「SAO失敗者」 (SAO Shippaisha)
“SAO Failure”

Even though things seem to be inching toward ridiculousness, bless Karen for being one of the rare people in the SAO Universe to actively question the ridiculously preposterous situations the story likes to throw at us.

General Impressions

After a one week break (if you missed it, last week’s episode was a recap or 0.5 episode), SAOA:GGO makes its triumphant post-sj return! A return that, all things considered, left me with some conflicted feelings about where the story is going. However, I think we can all agree that based on how things are going, it looks like we’re about to embark on one hell of a ride.

Starting things off, let’s talk about the ridiculous situation that Pito and M are in. Besides missing a few screws (or rather a lot of screws) when it comes to their perception of the world, I’m not sure how I feel about the story somewhat shoehorning in elements from the original SAO series here. Seeing how Karen has done a great job at differentiating herself from the associated drama that comes whenever someone dares to utter the name “Kirito”, I was feeling a little bummed when things started to really focus on the idea of death based on events happening from within the game. Luckily, Karen managed to save the whole situation by being just as skeptical as I was. Because if we’re being genuinely honest here, I don’t think there’s a single person who would openly accept what Goushi said at face value especially when you consider how he delivered his pitch. At the end of the day though, I suppose this all makes sense since not only is this a show based in the SAO universe, but it looks like the story is finally addressing the insane looking Pito we see in the opening sequence.

With that off my chest, let’s switch over to the six new girls who joined the group! Six new girls who, even though I don’t have much to say about them, I’m glad exist since it’s been fantastic getting to see Karen interact with someone besides Miyu. Because as important as it is for LLENN to be a badass sharpshooter with P-chan, I think there’s a lot of value in Karen getting opportunities to show us how she’s growing as a character that’s getting over her height-complex.

Overall, not too bad of an episode for SAOA:GGO to return on. With a second Squad Jam coming and the stakes a lot higher than before, I can’t wait to see things play out with all of our major players about to enter a deathmatch against each other. Luckily it looks like Miyu will be joining up with Karen and based on that short little scene at the end of the episode, I’m excited to see just how she performs in GGO. See you then!




  1. miyu is more likely the other loli in OP scene that wields grenade launchers and she could be crazy as pito too and hints point out that she may have originally played GGO too (and is proll pretty good at it) only that she quits and transferred to alfheim online. there are also hints that she is a character who also likes challenge and the thrill associated with it. she dueled zekken meaning she likes trying to defeat stronger opponents. a sign that she is strong too.

    as to the new girls, the gap is unbelievable. they are cute IRL but in game, they are indeed scary af. makes me wonder how the “random avatar generation” actually works in SAO world and when switching to other games. now on to the main plot of the series, seriously, just let the bitch behind pito die. its only a game god damn. perhaps when the person behind pito learned how the life in SAO is horror, she will have second thoughts about it.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Sword%20Art%20Online%20Alternative%20Gun%20Gale%20Online/Sword%20Art%20Online%20Alternative%20Gun%20Gale%20Online%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    I’ll wall slam her and complement how cute she looks with her height. It’s rate to find tall girls.

    I laughed out loud at this part here cos I watched SAO with Jesus Kirito taking out the PKers. Look at it this way Pito, if Jesus Kirito had killed you, you won’t be able to blackmail M and we won’t have the fun responses he’s giving!

    Henrietta Brix
  3. GGO’s self-awareness may stem from the author’s writing inclinations – a goofball style with a sense of self-parody and adaptability. (He even wrote a parody series of Kino’s Journey, called Kino Academy – Kino’s a high school girl, craziness happens.)

    It also helped Sigsawa knew SAO’s anime chief producer, which gave him access to Kawahara Reki and the Dengeki editors to pitch his idea for GGO.

