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「さくらと虹とおじいさん」 (Sakura to Niji to Ojiisan)
“Sakura, Rainbows, and Grandpa”

With the end drawing closer, this week’s episode gave us the tiniest taste of whatever’s about to come.

General Impressions

Boy, was this episode full of twists or what? What started out as a possible date between Syaoran and Sakura quickly turned into something completely different — and I loved it! That said, let’s dive into the lighter side of things first.

So, am I the only one who was a little curious about what Sakura’s Great Grandfather wanted to give her? Seeing how he decided to show up at the most inopportune time, one would assume he had something rather important to give and/or tell to Sakura. Unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to wait until next time to know what the original plan was due to Sakura knocking out while exploring her mom’s old room. However the whole first half wasn’t for naught since we did get to see Sakura’s Great Grandfather acknowledge that Syaoran is a good kid who he wouldn’t mind “taking” Sakura from his family.

Now, to address this week’s huge reveal — holy cow the amount of people involved in what’s going on is insane. In all there’s like seven people who are all independently moving around and it’s kind of crazy to thing that they’ve all managed to keep this a secret from Sakura. If my math is right, there’s currently 3 people who seem to harbor some kind of ill intent toward Sakura (Kaito, Momo, and the Masked Akiho), 3 who are trying to protect Sakura (Kero, Syaoran, and Yue), and last but not least we have Eriol who is always doing insane things that can fall on either side of the line.

Now with all the Players finally revealed and ready to act, all that remains is whether or not Sakura and friends will be able to stop Kaito from completing whatever he’s trying to do with Akiho and that book of hers. Something that I wish the show would stop teasing us with since we’re so close to things coming to a close. With the way things are proceeding though, we’ll probably have our answer sooner rather than later.

Overall, not too bad of a setup to kick off a (hopefully) big payoff for all the waiting we’ve done. Luckily next week’s episode title leads me to believe that we’re going to have some real interesting things thrown at us and I can’t wait to learn just what the heck is actually going on. See you guys then!



May 29, 2018 at 10:21 pm