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OP: 「ふたりの羽根」 () by YURiKA

「スッゴい才能!」 (Suggoi Sainou!)
“Amazing Talent!”

Having previewed this show, I had some reservations coming into it. Fortunately, I think it managed to strike a more positive note than what I expected.

General Impressions

For a first episode, I think Hanebado did a lot of things pretty well for a sports show. It introduced us to the characters, clearly defined what the current set of problems are, and even threw in a plot-establishing flashback that (for the most part) explains why Nagisa and Ayano behave the way that they do.

However, and what probably bugged me just as much as it did in the manga, was just how angsty Nagisa is. As a talented player who devoted herself to the sport, it drives me bonkers to see her behave the way she did throughout this first episode. Belligerent, rude, and downright nasty aren’t typically the words you’d use to describe one of your main characters but Nagisa was all that (and more) to a tee. Luckily, the anime has definitely changed up a few things and I’m really hoping that all of that teenage angst goes away quickly since it’s a real big turn off for me. Switching gears to Ayano, boy is she a mixed bag of problems too. Unlike Nagisa though, Ayano at least comes off pretty personable and unless something involving Badminton comes up, she seems to be a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of girl.

All that said, what I think I’m looking forward to most is how the story handles the stark differences between Ayano and Nagisa. Specifically, the whole question of whether or not someone without raw talent can make up for the difference through hard work and determination. Elements that we’ve seen tackled in shows before, but never highlighted to such an extreme as they are in Hanebado. Something that I think could honestly set this show apart from other offerings this season if its able to successfully pull it off.

All in all though, I think Hanebado had a decent start that will hopefully transition into an even better show once the gears start turning. Luckily I don’t think this first episode was that bad and one saving grace is that the animation quality while people are playing badminton looks pretty damn good. Here’s to seeing a great next episode since there’s a prime opportunity here to take a weak start and turn it into something great!


    1. i almost dropped this after 10 minutes. Seeing how awful Nagisa was and how she seemed oblivious to the 1st years running off in fear (rather then join the club) it just seemed like a horrible soap opera drama. I hope it gets better…

  1. In Asia, there are many country play Badminton. I can’t believe that we just got Badminton (for the first time?) now. I never read this manga. So when I watched this at first I think Tomboy girl is main character/heroine.I just realize yesterday that in fact heroine is Ayano. Then I read short introduct about manga. Look like this anime is different for manga version.I don’t know is it better or worse but I feel OK for episode 1.It’s interest me. Why Ayano is good at Badminton but not wanna play it? What will happened next with this small Badminton club?

    Looking forward to next episode.

    1. You’re actually making a really good point. They changed things in such a way Nagisa is looking more like the main protagonist than Ayano who is the actual protagonist of the story. As a fan of the manga, I’m a bit concerned about this.

    1. That thousand-yard stare of hers reminds me of this fun quote from Apocalypse Now by everyone’s favorite disturbed colonel (minus the muderer and kill parts we’re being metaphorical, ha ha): I’ve seen horrors, horrors that you’ve seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that, but you have no right to judge me. It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror! Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies.

  2. Nagisa’s behavior didn’t bother me.
    She as just revolted with what happened. She couldn’t do a thing to change it, so she was angry and venting out on others. It’s easy to understand.

    You didn’t talked about the animation and direction.
    Oh man, I knew nothing about this and was shocked and the episode started that way.

  3. I thought it was interesting (even with all the drama), and I liked all the talent vs hard work things. Then I went over to the manga to try it out and it gave off a totally different feeling. Comparing the 1st ep of the anime to the 1st manga chapter gave me a totally different sense of what the story was going to be about. Even the personalities felt quite different due to the focus of the story feeling very different. Both are interesting in their own right, but I think I might enjoy the anime more based on what I’ve seen in the first episode. Looking forward to the games!

    1. Thousand-yard stare. Apparently the burdens/horrors of being naturally godly at the sport have gotten the best of her. Of course my hypothesis could be wholly wrong and disproven by later plot revelations.

      TLDR, she’s seen things.

  4. Finally, an anime about badominton!

    Though the story is angsty as fuck, but who cares? we got solid badminton animations here guys <3 i really hope they keep the quality consistent throughout the series.

    My only problem with this anime is the female athlete's hair…i mean, the goth-loli pink hair and the blondie shouldnt even allowed to play with that rapunzel hair swinging their rackets around the court XD i just cannot, ahh this is ridiculously hilarious. Good thing Nagisa at least looks like a proper and believable (badminton)athlete lol.

    im excited for the next episode so yay!

    onion warrior
    1. Ditto on the short hair. Reminds me of how Heather from Silent Hill 3 was originally long-haired before technological considerations and the idea that a less cumbersome hairdo is more practical in intense and dangerous scenarios led to her final design.

  5. i wonder in how long they can go this much and heavy movement of this game.. at some point their backlog of animating movement will begin to poison the team.. But i hope for the best


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