「死線(後編)」 (Shisen (kouhen))
“The Verge of Death (Part II)”

For once I think LotGH’s new adaptation actually disappointed me. Not because of any story hiccups mind you (it’s still advancing marvellously well), but because the bloody thing is cutting off just before the good stuff. Fleet battles, rightful Alliance comeuppance? Please, those familiar with this tale knows exactly what’s coming next. This finale was only the appetizer.

Considering how badly the FPA was treating the severity of mass invasion the past couple of weeks, it comes as no surprise their shoestring version was broken quickly and effectively. Unsupported supply lines were shut down with nary a loss, individual fleets were engaged separately with no chance of support, and what remained of Alliance forces in the end were organized in the laziest—i.e. worst—manner possible. It was the cherry on top for a series of disastrous decisions and while debatable whether the action was rushed too much, there’s no denying the Empire was always set to win this fight, in part because (as will become apparent later on) they have the better leadership. Reinhardt won not due to his personal genius (notice he never actually fought this time), but because he handpicked a group of subordinates capable of dealing with situations in a similar manner as him. Only when confronted with the likes of Yang did Reinhardt’s best meet their match, and even then it took some unlikely intervention for Yang to extract himself safely.

It’s going to take more than simple reorganization for the Alliance to come out victorious from this self-made predicament, and with their main leadership unwilling to take any sort of responsibility, the chance of such victory is rapidly disappearing. When the decisive battle finally occurs it’s going to take everything for Yang and friends to come out alive because one confident blondie will ensure the FPA never sets foot on Imperial territory again. Prepare thy selves boys and girls, Die Neue These’s sequel is going to be a doozy.

Final Impressions

There’s really only one thing to say in the aftermath of LotGH: wow. From an initial belief of potential train wreck and adaptation disaster the new LotGH wound up surprising in all the best ways, taking a large and frankly byzantine space opera story and converting it into a prime example of reboot done right. Characters were kept consistent, the story limited any trimming to the fat, and the philosophical bent gracing all of LotGH’s key developments were kept fully intact. It really was the best outcome possible.

Part of the reason LotGH worked so well was its tasteful adherence to the original. The voice acting of Reinhardt and Yang for example maintained the nostalgic feel viewers of the original vividly (read: zealously) remember, with Suzumura Kenichi’s Yang in particular capturing the lazy genius personality Tomiyama Kei was renowned for. Artwork of course will remain a bone of contention for years to come with no lack of examples for fans to tear apart (Reuenthal and Oberstein are my two biggest eyesores), but for newcomers there’s no denying it more than did the task. Just take the space battles: CGI or not, you have to admit it made for some pretty scenes fully in the mold of LotGH.

Where this adaptation paradoxically falls short though is in the story. Part of the charm of LotGH for many people is the nature of its story, it lavishes great amounts of time on secondary plots and minor characters who add a good deal of life to an already impressive tale. By limitation this reboot could never replicate what we got before, and while the essence of the original was wholly kept, much of the “flavouring” was left by the wayside. A good example of this is El Facil, whereas an entire episode was devoted to it before, a few passing scenes were all we got this time around—enough to indicate its importance, but nothing to properly reinforce it. Other moments such as Siegfried’s handling of rebellion and the FPA’s ultranationalists were similarly skirted over, leaving behind a story thematically complete and understandable for first time viewers, but one that can leave long-time fans begging for more. It’s certainly not a terrible downside considering how well Die Neue These nailed the primary storyline so far (and that’s nothing to scoff at considering some recent adaptations), but when certain future events and character details (ex. Rubinsky) make their appearance, the lack of some of this additional information will make its presence felt.

Overall considering where I started when coming into LotGH—i.e. fearing the worst—I’m very happy with this version all things considered. It may not be perfect or the simple “graphics remaster” a lot of fans were secretly hoping for, but as an introduction for modern audiences and advertisement for the franchise this version couldn’t have done better. While the upcoming movies will advance the story a good deal (but not all the way through should pacing remain the same), if you liked this I would firmly recommend giving the original a try too. It may be old, but as the original Star Wars trilogy shows in spades, some things never age, and when it comes to intelligent space opera there’s nothing in the world better than LotGH.


  1. THIS was the last episode?! It didn’t give that vibe at all. There wasn’t even an announcement for the films or something. Damn I’m not ready to part with this remake. The films are sooo far away and we don’t know how much more of the story they will cover.

