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Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – 17

「伝承の者共」 (Denshou no Monodomo)
“Legendary Figures”

There’s a storytelling lesson I learned from watching anime, from Mirai Nikki in fact. “Go faster than you think you should.” I find that the best stories pack a lot into every chapter, giving viewers a huge amount of value per minute invested. That’s why this episode ended up being so much fun. It moves swiftly from integrating all these characters, to making big reveals, to pairing them off and then straight into multiple battles. Neither of the two complete battles we watched needed to last long, so it’s good that they didn’t. It’s also good that Suzuki-sensei didn’t mine them for unnecessary drama, when these are clearly small fry fights, and the real shit will happen later on. I would have been annoyed if they cliffhangered Elizabeth and Elaine’s battle more than necessary, but instead they used it mainly to have them meet and talk. Great! I mean, they still should have paid more attention during a battle, but still. This had a lot more long-term value.

Ditto for Meliodas and Ban. Their fight was hilarious! Just a couple of friends talking about how much they love their girlfriends—and perving out, natch, but c’mon. If you can’t perv out about the one you’re in a relationship with, what’s the point? Though I guess Meliodas and Elizabeth aren’t technically in a relationship? But once again, c’mon. They are. It ain’t like King and Diane, where they still need to follow the steps. They’re in a relationship. They just need to get over their dumb hang-ups and admit it.

Speaking of Diane and King, I was all for King’s near confession mid-battle! Though, once again, they should probably pay more attention when someone’s trying to kill them. Still, I want that confession to happen so bad, even if Diane still doesn’t have her memories back. (Fix it, Gowther! Fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it FIX IT!!!) Interesting how the Flower Doll looks like Gerheade (the Fairy King’s Advisor). I have a feeling that’ll be meaningful. But for now I just want King to confess, Diane to get her memories back, and then them to go on a rabu-rabu tag team rampage where they demolish King’s predecessor and Diane’s great ancestor. I guess the lesson is: All your gods are monsters. Kill them, if you have to.

Random thoughts:

  • Apologies for the time marks on the screen caps, I had to use a different raw.
  • I guess Escanor can die for realz if he gets hurt at night. Once he’s officially back in the team, I hope they don’t take him anywhere after sundown. Or get Merlin to make him a miniature sun, I dunno. Dude’s too powerful during the day to die like a bitch!
  • Best team, clearly. Good dog!
  • Elaine is a good addition to the cast proper. She’s already got a great rapport with Elizabeth, she changes the dynamics in subtle but fresh ways, she has a fun perseonality herself, and as a bonus I like Ban more when he’s being silly like Meliodas rather than brooding.
  • Puni puni, mochi mochi, fuwa fuwa, sube sube~
  • King is a lucky boy. A lucky, lucky, in-danger-of-bleeding-out boy.

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May 14, 2018 at 4:55 pm
  • May 14, 2018 at 9:46 pmJames

    This episode was such a cliche filler it’s almost unbearable, i had to pause several times to distract myself on something else, this is what getting old feels like eh

    • May 15, 2018 at 7:53 amBROOKLYN otaku

      I hear you….but at the same time i also feel that it is filling a void, a specific void that a lot of NEWER shows seem to not be able to fill.

      Anime fodder?? Debatable..

      We getting old?? You betcha!

      Enjoy this cliched stuff while you can