  4. Greed
    1. Well the SQ jam event was funded by an individual, if we assume that was PITO then i think she can get the name and adress list from registration list(in SAO, sinon put her real adress for the BoB prize maybe karen does the same too)

  5. I
    go see a psychiatrist before you really kill yourself, or worse, kill someonoe else!
    people like you give gaming as hobby bad name…
    how crazy you can be to be unhappy about AVOIDING the SAO deathtrap?
    if she really threatened M with death her place should be safely tucked in some secure hospital ward, in straightjacket and room with soft walls…

    and isnt it fishy that out of all people it was Karen that happened to have pro-level gamer best friend (with her own dose of psycho slasher smile)

    1. I really hope we get to the part where they tell us WHY Pito is so obsessed with death ASAP, cause until then I really don’t know if I can take her seriously anymore. That she was going to kill M was already a stretch, but being upset about missing SAO? That’s almost too nuts, like I’m surprised she hasn’t let slip an admiration for Death Gun yet!

  6. If there was more of Karen getting gushed over by adorable gamer girls and less about how unhinged Pito and M are in this episode, I’d have been totally okay with it. In fact, replace M with Miyu for the wall-bang scene somehow. Or Saki. Or both! XD

    Anyway, really hoping for a believably crazy reason as to why Pito is death-obsessed so I can like the character again. Cause right now she’s giving me too many Laughing Coffin flashback groans.

    Another reference to SAO was the Zekken name. Poor Yuuki…

  7. Wild guess – I’m not familiar with any of the LN or manga source material, but the way they keep on juxtaposing a few things in the show, I’m guessing that Pitohui is

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Luckily it looks like Miyu will be joining up with Karen and based on that short little scene at the end of the episode, I’m excited to see just how she performs in GGO.

    It would be awesome if she’s the archetypal: “player who thinks they’re amazing, but really sucks” character.

  9. Guys, doesn’t Miyu look like a well-adjusted Aoi Akira/Aki-lucky/Aki-lovely from the WIXOSS card game anime series? Just look at her. They sound even the same!

  10. Let me begin by saying Pitohui’s character development is as flimsy as the need for her character to exist. This side story could have gone on just fine centering around LLENN only…wait, it is a LLENN centered ark. All this and that “M” mentioned about Pitohui sounds like loser BS to me. A 9 yr old can pick apart Pitohui’s argument in 10 minutes.

    Why do you need a virtual game to live a life at the brink of death? You can get that by serving the military and going to war. Pitohui is a self centered child who is pampered by her Fame as a musician.


    1. Just to remind you that Japan does not have a military, and is currently not at war with anybody (as in the SAO-verse)

      Japan does have a Self-defense force, but what are the SDF doing in the story? Training in GGO. Ugh.

      1. there is plenty of palces though in the world that would love to get volunteer killers…
        AQ or ISIS might get extinct by that timeline but still there is always someone out to kill people for politics, religion or just profit…

      2. If you watched the first episode or read the first volume, M does give a hint that the JGSDF may have training here.

        It’s not without precedent. Start with America’s Army…

      3. If you watched the first episode or read the first volume, M does give a hint that the JGSDF may have training here.

        It’s not without precedent. Start with America’s Army…

      4. @ewok40k

        I was just pointing out that advising someone to join military/police to “sate their bloodlust” or whatever is frankly, incredibly stupid.

        (1) Military and police are organizations that highly value discipline and self-restraint, i.e. those are jobs that require you to actively suppress your personal desire (lunatic or otherwise), and follow order instead. Volunteer killers/trigger happy nuts are probably the last thing they want in the organization.

        (2) There’s no LAWFUL/LEGAL way to fulfill that kind of psychotic desire in any functioning society. So any advise that starts with “If she wants to fulfill the desire” is automatically stupid.

        (3) All the remaining “desire fulfilling” options for people with homicidal desire like Pitohui are illegal: VR Death Game, hit(wo)man, murderer, or terrorist. I can’t seriously contemplate advising her to choose one option over another, because all are equally bad.


        (4) The logical course of action are either police with restraining order or psychiatric support (as Karen correctly spelled out this episode).

        (5) If (4) is not possible for some reasons (i.e. Karen doesn’t know the real-life identity of Pitohui, and M is not being helpful/not disclosing it to her), then trying to PREVENT Pitohui to act on her homicidal desire, preferably from a safe distance, is the next best choice. And Karen did just that.

      5. She’d need to be able to talk to Pitou herself. Which is why this also works, if what M says is true shell definitely go meet her after squad jam. Then maybe they can work through her (very obvious) issues together.


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