごー行です」 (Eiyuu-sama gou Ikkou desu)
“The Party of Heroes”

That’s a whole new meaning of “turning on”.

I think that, overall, Passione is doing a really good job with this adaptation so far. They’ve been shackled with the unenviable task of getting the series back on track despite the mess made of the end of season three (and all the content that was left out), and the nearly-unprecedented episode 00 went a long way to fixing things up. But not all the way, which is why this episode led with the quick and dirty recap to an event anime only viewers still have little knowledge about. Here’s the thing, though: it did what it was supposed to do. There is a hero faction of the Chaos Brigade, and the Gremory family has fought them before. Got it! As far as context for the remainder of the episode goes, it’s serviceable enough, because at least we understand everything else that’s happening, even if the context is a touch shifty.

Because that’s the other half of the unenviable task laid before the Passione crew: to not only get the series back on track, but tell an entertaining story while they do it. More than one episode like 00 would have been overkill, so they’ve gotten on with it. I think they’re doing a decent job of balancing these competing goals.

This episode was filled with lots of goofs, and plenty of flirting with Issei by the church trio. I especially loved the jealousy from the other two pervs, to which Issei’s popularity must seem truly unfair. Haha, sucks to be you two! You’re not the audience inserts, so you’ll just have to wait until you learn to be less silly humans. At least they’re still generally good-natured about it, and are waiting to punch Issei until they get back to the hotel. That’s just polite if you ask me.

Speaking of perving, got a good chortle at Issei perving over the kitsune mama, and Asia accurately calling it out. She knows him so well! Excellent couple indeed.

Speaking of excellent couples/flirting, the closet scene. OH THE CLOSET SCENE! It appears to be in this season’s mission statement to get at least two good pervin’ scene in every episode, one whenever we check back in with the home trio and one whenever Issei gets up to no good. This time we return to the greatest threat to Issei’s chastity: Xenovia. Not because she loves him more than the others, not even because she lusts him more, but because she’s laser-focused on the one thing that would result in his cherry getting popped. I mean, she’s a knight, right? She just needs one quick opening and she’ll strike. She’s going to straight up bang Issei, and anyone nearby is probably going to end up joining in, see: Irina being drafted into the harem, complete with suggestive blushing a day later. Lovely, I love it! Especially when her light was going on and off when Issei was groping her. Hah!

In other potential harem news, Issei was getting along with Kunou (Tokui Sora) pretty well. Though actually, there’s nothing inherently suspicious about that, he was only a little more suave in accepting her apology than the girls, and the two of them being pictured in a lot of the montage stills together doesn’t mean much. But, you know. This is High School DxD. It’s like how when you’re watching a murder mystery, and you’re constantly examining everyone like they might be the murderer? Same thing, but with potential haremettes. He has some history with youkai girls who can sport animal ears, after all. Just a little.

I don’t think he’s going to find any more haremettes in this crowd, though. He could! Wouldn’t put it past him! But he’s going to have to get past all the pointy weapons that want to gut them first, and this smiling chap who is bad news with a capital B and N. Bad News. Like that.

More on that next time!

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  1. Hey the site’s back up!

    Ahem. Anyway, is it really a good idea for him to be getting it on with Irina? Angels copulating with demons seems like one of those things that leads to a fall; though I admit the theology of DxD is a bit incomprehensible to me.

    (PS: I’m noticing that the navigation toolbar on the side and the comments section are missing from posts starting about 4/29 and going backwards, except for the most recent Nanatzu no Taizai. This includes archived historical posts. I guess the crash really did a number on everything?)

    1. DxD’s mythology is pretty silly, I try not to pay too much attention to the implications. Like Damrod reveals below, ways will be found for characters to perv all over each other as long as it’s desired.

      1. Well that room is made specifically for Irina so that she can jump Issei worry-free, so it’s not like every angel is getting one. Just angels whose faith is getting in the way of getting it on with pervy dragons. Basically, the explanation for that room can be shortened to four words: “Michael is a bro!” XD

      2. While it was originally made for irina to have that kind of fun with others ( think the original reasoning went something along the lines of “Have kids with him in there, that way we can get stronger angels while you don’t lose your grace. So, have fun” ) but knowing some of the other devils and angels it is not unreasonable to suspect that others will make use of it as well when word gets out.

  2. Good to see the site is back up and running.
    Correct me on this if i am wrong, but it feels like they made kitsune mama her breasts smaller when comparing it to the descriptions from the novels…
    The way she was described there hinted at a bigger chest if i am remembering correct here >_<“
    But who can blame issei with such a tasty kitsune to look at? As for irina falling from grace, heaven is actually working on a room where angels can have sex with demons without falling from grace so there is no problem there.

    Now as for the extra explanations for this episode, only the flashback and the ending might need some explanation since the order is a bit weird.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I always liked how they handled Xenovia. She continues the trend that is so rare in harems now, but that this show does well: the girls actually “like” Issei before they “love” him. Too many show jump straight from “Hi, nice to meet you” to “you were really nice to me once, let’s get married”. Instead every girl gets the period where you can tell they’re “interested” in Issei(Asia going down the fastest and Koneko currently having the longest record) and yes, you could call them part of the harem, but still aren’t full-blown devotees. It feels like it’s actually in this stage that we get to them them the best, and that’s definitely true with Xenovia. She’s a blunt, lovable baka who wants Issei’s babies because she “likes” him and wants strong children.

    They put just enough emphasis on the “like” so that you never cringe at the thought that she might switch over to someone stronger if they came along. She’s clearly not as into him as Asia is, but she is getting there and seems to be pretty self-aware about it, too. It’s a fun middle-ground that I wish more harems took the time to show and explore.


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