After a fun-filled week of brotherly love gone wrong and bipolar popstar murder and destruction, it’s not too surprising MSS decided to tone down the shenanigans and go for a more wholesome experience. Arguably the truest calm before the storm moment in the show thus far, a few more answers were divined, Aya received another chunk of well-deserved character development, and one more shocker (or two) was left for us to chew on. Sure it wasn’t as visibly thrilling as crossdressing god gone amuck, but hey, we got to start somewhere.

Probably the most unsurprising developments this week are what became of Kaname and the plans of the site administration. Considering how much attention has been lavished on Kaname, his personal involvement with the magical sticks, and that mystery saviour it was unlikely he would die, and as expected he’s still hanging around. Literally. It’s not clear whether we will be seeing more of him this season, but there’s no denying Kaname is still useful in a way, either with that megalomaniacal brain of his, or the potential to throw a wrench into whatever our magical girl squad has planned for their kidnapping attempt. Much like Sarina, Misumi (talk about surprises) cannot be too happy dancing to the tune of Nana, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he has a plan in mind for dealing with the administration that uses Kaname. Given this guy has a magical stick of his own (that invisibility didn’t come from nowhere), don’t expect him to take subservience lying down.

On the other side of things of course we have Aya and the not entirely unexpected partnering with Sarina. This change in allegiance was always going to happen at some point given Sarina’s desire to survive, but it’s certainly interesting it would happen now rather than at, say, the climactic fight. Nana for example has to know what Sarina has done once the lack of crushed cuties is made public, and with her animosity with Tsuyuno going nowhere anytime soon, it wouldn’t take much to set them at each other’s throat. Probably not consciously mind you given their survival over shenanigans mindset, but a pair of magical panties and a few site administrator abilities could do the trick, especially if our new friend Misumi decides to join the party. The only outstanding question is how our new combined magical girl team actually intends on snagging themselves a site administrator, but I imagine Sarina will similarly solve this riddle by revealing what she knows, which as previously shown is likely a lot.

No matter what happens next or which of our cutie pies winds up staring death in the face (read: quite a few), you can bet the results are going to be glorious. With only two episodes left and one mystery girl still awaiting her big debut, MSS is ready for the fireworks.




    1. Probably the manga influencing the anime I think. The writers likely got the endpoint from the MSS’s author and decided to use it as a way of closure or as a suitable cliffhanger given the likelihood we are only seeing one cour here.

  1. I learned from recent developments in the manga:
    Show Spoiler ▼


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