    On another note that space dogfighting scene was incredibly done. I also LOVED the different planets the troops fight nearby, they make for a colorful variety of background and contribute to the staggering scale of the battles.

    1. You’re not the only one, I was bummed they chose this point to cut off—it was just before things start getting serious! As for a sequel announcement I think they expected everyone to already be aware the show is set to continue on as movies and thus dispensed with any “surprise” reveal at the end.

      Also fully agreed on the dogfights, it was a big step up compared to the original and shows where CGI can offer improvement over 2D animation. And the best part is this fight was only a taste, there’s some serious dogfights to come later 😛

    2. It also didn’t give that vibe for me but nonetheless if i can get a 2 hour action of this one then that would be good. Hope that they can consistently make good use of the CGI. Long live the Empire

  2. I was wondering if they decided to completely cut out Attenborough from the remake, but finally he made his appearance in this episode. The reason I was waiting for his appearance is because he would be an important character in the future.

    1. Attenborough is actually the easiest character to cut out, at least until the later parts of the series. His prominent role in the first anime adaptation was a big modification from the original novels, where for the first half he’s seldom mentioned at all.

      1. But the wait will be worth it! This a rare spicies of a space opera where you can sit and watch 3 episodes of the characters debating about the pros and cons of ruling systems and never get bored of it, you know how difficult is to create that? let alone translate it into animation?. There a little bit of everything here, MASSIVE space battles, clever tactics, deep political discussions and a serious grey morality that would make you question the concept of good and evil of each side.

  3. Reinhardt got his wolfpack of subordinates, and moreover he has been given free hand in how to defeat the alliance, with none of the higher-ups meddling.
    Alliance has made wrong man commander in chief, and furthermore placed otherwise capable commanders in fatally flawed positions.
    And I am now going to have a go at the original series.
    If only because I want to know – and not by spoilers – how the big battle at Starzone Amritsar will go…

    1. I still remember how I managed, in the video game LoGH V, to annihilate almost the entire Imperial Force in their counter attack. Knowing that they would disperse their fleets to perform one-on-one attacks, I made an emergent regrouping, and ordered every two or three Alliance fleets to meet one Imperial fleet. As a result, multiple envelopments occurred in different star systems simultaneously, but this time the Battle of Dagon rather than the Battle of Astate was repeated — on a very large scale. At the end, only Reinhardt and Kircheis were able to withdraw. I guess by default, they couldn’t be killed at this stage. Although only two Imperial fleets escaped in this round, the game still followed the original story and the Alliance Force was surrounded by a huge Imperial Force in Amritsar in next round.

      The suffocated
  4. https://randomc.net/image/Ginga%20Eiyuu%20Densetsu/Ginga%20Eiyuu%20Densetsu%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2014.jpg

    Reminds me of Dien Bien Phu, where the French artillery commander committed suicide (by hand grenade) after failing to come up with effective counter-battery fire against the Viet Minh’s concealed artillery positions.


    Pointy-haired boss. :X

    Magnus Tancred
      1. They had to have finished after the Battle of Amritzar. You could continue the story perfectly after it. Here they had cut the climax. 🙁

        The adaptation has been very good until now but the two last episodes have been rushed too much. X(

  5. Are the ratings in japan okay? I’m not sure which site I could check this from tbh. I wish they remake the whole thing, but I suppose the ppl in japan would have to care enough…

    1. Considering the rest is coming as a set of movies the rest will be remade, but it will take some time. I imagine they chose a single TV season to renew interest and gauge the market which the movies can then take advantage of.

  6. The episode was nicely done, though it’s a shame they’re going for a movie continuation rather than another season…

    One thing that’s been bugging me: is there only one woman in the entire FPA military?

    1. Nope there’s definitely more than one woman, but IIRC most are positioned in lower ranks and only a few have similar status as Frederica (thus we never see them). The Empire is another matter entirely and I seriously hope they’ll touch on it in the movies. If you know of Admiral Daala from Star Wars EU it’s a similar situation.

  7. “good example of this is El Facil, whereas an entire episode was devoted to it before, ”

    Not until the Gaiden side stories, though. It, along with the rest of Yangs backstory, was only briefly mentioned in the main OVA.


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